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“Americans Are Dreamers, Too”

Posted by V the K at 9:28 am - January 31, 2018.
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One Progressive Recognizes Their Culture Is Toxic

Posted by V the K at 8:44 am - January 30, 2018.
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I’m not one of those people who gets encouraged when a leftist begins to question their deranged hive mind. I don’t expect an article here and there to be any indication that progressive leftists are ready — en masse — to come to their senses and begin behaving like rational, reasonable people. So, I’m taking this article as an outlier, not a harbinger.

Progressives used to be able to handle dissent. The Democrats were the party of free speech and free thought. No more. Among far too many leftists, if you disagree, you are wrong. And if you are wrong, you are bad, and if you are bad, you are trash.

This is a shame, and not just because I’m sick of getting angry e-mails. It’s a shame because this call-out culture prevents people from actually speaking their minds, because they are too scared of being unfriended, unfollowed, blocked, shunned, or dismissed as simply trash. But we shouldn’t be shutting opinions we disagree with down; we should be seeking them out. You don’t learn much if everyone around you believes—or professes to believe—the exact same thing as you do, and if we don’t expose ourselves to a diversity of opinions, we are never going to get out our self-imposed echo chambers.

Leftists don’t want to leave their echo chambers. They just want to make the whole world an echo chamber by silencing alternative opinions.

Democrat Block Gay Trump Nominee


In the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, all Republicans voted for Grenell and all Democrats voted against him, so this is not the case where Republicans are blocking the nomination of a gay man because of cultural or religious objections, he said.

Rather it is the Democrats, who are abandoning their support of equality with their opposition to a highly-qualified nominee to one of the country’s most important diplomatic posts–keeping it vacant for more than a year, he said.

Checking in with the Celebrity Party

Posted by V the K at 4:43 am - January 29, 2018.
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I am told an old drunken, washed up, politician read from a book at some music award thingy last night. Do I have that right?

Also, a group of ultra-privileged multi-multi-millionaires who live in gated communities patrolled by armed guards to keep the riff-raff out… are planning to hold a “People’s State of the Union” to protest the President.

The official Democrat response to the SOTU will be given by Joe Kennedy, nephew of the drowner. He’s described as a “rising star” in the Democrat Party. Because nothing says “healthy, vibrant democracy” like a permanent, hereditary ruling class.

After a While, People Get Fed Up with Bigots and Bullies

Posted by V the K at 11:03 am - January 28, 2018.
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For the first time in years, LGBT Americans have lost support among non-LGBT Americans.

A new survey commissioned by the LGBT media-advocacy group GLAAD and conducted by The Harris Poll found that fewer non-LGBT adults reported being comfortable with their LGBT peers than in previous years.

I wonder why.

Actually I don’t.


Our Wonderful Modern Age

Posted by V the K at 1:56 pm - January 26, 2018.
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A paedophile, (I’m sorry… “undocumented friend to children”) charged with molesting three little girls says, “Hey, I’m a nine-year old trapped in a grown-up man’s body. So, it’s cool, right?

A Chicago man accused of sexually assaulting two six-year-olds and an eight-year-old on repeated occasions, told police officers that he’s really “a 9-year-old trapped in an adult’s body,” prosecutors revealed on Wednesday.

Thirty-eight-year-old Joseph Roman is charged with repeated predatory criminal sexual assault. The numerous attacks began in 2015 and continued until earlier this month.

Following the rules of Political Correctness, we have to accept his self-proclaimed identity and treat him accordingly.

The left has set the standard that whatever anybody says they are, that’s what we have to believe they are. If you’ve got a hairy back and a hangin’ sack but proclaim that you’re a female, everybody is obligated to salute and say, “Yes, ma’am!” If you were born in Mexico, snuck over the border in the middle of the night, fly Mexican flags from the back of your pick-up, and insist, “Soy Norteamericano,” everyone is obligated to say, “Claro! Aquí está su registro de votante y su tarjeta EBT.”

There is always an exception to every PC rule, and the exception is always Mohammedans. If a devout, mosque-going Mohammedan kills a bunch of people while shouting “Allahu Akhbar!” and proclaims that he did in the name of Islam… Then… and only then… are you allowed to say, “He’s not actually a Muslim.”

