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Start ‘Em Young

Posted by V the K at 8:51 pm - August 24, 2017.
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A California school decided to celebrate when one its students “bravely” decided to go transgender. In fact, the teachers and administrators arranged a class party, where the dressed as a little girl, and teachers explained that all of his classmates had to indulge his transgender cosplay and treat “her” as a girl from then on.

It was a kindergarten class.

It. Was. A. Kindergarten. Class.
No one notified parents. And apparently some of the little rugrats came home terrified that their own sexes can suddenly change without notice.

The teacher defended her decision to read two children’s books about transgenderism including one titled “I am Jazz.” She says the books were given to her by a transgender child going through a transition.

“The kindergartners came home very confused, about whether or not you can pick your gender, whether or not they really were a boy or a girl,” said England.

Parents say besides the books, the transgender student at some point during class also changed clothes and was revealed as her true gender.

All this to satisfy the egos of some virtue-signaling progressive dimwit adults.

Elsewhere in the News of Completely Dysfunctional Crazy Stuff I Am Not Making Up: TheĀ Washington PostĀ Editorializes in Favor of Satanism. Their reasoning… if it can be called that… is that (if you ignore the fact that the entire Slavery Abolition Movement was driven by Christian Churches)… Satanism is less racist (and therefore better) then Christianity.

What happens when you “Punch a Nazi”?

Posted by Jeff (ILoveCapitalism) at 2:42 pm - August 24, 2017.
Filed under: Hysteria on the Left,Violence on the Left

The same thing that happens in any witch hunt, mass hysteria, etc.: You punch the wrong guy. Because you’re that stupid. (Witch-hunting diminishes your capacity to understand.)

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“White Nationalist” Is just Another Word for “Poopyhead”

Posted by V the K at 9:14 am - August 24, 2017.
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There’s been discuss and debate on these pages about the meaning of “alt-right.” The actual meaning of this term was made clear to me when a member of the Progressive Left called Mike Rowe a “white nationalist.” I realized what “white nationalist” and its cousins “alt-right,” “white supremacist” and “Nazi” mean in contemporary parlance.

They mean nothing. They signify that a Progressive leftist hates you, but the words themselves have no intrinsic meaning. Leftists argue at the level of schoolchildren on a playground. Namecalling is their primary technique, and when a leftist (a word with a defined meaning) calls someone a “white nationalist” or “Nazi” it means no more than a six-year-old calling a grown-up a “poopyhead.”

And yet, their childish name-calling is curiously effective. It immediately compels most Republicans and conservatives to insist “I am not an alt-right nationalist.” They may as well be proclaiming “I am not a poopyhead” for all its worth. Worse, they think the way to prove they’re not a “poopyhead” is to concede some ground to the person calling them a poopyhead. (“And I strongly denounce poopyheads and their divisive culture of hate.”)

I don’t really get this reaction. “Oh, no! Someone who despises me, hates everything I value, and is utterly incapable of intelligent debate just called me a name. I must immediately deny that I am this name she called me and prove that I am not by conceding some of my beliefs in favor of hers.”

When a child throws a tantrum in the toy aisle at Wal-Mart, nobody wins by conceding to the tantrum. The mother can buy temporary piece by purchasing the colorful piece of formed plastic that the child demands, but that only teaches the child that tantrums are effective. The mother can walk out of the store dragging the screaming brat behind her, but not if she is afraid that the other people of Wal-Mart will think her cruel.

It’s a waste of time debating who’s a “white nationalist” or what is meant by “alt-right.” Those are just the left’s current epithets of choice. Any response other than, “Yeah, whatever you say, idiot with a bad dye-job” is wasted energy.