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Do You Ever Worry That Your Penis Is White Enough?

Posted by V the K at 11:41 am - January 5, 2018.
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In Thailand, for $650, gay men (mostly) are having their penises laser-whitened; which is IMHO a lot better than having them cut off and becoming ladyboys.

The procedure, which uses laser whitening, got wide play on Thai television and social media on Thursday (Jan 4) after the hospital released images of a man undergoing the treatment.

“We have to be careful because it’s a sensitive part of the body,” Bunthita said, adding most clients were aged between 22 and 55-years-old with many from Thailand’s LGBT community.

Different, Not Wrong

Posted by V the K at 8:49 am - January 5, 2018.
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The Prophet and President of the Mormon Church passed away earlier this week. The New York Times’s obit focused on what was important to the people who write and read the New York Times.

Facing vociferous demands (from anti-Christian leftists and non-Mormons – ed.)  to recognize same-sex marriage, and weathering demonstrations at church headquarters by (a tiny number of attention-seeking) Mormon women pleading for the right to be ordained as priests, Mr. Monson did not bend. Teachings holding homosexuality to be immoral, bans on sexual intercourse outside male-female marriages, and an all-male priesthood would remain unaltered.

The left has no understanding of religion, and no use for it unless it advances a left-wing social agenda.

If all your entire life centers on a political agenda focused on trendy political issues, it will not be — contrary to the propaganda — a very rich and meaningful life. It is much more likely to leave you empty and miserable. People are indoctrinated to believe that supporting the right causes, that fighting for political change is the only thing that matters in life. Nothing could be further from the truth. Deception is the essence of politics, truth is the essence of religion.

By the way, an American Roman Catholic Cardinal says homosexuality is an abnormal condition and there’s nothing wrong with saying so. He’s right… homosexuality is a departure from the biological norm. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. In the words of one of my favorite songs, 너와 나 우린 달랐을 뿐 잘못되지 않았어우린 달랐을 뿐 잘못되지  (“You and I are different, but not wrong.”)