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Pubic Education

Posted by V the K at 1:59 pm - April 23, 2018.
Filed under: Liberalism Run Amok

Our kids may rank dead last in math and science, but by golly, they know their genderqueering.  (Hat Tip: AOSHQ)

To the folks who find LGBTQ language “confusing”: If my daughter’s second grade class gets it, so can you.

Second grade.
Second. Grade.
Lawd have mercy.
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Try explaining that to a liberal, kid.



  1. today students have the highest grades and the lowest test scores in the history of American education. see what communism can do to an educational system. the entire teaching profession should be hanging their heads in shame, instead they are demanding more money.

    Comment by salg — April 23, 2018 @ 3:42 pm - April 23, 2018

  2. …. the entire teaching profession should be hanging their heads in shame, instead they are demanding more money.

    A few hanging from trees and telephone poles might “encourage” the others…

    Comment by Ted B. (Charging Rhino) — April 23, 2018 @ 4:38 pm - April 23, 2018

  3. So, adding to decades of asserting that women get fat and then eject a blob of matter that turns into a baby only when judged so by the state. Leftists are now asserting that said baby is only ‘assigned a gender’ by coersive doctors and doesn’t have one until they are good and ready.

    Guess that makes sense, they can ignore the massive female infantcide taking place at abortionist s a ll over the world.

    Comment by Karen — April 23, 2018 @ 4:44 pm - April 23, 2018

  4. Of course, this LGBTQ word study is NOT education. It is “curriculum.” Curriculum is a program of study. A program is an agenda.

    Dr. Suess could have forgone Cat in the Hat for The Duckling Ducks a F*ucking. Muck, suck, puck, cluck, buck, luck, schmuck, struck, truck, snuck, tuck-us, ruck-us …. it writes itself.

    McGuffey wrote: “The cat. The rat. The has the rat.” Kids in the McGuffey age knew about cats and rats and which cats were good ratters and what happened to the rat when the cat went ratting.

    Then we met Dick and Jane and Spot and everybody not only kept it clean, but no one snickered because Dick was a little boy and Spot was a dog and sperm was not on the agenda.

    Every time you turn around the activists are chipping away at the foundations of education and foisting themselves on society as the Progressive uber-parents.

    Victor Klemperer wrote:

    Language does not simply write and think for me, it also increasingly dictates my feelings and governs my entire spiritual being the more unquestioningly and unconsciously I abandon myself to it. And what happens if the cultivated language is made up of poisonous elements or has been made the bearer of poisons? Words can be like tiny doses of arsenic: they are swallowed unnoticed, appear to have no effect, and then after a little time the toxic reaction sets in after all.

    That is an intellectual’s view of “transfer” propaganda in which positive or negative qualities are projected in order to create an emotional reaction.

    Cis-gendered is a political invention that arises from the miasma emanating from the penumbra of the pseudo-science concept of, of, of, …..

    Comment by Heliotrope — April 23, 2018 @ 6:19 pm - April 23, 2018

  5. Once again reinforcing the notion that Progressivism is for children.

    Comment by Blair Ivey — April 23, 2018 @ 6:38 pm - April 23, 2018

  6. @1 and @2: salg & Ted – the scary part is that so many parents don’t object to this nonsense.

    @3: Karen – the term “assigned at birth” has always amused me. How do the progressives square that with “Science!”?

    Comment by KCRob — April 23, 2018 @ 7:57 pm - April 23, 2018

  7. The real sad thing is that a lot of parents are clueless about what is being taught, because they are not paying attention.

    This crap is NOT being taught at my school and never would be. Yes, if a question is asked, an answer MIGHT be given or not, but it would NEVER be discussed as part of any curriculum. And I work in a rural county in SoCal.

    I don’t know if I believe that this photo is legit from a second grade class. Most second graders I know can’t read multi-syllabic words.

    Comment by TADFORD2 — April 24, 2018 @ 12:01 am - April 24, 2018

  8. Shameful that I spent the 90’s denying that this was the end game.

    Comment by dennis — April 24, 2018 @ 1:23 am - April 24, 2018

  9. In the 1970s, our “health” classes in 7th and 8th-grade, we euphemistically-covered the human body and it’s organs, reproduction and aging, and a polite generalization of STDs whilst studiously-avoided how “a” inserted in “b” and certainly not how “c” might have to stay for a while with an aunt in Indiana for a few months. …And DEFINITELY NEVER how “d” might like another “d”, or how “e” might think they were actually an “f”. **shudder**

    Meanwhile coffee was for adults, like cigs and alcohol — and drugs weren’t recreational, they were illegal and illicit.

    Comment by Ted B. (Charging Rhino) — April 24, 2018 @ 4:59 am - April 24, 2018

  10. “Shameful that I spent the 90’s denying that this was the end game”

    I came out as a teen 20 years ago and even then the wheels were in motion for what we have now. Gay rights organizations were already saying el-jibbity instead of gay. I deluded myself into thinking Republicans and only Republicans were to blame for prejudice against gays, but after 9/11 and I became old enough to vote, I saw the Democrats’ effort to undermine the War on Terror for what it was and is. And I also noticed that the smartest gay writers happened to be of a conservative or libertarian political bent. Right-wing gay blogs saved my life.

    Comment by Matthew — April 24, 2018 @ 7:34 pm - April 24, 2018

  11. Is it my imagination, or is the signal to noise ratio becoming increasingly inverted?

    Comment by Matthew the Oilman — April 24, 2018 @ 9:32 pm - April 24, 2018

  12. “Pluskat? Pluskat, can you hear me?! What’s the matter with you?? Pluskat, what’s going on there??
    “Shelling? What shelling? Pluskat speak up, I can’t hear you over the noise of the shelling…”
    – The Longest Day

    Noise has become the carrier itself…

    Comment by Ted B. (Charging Rhino) — April 25, 2018 @ 11:21 am - April 25, 2018

  13. I’d really like to know why some people are so hell bent on ruining the future of today’s kids.

    Comment by Cyril J. — April 29, 2018 @ 7:57 am - April 29, 2018

  14. I confirm.

    This is starting to compete pretty decently with the indoctrination done (or, attempted anyway) by my communist teachers in french public schools of 35 years ago.


    Comment by Cyril J. — April 29, 2018 @ 8:28 am - April 29, 2018

  15. At this pace, in two decades from now (if not sooner), there won’t be any STEM fields student who isn’t a first generation immigrant coming from China or India, in this country.

    Either that, or watch out for the bridges you’ll contemplate to drive on.

    Comment by Cyril J. — April 29, 2018 @ 9:41 am - April 29, 2018

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