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How About, For Once, We *Not* Normalize This?

Posted by V the K at 10:20 pm - September 20, 2017.
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This collection of headlines would seem to suggest a sustained campaign to normalize pedophilia.

And the first response to thattweet was that pedophilia needed to be destigmatized so that sufferers would feel safe to seek help in dealing with their orientation. In other words, we should feel “compassion” for them. And you know what happens next toward behavior when progressives start feeling “compassion” for people who practice that behavior. There’s a definite progression for the mainstreaming of deviant and criminal behavior: destigmatization, tolerance, acceptance, and eventually mandated celebration and punishment for those who do not celebrate it enough.

And the real key to this is getting white women on board, because they run everything, and it’s really not hard to get to them. You have to get them to agree that it’s best for everybody if pedophiles come out of the closet, or the shadows, or wherever it is pedophiles are hiding; the little boys room at Toys R Us, perhaps. You just need to put some pedophiles on the morning chat shows to cry about how unfair it is that they can’t be the person they truly are/can’t experience the love that other people take for granted. Then, you get some other white women to parade their pedophile children on TV, and whine how they fear the discrimination a hateful society will heap on them. Then, some Hollywood celebrities need to come out as pedophiles, and if Corey Haim is right, finding some won’t be a problem. (The child rapist Roman Polanski is a hero to those people.)  Before too long, you got pedophiles on the cover of  Time and Vogue and abolishing the age of consent is a plank in the Democrat Party platform.

As someone once said, if pedophiles were a voting bloc, the Democrats would be demanding the Government provide them with ice cream trucks and small pairs of handcuffs.

IMHO, this is one behavior about which we should just stay appalled at and, yes, should be stigmatized.

And this is an interesting line from a New York Times article arguing for destigmatizing pedophilia.

While treatment cannot eliminate a pedophile’s sexual interests, a combination of cognitive-behavioral therapy and medication can help him to manage urges and avoid committing crimes.

Kinda sort contradicts that Narrative that sexual behavior follows sexual orientation and any therapeutic attempt to alter that dynamic is barbaric, bigoted, and not cool, doesn’t it? I mean, as we know from the attacks on Mike Pence, “managing sexual urges,” can mean only one thing… electroshock therapy for teenagers.



The Progressive Left Continues to Normalize Political Violence

Posted by V the K at 11:14 am - September 20, 2017.
Filed under: Violence on the Left

Nearly one in five college students says that violence is acceptable in order to prevent opinions they don’t agree with from being expressed. You can say, “Well, come on, 81% don’t agree,” but the actual number of people who agree that violence is an acceptable alternative to free speech should be 0%.

By the way, the other day Nancy Pelosi got shouted down by a mob of illegal immigrants and their supporters; and one dingbat Democrat senator blames the Russians.