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The Ever-Changing Rules

Posted by V the K at 10:02 am - December 4, 2017.
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Was reading this article about yet another progressive pederast; this time, the progressive conductor of the New York Metropolitan Opera, Jmes Levine. Seems he had a penchant for molesting teenage boys. Two years ago, CBS News labeled him “America’s Greatest Living Conductor.”

Most of these accusations date back to the 1970’s; and are not dissimilar to the behavior of iconic LGBT pederasts like Harvey Milk, Gerry Studds, or Harry Hay. The sexual “revolution” of th 1960s manifested itself in the wide open, no limits sexual license of the 1970s. The 1970s were when a lot of the people who are trouble today … Al Franken, Roy Moore, John Conyers, Anthony Weiner, Bill Clinton, Ed Murray … developed their sexual morality. It was an era when Alan Alda … whose Hawkeye Pierce character on M*A*S*H would be considered a sexual predator and rapist today … was a feminist icon.

The idea of rape and sexual harassment were still present, but rape was pretty much limited to what Whoopi Goldberg would call “rape-rape,” actual forced penetration of a woman by a man. Sexual harassment was pretty much limited to “perform sexual acts for me or you’re fired.” But over time, the rules changed. Initially because there were forms of sexual misconduct like “date rape” that didn’t fall under the previous definitions.

But the bar for what constituted “rape,” “sexual assault,” and “sexual misconduct” drifted ever downward. Feminists insisted that a man must have verbal consent from a woman for every action he did in the course of a sexual encounter, or else it was rape. If a woman changed her mind days after consenting to a sexual encounter, that was rape, too. Touching a woman or even looking at her (the male gaze) could be “sexual assault.” Telling a joke in the workplace about a stray hair on a can of Coke, or even complimenting a woman on her appearance could be “sexual harassment.” Asking a woman on a date more than once was “sexual misconduct.” The panoply of sex charges expanded as feminists learned how potent these weapons could be in pursuit of political power.

How shocking it must have been for men now in late middle age or older that the sexual conduct they were raised to believe was OK was suddenly not OK. Even as recently as the 1990’s, feminists were extending to President Bill Clinton the courtesy of the one-grope rule, and proclaiming that grateful feminists should be lining up with their knee-pads at the ready to service Bill Clinton out of sheer gratitude for protecting abortion. Democrats honored Gerry Studds by naming a wildlife sanctuary in his honor (upon his censure by Congress for sodomizing a sixteen year old page, his hometown constituency welcomed him with cheers). The pederast Harvey Milk was made the subject of an Oscar-winning hagiography. Roman Polanski — who drugged and raped a thirteen year old girl in the 1970s — received a standing ovation in absentia at the 2003 Academy Awards. Even as the rules changed, it seemed that certain men could be excused from them, if they were sufficiently powerful and useful to the agenda.

Al Franken could almost be … if not forgiven, at least understood… for thinking that grabbing a woman’s behind during a political event, or sticking his tongue down a woman’s throat at a USO tour was acceptable behavior, because when he was a younger man, it totally was. It was even acceptable to say things like this:

“I just don’t like homosexuals. If you ask me, they’re all homosexuals in the Pudding. Hey, I was glad when that Pudding homosexual got killed in Philadelphia.” The smile became so broad it pushed his eyes shut. He couldn’t stand it any longer. “Put that in, put that in,” Franken laughed, leaning over the desk. “I’d love to see that in The Crimson.”

The people who are safest when the rules change are those who adhered to the much older set of rules that the Sexual Revolution threw aside: Get married, stay faithful, and don’t put yourself in a position where your morality could be compromised. Mike Pence was actually attacked by the left for following this precise rule.



  1. Old news – I knew about James Levine when he was here at Houston Grand Opera. The resident HGO chorus-master, Richard Bado, was also known as a chickenhawk of epic proportions.

    When I was a recent college grad and beginning my social skills, I was told by friendly higher-ups at HGO to never be alone with either Levine or Bado in the same room. THEY KNEW – and it didn’t faze them a bit.


    Peter H.

    Comment by Peter Hughes — December 4, 2017 @ 11:21 am - December 4, 2017

  2. I have often wondered if the sexual revolution was largely declared by men. Most women didn’t participate, they seemed to behave as if nothing has changed since the 50’s.

    Comment by Matthew the Oilman — December 4, 2017 @ 1:32 pm - December 4, 2017

  3. Massachusetts. ‘Nuff said.

    “… upon his censure by Congress for sodomizing a sixteen year old page, his hometown constituency welcomed him with cheers …”

    Comment by Julie the Jarhead — December 4, 2017 @ 3:00 pm - December 4, 2017

  4. @2 not true. woman engaged in the same type of behavior. there just weren’t any male organizations to call them on it. when I was a young man and out in the clubs in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, it wasn’t all that uncomman to get pinched on the butt, or goosed by a female. I had strange women walk up and kiss me, offer me a lay and other things. but you gays didn’t have the same hatred for women that the lesbians had for men.

    Comment by salg — December 4, 2017 @ 3:11 pm - December 4, 2017

  5. Salg: I was discussing the exact same thing, (lived and worked in NYC) with a friend this weekend. Your last sentence, except for the word placement, was what I said and it shocked the listener.

    Comment by fortdixmike — December 4, 2017 @ 5:26 pm - December 4, 2017

  6. There’s a big gay mayor (or ex-mayor) of Long Beach, CA who appeared to have a penchant for young men, teens and younger.
    Why else would he try to get the breakwater torn out so surfers could use HIS beach?
    And why else was he for installing liability-expensive skate parks so that he could hang out with the young boys/teens who use such places?
    Of course he has a “mate” but it seems to be a pretty open marriage.
    So, keep am eye open about him.

    Comment by Nanny G — December 4, 2017 @ 11:50 pm - December 4, 2017

  7. Boydiddlers? At the opera? Inconceivible!! **shocked face**

    Comment by Ted Bunker (Charging Rhino) — December 5, 2017 @ 12:12 am - December 5, 2017

  8. Hi Nanny G,

    Are you insinuating something? It sure sounds like it. I’m assuming you have some first-hand knowledge, otherwise, I’m not sure why you would go about posting something like this.


    Comment by CrayCrayPatriot — December 5, 2017 @ 8:14 am - December 5, 2017

  9. #8 – Said by the same person who does drive-by postings on every other thread on this blog.

    Pot, meet kettle.

    PS: Have you apologized yet for diddling one of our commenters without his permission?

    Peter H.

    Comment by Peter Hughes — December 5, 2017 @ 10:29 am - December 5, 2017

  10. @ #8.

    I’m not sure why you would go about posting something like this.

    Must be a case of moral rectumtude.

    Comment by Heliotrope — December 5, 2017 @ 12:59 pm - December 5, 2017

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