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The Left Can’t Tell the Difference Between a Sex Fetish and a Culture

Posted by V the K at 1:22 pm - May 2, 2018.
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San Francisco is creating an ‘LGBTQ leather cultural district.’

In case you’re wondering, yeah, it will be located around Folsom Street.

I wonder how bad the human feces and drug needle problem is in that neighborhood.

I hope the furries get a cultural district.

Will each of the 1,692 genders get their own Cultural District? Gotta be inclusive, don’tcha know.



  1. V the K — quick question,

    have you recently vowed to find the most disturbing pictures one can find on the interwebs, or something?

    In any case, thank you for the informative post.

    Thank God we got the hell out of there.

    Comment by Cyril J. — May 2, 2018 @ 1:33 pm - May 2, 2018

  2. Cultural District is too long,
    can’t we just go back to calling them Ghettos

    Comment by Dan — May 2, 2018 @ 1:43 pm - May 2, 2018

  3. Prediction.

    For, that is the last clue — leather and hints of S&M.

    Just wait 10 more years.

    If there hasn’t been any 180 degree turn by then, you won’t find anyone thinking the LGBTQdeciphermeifyoucan alphabetical soup to in any way trendy any longer.

    The normal I-just-happen-to-be-gay people will have left the area by then — all that’ll be left in the socio-culturo-political circles will be power hungry commies and islamists fighting over the last crumbs of whatever will be left of tax money.

    Comment by Cyril J. — May 2, 2018 @ 1:52 pm - May 2, 2018

  4. Corporations have been leaving for at least 6 years already; startups got the clue and have started to follow 2 years ago (if not earlier).

    When I left 6 months ago I was late by at least one year — after India professionals had been leaving in droves with their entire families. I can count at least 5 of them out of my own circle/network.

    We were all in the $150k-$250k per household income ballpark (5 figures state tax-only bracket).

    Comment by Cyril J. — May 2, 2018 @ 2:01 pm - May 2, 2018

  5. Good luck, California.

    Comment by Cyril J. — May 2, 2018 @ 2:03 pm - May 2, 2018

  6. I feel like a trend setter. I left SF in 1985.

    Comment by Blair Ivey — May 2, 2018 @ 2:09 pm - May 2, 2018

  7. @5 makes sense — (my matter-of-fact-of-life excuse of course is I entered this country only in 2009 and that state in 2010, clueless that it was already as commie-infesred as Paris)

    AFAICT, the only two things that have kept California afloat over the 4 decades, despite the slow motion political train wreck of disastrous leftist policies, are,

    1) the 2 major tech booms of mid-1980s to late 90s, and of mid 2000s till today

    2) its size

    The only thing that will keep it barely afloat for another decade at best under same dysfunctional current conditions will be the mercy coming from the federal government and its tax paying cows.

    Just my broad brush speculation.

    Comment by Cyril J. — May 2, 2018 @ 2:24 pm - May 2, 2018

  8. * as commie-infested as Paris

    Comment by Cyril J. — May 2, 2018 @ 2:25 pm - May 2, 2018

  9. That’s what that appalling set of ideologies will never be able to wrap their around — at the of the day / of the decade…

    well, everything boils down to the most basic laws of economics (that any 12 year old can understand if he/she hasn’t been completely demoralized already).

    Comment by Cyril J. — May 2, 2018 @ 2:32 pm - May 2, 2018

  10. * at the end of the day

    Comment by Cyril J. — May 2, 2018 @ 2:32 pm - May 2, 2018

  11. This might get interesting….. I don’t know just how politically liberal the gay leatherfolk are. I know the gay cowboy types are NOT politically liberal. Wouldn’t it be interesting to have the leatherfolk tie up certain liberal politicians? And the cowboy types apply hot branding irons?

    Comment by Larry — May 2, 2018 @ 2:46 pm - May 2, 2018

  12. This is why I don’t get along very well with gay men. They have very low standards and tolerate crap like this. Gay men just like to be uppity and trashy.

    Comment by James — May 2, 2018 @ 3:30 pm - May 2, 2018

  13. The queers be crazy…………

    Comment by rjligier — May 2, 2018 @ 4:08 pm - May 2, 2018

  14. @10 thanks for the amusing and picturesque imaginary(?) scene.

    Well, here, I can finally say,

    “Sure, “Golden” State, do whatever you want!”

    Comment by Cyril J. — May 2, 2018 @ 4:56 pm - May 2, 2018

  15. Oh, goody. A ghetto. How progressive…and legally proscribed, delineated and sanctioned by the State. How very 16th-century of them. Will there be sumptuary laws*? Curfews? No Fats or Fems? No old-guys?

    [ * – Silly me, they already have leather bar dress codes, strictly-enforced in many jurisdictions.]

    Comment by Ted B. (Charging Rhino) — May 2, 2018 @ 5:03 pm - May 2, 2018

  16. I used to wear cowboy boots and Western gear to leather bars, but it’s no longer allowed. “No brown leather”.

    Too Republican??

