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Challenge accepted

Posted by V the K at 5:26 pm - October 31, 2017.
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“There’s an old Mexican proverb that says “Tell me with whom you walk, and I will tell you who you are.” – Hillary Clinton


Choosing Civility

Posted by V the K at 12:25 pm - October 31, 2017.
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In the Virginia governor election, Democrats have put out an advertisement showing a man running down children with his pickup truck which sports a bumper sticker supporting the Republican candidate. I am not making this up. Democrat operatives are defending the ad because of racism, or something.

Is This Real?

Posted by V the K at 10:00 pm - October 30, 2017.
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Is this a real banner? It doesn’t seem to be a Photoshop. The Antifags also don’t seem to have any objections to it.

I mean, if you really want to get literal about it; age of consent laws are a construct of the white patriarchy, and do tend to disproportionately affect “marginalized groups.”

Later on, they showed off what independent thinkers they were by mindlessly chanting along to what one of the protests was chanting.

Democrat Heroes

Posted by V the K at 3:36 pm - October 30, 2017.
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Lest you get the idea that the Democrat Party was only about tearing statues down, they do favor erecting statues in honor of their heroes… like crack-smoking DC mayor Marion Barry.

Vince Gray, the councilmember for Ward 7 and former Mayor of DC, said he expects the council vote to be unanimous in favor of installing the statue. “It’s the right thing to do,” Gray said.

Sure, it is.


Ain’t This a Curious Thing?

Posted by V the K at 9:19 am - October 30, 2017.
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Actor Anthony Rapp claims that Kevin Spacey tried to molest him when he was 14 years old (Spacey would have been 20 at the time). Kevin Spacey responds by publicly coming out as a gay man.

ABC News framed the story in a way that seemed weirdly sympathetic to Mr. Spacey, but most news organizations did not go that route.

The weird part is, just like Seth MacFarlane called out Bruce Jenner way before he started  calling himself  ‘Caitlyn,” he apparently had the goods on Kevin Spacey as well.

YouTube Preview Image

Believe Liz Warren!

Posted by V the K at 4:52 pm - October 29, 2017.
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Liz Warren claims that she, like all women, was a victim of patriarchal sexual abuse. She claims that the man who was her faculty mentor as a young Native American law professor borderline raped her. And some pale people with penises have the temerity to question her story.

The faculty member Warren is referring to is law professor Eugene Smith, who was her mentor and close friend at the University of Houston. The reason we know this is because at Smith’s memorial service in 1997 Warren recounted and spoke about the incident. But the account then was dramatically different. In fact, the very opposite.

According to Warren, Smith was her buddy and they were joking around in the office, in which she was laughing uproariously. Numerous witnesses say that, even when speaking at the memorial service, Warren laughed about the alleged incident. Which begs the question: Who cracks jokes about being sexually assaulted? Unless, of course, it never happened.

More importantly, Warren conveniently—and deliberately—left out a seminal fact: Smith suffered from polio. That’s right. He was unable to walk or move around without a wheelchair or crutches. According to his former colleagues, Smith’s polio was so severe they felt pity for him.

Moreover, in 1997, Warren was then a law professor at Harvard. If she had really been assaulted by Smith, then why did she travel all the way to Houston, deliver a glowing eulogy and praise Smith for his “character” and “moral integrity”?

I believe we should take her word for it. After all, it’s not like Liz Warren ever lied about being a member of a politically favored victim group in order to gain a professional advantage before.

When Is it OK to Sexually Abuse Women?

Posted by V the K at 3:01 pm - October 28, 2017.
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Answer: When you are a leftist icon or a powerful Democrat politician*.

