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No, He Isn’t and Yes, You Are

Posted by V the K at 9:03 am - February 7, 2018.
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OK, this woman is an idiot, but I’m somewhat more interested in the sign directly behind her.

“Religious Freedom is Christian Terrorism.”

The Left really believes that. Just like they believe “Free Speech is White Supremacy” and “Due Process is Rape Culture.”

Oh, and the idea that Trump is some kind of anti-American Fascist isn’t just a fringe-left idea; their operatives in the Democrat-Media Complex have been pushing the idea ever since he became the Republican nominee. (Of course, they pretty much do that for every Republican candidate unless they lose (Romney), turn against their party (Flake) or both (McCain).)

Yesterday, Trump floated the idea of having a parade to honor military veterans. The left totally lost their marbles. These are the same people who, while running the Veteran’s Administration, left veterans to die on waiting lists for medical services. The same people who think importing third-world migrants and signing them up for welfare is more important than caring for veterans.

Either the left must be destroyed, or Liberty will be destroyed.