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A Very Stupid Take on the Transgender Culture Wars at NRO

Posted by V the K at 12:44 pm - May 9, 2018.
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J.J. McCullugh at NRO, says cultural conservatives need to embrace the transgender social movement, because he says, if we are willing to accept the transgendereds, the left will respond in kind by backing off on their authoritarian social agenda.

Fat chance.

McCullough, probably because he thinks it lends him credibility, creates a straw man conservative and then knocks it down.

Part one of the compromise will be borne by cultural conservatives and traditionalists. It asks for broad tolerance for the reality that transgender men and women exist, and are entitled to basic human dignity, just like everyone else.

What Cultural Conservative is saying they are not? Even those of us who note that transgenderism very often walks hand-in-back-pocket with mental illness aren’t demanding that transgendered be deprived of “basic human dignity.” We question how “basic human dignity” is achieved through chemical and surgical mutilation of an otherwise healthy body. We object to the demands made by activist that we be punished for not learning the politically correct pronouns, or let people who are biologically not the sex they claim to identify as into locker rooms, toilets, and dressing room.

Then, for the next part, he makes a demand on the social left that is laughably unrealistic.

But part two of the compromise requires sacrifice on the part of progressives, who are currently overplaying their hand in an effort to strong-arm sweeping social change as a flex of their power. There must be a halt in the use of state authority to impose accommodation of transgenderism in a fashion far more totalitarian than is rationally  justified.

McCullugh doesn’t understand that 1. the social left *never* compromises and 2. “the use of state authority to impose” totalitarian social ends is what the social left is all about these days.  And after they’ve bludgeoned society into submission on transgendereds… without making any compromises… they’ll just move onto the next victim group and push for even more restrictions on the rights and freedoms of others.

The social left didn’t quit on gay marriage once five supreme court justices made it the law of the land. No, they went on to demand that the Government coerce people (bakers, photographers, florists) into participating in gay weddings even when they didn’t want to.

There are groups and individuals whose entire livelihood is caught up in the Victimhood Industrial Complex. They’re not going to fold up their tents and get real jobs just because conservatives concede anything to them.