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My New Favorite Campaign Ad

Posted by V the K at 7:47 am - April 14, 2014.
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From Mr. John Boehner’s Primary Opponent

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Why the Democrats “Koch Derangement Strategy” Might Actually Work

In the last six weeks, the Democrats have demonized the Koch Brothers 117 times on the floor of the United States senate. Clearly, this is not about two businessmen using their fortune to champion libertarian, free market principles… even though the Democrats hate those things. This is about the Democrats needing a demon to drive their dumb, low information, emotion-driven base to the polls.

Obviously, Democrats can’t run on their policies. Obamacare is a disaster. The Chevy Volt is a disaster (and, by the way, Government Motors has been literally killing people and the Obama Regime has been covering it up). The Obama Regime’s “Speak Like a Pompous Idiot and Carry a Tiny Twig” foreign policy is a disaster. Once Democrats get beyond their basic “We’re going to take money away from people you don’t like and give it to you” appeals to the FSA (e.g. the Minimum Wage increase, “Paycheck Protection”), the Democrats don’t have any ideas or successes to run on; and so, they have chosen to make a pair of Libertarian businessmen into demons, and use the awesome power of hate to get their people to the polls.

And Republicans make a mistake if they look at the deranged rants of Harry Reid and say, “Who could possibly believe this crazy sh-t?” Sane people asked the same question in 2012 when Harry Reid was ranting that Mitt Romney didn’t pay his taxes, and the Obama campaign accused Mitt Romney of giving a woman cancer and wanting to outlaw tampons and contraceptives. “Who could possibly believe this crazy sh-t?” we asked.

And then we got our answer: 51% of the electorate bought into the Democrats crazy sh-t.

It worked before it could work again. It helps a lot when the MFM are also in on the act. Just yesterday, the left-wing media was spreading the bald-faced lie that Mitch McConnell said the Demcorats had a “crazy obsession” with equal pay for women. And the MFM will do their best to help the Democrats in 2014; seizing on the gaffes of Republicans and ignoring the outright corruption of Democrats like Mr. Charlie Rangel, Mr. Elijah Cummings, Senator Bob Menendez, and the felonies of Democrats like Leland Yee.

And the Republicans are doing their best to help the Democrats with their strategy of … proposing no policy alternatives, quietly caving to Obama on any potentially contentious issue, and picking unnecessary fights with the conservative wing of the party and, in some cases, even actively helping to advance advance the Democrat “narrative” that Republicans are racist.

The Republicans should have learned in 2012; crazy, angry, and stupid can win elections if it isn’t countered.



The Establishment GOP Proves It’s No Better Than the Progressive Left

Smearing a conservative candidate through the old “guilt-by-association” trick, it’s standard in the progressive left repertoire of dirty campaign tactics. The establishment GOP is doing it, too.

Brad Dayspring is the Communications Director and Strategist for NRSC. While his Twitter feed has the obligatory disclaimer that his tweets are his own, he does seem to use his Twitter feed as part of his NRSC mission.

A tweet on April 3 by Dayspring about [anti-Establishment GOP candidate Chris] McDaniel accused McDaniel of “associat[ing] with white nationalists & segregationists” based on a linked story at Talking Points Memo. (H/t The Other McCain)

The TPM story reported that McDaniel backed out of an event after it was revealed — by a local pro-[Republican Incumbent Pork-Trougher Thad] Cochran blog — that one of the vendors displaying at the event was pro-segregation.

That’s it. No allegation that McDaniels himself was pro-segregation, or speaking at a pro-segregation event. Only that there was a vendor at the event.

That’s the sort of guilt by remote association we expect TPM and others to use against Republicans. Robert Stacy McCain, who has an extensive write up on it, correctly states:

The attempt to turn this into a scandal is like saying that if a candidate campaigns at a county fair, he thereby endorses every rip-off carnival game at the fair.

Why do I not care if the GOP wins anymore? This is why.

And This Is Why I Call Them Dramacrats

Failed VP Candidate and Emphatic Amnesty Supporter Congressman Paul Ryan released a budget blueprint today that contains some very modest entitlement reforms and mild reductions in the rate of spending growth. Not nearly enough to deal with the unsustainable spending and expansion of the Federal behemoth. Seriously, it’s like decreasing the speed of the Titanic by half a knot, or a couple with massive credit card debt and an underwater mortgage deciding to buy a Lexus instead of a Bentley.

