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Running in the Family

Posted by V the K at 8:33 pm - December 17, 2017.
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An entire family in Arizona have decided that all of them are trans. NPR celebrates.

For Daniel Harrott, who lived most of his life as a woman, just everyday existence as a man is alchemy.
“It feels like you’re getting to live for the first time,” he said. “And my children are getting to be who they’ve always wanted to be.”
Eleven-year-old Mason — he’s the one with the bike — is living as a boy, after being assigned female at birth. And then there’s Joshua, 13, whose brown hair falls around her shoulders as she sits in her wheel chair.
Her birth sex was male, but she knew from an early age that she was a girl.
“I think I was only, like 6 or 7,” she said.
Then there’s Daniel’s fiancée, Shirley Austin. She’s tall and blond and smiley. And transgender, too.
In Shirley’s words: “The whole family is in transition.”

Question: When’s the last time a family was celebrated in the media for being normal?



  1. My initial thoughts were unkind, unethical, thoroughly-Medieval …and heartily-deserved.

    Seventeenth-century New England and marshmallows [/sarcasm?] come to mind.

    Comment by Ted B. (Charging Rhino) — December 18, 2017 @ 1:17 am - December 18, 2017

  2. This all is going to be with us for years, until the consequences of such a radical decision make bigger headlines. Sad. It used to be paramount that society would try to save crazy people from themselves.

    Comment by Hanover — December 18, 2017 @ 2:08 am - December 18, 2017

  3. This situation sort of pushes the nature/nurture argument more to the nurture side. Monkey see, monkey do?

    Comment by Hunter — December 18, 2017 @ 8:14 am - December 18, 2017

  4. Well, what can you say? Insanity has gone “viral”.

    Comment by Rex — December 18, 2017 @ 12:13 pm - December 18, 2017

  5. Shall we, at least, hope that this madness will result in an end to this one family line? Regardless, cheap attention-seeking behavior – with a culture devoted to giving them the space for the public ‘enjoyment’. The end of the Western Roman Empire never had such crazy as the ‘transgender’ movement.

    Comment by Dav — December 18, 2017 @ 1:04 pm - December 18, 2017

  6. The grown ups can do what they want, on the kids, this is basically conversion therapy.

    “Assigned at birth” is another ridiculous notion that ties them to the rest of the left. Science could tell you xx and xy exist from conception on, but the pro abortion movements insist that a woman gets fat for nine months then ejects part of her body which becomes a baby via magical life fairies or something.

    Comment by Karen — December 18, 2017 @ 2:37 pm - December 18, 2017

  7. The revenge of the weirdos.

    It used to be that the goal was for “normals” to be “tolerant” of the weird and eccentric; the atypical.

    Fair enough – live and let live and all that.

    That was left on the roadside, dead, some time back.

    When Big Brother asks you if someone with XX or XY chromosomes is a female or a male, you better have the correct answer (“it depends” or “there is no way to tell” or “no such thing”) or else.

    Comment by KCRob — December 18, 2017 @ 6:27 pm - December 18, 2017

  8. Question: When’s the last time a family was celebrated in the media for being normal?

    Trick question. That would be a “Dog Bites Man” story. It’s boring. It’s been done many times before (including just about every Gold Star Family profiled). This is a “Man Bites Dog” story. It’s unique [though seemingly less so these days]. It’s edgy. It’s designed to popularize that which most of America has yet to have a personal experience with.

    It also fulfills the narcissistic desire of the subjects to get whatever exhibitionistic need they have fulfilled, all without spending a dime of their own money to do so. Thomas Beattie made news for being the ‘first pregnant male’, or allegedly so. There’s another allegedly pregnant male who came after him and received some media attention, but not nearly as much. The next allegedly pregnant male won’t merit any widespread attention, save for a community newspaper perhaps. Likewise, there’s room for one more all-tranny family (maybe two, given the current climate) to have their moment in the sun. After that, it will be boring and “old news”. Then the next all-tranny family will have to have a transgender cat and a transgender dog in order to merit a story.

    Comment by RSG — December 18, 2017 @ 8:50 pm - December 18, 2017

  9. Well depression runs in my family, so why not other mental illnesses in others?

    Comment by The_Livewire — December 19, 2017 @ 2:31 pm - December 19, 2017

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