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Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder

Posted by V the K at 7:27 pm - December 29, 2017.
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Unhinged gay twat goes to Disneyland to scream at animatronic Trump robot in the hall of presidents. Then, posts about it on Twitter as though it were a mighty act of #Resistance and an the expression of deranged lunacy. The two are increasingly indistinguishable.

2017 Summed Up in One Image

Posted by V the K at 7:35 am - December 29, 2017.
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This is where we pretty much are, socio-politically? Am I right?

Over at Buzzfeed, they thought it would be hip and trendy to publish an listicle titled ‘37 Things White People Need To Stop Ruining.’ Can you imagine an listicle of things Black People Need to Stop Ruining? Or Hispanic People? Or Mohammedans? No, but hating whitey has become a badge of sophistication on the left. “The whites have too much money and power. The whites have too much influence on culture and philosophy. We need to do something about the Problem of Whiteness.” Is it hard to imagine an article in certain publications in the 1930’s titled “37 Things That the Jews Need to Stop Ruining”… in German? Articles like this are worse than the racial cartoons from the 1940’s that have been culturally censored. The racial stereotypes then were not intended to encourage hate; but Buzzfeed’s article is.

And, yeah, I can hear the rationalization, “It’s just a joke, lighten up, Francis.” But if it’s “just a joke,” why is it completely unacceptable to write an article like this about non-white races? If every race could be subjected to ridicule equally, I’d agree. And I think people of different races should be able to mock each other’s social norms…. equally. But this article was written and published by people who profess that race-based humor is hatred; so what can we conclude that the only acceptable race-based humor is directed at the whites?



The Left’s State Religion

The Premier of Ontario Canada — a self-proclaimed lesbian feminist — has taken to wearing a symbol of Mohammedan oppression of women to show “solidarity” with her Mohammedan constituents.

Why are certain forms of “cultural appropriation” not only acceptable but approved of by Puritan Leftists? Is it because when leftist politicians pander for votes, it’s okay to engage in Cultural Appropriation? Just like how the same leftists who don “Handmaid’s Tale” style bonnets to protest the nonexistent oppression of women under PDT are all-in for wearing Mohammedan garments that literally and purposefully symbolize the submission of women to men in Mohammedan culture.

Nothing Matters

Posted by V the K at 2:55 pm - December 27, 2017.
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An interesting article on why our culture is preoccupied with unimportant and phony issues like Global Warming, transgendereds, Russian collusion (the Red Scare is back and bigger than ever), and the non-existent Rape Culture. All of these issues serve to advance the power of the state and diminish individual rights. The long history of humanity is basically that the majority of people have been ruled over by a tyrannical minority. The American Experiment was a departure from the norm; but we are rapidly returning to it.

The history of the 20th century is proof positive that political insanity is a norm of human behavior and that true civilization — moral decency, intellectual sobriety, industrial and commercial productivity, the rule of law and genuine justice — is the exception.”We live in the flicker,” said Joseph Conrad’s Marlow in Heart of Darkness — that is, “live” as civilized beings. But when truth is dismissed as merely an expression of power, when feeling is elevated over thought, and when fictions are raised to the status of unassailable convictions, the writing is on the wall of every dwelling and institution. Civilizations, said Toynbee, die of suicide, not murder.

What brings a civilization to the point where it believes it can survive on fables, myths and self-deception remains an open question, but the trajectory towards the embrace of fantasy and nonsense seems historically inevitable. We are there now, cruising through the drive-ins. Serving up nothing burgers to itself is how a civilization starves to death. Caveat coenator

The Eurotopian Life Is Not for Me

Pretentious twit laments that Europe is so much better than America because hardly anybody works, and most people get to spend their time in posh cafes sipping coffee and reading.

Whenever I go back and forth between Europe and the States, a curious set of facts strikes me.

In London, Paris, Berlin, I hop on the train, head to the cafe — it’s the afternoon, and nobody’s gotten to work until 9am, and even then, maybe not until 10 — order a carefully made coffee and a newly baked croissant, do some writing, pick up some fresh groceries, maybe a meal or two, head home — now it’s 6 or 7, and everyone else has already gone home around 5 — and watch something interesting, maybe a documentary by an academic, the BBC’s Blue Planet, or a Swedish crime-noir. I think back on my day and remember the people smiling and laughing at the pubs and cafes.