The Democrats responded to this budget proposal the way Lindsay Lohan responds to the phrase, “Ma’am, you’ve had enough, and I think someone should take you home.”

“This reckless Republican budget casts a dark shadow over the American Dream. By gutting vital investments in our future, it is a direct attack on job creation and a recipe for our nation’s economic decline.”

Earthquakes, volcanoes, the dead rising from the grave! Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria! The Senate Majority Leader rambled incoherently about the budget creating something called a “Kochtopia.”

And, everyone knows how this Kabuki play ends. Both sides agree to spend more, and both walk away pretending they aren’t totally satisfied with the outcome.

Speaking of Drama Queens, the Diva-in-Chief of the Dramacrat Party accused people opposed to the Obamacare debacle of being “mad about the idea of folks having health insurance?

It is beyond sad that 51% of the electorate is stupid enough to believe this garbage.

Update: Oh, and a Democrat Representative in Missouri called a Republican a Nazi for introducing a bill that would let employees opt out of Union dues.

Democrats Tacitly Concede Their Policies Are Unpopular and Ineffective

Posted by V the K at 11:20 am - March 28, 2014.
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The Democrat Party has chosen an “Emmanuel Goldstein” electoral strategy for 2014: Focus all of their hate and vitriol on two Americans who use their fortune to promote freedom and opportunity, and hope to stir up enough hate to turn out the base; even if they have to lie about it .

In making the Koch Brothers their central issue, Democrats are conceding they have nothing else to run on. Their much touted strategy of making the 2014 election about “income inequality” has fallen flat. Obamacare is an albatross despite their best efforts to spin it. Climate Change and Gun Control are losers for the Democrats. The Republicans, to the dismay of conservatives, have neutralized the “obstructionist” and Amnesty issues by playing ball with the Democrats. There’s still the old reliable “War on Women,” which still works on bitter spinster feminists, but they were going to vote Democrat anyway.

They have to run on hate. They’ve got nothing else, and hate has gotten them this far.

By the way, Michelle Malkin sees a strategy in the recent run of Democrats being charged and indicted for corruption, she thinks Obama’s hyper-politicized Department of Justice will wait until October, and then indict a bunch of Republicans (the Ted Stevens gambit) to stain the party in advance of the election. The DOJ will then point to the earlier indictments of Democrats and claim it absolves them of partisan motives. Also, going after a handful of Democrat little fish is itself intended as a prophylactic against charges that the Department has been politicized.

Republican Senate Candidate Seems Like the Right Woman for the Job

Posted by V the K at 9:58 pm - March 25, 2014.
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I know nothing about her apart from this commercial, but I like the cut of her jib.

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I can only imagine how the leftists could squeal about the nerve of a mere hog farmer serving in the U.S. Senate alongside such dignified and exemplary persons as Democrat Charles Schumer (Has never held a job outside Government), Democrat Elizabeth Warren (lied about being a Native American so she could be an Affirmative Action hire at Harvard), Senators Debbie Stabenow and Patty Murray (Teachers Union Drones), the Udall brothers (inherited their seats dynastically), and Senator Al Franken. The notion of Americans being governed by regular people is deeply offensive to the Progressive Left.

Update and Bump: Proving me right, the Democrat running for the same Iowa Senate seat (an ambulance-chasing trial lawyer) is caught on video insulting every farmer in the state:

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Bruce Braley apologized this afternoon for offending Republican U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley after video footage surfaced that shows Braley mocking Grassley as “a farmer from Iowa who never went to law school.”

If the press in this country weren’t the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party, this would be a Todd Akin sized gaffe that would destroy Braley’s camapign.

Is This Opposite Day or Bizarro World?

Posted by V the K at 4:59 am - March 13, 2014.
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Republican David Jolly won the special election for Florida’s 13th Congressional District. You knew that, but did you know:

So, given all of those facts, how is it that the bossy Chairwoman of the Democrat National Committee, Debbie Wasserman-Schulz, can claim that Jolly winning this election shows that the GOP is weak and Obamacare is popular?

Tonight, Republicans fell short of their normal margin in this district because the agenda they are offering voters has a singular focus – that a majority of voters oppose – repealing the Affordable Care Act that would return us to the same old broken health care system.



