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Propaganda as History

Posted by V the K at 9:34 pm - May 4, 2018.
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The state of Illinois just passed the largest tax increase in its history and is still bankrupt. Murderers run rampant in Chicago. The middle class is fleeing the state in droves. Businesses, too.

You would think a state with all these serious problems wouldn’t have time for anything as idiotic as passing a law mandating schools teach “LGBTQDQ History.” You would be wrong.

I find myself wondering, the LGBTQDQ History curricula mandated in California, Illinois, and other places… does it teach kids the truth? Or does it teach a politically correct mythology?

Are they taught that the Stonewall Riot erupted when police involved in a legitimate law enforcement exercise (closing down a mafia-run bar that was selling liquor without a license) were attacked by a mob? Or are they taught the version that the evil police were harassing gay people and gay people pushed back?

Are they taught that Harvey Milk was a sleazy pederast who preyed on teenage runaways and was a vocal supporter of the Revered Jim “Kool-Aid Cult” Jones? Or are they taught that he was a courage gay political pioneered murdered by a bigot?

Are they taught that AIDS was spread by promiscuous irresponsible sex? Or are they taught that AIDS was caused by President Reagan not saying the word ‘AIDS?’

Does it teach the truth that Matthew Shepard was a drug user who got murdered by his dealer for reasons only tangentially related to his sexuality? Or are they taught that he was a victim of hate and bigotry from intolerant conservatives?

Are they learning history or propaganda, is the question. We know they won’t be learning math, science, and literacy, that’s for true.