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Will Progressives Rethink Strategy Now That It’s Backfiring?

Posted by V the K at 6:17 pm - November 29, 2017.
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When the Feminists embarked on the strategy of weaponizing “sexual misconduct” allegations to take down “the Patriarchy,” they had in mind men like Clarence Thomas, Roy Moore, Donald Trump, and Bill O’Reilly. I don’t think they imagined that the pile of skulls outside NOW Headquarters would include A-list Hollywood producers and Democrat megadonors, a very liberal Democrat senator, two and perhaps three very left-wing congressmen, and an increasing number of reliably left-wing media figures.

I would predict that — after the Alabama senate election is decided, most definitely not before — we are going to begin to see in the media and the press a call to reconsider the definition of what constitutes sexual misconduct and how allegations of sexual misconduct ought to be handled. We’ve seen some foreshadowing of this in calls to, for example, give Al Franken a break because he’s “one of the good guys.” Maybe there will be a call for a return of the “one-grope rule” that was formulated back in 1998 to help Bill Clinton escape judgment for his own sexual misconduct. The progressive left is going to have to do something to avoid being destroyed by the monster they created when they dumbed down “sexual misconduct” to mean, “He asked me for a date more than once after I refused.”

There is a precedent in American History for a time when it was demanded that due process be cast aside, that “women must be believed,” because the accusations being made were so serious, and so harmful to the community. At the end of this period, 19 people had been executed for witchcraft. I guess you could argue that the approach was a success since nobody in Salem, Massachusetts practiced witchcraft for a long time after that. But when it was over, people began rethinking whether accusations alone were enough to suspend due process, and whether the whole exercise had really been as good an idea as it had seemed in the beginning.

Democrats Helping Their Constituents

Posted by V the K at 10:49 am - November 29, 2017.
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A Philadelphia City Councilwoman wants to make it easier for thugs to rob convenience stores, liquor stores, and other businesses.

A controversial bill is currently working its way through city hall designed to regulate ‘stop and go’ liquor stores. One part of the bill would force business owners to take down bulletproof glass inside their stores. But at what cost to their safety?

It’s called the ‘Stop and Go’ bill and is being offered by city councilwoman Cindy Bass.

“Right now, the plexiglass has to come down,” she said.


Bass says she’s battling for her constituents.

Oh, she sure is.



Pavlov’s Democrats

Posted by V the K at 8:47 am - November 29, 2017.
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Thousands of people who didn’t know what the CFPB was last Thursday are totally up in arms and screeching that for Donald Trump to appoint one of his people to head the agency (which is what presidents do with executive branch agencies) is overthrowing the rule of law, or something.

Likewise, now that PDT has called out Elizabeth Warren for claiming Native American ancestry in order to get Affirmative Action points, a lot of Democrats have decided that Cultural Appropriation is OK under certain circumstances (i.e. When a Democrat does it) and it’s an outrageous racist slur to point out when a Democrat has done so. Suddenly, the white privilege of claiming to be a minority for personal benefit is cool again.

Oh, and also, “Don’t be friends with anyone who doesn’t hate Trump” is an actual thing.

But those people are pikers compared to the Democrat leftists who are having a hissy fit because… I am not making this upMelania Trump decorated the White House for Christmas.

Forget the Upside Down. The real strangest thing of 2017 is that the White House has chosen to get into the Christmas spirit by making the Presidential residence look like a dark alternate dimension where everything is dying and all hope is lost. I mean, it’s definitely appropriate, but it’s still a bizarre decision.

This isn’t just one left-wing media outlet’s take, either. Vox went there. The Daily Beast went there. Quite a few places went there, actually.

Such are the wages of Trump derangement; anything that Trump or anyone in his family does sends the left and NeverTrumpers like Bill Kristol and Evan McMuffin into fits of spittle-flecked derangement.

I realized yesterday the PDT doesn’t have a pet, and I think that’s for the best. I’d hate for millions of kittens and puppies to get slaughtered just because Trump-Derangers turned on them.

To be fair, Melania’s White House Christmas décor isn’t to my taste, but then neither was Michelle Obama’s “Suburban Mall on the Verge of Bankruptcy” Christmas look from last year.



Posted by V the K at 8:42 am - November 29, 2017.
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Democrat Media Operative Matt Lauer fired from NBC for inappropriate sexual behavior. And, once again, everybody knew but nobody talked.

Al Franken remains in the Senate.