Michael Kelly’s classic 1990 GQ profile, “Ted Kennedy on the Rocks,” recounts a sozzled and priapic 57-year-old man hitting on 16-year-old congressional pages, gulping down seemingly all the alcohol along the Eastern seaboard, and sexually assaulting a waitress at a DC restaurant with fellow solon Chris Dodd (Now the Chairman of the Motion Picture Association of America – VTK). A former staffer told Kelly that one of his erstwhile colleagues on the Senator’s staff acted as “a pimp…whose real position was to procure women for Kennedy,” not unlike the role that Italian fixer Fabrizio Lombardo played for Harvey Weinstein. Kennedy, Kelly concluded, had been raised “to take what he wants, to treat women as score-markers in the game of sport-fucking.” But thanks to the diligence and professionalism of his staff, Kennedy became a hero to liberals, referred to ubiquitously as “the lion of the Senate.”  

Bill Clinton’s relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky should never have been grounds for impeachment. Still, it was nonetheless the epitome of the inappropriate workplace sexual relationship that feminists typically decry. Indeed, the power dynamic between these two consenting adults may have been the most disparate in modern American history, what with the most powerful man in the world deploying his clout – and then, when scandal erupted, that of his entire political operation – against a hapless intern. Like every single one of Bill Clinton’s many female accusers, Lewinsky was viciously attacked by liberals and ostensible feminists. “Drag a hundred dollars through a trailer park and there’s no telling what you’ll find,” Clinton adviser James Carville infamously said of Paula Jones. Yet for many purported feminists, Clinton’s atrocious behavior toward individual women was irrelevant. “I would be happy to give him a blowjob just to thank him for keeping abortion legal,” Time’s then-White House correspondent Nina Burleigh declared, offering precisely the sort of (gendered) indulgence that liberal cads like Clinton, Kennedy and Weinstein hope to gain in exchange for promoting left-wing causes. “I think American women should be lining up with their Presidential kneepads on to show their gratitude for keeping the theocracy off our backs.”

Read the rest of it.

* For whom it is also OK to take money from foreign Governments in exchange for political favors.

America’s Racial Morality Police

Imagine having nothing better to do with your life than staring at cereal boxes looking for racial microagressions to get outraged about. Then, imagine touting your discovery of a racial microagression on a cereal box as one of your life’s greatest achievements.

Also, the church where George Washington attended services is removing the plaque that notes this historical fact (exactly as PDT predicted would happen) because  the hyphenated woman running the church doesn’t want to make snowflakes feel “unsafe or unwelcome.”

And some radical left students at U. Wisconsin-Madison are protesting the existence of a statue of Abraham Lincoln “because he owned slaves.” I am not making this up.

What a stupid time to be alive.

Gold Medalist in the Olympics of Crazy

Posted by V the K at 9:27 am - October 27, 2017.
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You may have thought that the thousands of deranged progressives gathering on November 8 to scream at the sky because they hate the president was the craziest thing in a string of crazy protests that have included Handmaid’s Tale cosplay, dancing vajayjay costumes and pink poossy hats. You would, unfortunately, be wrong.

To protest President Trump overturning the Obama administration’s executive order mandating that public schools allow transgender children into the bathroom of their choice, a trans artist in New York has collected 200 gallons of her own urine to use in a disgusting art exhibit.

In a Vice News video, the artist Cassils — a woman presenting herself as a man — takes viewers on a journey as she collects 200 gallons of golden shower excess and assembles it all into a “sculpture” for woke Manhattanites to gaze in awe upon.

“I will be facing the sculpture on a very, very high [platform] — probably like 10 feet up in the air, so you’re not eye-line with my crotch. I’m looking down on you. And behind me, is a grid of the 262 orange 24-hour urine capture bottles I used and they create another cube. There’s one space left, which is the one final bottle. So for the two hours of the exhibition opening, I will literally just be standing up there and pissing into the bottle if I have to piss. And at the end of the performance I will climb down and I will dump the urine into the cube and I will place that final bottle on the shelf. So it’s really about closing this piece down.”

If you argue long enough with a leftist, their ripostes always end up either crudely sexual or scatological. Without fail.

Also… the cake is a lie.

If Only…

This is the cover of the Time news-pamphlet.

