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The Democrat Left Today

Posted by V the K at 1:03 pm - March 9, 2018.
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Beta Males Have Not Triumphed in Korea

Posted by V the K at 12:21 pm - March 9, 2018.
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Yea, I got nothin’. Here’s a scene from Descendants of the Sun some of you might like.

Yoo Si-jin (Song Joong-ki) is pretty much the antithesis of the Soy Boys the Hollywood Reporter was celebrating yesterday. He’s a South Korean Special Forces Captain. He’s confident and self-assured in any situation. He tells a lot of jokes, but never laughs at them. He’s self-possessed. He’s strong. He rescues the Doctor-Lady he loves even though she repeatedly tells him they can’t be together.  He’s sort of a Korean Gary Cooper.

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