Republicans Hold Onto Florida House Seat

The “Do Nothing” strategy seems to be bearing fruit.

Republican David Jolly narrowly defeated Democrat Alex Sink on Tuesday in a Tampa-area House race largely seen as a critical test for ObamaCare.

The Democrat, Alex Sink, a former candidate for governor, was heavily favored in the Democrat-leaning 13th CD. The Democrat Party sank millions into her campaign, some of which went to hire complete nitwits to steal David Jolly campaign signs and then brag about it on Twitter. The Democrats also ran a phony libertarian in hopes of siphoning off GOP votes; a strategy that worked very well for them in Virginia. Unless they “find” a few thousand ballots in the trunk of a car (the Franken maneuver), the Democrats will not pick up this seat this time.

So, while this election will not affect that status quo in any way, at least we are spared the obnoxious spectacle of Democrat gloating.

Advice for Ms Wendy Davis

Posted by V the K at 11:11 am - March 6, 2014.
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Ms Wendy Davis – whose entire political career is built on fanatical support for late-term abortion – will be the Texas Democrat candidate for governor. But, her primary election results are already disastrous (not a single person in 22 Texas counties voted for her) and her constituency – which consists primarily of pro-abortion Democrats who don’t live in Texas – is already giving up on her “trainwreck candidacy” and may be turning their sights on Georgia; where the Republican governor is weak and the establishment GOP would rather lose a senate seat than let it go to a Tea Party candidate. They think that will be an easier lock to pick than Texas.

So, here’s what Ms. Davis should do; pack it up and move to a state where the only thing that matters in a female candidate is fanatical devotion to far left politics. She would do a lot better in New York, Massachusetts, or California (whose Democrat senators are becoming increasingly fossilized, so there may be an opening soon) than Texas. And even though she’s getting a little long in the tooth, there’s probably an aging progressive sugar daddy in one of those places who’d be happy to take her under his wing, or whatever.

Well, That Didn’t Take Long

Posted by V the K at 6:30 am - February 6, 2014.
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Day 1 of Mr. Clay Aiken’s campaign for the House, and his supporters are already shrieking “Homophobia.”

Clay Aiken, who officially announed his intention to run for Congress and challenge Rep. Renee Ellmers in North Carolina, is already being attacked by Ellmers with familiar homophobic rhetoric, Think Progress reports.

“It speaks volumes to the state of the N.C. Democratic Party that the primary is shaping up to be a choice between the failed Perdue Administration’s Keith Crisco, a lawyer who doesn’t even live in the district, an activist who’s (sic) own party rejected her in the last democrat primary – and Aiken, a performer whose political views more closely resemble those of San Francisco than Sanford,” Ellmers spokeswoman Jessica Wood wrote in an email.

It’s a completely legit critique. Mr. Clay Aiken… for that matter any Democrat who is elected to Congress… will vote as directed by Ms. Nancy Pelosi; who represents the city of San Francisco both geographically and ideologically.  This means votes for gun control, high taxes, more spending, Federal control of health care, regulation of business, Amnesty for illegal immigrants, Federalized Day Care, mandatory union membership, expansion of welfare, and a host of other leftist causes. It is completely legitimate for a Republican opponent to point this out.

But, like Obama supporters attributing all criticism of the president to racism, or Hillary supporters blaming sexism, de-legitimizing opponents by calling them hateful bigots is much easier than defending what Democrats actually support.

Mr. Aiken’s chances should not be discounted. North Carolina is plagued by an influx of Democrat refugees from New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and other northeastern states blighted by decades of tax and regulate liberalism. Not content with destroying their own states, they bring their horrible policies with them when they relocate.

Speaking of celebrities with political aspirations, Ms. Sandy Fluke and her famous ladyparts will not be running for Congress. She will run for the state Senate of California, a state she has lived in for just under two years. If she wins, she should send Rush Limbaugh a thank-you note; without him, she’d be nobody.

What the Fluke?

Posted by V the K at 5:32 pm - January 31, 2014.
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Ms. Sandra Fluke … a woman who came to prominence when Mr. Rush Limbaugh brought attention to her incredibly expensive birth control needs which, by her own admission, exceed by a factor of ten those of ordinary women… is contemplating a run for the Congressional seat being vacated by Mr. Henry Waxman (an individual in whom certain uncivil individuals have noted aesthetic deficiencies but who mostly ought to be criticized for the extreme leftism of his political stances).