Trump is not dismantling “Government,” he’s trimming (not nearly enough in my view) a bloated, heavy-handed, highly corrupt Federal bureaucracy. Which I guess is sort of the progressive definition of “Government.”

The progressives will sneer in return, “Why don’t you move to Somalia if you hate Government.” This is the quintessential progressive argument; an emotive, hyberbolic reductio ad absurdum. As if there is no middle ground between complete dystopian anarchy and a dystopian, Terry-Gilliam’s-Brazil-like. Brobdingnagian Leviathan bureaucracy that not only does things like:

  • A Veterans Administration that gives its chief bureaucrats huge bonuses while veterans die on waiting lists
  • An ironically named Environmental “Protection” Agency that dumps millions of gallons of toxic waste into a pristine river then exempts itself from consequences
  • A Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms that supplies semi-automatic weapons to Mexican drug cartels (while simultaneously lobbying to outlaw ownership of those same weapons to law-abiding American citizens.)
  • A Federal Aviation Administration that resists all efforts to modernize a thirty-year-old air traffic control system because of opposition from wealthy corporate jet owners.
  • A Department of Education and a Food and Drug Administration that… for some reason… have their own de facto SWAT Teams and can legally kill you for committing student loan fraud or selling raw milk to willing buyers. Other civilian Federal Agencies with their own heavily armed, tactically-trained enforcement squads include the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Office of Personnel Management (make sure to get your TPS reports in on time, or we’ll kill you) and the Railroad Retirement Board.

Not to mention, in the hands of a corrupt administration these agencies become weaponized against critics and opponents. Journalists who ask the wrong sorts of questions can be put in jail.  An administration can make sure supportive political groups are funded from public coffers while denying funding to opponents.

They can even use Federal Law Enforcement agencies and Intelligence Services to attack political opponents.

And meanwhile, throw themselves lavish, taxpayer funded parties in Las Vegas.

But the progressives insists… it’s either that, or warlords shooting at each other from rooftops while our cities all become Mogadishu. (Some of them are already there.)  The idea… the concept… of having a Government that does no more than those things for which there is no private alternative is not a thing they can imagine.

But getting back to Trump, if he is to any degree “dismantling Government as we know it,” more power to him.  He’s only doing what “conservative” Republicans have been promising to do for the past thirty years. Every time a Republican Congress has struck a “budget deal” it’s always been, “Yeah, we’re spending more money in the short term… but ten years from now, we pinky swear there will be severe cuts.”

Trump is at least moving a little bit in the direction of  downsizing Government to an affordable, responsible level. While I wish he would do more, faster… any reduction in the Federal Leviathan would have been unimaginable under a Jeb Bush or John Kasich presidency. (But they would have had very polite twitter feeds.)


Posted by V the K at 6:35 pm - October 26, 2017.
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Everybody But Trump Was Colluding with Russia

Pretty much.

“Everyone is colluding with Russia except Trump,” Mark Steyn said. “You’ve got the Podesta Group, you’ve got the Hillary campaign, you’ve got the DNC, you’ve got the FBI, you’ve got Christopher Steele, who you credit as an ex-MI6 agent. He’s not just any old ex-MI6 agent, he’s the head of the Russia desk at MI6, which is a pretty big deal.”

The funny thing is… now that Hillary has been caught colluding with Russia on both the Pee-Pee Dossier and the Uranium One deal… the Democrat Media Complex has suddenly decided that it’s no big deal to be colluding with Russia. Russian influence on American politics can now be added to the Neverending List of Things That Are OK When Democrats Do It.

A few short weeks ago, the word the left used for colluding with the Russians to change the outcome of an election was “treason.”  Now, they’re calling it “Opposition Research.” And Clinton campaign operatives are bragging about it.

Brian Fallon, the Clinton campaign’s national press secretary and now a CNN political contributor, tweeted Tuesday that he wasn’t aware of the connection between the campaign and the dossier authored by Steele, but “if I had, I would have volunteered to go to Europe and try to help him.”
“I have no idea what Fusion or Steele were paid but if even a shred of that dossier ends up helping (Justice Department special counsel Robert) Mueller, it will prove money well spent,” he tweeted.

