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Sabo Strikes Again

Posted by V the K at 9:41 am - March 1, 2018.
Filed under: Progressive immorality

Hollywood celebrities consider themselves morally superior to those who dwell in the Heartland. This guy punches hard.

With a nod to the Oscar-nominated Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, conservative street artist Sabo has hijacked three billboards in Hollywood to attack the entertainment industry for allegedly shielding pedophiles.

PDT Shows His Authoritarian Streak

Posted by V the K at 8:37 am - March 1, 2018.
Filed under: Gun Control

So, during one of his series of televised discussions on gun control, PDT said this:

“Take the guns first, go through due process second.”

PDT is wrong. (See, we can criticize Trump when he’s wrong. Unlike the Democrats and the god-king Obama who swears that none of his many, many scandals embarrassed him. Unlike the Democrats and Bill Clinton, who got to #MeToo all the women he wanted in return for keeping abortion legal.) Due process is essential. Before the Government strips you of a civil right, it better be able to demonstrate a damned good reason and give you a chance to argue that their reason is horse-sh-t. And it isn’t that hard to get a judge to issue a warrant or a restraining order, as the FISA courts (99.9% of surveillance requests approved) demonstrate. There is no reason to treat law-abiding gun owners like they were college men accused of rape by bitter crazy ex-girlfriends.

PDT is just playing to the ignorant hysteria about guns the media have whipped up. Hysteria and overreaction lead to bad policy choices. Ask any Japanese-American who lived on the west coast in 1942; or anyone whose been groped by a high-school dropout working for the TSA; or these two guys.

Speaking of contempt for due process, Senator Susan Collins has revived the even-more-terrible idea of putting the No-Fly List onto the NICS database so that no one on the No-Fly list can buy a gun. A refresher: The No-Fly list is:

1. A Government list of people who are barred from flying for reasons the Government will not divulge; the criteria are secret and arbitrary.
2. Once on the list, there is no recourse. You can try and get your name removed at considerable legal expense, but it’s very difficult because the Government will argue it can’t tell you its reasons for putting you on the list because of ‘National Security.’
3. If you have the same name as someone on the list, you may also be on the list for that reason alone.

BTW, none of this new proposed legislation will work unless law enforcement actually uses it. The violent headcase in Parkland could have been arrested and detained on numerous occasions and charged with offenses (domestic violence; terroristic threats) that would have flagged him in the NICS database. But local law enforcement and the FBI didn’t bother.

Logically, the demonstrated failure of law enforcement at its most basic functions clearly indicates the need for civilians to have the means of their own defense.