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One Way to Deal with it

Posted by V the K at 9:56 am - April 2, 2018.
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One of the suggestions for dealing with Wedding Cake Fascists was that people who object to being forced to participate in gay weddings should tell prospective gay clients they will donate their fees to organizations gay leftists don’t like. Some victims have taken exactly that approach.

“Displayed at the bottom of each page in the ‘Weddings’ section of its website is a clearly marked disclaimer that reads”:
At Liberty Ridge Farm, our deeply held religious belief is that marriage is the union of one man and one woman, and the Farm is operated with the purpose of strengthening and promoting marriage. In furtherance of this purpose and to honor and promote our moral and religious beliefs, we donate a portion of our business proceeds to organizations that promote strong marriages such as the Family Research Council.

Good for them, although it’s sad that the disrespect the gay left holds for basic human rights forces them into this position. No doubt, the HRC or some other parasite organization is trying to figure out if they can sue to block them from donating to the cause of their choice.


They Hate Us

Posted by V the K at 9:32 am - April 2, 2018.
Filed under: Liberal Dhimmitude

NBC News celebrated Easter by publishing an editorial saying Christians are responsible for “white supremacy” and the KKK.

Wanna bet NBC News will not celebrate Ramadan with an editorial blaming Mohammedans for terrorism and ISIS.

Also, some left-wing Control Faction says that chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs are bad for Gaia and you should be ashamed.