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More Transgender Virtue-Signaling Madness

From Ace. It’s after the jump because language.  (We try not to be potty mouths, here.)



  1. Looks as though this liberal just got mugged by reality.

    Well, sorry but not sorry. You reap what you sow, and if you believed all the hype about same-sex marriage, gays in the military and Bradley/Chelsea Manning, then I have no pity for you for your situation.

    Peter H.

    Comment by Peter Hughes — September 22, 2017 @ 2:48 pm - September 22, 2017

  2. Homeschooling is your friend. It’s your kids’ friend as well. While we’re at it, it’s society’s friend, too.

    Comment by windbag — September 22, 2017 @ 3:10 pm - September 22, 2017

  3. “I have nothing to hide”, says the Liberal.
    **Knock, knock**
    “Who’s there?”
    “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.”
    “Go away, leave me alone. I have rights!”
    Purchases #MAGA t-shirt.

    A new conservative is a liberal who’s actually experienced government first-hand.

    Comment by Ted B. (Charging Rhino) — September 22, 2017 @ 3:12 pm - September 22, 2017

  4. Anytime Liberal Supremacists make a wild accusation I tend to suspect that they’re “self identifying” and like to rephrase the charge: What we have here is a teacher who is using children to abuse parents — all the while comforting themselves about their vital role in protecting others. Ugh!

    When an (almost always female) elementary school teacher notices a normal boy who doesn’t act like a good little girl, the kid is likely to be accused of attention deficit disorder and drugged. That the number of boys accused of being defective far outnumbers girls doesn’t bother Liberal Supremacists, nor does the fact that we really don’t know much about the long-term side effects of giving powerful tranquilizers to young children.

    Comment by Ken49 — September 22, 2017 @ 4:20 pm - September 22, 2017

  5. @3

    *Knock, knock*

    “Who’s there?”

    “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.”

    “Go away, leave me alone. I have rights!”

    “Yeah, maybe. But meanwhile we found you failed to file the form FWB-666(*) required to be able to defend your case # etc after due processing by our services within 120 days. Please contact the administration for the accepted payment methods for the filing fees.”

    (*) Federal Whatever Bamboozle

    Comment by Cyril — September 22, 2017 @ 7:30 pm - September 22, 2017

  6. another example of the liberal thinking your child belongs to the state. sorry dad that is not your child, he belongs to the state. you have no right to raise him the way you want.

    Comment by salg — September 22, 2017 @ 8:17 pm - September 22, 2017

  7. Did we make sure that this post was real? If it is, then this teacher is not fit for the classroom. There is no amount of training given to a teacher that makes him or her qualified to tell a parent that he or she needs to have a child evaluated for transgender. I know…as a teacher, no training has ever been given to me for something such as that.

    Comment by TAD — September 22, 2017 @ 10:47 pm - September 22, 2017

  8. @ TAD: If this is real, and like you said there’s no training for telling parents to take their children for transgender counseling, then we have an activist teacher in the classroom. And the terrifying thing is, they’re like dolphins: For every one you see, there’s about seven you don’t.

    Comment by Sean L — September 23, 2017 @ 9:39 am - September 23, 2017

  9. Ha ha, liberals getting a taste of their own medicine. Get out the popcorn.

    Comment by James — September 23, 2017 @ 3:16 pm - September 23, 2017

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