Update: Hillary Clinton: “Dossier? What dossier? You mean, like, with a cloth?

Update: If laws applied to the Clintons, the Clinton campaign would have broken Federal Election Laws by not disclosing the purpose of their payments to Fusion GPS.

Call Me Cynical, If You Must

Posted by V the K at 8:36 am - October 26, 2017.
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Which is more likely? 93-year-old, wheelchair-bound former Republican-Lite president George HW Bush sexually assaulted a C-List Hollywood actress, or a C-List Hollywood actress (and a D-List New York actress) is trying to score some attention by claiming she was sexually assaulted by 93-year-old, wheelchair-bound former Republican-Lite president George HW Bush.

Granted, under the regime of Toxic Shock Feminism, any physical contact with, or even looking at, talking to, or thinking about a woman can be labeled sexual assault. Also, under the rules of Toxic Shock Feminism, any man accused of sexual assault (unless his last name is Clinton) is guilty even if proven innocent.

Remember when this happened? Or this? Not a peep from the Feminist Left.

Also, it’s totally OK when a famous Hollywood lesbian does it.

I have no love for GHWB; I think he and his son were terrible presidents, and the Bushes generally are kind of skeevy. At the same time, though, I believe that GHWB groped women in the middle of a crowded photoshoot with multiple witnesses the same way I believe Donald Trump called the widow of a soldier just to sneer at her, the same way I believe Katy Perry’s bazooms are real, and (the far superior) Taeyeon is a natural blond. (Did she really steal that guy’s car? I think she stole that guy’s car.)

Gag Me

Posted by V the K at 7:41 pm - October 25, 2017.
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Democrat Senator and self-described “bearded socialist” Chris Coons pretends that he once had respect for the Republican Party.

I may disagree with Mr. Flake on policy, but I consider him an honorable man, a loyal friend and a valued colleague. His retirement is deeply troubling to me because he represents a principled and patriotic Republican Party, one that has long championed strong American leadership around the world, and one I now fear is falling apart.

I call BS.

Mr Coons and his colleagues have never regarded the Republican Party as “principled and patriotic.” No, they declared that Republicans have a “War on Women,” that Republicans hate gays and immigrants, that Republicans want to destroy the environment, want to put black people into chains. All assertions Mr Coons has never objected to when they were being levied by Democrats.

His article goes on to sanctimoniously preen about the “corrosion” of the political culture; a corrosion that he never found objectionable before, but now that the Democrats are looking to drive a wedge between PDT and Republicans, he suddenly pretends to care about civility.

If Jeb Bush or John Kasich were president, the attacks against them would be no less vicious than the attacks are against PDT.  The only difference is Trump fights back. After two Bush punching bag presidencies where the Oval Office was occupied by men who thought defending the right against attacks from the left was ungentlemanly and beneath them, the left is confounded to have a president who stands up for himself.  One may disagree with the way he defends himself, but it is indeed a change from how Republicans normally  operate.

To engage in ruthless attacks while sanctimoniously demanding civility from the other side is not a change from how Democrats normally operate.


Posted by V the K at 8:56 pm - October 24, 2017.
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The Virtue Signalers have put the word out that white people should not allow their daughters to go as Moana for Halloween, because… you know… Cultural Appropriation and all that.

But… BUT… what if your male child wants to be Moana?

Last I checked, gender dysphoria trumps melanin in the Progressive stack.

What are you going to say, virtue signaling nincompoops? “I’m sorry, Honey. You’ll just have to pick a white Disney Princess.” “Why, Mommy?” “Because it’s not OK to pretend to be something you’re … um… not.”

It is, indeed, a most stupid time to be alive.

Enter Title Here

Posted by V the K at 6:46 am - October 24, 2017.
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Very busy. Here’s some various things you can comment on.

