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Leftist Writer Hates Watching People Enjoy Christmas, But Does it Anyway so He Can Whine About It.

Posted by V the K at 3:03 pm - December 24, 2017.
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Liberals want everyone to be sad, dysfunctional and lonely like they are. Some soy boy named Zachary Jason watched a bunch of Christmas specials on the Hallmark Channel, and it reinforced his hatred of Donald Trump’s America.

After watching a few of Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas films, the network’s burgeoning red-state appeal comes into focus. As much as these movies offer giddy, predictable escapes from Trumpian chaos, they all depict a fantasy world in which America has been Made Great Again. Real and fictional heartland small towns with names such as Evergreen and Cookie Jar are as thriving as their own small businesses, and even a high school art teacher (played by Trump supporter and the face of Hallmark, Candace Cameron Bure) can afford a lavishly renovated Colonial home. They brim with white heterosexuals who exclusively, emphatically, and endlessly bellow “Merry Christmas” to every lumberjack and labradoodle they pass. They’re centered on beauty-pageant heroines and strong-jawed heroes with white-nationalist haircuts. There are occasional sightings of Christmas sweater–wearing black people, but they exist only to cheer on the dreams of the white leads, and everyone on Trump’s naughty list—Muslims, gay people, feminists—has never crossed the snowcapped green-screen mountains to taint these quaint Christmas villages. “Santa Just Is White” seems to be etched into every Hallmark movie’s town seal.

I looked up the author’s biopage.  His Twitter page is a treat, too.  I can understand his resentment of attractive, successful people.  I’m not into sappy Christmas movies myself. ‘Die Hard.’ ‘Scrooged.’ ‘Bad Santa’ are much more my pace. But the loathing and hatred toward people experiencing joy… nope, that’s not something I experience. I don’t harbor resentment toward happy people who have good lives. I guess that’s why I’m not a leftist.



  1. Best hot anonymous bath-house sex? Christmas Eve.

    Hot, horny, slightly-angry boyfriends abandoned in the city while their non-yet-out-to-the-family BFs go visit their family in the burbs or out-of-town. Lots of kinky experimenting, “I don’t normally do this but…”
    And LOADS of action in the steamroom. LOL

    [/fond memories]

    Comment by Ted B. (Charging Rhino) — December 24, 2017 @ 3:47 pm - December 24, 2017

  2. Tall, skinny, pasty as Elmer’s glue, goofy looking. Probably couldn’t get laid in NOLA during Southern Decadence. Not much there, there.

    Comment by Steven — December 24, 2017 @ 4:20 pm - December 24, 2017

  3. At the total opposite end of Ted B’s experience, I was looking around church this morning at all of the people who are obviously not churchgoers but were dragged along with the family for Christmas Eve service.

    Comment by V the K — December 24, 2017 @ 5:08 pm - December 24, 2017

  4. I’m a pessimist and misanthrope yet I can’t work up the hate and misery the “no more fun of any kind!” left exhibits. These people are broken and hate the rest of us for it.

    Comment by KCRob — December 24, 2017 @ 7:16 pm - December 24, 2017

  5. Oh, and Happy Christmas, dammit!

    Comment by KCRob — December 24, 2017 @ 7:17 pm - December 24, 2017

  6. Merry Christmas to all the good folks here at gaypatriot. You Know Who You Are.

    Comment by Hanover — December 24, 2017 @ 10:22 pm - December 24, 2017

  7. Merry Christmas to all and have a joy filled day.

    Comment by fortdixmike — December 25, 2017 @ 5:15 am - December 25, 2017

  8. God Jul everyone.

    Comment by Lobogris — December 25, 2017 @ 12:12 pm - December 25, 2017

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