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A Sad and Stupid Way to Die

Posted by V the K at 11:34 pm - November 15, 2017.
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It’s really not a failure of trust so much as a failure of common sense; the common sense not to get drunk and play the game of trust on the roof of a tall building.

An Australian diplomat died after he plummeted from a Manhattan building during a game of trust, police said.

Simpson later offered to prove his trustworthiness to the man by playing a game of “trust fall” on an apartment terrace. He went to a ledge and leaned back, but as he grabbed for the man’s hand, he slipped and fell to a second-floor landing, police said.

Simpson and a number of other people were on the roof of the building to look at the Empire State Building, which was lit up in rainbow colors in recognition of a survey that found most Australians support marriage equality, when Simpson swung a woman around, angering her husband, according to police.

Law enforcement sources told News 4 that Simpson and the others may have been drinking at the time of the accident.