If It Weren’t for Double Standards

Amazing, isn’t it, how willingly the Democrat Media Complex accepts a denial from a Democrat as sufficient evidence to dismiss a scandal.

Yes, the foundation received money and Bill Clinton was paid to give a speech, but there’s no evidence the Clintons were paid by Russians to push through the uranium deal.

What were they expecting, a signed receipt? The Clintons received money explicitly for the purpose of greasing the skids for the Uranium One Deal, Andrew McCarthy has laid out the irrefutable case for this.

Note that, despite zero evidence, these are the same people proclaiming that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to steal the election.

Guilt-Ridden White Pajama Boy Fantasizes About Violence

Posted by V the K at 6:37 am - October 23, 2017.
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A writer at the leftist clickbait site Salon writes about the violent fantasies that both consume him and drive him deeper int self-loathing. (Safe link to Twitchy.)

At work, I’ve spaced out for 20 minutes at a time during meetings, daydreaming about committing violence, always righteously, in overly dramatic, obnoxiously heroic ways, with a very troubling overtone of white saviorism. In addition to saving the girls from a male predator with my brute strength and righteous rage, I’ve had another recurring fantasy of saving the passengers on a plane hijacked by “911-esque” terrorists. I tackle an armed hijacker, turn his gun on him, immediately inspire the other passengers to team up to distract the terrorists, and then deftly fire bullets into all three terrorists’ heads. Dark blood drips down their noses from the wounds on their foreheads. If the meeting is particularly boring, I’ll concoct permutations, new endings. Because it just feels so damn good. Like the dopamine rush of a sex fantasy.

He is coping with this by attending meetings of other white beta males who reinforce each others guilt and self-loathing, but it isn’t helping.

I sporadically attend an anti-racist/anti-sexist white male group (yep, those exist). I came into this week’s meeting, brooding. Emotional tumult, eyes boring into the ground, irked by the benign tone of the conversation. It’s time for my check-in. My heart pounds and I think I might cry.

Someone get him a tissue.

A David Bowie Story

Posted by V the K at 7:46 pm - October 22, 2017.
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A very touching story from Neil Gaiman’s tumblr. This is probably as much as I can excerpt. You’ll have to read the rest at the link.

My friend told me a story he hadn’t told anyone for years. When he used to tell it years ago people would laugh and say, ‘Who’d believe that? How can that be true? That’s daft.’ So he didn’t tell it again for ages. But for some reason, last night, he knew it would be just the kind of story I would love.

When he was a kid, he said, they didn’t use the word autism, they just said ‘shy’, or ‘isn’t very good at being around strangers or lots of people.’ But that’s what he was, and is, and he doesn’t mind telling anyone. It’s just a matter of fact with him, and sometimes it makes him sound a little and act different, but that’s okay.

Anyway, when he was a kid it was the middle of the 1980s and they were still saying ‘shy’ or ‘withdrawn’ rather than ‘autistic’. He went to London with his mother to see a special screening of a new film he really loved. He must have won a competition or something, I think. Some of the details he can’t quite remember, but he thinks it must have been London they went to, and the film…! Well, the film is one of my all-time favourites, too. It’s a dark, mysterious fantasy movie. Every single frame is crammed with puppets and goblins. There are silly songs and a goblin king who wears clingy silver tights and who kidnaps a baby and this is what kickstarts the whole adventure.

It was ‘Labyrinth’, of course, and the star was David Bowie, and he was there to meet the children who had come to see this special screening.

‘I met David Bowie once,’ was the thing that my friend said, that caught my attention.

‘You did? When was this?’ I was amazed, and surprised, too, at the casual way he brought this revelation out. Almost anyone else I know would have told the tale a million times already.

He seemed surprised I would want to know, and he told me the whole thing, all out of order, and I eked the details out of him.

He told the story as if it was he’d been on an adventure back then, and he wasn’t quite allowed to tell the story. Like there was a pact, or a magic spell surrounding it. As if something profound and peculiar would occur if he broke the confidence.

When People Ask Why I Left the Church I Was Raised In