    Comment by Ted B. (Charging Rhino) — May 2, 2018 @ 5:05 pm - May 2, 2018

  17. Kinda OT —

    I saw that meme the other day, reading,

    “Not Having Tattoos is the New Having Tattos.”

    Found it very funny.

    (But then again sometimes I’m not very picky.)

    Comment by Cyril J. — May 2, 2018 @ 5:42 pm - May 2, 2018

  18. @16 and of course, the guy on the picture was my (almost) total opposite —

    a handsome, muscular, viril, tattoo-free white male (who probably served in the Marines, etc)

    Comment by Cyril J. — May 2, 2018 @ 5:45 pm - May 2, 2018

  19. * tattoo-less

    Comment by Cyril J. — May 2, 2018 @ 5:46 pm - May 2, 2018

  20. @15 I want pictures! 😀


    Comment by Cyril J. — May 2, 2018 @ 5:56 pm - May 2, 2018

  21. Anyway.

    Yet again.

    I’d really like someone to tell me one day why these people are so hell bent on ruining today’s kids’ future mental health, as early as that tender age.

    (V the K’s post’s picture)

    Comment by Cyril J. — May 2, 2018 @ 6:00 pm - May 2, 2018

  22. so freaking sad

    Comment by Cyril J. — May 2, 2018 @ 6:02 pm - May 2, 2018

  23. Who cares that John likes men, Catherine likes women, or Hadi doesn’t want to eat pork?

    Not I.

    Who cares that James can keep the fruit of his labor, notwithstanding the fact that he takes a complete stranger crucified 2000 years earlier as a role model?

    I do.

    Comment by Cyril J. — May 2, 2018 @ 6:15 pm - May 2, 2018

  24. The Left Can’t Tell the Difference Between a Sex Fetish and a Culture

    That’s because they abhor Culture — the Old, Weakened, Yet Relevant, Father.

    Comment by Cyril J. — May 2, 2018 @ 6:19 pm - May 2, 2018

  25. California sure has its priorities “straight”.

    Leather districts and legislation to allow illegal aliens to sit on government boards – paradise on earth. At least until the middle class leaves and the pensions come due.

    Comment by KCRob — May 2, 2018 @ 6:43 pm - May 2, 2018

  26. @24

    At least until the middle class leaves and the pensions come due.


    Next, the funniest (in a morbid way) intellectual game for us mere mortals to fiddle with:

    who will they blame then?

    Comment by Cyril J. — May 2, 2018 @ 7:26 pm - May 2, 2018

  27. The bets are on.

    Play wisely.

    Comment by Cyril J. — May 2, 2018 @ 7:29 pm - May 2, 2018

  28. People Will Die (*)

    (*) exclamation mark left out

    Comment by Cyril J. — May 2, 2018 @ 7:40 pm - May 2, 2018

  29. @ 22, what are you getting at with that comment?

    Comment by James — May 2, 2018 @ 8:10 pm - May 2, 2018

  30. @28 sorry, picking James as a first name was just random rhetoric. No offense intended, I just wrote that clumsily. My own newborn is named Catherine btw —

    what I was getting at, is related to the linked article’s content —

    The San Francisco Board of Supervisors will vote on a resolution Tuesday that would create… etc, etc

    and comment #14 above put it better than I did, now I realize.

    Those morons cannot venture to do anything without having a bunch of bureaucrats to back them up and force their peculiarity on everybody else.

    Anyway, not as important as what V the K pointed out wrt. the feces issue, which, you would think, could maybe be given a slightly higher priority — who knows.

    Comment by Cyril J. — May 2, 2018 @ 8:46 pm - May 2, 2018

  31. Cultural marxists. Cultural marxists everywhere. In, out, behind, before closets.

    So sad for San Francisco.

    Comment by Cyril J. — May 2, 2018 @ 8:58 pm - May 2, 2018

  32. I did love where that city came from. Otherwise I wouldn’t have tried to live there for almost 10 years.

    I had read two novels by Jack London by age 14 when I was a teenager from Normandy.

    Kinda your watching Paris evolve today, I guess.

    Comment by Cyril J. — May 2, 2018 @ 9:07 pm - May 2, 2018

  33. They don’t know what they are doing.

    Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose…

    They will wake up when there’s no Palo Alto gated community left that is paid for with private funds.

    Comment by Cyril J. — May 2, 2018 @ 9:17 pm - May 2, 2018

  34. Thank God this is America. And that is just California.

    Comment by Cyril J. — May 2, 2018 @ 9:21 pm - May 2, 2018

  35. /done

    Comment by Cyril J. — May 2, 2018 @ 9:21 pm - May 2, 2018

  36. What happens when PETA finds out about the leather, it ain’t gonna be pretty! I see blood!

    Comment by Matthew the Oilman — May 2, 2018 @ 10:59 pm - May 2, 2018

  37. Most people don’t think much about “civilization,” but Oswald Spengler did. Spengler wrote The Decline of the West. [It should also be noted that Spengler was greatly influence by Goethe and Nietzsche.] For Spengler, “civilization” was the decline era. Spengler wrote that the Romans were “unspiritual, unphilosophical, devoid of art, [and] clannish to the point of brutality.” Everything for the Romans became economic.