CNN and Dan Savage Encourage Couples to Cheat on Each Other

CNN Headline: “Cuckolding Can Be Positive for Some Couples, Study Says

I have to think this is driven because the alt-right has made “Cuck” a slur against feckless politicians. So, naturally, the left has decided to come out and say that being a cuck is a good thing. Or as horrible human being Dan Savage puts it:

[T]he emotions surrounding seeing your partner with someone else can add to the turn-on, explained Savage. “It’s not cuckolding if there isn’t an element of humiliation, degradation or denial,” he said. “Our erotic imaginations have the ability to turn shame lemons into delicious kink lemonade.

When the ROP Moves into a Nice Neighborhood

A neighborhood in Oslo, Norway, has been taken over by Mohammedan migrants and is no longer safe for gays, Jews, women, non-Mohammedans, or insufficiently-observant Mohammedans.

In 2015, sociologist Halvor Fosli published Fremmed i eget land (A Stranger in One’s Own Country), a book based on interviews with 20 ethnic Norwegian residents of Groruddalen. Fosli deliberately chose people who had some level of involvement in their communities—those who had kids in school, for example, or who sat on their co-op boards. What was it like, he asked them, to become a minority in one’s own corner of the world? Their answers were disturbing. Non-Muslim boys in secondary school were leery of coming into the crosshairs of Muslim gangs—but they couldn’t be sure what to avoid doing or saying, because Muslim classmates judged their conduct according to a set of codes entirely alien to Norwegian society. As for non-Muslim girls and women, simply going outside alone—to the mall, for instance—earned them the angry stares of long-bearded Muslim men who believed that they should not leave their homes unescorted by males and with their heads uncovered. Jews had it especially tough. Gays? Forget it. In short, a place where people had once lived without fear and treated one another with respect and friendliness had become charged with tension, dread, and bigotry—not anti-Muslim bigotry, mind you, but anti-Norwegian bigotry.

… Yet politicians and journalists continue to paint it as a paradise of integration and multicultural enrichment.

Du bør lese alt av det. (Read the whole thing.)

We Are Not Governed by Grown-Up People

Posted by V the K at 9:42 am - January 24, 2018.
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You have read, of course, about Senator Susan Collins instituting the rule that only the person holding the talking stick in her meetings is allowed to talk; because apparently members of the United States Senate cannot be relied upon to comport themselves like adults.

Collins wouldn’t let any senator in the room talk unless they were holding a “talking stick” — which one aide later said was a Maasai leadership stick that Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D.) gave Collins a few years ago. At one point, Sen. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee forcefully tossed the stick toward Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia after Warner interrupted him, nearly shattering a glass elephant belonging to Collins

Perhaps a conch shell would have been more appropriate.

Of course, we already knew the senate was nothing more than spoiled children after Senator Cory Booker’s unhinged hissy-hit last week. Somebody get the senator his nook and a fresh nappy.

Guy Benson on Being Gay and Conservative

Posted by V the K at 2:41 pm - January 23, 2018.
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Posted by V the K at 9:35 am - January 23, 2018.
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There is no other word for this.

Women who identify as men are not being routinely offered potentially life saving NHS screening for breast and cervical cancer, amid fears it might offend them it is claimed.

However men living as women are being invited for cervical smear tests even though they do not have a cervix, an official guidebook states.

Six Little Words

Posted by V the K at 8:45 am - January 23, 2018.
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The progressive left has hijacked the language in order to silence … well, us, actually. Here’s a rundown of six words that have been twisted and bastardized so the left can control the “conversations” they are always prattling on about having. They are:

  • Tolerance
  • Hate
  • Judging
  • Justice/Equality
  • Racism
  • Gender


Some Vids

Posted by V the K at 9:22 pm - January 22, 2018.
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Conservatives form their positions on the basis of reason, science, and history. Leftists form their positions based on feelings and rhetoric.

The long video at this link demonstrates this fact. Canadian academic Jordan Peterson debates Feminist media operative Cathy Newman. Jordan consistently relies on empirical data and the scientific method to defend his positions, such as his position that the differences between women are products of evolution, not the patriarchy, such as his position that the “wage gap” is not entirely a product of the patriarchy discriminating against women, but rather reflects on the choices men and women make. The media operative can only spout rhetoric, make accusations, and try to trap him semantically.

And here is another video of Camille Paglia explaining her thesis that cultural celebrations of androgyny and transgenderism and attacks on masculinity are harbingers of cultural and societal collapse.

The Deep State Continues to Push Feminist Dogma

Posted by V the K at 9:25 am - January 22, 2018.
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So, we are a full year into PDT’s presidency, and despite the dire warnings from the gay left, gay people have yet to be marched to the death camps in the Pacific Northwest set up under the Bush Administration.

