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ACLU Speaker Shut Down by Black Lives Militants

The Left is eating itself.

Students affiliated with the Black Lives Matter movement crashed an event at the College of William & Mary, rushed the stage, and prevented the invited guest—the American Civil Liberties Union’s Claire Gastañaga, a W & M alum—from speaking.

Ironically, Gastañaga had intended to speak on the subject, “Students and the First Amendment.”

The disruption was livestreamed on BLM at W&M’s Facebook page. Students took to the stage just a few moments after Gastañaga began her remarks. At first, she attempted to spin the demonstration as a welcome example of the kind of thing she had come to campus to discuss, commenting “Good, I like this,” as they lined up and raised their signs. “I’m going to talk to you about knowing your rights, and protests and demonstrations, which this illustrates very well. Then I’m going to respond to questions from the moderators, and then questions from the audience.”

It was the last remark she was able to make before protesters drowned her out with cries of, “ACLU, you protect Hitler, too.” They also chanted, “the oppressed are not impressed,” “shame, shame, shame, shame,” (an ode to the Faith Militant’s treatment of Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones, though why anyone would want to be associated with the religious fanatics in that particular conflict is beyond me), “blood on your hands,” “the revolution will not uphold the Constitution,” and, uh, “liberalism is white supremacy.”

The Revolution will not uphold the Constitution?

I was told that #BlackLivesMatter were patriotic Americans standing up (well actually kneeling) in the cause of equal rights and fair treatment for all Americans.

Perhaps I was misinformed.



  1. Wonderful! Will the ACLU now list BLM as a racist or fascist organization?

    Comment by Jay Dee — October 5, 2017 @ 12:50 pm - October 5, 2017

  2. No, Jimmy, you’re not misinformed. BlackLivesMatters are a bunch of traitors. You won! Congratulations!

    Comment by CrayCrayPatriot — October 5, 2017 @ 12:53 pm - October 5, 2017

  3. I thought “ACLU, you protect Hitler, too,” was a little off. Stalin and Mao, for sure, but Hitler? Not so much.

    Comment by V the K — October 5, 2017 @ 1:01 pm - October 5, 2017

  4. Nope. you won, Jimmy. Congratulations!

    Comment by CrayCrayPatriot — October 5, 2017 @ 1:09 pm - October 5, 2017

  5. Looks like CrayCray is having a meltdown. Poor dear.

    Comment by Sean L — October 5, 2017 @ 1:38 pm - October 5, 2017

  6. Sean L, after years of defending the left’s craziness, it’s now too big for him to defend. But he can’t concede that us RWNJ’s were right about the left all along, and it’s frying his little brain.

    Comment by V the K — October 5, 2017 @ 2:02 pm - October 5, 2017

  7. The Revolution will be Televised, and get awful ratings…

    Comment by Ted B. (Charging Rhino) — October 5, 2017 @ 2:16 pm - October 5, 2017

  8. So the totalitarian bullies strike again. Good. The Trump 2020 campaign just keeps receiving more and more in-kind contributions.

    Comment by RSG — October 5, 2017 @ 5:07 pm - October 5, 2017

  9. But he can’t concede that us RWNJ’s were right about the left all along, and it’s frying his little brain.

    Nope. I just gave up. Congratulations!

    Comment by CrayCrayPatriot — October 5, 2017 @ 5:41 pm - October 5, 2017

  10. Exactly, RSG. The Dems don’t seem to realize that pussy hat marches and protesting free speech are the same kind of wacky-looking stuff that helped get Trump elected the first time around.

    Comment by Conservative guy — October 5, 2017 @ 5:52 pm - October 5, 2017

  11. Sorry, I see now that pussyhat is properly written as one word. Even better.

    Comment by Conservative guy — October 5, 2017 @ 5:55 pm - October 5, 2017

  12. “Students”. Ever get the idea that there are way too many “students” in college?

    Comment by KCRob — October 5, 2017 @ 6:57 pm - October 5, 2017

  13. @3 v the k you are right. I guess those demonstrators weren’t history majors, then again maybe they are.

    Comment by salg — October 5, 2017 @ 7:31 pm - October 5, 2017

  14. So Craycray does that mean you will not be voting DNC in 2018?

    Comment by Sandra — October 6, 2017 @ 9:10 am - October 6, 2017

  15. And the monster turns on Dr. Frankenstein, as Gomer would say “Soopriiiizzze, soopriiiizzze, soopriiizzze! Gaaallee, Fellers would ya look at that!”

    Comment by Rex — October 6, 2017 @ 1:32 pm - October 6, 2017

  16. I wonder. Is there enough popcorn in the universe?

    Comment by Karl L — October 6, 2017 @ 1:56 pm - October 6, 2017

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