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Feminism: Making Homosexuality a Viable Alternative Since 1973

Posted by V the K at 12:48 pm - January 21, 2018.
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There’s nothing like a Feminist Womym’s March to make you feel good about the choice you made to be gay. Not as many pink pussy hats this year, because they offend the chicks-with-dicks crowd, but still plenty of proof that modern feminism is nothing but a cult of deranged man-hatred.

First off, a sentiment I think every gay man can relate to. And, in her case, most straight men.

And this time around, they added race-hatred to the man-hatred. (Hating white people is the new “Equality for all.”)

I wonder which struggle she is referring to. The struggle to find pants in a 48 waist or the struggle to walk ten yards?

Oh, boy, these dingbats again.

I don’t even wanna know what this chick’s deal is.

Truly, the message of feminism remains as potent and coherent as ever.