In New York, Washington, Philadelphia, I do the same thing, but it is not the same experience at all. I take broken down public transport to the cafe — everybody’s been at work since 6 or 7 or 8, so they already look half-dead — order coffee and a croissant, both of which are fairly tasteless, do some writing, pick up some mass-produced groceries, full of toxins and colourings and GMOs, even if they are labelled “organic” and “fresh”, all forbidden in Europe, head home — people are still at work, though it’s 7 or 8 — and watch something bland and forgettable, reality porn, decline porn, police-state TV. I think back on my day and remember how I didn’t see a single genuine smile — only hard, grim faces, set against despair, like imagine living in Soviet Leningrad.

Everything I consume in the States is of a vastly, abysmally lower quality. Every single thing. The food, the media, little things like fashion, art, public spaces, the emotional context, the work environment, and life in general.

First of all… New York, DC, and Philadelphia are basically the branch offices of Hell on Earth, so no wonder nobody there ever smiles. Second, Umair Haque is a pretentious little bitch. Who TF cares what you think, pretentious little bitch.

There’s this thing that the middle-aged white women who run our culture want to catch on. It’s a Danish concept called hygge. It’s pronounced Hoo-Gah, so right off the bat you see it isn’t even spelled properly. What it means is, being snug in your home reading and burning candles, or maybe having a few friends over to drink tea or cocoa by candlelight, cocooning yourselves in heavy sweaters and blankets and feeling great because that’s what life is all about. And supposedly, hygge is this really terrific thing that makes Danes and Scandinavians happy and wonderful.

It isn’t. It’s pretty much the only activity you have left when the Government is confiscating 60% or more of your income to fund the welfare state (plus a 25% Value-Added-Tax on all goods and services). You can’t do anything fun because you don’t have enough money. So you are left with the lifestyle socialist white women would want you to have; and now they are telling you that you should enjoy it. Who needs fun stuff like video games or snowmobiles, when you can be drinking cocoa under a blanket watching Swedish crime-noir or British documentaries.

If Scandianavian countries are ‘the happiest places in the world’ as leftists contend, why do they have the highest rates of anti-depressant usage in the world?

It’s Always Poop with These People

Posted by V the K at 12:59 pm - December 26, 2017.
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A psychologist decided to protest Donald Trump’s presidency by leaving large boxes of poop at a pair of home owned by PDT’s Secretary of the Treasury. He says that this act puts him in the company of Martin Luther King, and he hopes that leaving poop at the homes of administration officials will sweep the country as a form of protest.

Remember, he’s a psychologist… from California.

The intellectual and philosophical cupboard of the Progressive left is so bare that flinging poo is literally all the left has left.

The psychological term for smearing feces is ‘scatolia.’ Furthermore, “scatolia tends to occur in individuals with a history of obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, ADD, autism or post-traumatic stress, especially trauma related to physical or sexual abuse or people who are still butthurt and deranged that Donald Trump was elected president.”


They Hate Us

Posted by V the K at 9:11 am - December 26, 2017.
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Some typical unbiased reporting from the completely non-partisan American press: How Trump and the Nazis Stole Christmas To Promote White Nationalism (Newsweek)

The fight to end the war on Christmas is exclusionary politics at its most flagrant.

“I see such invocations of Christmas as a kind of cypher, what some would call a dog whistle. It does not appear to be intolerant or extreme, but to attentive audiences it speaks volumes about identity and belonging—who and what are fully American,” Richard King, a professor at Washington State University who studies how white supremacists exploit culture, told Newsweek.

Likewise, Nazi Germany’s propagandists rooted their idea of Christmas in visions of ethno-nationalism. They rewrote the lyrics of Christmas carols, promoted Nazified holiday traditions and launched numerous Christmas charity events for poor Germans. The ultimate goal was to draw a clear line between those who belonged and those who should be excluded, those who could not benefit from the joys of Christmas.

Merry Christmas… blah blah blah… White Supremacy… blah blah blah… Trump… blah blah blah Nazis.

Interesting that the author admits there’s a war on Christmas, though.

Leftist Writer Hates Watching People Enjoy Christmas, But Does it Anyway so He Can Whine About It.

Posted by V the K at 3:03 pm - December 24, 2017.
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Liberals want everyone to be sad, dysfunctional and lonely like they are. Some soy boy named Zachary Jason watched a bunch of Christmas specials on the Hallmark Channel, and it reinforced his hatred of Donald Trump’s America.

