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Fake News

Posted by V the K at 9:48 pm - November 26, 2017.
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In what is becoming an annual holiday tradition, the Democrat Media Complex tried to gin up a “controversy” by claiming that “Christians” were “seeing red” over Starbucks cups that allegedly offended them somehow. However, the various DMC news outlets had a tough time finding any actual Christians who were offended, so they just kind of got in a circle and jerked copy from each other to validate the alleged story.

The entirety of the evidence for this New York Times article appears to be — and I’m completely serious — a single tweet by someone with 16 followers as of press time. And that tweet isn’t even mentioned in the Times‘ article! It is included in articles the Times links to.

The next evidence — the one that mentions a “gay agenda” — is from BuzzFeed, also praising Starbucks.

The next “evidence” is a Fox News article that aggregates the BuzzFeed piece. Then it’s a Blaze article that does the same. Here’s how the New York Times sets that up: “The conservative site The Blaze also waded in, saying Starbucks had launched a ‘gay agenda campaign.’” Except that’s not what The Blaze said. It merely quoted BuzzFeed’s claim about a gay agenda. The same way that this New York Times article did. All three sites — BuzzFeed, Fox News, and The Blaze — posted the tweet from the person with 16 followers as evidence of people unhappy with the cup. published a story on Monday purporting that the cup design caused a ‘boycott from Christian groups,’ but the actual article cites exactly zero Christian groups calling for such a thing. The Los Angeles Times claimed evangelical Christians were ‘seeing red,’ but only cited a couple of random Twitter critics. The New York Daily News claimed that ‘Christian evangelists’ were angered by the cups, but they cited only a lone student pastor from a small church in Sarasota.

So, why do the media repeat this lame stunt every year? Honestly, it’s to belittle Christians and portray them as idiotic yahoos who fly into rage whenever they see anything that might be offensive. Also, they are intolerant and hate gay people.