Nope, rather to the contrary, the Deep State is spending over a half-million taxpayer dollars to study “gender identity issues” in Kenya, because apparently a feminist told them that terrorism was caused by “toxic masculinity.”

The grant proposal blames Kenya’s “patriarchal” society of “tough, heterosexual” men for problems facing the developing country.

“Kenyan males are expected to head the household as well as provide for, protect, and maintain the family,” the department continued. “Socially, males are expected to be tough, heterosexual, aggressive, unemotional, and achieving. The practical and social pressures to fulfill these expectations can be immense and create vulnerabilities that are exploited by violent extremist groups who appeal to these characteristics and offer the opportunity to fulfil [sic] these roles.”

Really? Because that whole thing about men heading their households, protecting and maintaining their families (“toxic masculinity”) has been the social norm for most cultures for all of human history, and still is in a lot of places (Japan, Korea, the redder parts of the United States) that are notable not only for their lack of terrorism, but for their lack of systemic dysfunction compared with more progressive and feminized parts of the world (Germany, California, Sweden, Detroit).

Masculinity is not toxic; the belief in Islamic Supremacy is toxic.

Feminism: Making Homosexuality a Viable Alternative Since 1973

Posted by V the K at 12:48 pm - January 21, 2018.
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There’s nothing like a Feminist Womym’s March to make you feel good about the choice you made to be gay. Not as many pink pussy hats this year, because they offend the chicks-with-dicks crowd, but still plenty of proof that modern feminism is nothing but a cult of deranged man-hatred.

First off, a sentiment I think every gay man can relate to. And, in her case, most straight men.

And this time around, they added race-hatred to the man-hatred. (Hating white people is the new “Equality for all.”)

I wonder which struggle she is referring to. The struggle to find pants in a 48 waist or the struggle to walk ten yards?

Oh, boy, these dingbats again.

I don’t even wanna know what this chick’s deal is.

Truly, the message of feminism remains as potent and coherent as ever.

The Authoritarian Progressive Impulse

Posted by V the K at 10:02 am - January 19, 2018.
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Exra Klein, the left-wing editor of the left-wing, thinks China’s one-party authoritarian state is a more inspiring model for aspiring countries than America’s loud messy constitutional Republic.

Imagine you’re a small country charting a path between Chinese-style autocracy and American-style democracy — which many are right now. How appealing does our model look to you at the moment?

Certainly, if you’re part of the ruling, political class in those countries and you want to crush your opposition and send them to camps, China looks pretty good. If you’re not part of the ruling class and you aspire to improve your condition and take control over your destiny, America would look better. It’s bitterly clear which of these Mr. Klein identifies himself with.

Mr. Klein loves authoritarianism because Democracy keeps thwarting the Grand Vision of the coastal elites; which for someone like Ezra Klein means imposing one-party progressivism on the entire country: A centrally-planned political economy, Canadian-style bureaucratized health care, a “social justice” based legal system, open borders with instant citizenship, outlawing the private ownership of firearms, and all the other elements imposed from above by those who think they know what’s best for everybody.

But their dreams keep getting thwarted or at least compromised because too many people don’t want to live in their progressive utopia. Some people like the opportunities of the free market and have seen how planned political economies have failed. Some people think that their culture is worth preserving against an onslaught of third world migrants importing theirs. Some people just resent bureaucratic busybodies telling them what to do; it’s what most of our ancestors left other places to get away from.

The place in America that has come closest to realizing Ezra Klein’s Authoritarian Progressive dream is the state of California. Through the mass import of third world culture coupled with progressive authoritarian power grabs, California has effectively become a one-party ultra-progressive state. And the authoritarian impulse runs strong, such that the California Attorney General has declared his intention to prosecute citizens for aiding the Federal Government in enforcing democratically enacted immigration laws. Authoritarian progressives in California are also scheming to confiscate the proceeds from the recent Trump enacted corporate tax cuts.

The type of authoritarianism espoused by Mr. Klein has never resulted in the utopia of his dreams; rather it tends to produce conditions allegedly described by President Trump in a colorful metaphor used in a private meeting on immigration policy.

But Who Will Save the President if a Bull Gets Loose

Posted by V the K at 2:04 pm - January 18, 2018.
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Congresswomen Frederica Wilson has announced that she will refuse to attend President Trump’s State of the Union address.

No word yet on whether other members of The Gap Band will be attending.

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Where’s Tonya Harding When You Need Her?

