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Tiresome Trump Derangement

Posted by V the K at 9:06 am - May 17, 2018.
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Over the last couple of weeks, the Democrat Party has come out on the side of the terrorists who planned 9-11, the fanatical mullahs who run Iran and foment global terror, and the murderously violent street gang MS-13 who are known for hacking people to death with machetes.

The attacks against CIA nominee Gina Haspel are particularly disingenuous. If she had been nominated by Obama, the Democrats and media would be replete with stories about courageously shattering the glass ceilings at Langley by appointing the first female CIA Director. Instead, they thought about bringing one of the terrorists who plotted the 9-11 attacks in to testify against her. They wanted to make the case that she was unfit to serve because of “torture” policies that were in place under her boss and predecessor, John Brennan, who was appointed by Obama and approved by a Democrat Majority Senate 63-34.

Democrats also postured when Trump pulled out of the Iran Deal. Remember, Slate once ran an article titled “What Iran Can Teach America About LGBTQ Rights.” Their thesis was that even though Iran is an oppressive, Islamic-Supremacist regime that systematically butchers gays. Donald Trump was actually worse because… well, he just was. And so, LGBTQ had to protest, resist, and vote Democrat forever.

Then, earlier this week, Trump fulfilled a campaign promise made by both his Republican and Democrat predecessors and moved the US embassy in Israel to the Israel capital of Jerusalem. Palestinians tried to rush the Israeli border with Molotov cocktails and small arms, 50 Hamas terrorists and 12 human shields got themselves killed, and the media blamed Trump, of course. The left claims to be outraged that Israel used “disproportionate force” in repelling the Palestinian attack. What a stupid, stupid talking point. Why the hell would anyone be obligated to only use proportional force in defending oneself from an attack? The aggressor does not get to choose how the defender is allowed to defend himself.

Also, during the Gaza riots, a miracle happened: a crippled Palestinian got up and walked.

Then, yesterday, PDT was at a Sanctuary Cities forum in California where he referred to the violent, malevolent animals of MS-13 as “animals.” The media edited his comments and claimed he was referring to all illegal immigrants as “animals.” The same people who have no problem calling NRA members “terrorists” are suddenly incensed that the president called a violent criminal gang “animals.”

But I begin to think that even the people who hate Trump are beginning to tire of it. CNN (and I know this because it’s on in the break room at work) has become a round-the-clock Trump-slam. It’s anti-Trump derangement verges into Onion-territory sometimes (the pic below is not a ‘shop). And it’s ratings, which weren’t good to begin with, are off 30%.

The least covered Big Story in the media right now is the severe leftward lurch of the Democrat Party. Four avowed Socialists won primary elections in Pennsylvania on Tuesday. Democrats on the city council of Seattle, led by an avowed socialist who once proposed confiscating the Boeing aircraft factory, just forced through a punitive anti-business tax. Progressive Democrats from Andrew Cuomo to Dianne Feinstein are being challenged from their left by candidates in the socialist Bernie Sanders mode. Sanders himself, absent some chicanery from the DNC, would very likely have been the party’s nominee for president in 2016.