After watching a few of Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas films, the network’s burgeoning red-state appeal comes into focus. As much as these movies offer giddy, predictable escapes from Trumpian chaos, they all depict a fantasy world in which America has been Made Great Again. Real and fictional heartland small towns with names such as Evergreen and Cookie Jar are as thriving as their own small businesses, and even a high school art teacher (played by Trump supporter and the face of Hallmark, Candace Cameron Bure) can afford a lavishly renovated Colonial home. They brim with white heterosexuals who exclusively, emphatically, and endlessly bellow “Merry Christmas” to every lumberjack and labradoodle they pass. They’re centered on beauty-pageant heroines and strong-jawed heroes with white-nationalist haircuts. There are occasional sightings of Christmas sweater–wearing black people, but they exist only to cheer on the dreams of the white leads, and everyone on Trump’s naughty list—Muslims, gay people, feminists—has never crossed the snowcapped green-screen mountains to taint these quaint Christmas villages. “Santa Just Is White” seems to be etched into every Hallmark movie’s town seal.

I looked up the author’s biopage.  His Twitter page is a treat, too.  I can understand his resentment of attractive, successful people.  I’m not into sappy Christmas movies myself. ‘Die Hard.’ ‘Scrooged.’ ‘Bad Santa’ are much more my pace. But the loathing and hatred toward people experiencing joy… nope, that’s not something I experience. I don’t harbor resentment toward happy people who have good lives. I guess that’s why I’m not a leftist.

It’s All Over

Posted by V the K at 2:36 pm - December 23, 2017.
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Can the Trump presidency survive Ghey Dance People with Lasers in Their Butts.

“Raise Awareness” of what? That gay men like to put things in their butt? I think there’s general awareness of that.

Wait… What? This Is an Actual News Story?

Posted by V the K at 3:12 pm - December 22, 2017.
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The most busted name in news laments that popular children’s programs promote “fascism.”

Two of the most divisive shows are “Thomas the Tank Engine” and “Paw Patrol,” both of which have been eviscerated by grown-ups on discussion boards, in social media and in widely shared essays in prestigious publications.
“Thomas,” the long-running television franchise about a group of working trains chugging away on the Island of Sodor, has been called a “premodern corporate-totalitarian dystopia” in the New Yorker, imperialist and sinister in Slate, and classist, sexist and anti-environmentalist in the Guardian. And yet people — presumably parents — spend $1 billion on “Thomas” merchandise every year.
“Paw Patrol” is equally polarizing. The show, about a group of rescue dogs led by a boy named Ryder, is a regular source of complaint among parents and of adoration among their kids. Buzzfeed called the show “terrible” and pointed to instances of gender and social inequality that go unchecked on the show.

Once again, are you… or are you not… happy that your entire life isn’t spent analyzing all forms of media for messages that run counter to politically correct social dogma and then going to internet to pontificate about it?

The Best Christmas Episodes

Posted by V the K at 3:02 pm - December 22, 2017.
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‘American Dad’ does the best Christmas episodes, Don’t even argue it.

YouTube Preview Image

That line about Trader Joe’s gets me every time. But the sequence that begins where they crash through the gay couple’s window just kills me. I could have just clipped that bit. This episode also contained the line, “You don’t deserve to be on that cross, you lazy, wine-loving bisexual,” which has become a household catch-phrase around here.


Tax Cut Fallout and Tweets du Jour

Posted by V the K at 8:23 am - December 21, 2017.
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I hope at least a handful of Gaypatriot readers, commenters, and lurkers survived “Tax Cut Armageddon.” The carnage has not been too bad in central Ohio, but I understand the casualties in California and New York will be in the tens of millions.

To add to the carnage, Evil Corporations(TM) like Comcast, Wells-Fargo, and AT&T are using the dreadful Republican tax cuts… to pay their employees more money. Can you believe it? Leftists are dismissing this as a PR stunt. They never dismiss a company announcement of a pro-LGBT policy (which costs companies nothing) as a PR stunt.

But I guess those $1,000 bonuses amount to less than half of the $2,500 people have saved because of Obamacare… oh, wait… Obamacare actually made health care even more expensive. My bad.

Never-Trumper Bill “Thurston Howell IV” Kristol says that for corporations to be handing out raises and bonuses in the wake of tax cut passage is “creepy.”  His dream of instituting a blood aristocracy is deferred once again.

Anyway, the Democrats have now latched onto the talking point that the tax cuts for most people “won’t amount to much.” And, indeed, to the bottom two income quintiles who already pay nothing in income taxes, they naturally won’t be getting to keep as much of their own money as giant corporations who have billions annually confiscated. The difference being, large corporations are in a much better position to add employees and build factories than people in the bottom two income quintiles.  Not to mention, the “won’t amount to much” talking point just shows how out of touch the Democrats are with people who could use an extra $100 a month or so.