    What came before civilization, Spengler believed, was “culture.” At this point, one must understand that, for Spengler, the period of culture was one of growth and pride and the period of civilization was systematic and systematic decline.

    In Spengler’s words:

    “In place of a world, there is a City, a Point, in which the whole life of broad regions is collecting while the rest dries up. In place of a type-true people, born of and grown on the soil, there is a new sort of nomad, cohering unstably in fluid masses, the parastical city dweller, traditionless, utterly matter-of-fact, religionless, clever, unfruitful, deeply contemptuous of the countryman.”

    The city soon enough becomes a collection of side shows surrounding the Big Top where elephants go around in circles and the ring master pumps up the drama. Or, if you prefer, the Kit Kat Klub in Cabaret replete with Joel Gray.

    San Francisco is alive with the freak show side of decline. It arose from the ashes in the culture period and now, in the civilization decline era it is just bored and tired and feeling utterly useless and drained of purpose.

    They shout down what they don’t want to hear and they tip-toe around parasitic “diversity” that is crass and destructive. They are a sanctuary without hope, worshippers of absurdities and contemptuous elitists who are dead certain what the rubes in the hinterland should do. Bored, childish, culture destroyers.

    More from Spengler: “Once upon a time, Freedom and Necessity were identical; but now what is understood by freedom is in fact indiscipline.”

    Socialism is always about systems and reducing the people to cogs in the system. It is system as religion. In San Francisco, the zoo is on the streets and the system protects the critters out of an over-arching ideology that to “co-exist” is the highest form of existence and the “least among us” are equal to the best among us and that justice must be obtained without judgement. The socialist group identity is irrational atavism because it supposes to worship and tolerate diversity. In truth, socialists are so blinded by their phantasies of systematic clockwork, that they excuse the debauched and destroy the productive.

    Comment by Heliotrope — May 3, 2018 @ 9:55 am - May 3, 2018

  38. Heliotrope;

    I just cleaned up vols. 1 and 2 of Decline of the West for EPUB. Do you think people would be interested?

    Comment by somercet — May 3, 2018 @ 10:19 am - May 3, 2018

  39. somercet @ #38:

    I just cleaned up vols. 1 and 2 of Decline of the West for EPUB. Do you think people would be interested?

    I hope so.

    The liberal arts have been raped and shredded in academia and there is a growing number of people who are hungry and thirsty for powerful thinking from which they can be inspired to contemplate.

    My hope is that some universities will withdraw from the intellectual decline and return to the realm of scholarly debate in which there are few things that can be resolved in the inanity of multiple-choice questioning.

    I think we are far enough removed from The Third Reich that we can begin to be objective again about the philosophy that was manipulated to undergird that menacing period. The philosophical thought is not to blame; it is the interpreters who were malignant.

    As an aside, are you familiar with the writings of David Goldman who, until recently, wrote under the pseudonym Spengler?

    Comment by Heliotrope — May 3, 2018 @ 11:12 am - May 3, 2018

  40. I think there will be a decline in college enrollment and some colleges and universities will hopefully shut down. I certainly hope the youth will recognize that most liberal arts degrees are worthless and a college degrees declining ROI.

    Comment by James — May 3, 2018 @ 11:44 am - May 3, 2018

  41. Oh, PLEASE, no….do NOT turn the Furry Fandom into an LGBTQRSTUVWXYZOMGBBQ district. We have enough problems as it is, with SJWs looking under every rock for FurryNazis which they define as anyone who disagrees with them.

    BTW, VtK, you’re still invited to attend AnthrOhio. 🙂

    Comment by Craig Smith — May 3, 2018 @ 11:50 am - May 3, 2018

  42. […] a handsome, muscular, viril [sic], tattoo-free white male (who probably served in the Marines, etc) […]

    Erm, Marines were some of the first members of mainstream American society to get tattoos. In fact, at one point in time it was an instant identifier of service in that particular branch. Later on it came to signify military service in general. (That, of course, is long before “body modification” became mainstream chic.)

    Comment by RSG — May 3, 2018 @ 11:59 am - May 3, 2018

  43. @42 I threw that mention in carelessly with no fact checking; I’m totally clueless about Marines, so thanks for fixing my ignorance and my future rhetorical effects 😉

    Comment by Cyril J. — May 3, 2018 @ 5:24 pm - May 3, 2018

  44. @37

    I had noticed before, but you have a way with words I have rarely seen; I don’t how much more time I’d need to put it so eloquently — you really hit the nail on its head to confirm my perception.

    Just fyi!

    Comment by Cyril J. — May 3, 2018 @ 5:29 pm - May 3, 2018

  45. Meanwhile, the SF Public Library celebrated violence against lesbians at the hands of heterosexual men in drag.

    Comment by Matthew — May 5, 2018 @ 3:28 am - May 5, 2018

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