Posted by V the K at 8:35 am - January 18, 2018.
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A gay male figure skater (but I repeat myself) is throwing a little hissy fit because VP Mike Pence will be part of the US delegation to the Winter Olympics. Mainly because… well… mainly because he’s too stupid to know anything about Mike Pence but has been told by his handlers that using his Olympic platform to make an anti-Republican political statement will win him accolades in the Democrat Media Complex. Which is exactly what happened.

Trump’s Honesty Liberates Us from the Shackles of Political Correctness

Posted by V the K at 8:56 am - January 17, 2018.
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Andrew Klavan on the blunt force trauma that is Trump’s honesty.

Enter President Donald Trump. He is a rude and crude person. He speaks like a Queens real estate guy on a construction site. And because he does not have good manners, he thoughtlessly breaks the rules with which the Left has sought to muzzle those who disagree with them. In this regard, I frequently compare Trump to Randle Patrick McMurphy, the loudmouthed, ill-mannered roustabout from Ken Kesey’s brilliant novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. McMurphy comes into an insane asylum controlled by a pleasant, smiling nightmare of a head nurse named Ratched. Nurse Ratched, while pretending to be the soul of motherly care, is actually a castrating, silencing tyrant. Her rules of good manners, supposedly fashioned for the benefit of all, are really a system of mental slavery. All of McMurphy’s salient character flaws suddenly become heroic in the context of her oppression. Only his belligerent ignorance of what constitutes good behavior can overturn the velvet strangulation of her rule.

For Nurse Ratched, read Hillary Clinton, CNN, the New York Times, Yale University, Twitter, and Google/YouTube–all the tender ministers of polite silence and enforced dishonesty. If Donald Trump’s boorishness crashes like a bull through the crystal madhouse of their leftism–well, good. It’s about time.

He could have added NeverTrumpers like Jeff Flake and Bill Kristol to that list as well. Trump may or may not have said that Haiti and certain African countries were trous de merde, but supposing he did, it was in line with Trump’s politically incorrect way of characterizing situations accurately — if crudely — instead of using the politically correct euphemisms of the political class.

Trump speaks the truth bluntly, and it drives his detractors insane. Witness New Jersey Senator (and Obama-wannabe) Cory Booker’s meltdown in the senate where he cried like an emo girl over the alleged characterization of Haiti as a trou de merde. (Booker knows a thing or two about s-holes, having once been Mayor of Newark; a city that was such a s-hole he apparently didn’t live in it during his time as mayor.) [Also, NJ is a s-hole state that will send you to prison for having a locked and unloaded pistol in the trunk of your car because “common sense gun laws.”)

The left, in the 2016 election, routinely mocked Trump supporters over the supposed absurdity that the Billionaire Trump could relate to the working class. Trump was talking about bringing back jobs and making communities safer. The Democrat Left was talking about importing more Syrian “refugees” and mandates for transgender bathrooms. And they accused Trump of being out of touch.

The Democrats have nothing to offer the American middle and working class. More and more see through the Democrats’ redistribution schemes, that the higher taxes do not pay for better services, but only increase the armies of bureaucrats. The Democrats need Government-dependent third world migrants to pad their voter rolls. This is the truth, but they can’t admit to it. So they demagogue on race.

“The Democrats always demagogue race. They cannot debate issues. They have no agenda in dealing with the problems that Americans face.”

I would only add that the Republican Establishment also does not have much of an agenda for the middle class. The Democrats are used to cowing establishment Republicans like the Bushes with charges of “racism,” and watching them cringe and fall in line. It doesn’t work with Trump. It’s driving them crazy.


Coping Skills

Obama’s ambassador to the UN invited a bunch of her fellow feminist dingbats to an Election Night victory party in November 2016. It didn’t quite work out the way they had hoped. In fact, these “strong, independent women” have been dealing with PTSD as a result of their Election Night loss ever since.

“It’s like we’ve somehow collectively landed in this place, but the people who are going to feel this, and be affected by this are these innocents. And as it happens, I was looking at a young child, but there’s so many other innocents who are being subjected to the cruelty, as we speak here today,” Power said.

She added, “But yes, I think that scene moves viewers the most because it triggers, I think, a kind of post-traumatic stress about their own election night experience, which mirrored mine.”

She should travel down to Walter Reed Hospital and talk to some veterans about coping with PTSD. I am sure they will welcome her insight.

Is it just me, or does Samantha Power look like a transgendered Sen. Jeff Flake? MTF mid-transition. The hormones have kicked in but the surgery hasn’t been scheduled? That sounds about right.