By sheer coincidence, the Washington Post’s editorial opinion on the Tax Reform Plan aligns to Democrat Party talking points with the precision of a Swiss Watch.

And then there’s this idiot Boston Globe columnist thinks people should happily surrender more money to the Government, because the Government will use it more “efficiently.” 

That governments spend money more efficiently than you do is literally the reason we have governments

Wasn’t Boston where they had that ‘Big Dig’ thingie that cost four times as much as initially budgeted and was finished ten years behind schedule? Is that his idea of Government “efficiency?” Was it “efficient” when the Government spent $800,000 to study how African men wash their pee-pees, or $400,000 to study Argentinian gay bars? $22 Million so that Harry Reid’s billionaire buddy can study UFOs?

And finally there’s this from a parody account, but I think sums up the feelings of the Democrat base.

Someone please explain how Trump’s stupid tax cut bill helps people like me that don’t want a job.

Republican Tax Cuts to Destroy All Life and Hope in the Universe

Posted by V the K at 9:05 am - December 20, 2017.
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So sayeth Democrat House Leader Nancy Pelosi.

“The bill that the Republicans are putting forth to go to conference is probably one of the worst bills in the history of the United States of America,” Pelosi said, just moments before the Republicans voted to begin the conference negotiations designed to iron out the differences between the tax bills passed by the two chambers.

“The debate on health care is like death,” Pelosi said. “This is armageddon.”

Senate Democrat Leader Chuck “Bitch Stewardess” Schumer has also lost his marbles.

When he just couldn’t take it anymore he lashed out at Republicans: “This is serious stuff. We believe you’re messing up America,” he shouted.

LOL. Where you been the last eight years, sChmuck? Where were you when your president ordered law enforcement to stand down from an investigation of a terrorist organization running drugs into the United States to finance terror so he could cozy up to the biggest state sponsor of terrorism on all the Earth?

But, yeah, go ahead and lose your freakin’ mind over some fairly modest tax reform.

YouTube Preview Image

I wonder how she’s doing today. She really was the very best part of the Trump Inaugural, yes?

Aren’t you glad to be a conservative? To have interests in life other than politics and sexual gratification? Faith, family, work, college football (it’s signing day! Woo-Hoo!), hockey, home… these are things that keep us from marching around like idiots wearing coal-scuttle bonnets and ‘Caroling for Impeachment.’

Last Minute Stocking Stuffer

Posted by V the K at 8:31 am - December 20, 2017.
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IMHO, the model in this image seems to be a little too into it.

East Versus West

Posted by V the K at 2:58 pm - December 19, 2017.
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A Turkish Imam says that beardless men are haram, because their smooth, beardless faces arouse feelings that tempt good Mohammed men into “indecent thoughts.”

‘Men should grow beards. One of the two body parts that separate men from women is the beard,’ according to Hurriyet Daily News.

‘For example, if you see a man with long hair from afar you may think he is a woman if he does not have a beard. Because nowadays women and men dress similarly.

Meanwhile in Britain, a transsexual couple is raising a child to have no sexual identity whatsoever.

Also, the Democrat Media Complex is squeeing over a book portraying Santa Claus as a gay man.

How About That Nimrata Haley?

Posted by V the K at 9:06 am - December 19, 2017.
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Even though, as a conservatarian, I am supposed to hate all brown people and think of women as sex slaves who should be forced to wear coal-scuttle bonnets a la “Handmaid’s Tale,” (sarcasm, duh), I think Nimrata Haley would be a much, much better choice for first lady president than… um… some of the other options being floated. (And unlike some of the other options being floated, she’s a legit Indian.)

She really let that Mos Eisley Cantina of tyrants, crooks, and dysfunction known as the United Nations have it yesterday.

To the United Nations’ shame, this has been a disproportionately hostile place for the Middle East’s most enduring democracy.

The United States refuses to accept the double standard that says we are not impartial when we stand by the will of the American people by moving our U.S. embassy, but somehow the United Nations is a neutral party when it consistently singles out Israel for condemnation.

For decades, Israel has withstood wave after wave of bias in the UN and its agencies. The United States has often stood beside Israel. We did not on December 23, 2016. We will not make that mistake again.

Oh Look, Art-Fags Doing Something Stupid

It’s now a trendy thing for straight couples to pretend to be lesbians; because modern urban culture is nothing more than adult children playing pretend forever and ever. And nothing is more trendy than pretending to be a victim of something.

