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Some Dupes Really Believe This Crap

Posted by V the K at 1:04 pm - February 6, 2018.
Filed under: Democratic demagoguery

Chuck Schumer to Gay Leftists:”Donald Trump is the ‘most dangerous’ president in history.”

If you’re a pseudo-socialist who hates liberty and wants to impose a California-style permanent authoritarian progressive regime on American society – like Chuck Schumer… then PDT probably is a dangerous president, from your perspective.

Came up with a new nickname for the Democrats: The “Domcrats:” they get off on forcing you to submit.

Any Mockery of PC Culture Eventually Becomes the Mainstream of PC Culture

Canadian’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau… a.k.a Captain Soy Boy… mansplained to a young woman (who was asking a question about freedom of religious conscience and Canada’s utter lack thereof) that enlightened people don’t say “mankind” but “peoplekind.”

So, I heard about that yesterday and shrugged it off as another idiocy sprung from his Tide-Pod-flavored mouth. But apparently, it’s a big deal in some parts of the social media, so there you are.

Are they going to have to rename one of their provinces? Peopletoba?

Also, my description of Star Trek as “Luxury Authoritarian Space Communism” triggered some poor fan-boy on Ricochet. (Comment #11)