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  1. Said it before, and will again: Obama’s support is thinner than his minions would have us believe. He painfully lost support, in his re-election. Most re-elected presidents gain support the second time around; even George W. Bush did so. Obama didn’t.

    With Obama’s big-government policies at odds with the prevailing ethos of the American people…

    That’s the problem. We can’t be sure of that. 51% did vote for a president who denies (lies about) America’s huge excessive government spending problem.

    Comment by ILoveCapitalism — January 29, 2013 @ 6:51 pm - January 29, 2013

  2. And the GOP was seemingly slightly less suicidal vis-a-vis Amnesty today; although it may be Dear Leader’s arrogant intransigence (refusing to make border security a prerequisite for Amnesty) that saves them, in the end.

    Comment by V the K — January 29, 2013 @ 7:07 pm - January 29, 2013

  3. Clearly the “gay” part of your title means “irrationally exuberant,” because there is very little to celebrate. Obama’s political support may be diminished, but his personal support is still significant, and his supporters in the media are legion.

    And the worst part is that the feckless Republican party is weak, has no political unity, and is lead by a simpering fool.

    You are seeing minor setbacks for Obama as major victories for the conservative cause. While I love your optimism, I find it misplaced.

    Comment by CharlieBrown'sDildo — January 29, 2013 @ 7:26 pm - January 29, 2013

  4. I pray you are correct. Nice site BTW.

    Comment by gigg — January 29, 2013 @ 8:08 pm - January 29, 2013

  5. It’s over, man. Pretending that 20 Million Mexicans made instant citizens doesn’t change destiny is foolhardy. Not only will they breed into 60 Million new Democrats, it sends the message that the US is open for invasion. I hope everyone feels good about themselves for being tolerant and diverse. I suggest people learn Spanish – eventually the currency will be bilingual. My partner of twelve years speaks Spanish. We’ve lived with them, battled on the freeways and observed their litter. So get ready. Living in spoiled white America, people on both sides ignored the border. I’ve lived here my entire life and know what’s coming. But now it’s too late for the rest of you. The demographics will shift. Mexicans are loyal to Mexico and el Papa. They loathe the white devil. They’ll devour black communities and most importantly, Mexicans hate (despise) gays. They’ll beat you senseless in the streets and laugh. No white man’s remorse will ever change that. The John McCains’s of the world, and their need to be loved, led us to Megiddo. People just need to get used to it. It’s a brown man’s world.

    Comment by Gary Cole ( — January 29, 2013 @ 9:10 pm - January 29, 2013

  6. So long as the Rove’s, the Krystol’s, the Bonehead’s, the McConnell’s are still at the top in warshinton there is nothing to be optomistic about.

    Comment by Richard Bell — January 29, 2013 @ 9:14 pm - January 29, 2013

  7. I think we are seeing a combination of two things. The first is that the Democrats are misreading their recent victories. Those victories are “a mile wide and an inch deep” on very thin margins and in many cases were due to screwups by Republican candidates that they can’t count on being repeated in the future.

    This is looking like it is leading to overreach on the part of the Democrats. If we should get a serious economic downturn soon, the bottom may fall out of support for the Democrats. The Democrats also have a disadvantage in that they seem to be out of touch with mainstream America. They appear to me to come from “deep blue” locations and they tend to “breathe their own exhaust”. They think their world view is a lot more popular nationally than it actually is.

    The second thing is that I believe that while at the time it was portrayed as a mistake, Boehner’s playing of the fiscal cliff negotiations will be seen as having been a good thing in a strategic sense. Note that only one facet of the cliff was resolved. The tax rate question was resolved by locking in the Bush rates for 99% of the taxpayers permanently and the remaining 1% can be addressed at a later date, maybe after 2014 or 2016 elections. But the other issues were simply delayed. The overreach on the gun control issue and potential economic issues later in the first quarter may cost the Democrats considerable political capital. If you look at the situation in December and ask yourself: “Is it more likely the Democrats will accumulate or lose political capital in the coming three months” and if your answer is “they have more political capital now being fresh off election victories than they will have in three months”, then it is a political strategic victory to kick that can down the road and address it later when the Democrats may not have the support that they had in December.

    Comment by crosspatch — January 30, 2013 @ 1:40 am - January 30, 2013

  8. Your prophecies stem from the white man’s world. They make sense when the population matches you. Everyone is white… everyone is loyal to God and the American way. But what happens when we import 20 Million foreign invaders? Or 60 Million once they breed? Those same people who loathe the US and fled their homelands simply for economic reasons. As they become the majority, will they elect men who look like you? Or will they elect La Raza members intent on taxing and breaking white America?

    I encounter such narrow thinking daily. People who’ve never met a Mexican, or if they have, it was their gardener, regurgitate as if they have a voice. As we speak, California is a minority/majority state. If Mexicans had retained California, would it be what we call today the “Golden State?” Or would it be an impoverished, backward northern province of Latin dumbness? Texas, where I live, is also minority/majority. What if Mexico had won the war? What if Mexicans dominated Dallas and Houston? Would we have Mission Control or JR? Or simply dumbness?

    It gets old explaining destiny to those living in white world. Real old. I’ve been around Mexicans my entire life. They speak their own language or, when necessary, speak English with an accent. Because of men like you, they marched into this nation and bred like rats. You never said a word; life was too comfortable. As you enjoyed utopia, conquistadors became the majority. They could care less about your white man’s logic.

    As for the Northeast and blue states, of course they’ll collapse. They’ll fall in financial chaos and eat one other alive. But you know what? Mexicans don’t care. They’ll breed and spread. Today the Bronx is majority Mexican. They’ll eventually dominate every borough, including Manhattan.

    You have no idea what’s coming. But I do and it sucks. It sucks real bad. One day, when you stand in line with Mexican nationals to receive healthcare, and blacks surround you like jackals, you might post a response that reflects reality. As for today, enjoy looking out your window at white reason. It will not last. Unless the nation explodes in revolt, North America will brown to the tips of Alaska. You heard it here first.

    Comment by Gary Cole ( — January 30, 2013 @ 2:29 am - January 30, 2013

  9. I agree with most comment made here in response to a thoughtful analysis.
    I too live in California/San Jose area, dominated by mexicans who refuse to speak englsih. The neighborhoods resemble a 3rd world country, trash and litter everywhere.
    California will soon be no more as it once was, americans – blacks in LA have been chased out out their traditional neighborhoods such as Compton etc – are leaving in droves.
    Agenda 21 – erasing all borders – is working as planned, America will be nothing but another place.

    Comment by cali — January 30, 2013 @ 10:10 am - January 30, 2013

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  12. I couldn’t care less about anyone’s race. I care about their ideas and actions.

    If you want to attribute someone’s ideas and actions to their race, well, let’s just say that’s what leftists do.

    Comment by ILoveCapitalism — January 30, 2013 @ 3:45 pm - January 30, 2013

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  15. Leftist Balkanization is far removed from reporting facts on the ground. People living comfortable lives tend to be the most tolerant, but they’re no longer immune. We are a minority/majority nation with a black militant President. Obama cheers today’s miserable economic numbers. Everything is proceeding as he was taught.

    Until people recognize the enemy within, they deserve bankruptcy and upheaval. San Jose was once a successful, prosperous American city. Today it’s obviously lost. Defending a people who despise gays proves the Left’s control of the language. And let me warn each of you: avoid poor Mexicans in packs. You’re jotos and begging for it.

    Comment by Gary Cole ( — January 30, 2013 @ 7:39 pm - January 30, 2013

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