Since rising to fame thanks to Mr. Limbaugh, Ms. Fluke has pursued a crusade to get Government out of the bedroom by demanding that Government force other people to pay for her birth control.

A propos of nothing, Wikipedia informs us that a “Fluke” is a species of parasite.


With adversaries like this, who needs competence?

Posted by ColoradoPatriot at 9:27 pm - January 30, 2014.
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You’ve got to to envy the dumb luck or otherwise cosmic providence of some sort that blessed the president with his political foes sometimes…

In a year when the disastrous roll-out (and soon-to-be-demonstrated even-worse fall-out) of his seminal achievement is taking center-stage, and lording over a presidency so listless that it leaves his State of the Union address so devoid of actual substance and ideas that even his sycophants in the leftist media call it “small ball“, leading a party whose members are either avoiding him at all costs or fleeing the ship altogether at an alarming pace, and to top it all off, the sixth-year itch problem, you’d think the GOP would be strategically and wisely keeping their powder dry and just trying not to screw stuff up.

Oh, but then you don’t know the GOP.

The same week that a poll is released from Quinnipiac that shows that (along with 54% disapproval for the president, and 43% “very dissatisfied” with “the way things are going in the nation today”) Americans think the “top priority” for Congress and the president should be healthcare (18%), with jobs (16%) and the economy (15%) close behind (“Other” is at 10% and everything else is in single-digits), what do they do right out of the gates? Well, they tackle the issue that received 2% support…tied on that poll of importance to their constituents at number nine on that list (far behind “Don’t Know/No Answer”, in fifth place with 9%).

Regardless of where you come down on the immigration debate, or whether you think Beohner is likely to get a deal through the House, is this the winning strategy to take advantage of the position the Republicans have at this point? Shouldn’t the leadership of the party be strictly disciplining its members to avoid at all costs anything like this that might divert attention away from their number-one winning issue? After all, now is the time when you immediately smack-down and censor anybody who flirts with his interns or fiddles with her fundraising to immediately quash anything that isn’t about issues that will help win the elections in November.

I have become very tired of the constant politics and gamesmanship and running for office that our politics has become. It’s maddening, really. But seriously, even in that exhaustion I can tell that this is a stupid move.

I wish in all my endeavors in life to have adversaries as short-sighted and inept as the ones the president has in the GOP of 2014.


-Nick (ColoradoPatriot, from The Ranch)

Wife-Beating, Anti-Semite Retiring from Congress

Posted by V the K at 10:21 am - January 15, 2014.
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Of course, it’s a Democrat.

Congressman Moran … a Progressive Stalwart… has a bit of War on Women history.

Also, Congressman Moran never cared for the J-O-O-S very much.

But, he’s a Progressive Democrat, so he gets a pass. (It’s not like he closed a lane on a bridge or anything.)

Honor Among DIABLOs*

Posted by V the K at 7:45 pm - January 9, 2014.
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When Governor Creosote… I mean, Governor Christie was re-elected last year, he promised to go down South and help his fellow fan of Big Government, Cronyism, and Illegal Immigration … Lindsey Graham… with his re-election.

And this is how Miss Lindsey Graham pays him back.

“It seems to me that this whole bridge thing reinforces a narrative that’s troublesome about the guy: he’s kind of a bully,” Graham said.

I love blue-on-blue betrayal.

*Democrats in All But Label Only

Establishment Republicans Support Georgia Democrat

Posted by V the K at 9:16 am - January 7, 2014.
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As if answering my question about whether there was really any meaningful difference between Establishment Republicans and the Democrats, sore loser Dick Lugar is trying to help a Democrat take a Georgia Senate seat currently held by a Republican.

Former Republican Senator Richard Lugar’s leadership political action committee, The 19th Star PAC, sent $5,000 on Dec. 12 to Democrat Michelle Nunn, who will face the winner of the Republican primary for Saxby Chambliss’s seat. Chambliss, a Republican, is retiring.

Nunn also received a donation from another Republican, former Virginia Senator, John Warner.

Dick Lugar wasn’t known as “Obama’s Favorite Republican” for nothing.

Clay Aiken Mulling Run for Congress

Posted by V the K at 12:26 pm - January 5, 2014.
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Al Franken. Ashley Judd. Clay Aiken. Because the Democrats are the party of the working class.

