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Left-Wing Activism Epitomized

Posted by V the K at 1:02 pm - February 25, 2018.
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“Silence is violence… also, those we disagree with should be silenced.” (HT: PJW)

Honestly, I don’t get white supremacy because this picture demonstrates how truly effing stupid white people can be.

I Don’t Get People

I know this guy who I respect in most areas. He’s very level-headed, has a very responsible job in which lives and millions of dollars of property can be affected by the decisions he makes. He’s very intelligent, well-traveled, educated… all the things, okay.

So, a couple of years ago he got involved in a relationship with a guy who had… let’s be polite… an “addiction problem.” Well, said addiction problem led to other problems which led to them breaking up.

After the break-up, the guy with the addiction problem stalked him, both physically and in cyberspace, leading to a restraining order and the level-headed guy selling his house and moving so that addiction problem couldn’t find him. Addiction problem stalked him anyway all the time shit-posting about him in social media.

Well, last month, addiction problem completed rehab (not for the first time) and level-headed guy immediately… took him back and let him move back in.

I concede there’s maybe more to the story than this, but that just seems like a bad decision. I can see taking someone back into your life after they work through some problems, but I’d want some time, at least, to make sure they had actually fixed themselves.

Maybe I lack Christ-like compassion. I really don’t know.