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People Against Goodnesss And Normalcy

Posted by V the K at 2:24 pm - January 3, 2018.
Filed under: Progressive immorality

To the media and the left (but I repeat myself), when boys excel in athletics or academics, when they work hard for an employer, when they pursue shooting or outdoors activities… these things are not worthy of praise or recognition. If anything, they represent “toxic masculinity” and need to be actively discouraged.

But let a little kid start a cross-dressing club and it’s headline news.

He hasn’t actually formed his drag club, he just announced he was starting a drag club. It’s not necessary to actually do it, just announce that he’s going to do it and bask in the attention.

Is it the same kid who was the hit of the 2015 Gay Pride parade, dancing around and voguing while his parents basked in the glow of their tolerance? Yes, it was. The article describes him as “an active member in the LGBTQ community” as though that’s a good thing for a ten year old.

It’s really the adults that get off on this. There’s a deviant ecstasy in encouraging children to engage in perverse behavior.

In ten years or less, when the kid’s a drugged-out mess, they’ll be wondering how it happened.

Points to Ponder Re: Trump and the Media

Posted by V the K at 9:39 am - January 3, 2018.
Filed under: Media Bias

Two commentaries on PDT’s expert manipulation of the MFM. From Instapundit on how the media’s hubris has led them to a place where their squawking is profitable but irrelevant:

The Educated Class’s emphasis on intra-class virtue signaling — which is what all this smugness and ridicule is about — undermines every institution it controls. And it lacks the self-awareness and self-control to do anything about that.

Of a piece with that, an article at FrontPage arguing that Trump’s real genius lies in his understanding of the root motivations of the media — greed and arrogance — and how he exploits both of them to is advantage. He really is the first president to understand we live in an era of clickbait.

The media spent eight years declining into irrelevance under Obama. Even before Trump, Obama had bypassed the media for social media. The big stories were fed to the press by Obama Inc. cronies like Ben Rhodes or hidden hand political smear shops like Fusion GPS. Even its core mission of cheerleading the left had become meaningless as younger lefties no longer bothered reading, watching or even clicking on mainstream media sites. The media was running out of customers, money and relevance.

Trump revived the media. The young lefties helping monetize the media again are coming for him. And every time he attacks the media, he makes it more relevant. The ritually insincere public wails about the unique threat to the free press posed by snarky tweets from the White House mask the private celebrations in every newsroom that Trump is making them into the center of attention once again.