The 35-year-old singer is in discussions with some Democratic insiders in Washington about making a bid for seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, sources told the Washington Blade.

A key difference between Republican and Democrat politician is that there are a few Republicans who actually represent the people who elected them. Not many, and those that do are under assault by the Republican Establishment. But Democrat politicians represent The Party, and their absolute and ultimate loyalty is to the Party. Except for the leadership, every Democrat Congressman and Senator is a seat-warmer, whose job is to vote the way the leadership tells them to. Idiot celebrities make excellent party apparatchiks. There are no Ted Cruz’s or Rand Paul’s in the Democrat Party. They do as they are told.

Will the Duck Dynasty Kerfuffle Help the Stupid Republicans Pick Up a Senate Seat?

Posted by V the K at 11:15 am - December 21, 2013.
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Lousiana Senate Seatwarmer Mary Landrieu was already looking kinda vulnerable in 2014 because of her support for Obamacare. Now, a controversy has blown up in her backyard that squarely divides the conservative, religious voters she needs to win from the deep-pocketed liberals she needs to win.

RedState conjectures that this may tip the balance in favor of her challenger (Republican Bill Cassidy).

Over 90% of evangelicals support Phil Robertson, and agree with his views, as do most Republicans and conservatives. The Robertsons are a LOUISIANA-based family and business, and wildly popular in the state.


Do not expect anyone in the media to ask Ms. Landrieu to weigh in on the controversy; only Republican candidates are ever asked their opinions on difficult and divisive issues. e.g. Abortion-Rape.

One has to wonder if anyone will remember this thing ten months from now; much as everyone outside the Beltway has forgotten the partial Government shutdown.

Y’know, if the GOP had an actual strategy, they wouldn’t have to rely on dumb luck and Democrat screw-ups to win elections.

That Scott Brown New Hampshire Thing Might Happen After All

Posted by V the K at 11:12 pm - December 17, 2013.
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I’m bringing this up only because it came up in the comments a while back, but Scott Brown… the “electable moderate Republican” who lost to a shrieking socialist harridan who fradulently passed herself off as an American Indian … really is looking at a run for the New Hampshire senate seat currently occupied by Jeanne Shaheen… one of the many Democrat seat-warmers who do nothing but eat, breather, and vote as Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer instruct them to. (See also Debbie Stabenow (MI), Claire McCaskill (MO), Kristen Gillibrand (NY), Kay Hagan (NC), Amy Klobuchar (MN).)

Will New Hampshire residents embrace a liberal Republican Masshole carpetbagger? Don’t know. Don’t think so. Don’t really care. These last few days have once again demonstrated how little it matters which party is in charge. The Republicans have shown themselves to be no more serious about fiscal responsibility than the Democrats; and just as willing to lie about it. So, I can’t get myself to really give too many (naughty word)s about whether or not Mitch “$3 Billion Earmark” McConnell gets to run the Senate next year.

Republicans claim they can’t advance any conservative ideas now because “we don’t have the votes.”  And if they win the senate in 2014 (BTW, I don’t think they will), they’ll claim they can’t advance any conservative ideas “because we don’t have the White House.” When the truth is, they won’t advance limited Government and fiscal responsibility because… deep down… they really don’t want to.



Nancy Pelosi (a.k.a. Granny Rictus McBotoximplants) managed to part her severely stretched and tightened lips long enough to vow that Democrats will “stand tall” on Obamacare and run on it in 2014.

Oh, please, please Nanny Botox, please run on Obamacare in 2014.

Please be running ads in October of 2014 praising Obamacare just as about 150M Americans with corporate health care plans should start finding out that their policies have been canceled and the new, Obamacare-approved policies will cost much, much more.

Yes, do run on that. I’m begging you.

Also, gun control. Definitely run on gun control. You guys keep saying 90% of Americans support gun control, so a national push for Colorado-style gun restrictions should be a winning proposition. Right? And if any women say they want to keep their guns to protect themselves from rapists, make sure you tell them they are too weak and stupid to defend themselves.

Please run on this.

So. If You Have Been Wondering What I’ve Been Up To…

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 5:01 pm - July 24, 2013.
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… this should explain everything.

YouTube Preview Image

-Bruce (@GayPatriot)