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This Is Love

I am glad ‘Rick and Morty’ is (was? {Season 4 is looking pretty iffy}) popular among late Millennials and Generation Tide Pod. I find its realistic cynicism refreshing. e.g. This spot on take on love and relationships.

JERRY: Beth, do you still love me?
BETH: Ugh, what kind of question is that?
JERRY: The “yes or no” kind?
BETH: Jerry, do you want homeless people to have homes?
BETH: Are you gonna build them?
BETH: Then what good was the “yes”?
JERRY: Wait, is loving me the house or the homeless people?
BETH: Loving you is work, Jerry hard work, like building a homeless shelter nobody wants to say no to doing it, but some people put the work in.

Better than that “Love fixes everything and emotions are always right” crap the¬†entertainment¬†industry spews out to move product.

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