Joanne was given space to write an op-ed in the [New York]  Times because she says she and Lara face persecution.  One time, Joanne and Lara were driving a car in a sinister-sounding town called “Whiteville,” North Carolina.  Then Joanne saw some guys who looked as though they were from Duck Dynasty.  According to Joanne, the Duck Dynasty guys followed Joanne and Lara in their pickup truck for a while.  And then they stopped following Joanne and Lara!

That is why Joanne was given a highlighted space on the op-ed pages of the Times to write about discrimination against heterosexual couples pretending to be lesbians.  For Joanne and Lara not only feel the imagined sting of persecution that lesbians feel, but that of being pretend lesbians as well, which is probably even worse


Suddenly, Democrats Don’t Like Taxing the Rich

Posted by V the K at 9:11 am - December 18, 2017.
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There’s a reason Republicans have been able to move forward on taxes, but not Obamacare or border security. The Donor Class *wants* a tax cut, and have given permission for their pet senators to vote ‘Yes.’ Even “man of mighty principle” Sen. Bob Corker has gone from No to Yes… now that the new tax plan has a carve-out that will make him millions.

Democrats are not happy. Democrats are never happy, but ever since the election of PDT, they’ve been absolutely deranged; some of them are even starting to sound like Bill Kristol. 160-year-old California Senator Dianne Feinstein (net worth $80 Million dollars) complains that the Republican budget is too hard on the rich because of the mortgage interest deduction cap.

The Republican tax bill caps the mortgage interest deduction at $750,000 for new mortgages. In California, seven counties have average home prices that are more than $750,000: Alameda, Marin, Orange, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz counties. #GOPTaxScam

I have news for you honey… all of those counties vote solid Democrat. They *want* their taxes increased.

The Democrats are very angry that the tax plan caps the deduction for state and local taxes at a level that only benefits the middle class. In fact, the states with the highest state and local tax burdens are California, Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin. Between them, these twelve states send exactly one Republican senator to Washington, all but one have gone Democrat in every presidential election since 1992. According to the Google machine, all of these states but Maryland and Wisconsin have recently raised taxes, and/or are planning on tax increases in the coming year.

What that tells me is, the people who live in these states want higher taxes. And the top income earners… Hollywood people, Silicon valley techies, New York hedge fund managers who live in Connecticut… give huge amounts of money to the Democrat party. They should be celebrating that their taxes are going up. Instead, some of these wealthy Democrats are apparently thinking of leaving. Lousy traitors.

Mine, personally, will be going down by about $3,200 according to this calculator. That’s enough to buy a new gimp suit for Thong, my Cambodian houseboy.

Running in the Family

Posted by V the K at 8:33 pm - December 17, 2017.
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An entire family in Arizona have decided that all of them are trans. NPR celebrates.

For Daniel Harrott, who lived most of his life as a woman, just everyday existence as a man is alchemy.
“It feels like you’re getting to live for the first time,” he said. “And my children are getting to be who they’ve always wanted to be.”
Eleven-year-old Mason — he’s the one with the bike — is living as a boy, after being assigned female at birth. And then there’s Joshua, 13, whose brown hair falls around her shoulders as she sits in her wheel chair.
Her birth sex was male, but she knew from an early age that she was a girl.
“I think I was only, like 6 or 7,” she said.
Then there’s Daniel’s fiancée, Shirley Austin. She’s tall and blond and smiley. And transgender, too.
In Shirley’s words: “The whole family is in transition.”

Question: When’s the last time a family was celebrated in the media for being normal?

An Even Dumber Take on “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

Some dingbat at Medium is saying the problem with “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” isn’t because “it’s about date rape” (as deranged feminists claim), but because it’s about “slut-shaming.” 

What’s happening here isn’t all that hard to figure out, especially if you remember that the song was written in 1944. The woman wants to spend the night with her date. She just knows that if she does, she’ll be scarlet-lettered by her community for having the audacity to make her own premarital sexual choices. She’s not consternating over letting this guy down; she’s consternating over being publicly and privately maligned for doing what she wants. And clearly this is normal for her, as well as for listeners at the time, who were expected to understand all of this and relate. The problem with this song doesn’t have to do with consent. The problem has to do with slut-shaming.

Imagine getting that worked up over a seventy year old pop song. OK, the dingbat is not a million miles from the truth here. There is a lyrical subtext to the song about the social pressures used to discourage promiscuous sex, or, what feminists call “slut-shaming.” (Last week, Senator Fauxcahontas Warren called one of her Democrat colleagues a slut, which was hilarious.) My take on this is, what’s wrong with discouraging people from having promiscuous sex? Especially when there are  gay men who fetishize exposing other gay men to HIV.