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Dianne Feinstein No Longer Left-Wing Enough for California

Posted by V the K at 10:03 am - February 26, 2018.
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The grass-roots Democratic activists gathered at the party’s annual convention in San Diego this weekend implicitly rebuked the state’s senior U.S. senator by denying her the party’s endorsement for her re-election bid.Feinstein finished far behind de León, the top Democrat in the state Senate. De León received 54 percent of delegates’ votes to just 37 percent for Feinstein. It takes 60 percent to receive an endorsement.

This is a woman who was once mayor of San Francisco, who has argued for the confiscation of guns from law-abiding gun owners, and whose lifetime ACU rating is under 10%. (Meaning she has voted conservatively less than 10% of the time.)

But Kevin de Leon is an even bigger anti-gun zealot, a man so far left he introduced environmental regulation so radical (banning all fossil fuels in California) not even the hard-left Democrat legislature would go for it. (Probably because existing renewable energy bills have already made California’s electric bills look like Michigan’s car insurance premiums. Worse, actually.

California is now the land of Gavin Newsom, Kevin de Leon, Kamala Harris, and Ted Lieu; people so far left they have to look over their right shoulder to see Jerry Brown.

Thirty years of unchecked illegal and mass legal immigration (27% of California’s population was born outside the USA) has transformed California from Reagan Conservative to the most radically crazy far-left state in the country.

Oddly enough, I have yet to see a single editorial complaining about that leftward radicalization of the Democrat Party. Not one. Ever.

Which is exactly why Democrats are so adamant that mass immigration from the Third World must continue.  And why most Americans have a “Bye, Felicia” attitude toward California secession.