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And now for the bad news

It always feels good to see sanity prevail in an election, yes! And now for some honesty about what isn’t so good, in this election.

Unlike the Reagan wins of the 1980s, or the GOP’s 1994 “Contract with America” win, the 2014 GOP (as a national whole) neither provided nor sold to the voters a pro-freedom, government-cutting vision. The GOP skillfully profited from voter dissatisfaction with President Obama; and little more.

Racial guilt aside, the voters originally bought into Obama because he promised the Impossible Dream: a government which would be Big, but still somehow friendly and American (never mind that oppression is inherent to all Big Governments), and which would look out for them (never mind that socialism serves the elites, undermines the economy for ordinary people, and mathematically cannot provide benefits of much value to most people).

In this election six years later, the voters have repudiated Obama because he failed to deliver on the dream. He promised smooth, cool delivery of the dream. Instead, he gave a string of incompetent, messy disasters that even a corrupt media could not hide: such as the Gulf oil spill (BP’s actions had been approved by Obama regulators), Obamacare (with its expensive and oppressive mandates), Libya war, Benghazi, Syria war, ISIS, Ebola, and a moribund economy where the jobs are part-time, the taxes are higher, the U.S. national debt is doubled and only things that go up are the financial markets and the cost of living. The voters feel “lied to” and for that, they have now punished Obama.

In other words, the voters have not yet learned that the dream itself is impossible. The voters still want Friendly Fascism: a Big Government that somehow (1) works (or, in the famous saying, “makes the trains run on time”); while it (2) maintains a veneer of traditional American freedoms. It is impossible. But voters are hoping now that the GOP can help to correct Obama’s excesses and make the dream work.

The GOP, in this election in 2014, has done little to educate the voters on the dream’s utter impossibility – and thus, little to move America forward.

The Royalist Socialist Party

Posted by V the K at 1:13 pm - October 27, 2014.
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Ironic, or maybe tragic, that a party that calls themselves “The Democrats” have such contempt for actual Democratic governance, and such a preference for a permanent, hereditary ruling class. (Clintons, Kennedies, Udalls, Landrieus, Pryors, Cuomos…)

Case in point, the Democrats want Michelle Obama to run for the Senate from California.

And even though she has no experience living in the state, and her signature policy achievement is horrible school lunch program that everybody hates… she would probably win.

Because their voters are that… [pick an adjective].


Yeah, This…

Posted by V the K at 11:04 am - October 27, 2014.
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Jeb Bush’s son says he’s running.


It’s a Bummer Being Joe Biden, Apparently

Posted by V the K at 6:56 am - October 13, 2014.
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VP Joe Biden sure has it rough. He has come to realize that to most of the country he is a joke, and his own party has no intention of appointing him as Obama’s heir apparent. The Democrat Party has a specific plan in mind — Black Radical Leftist, Then Woman Radical Leftist, Then Hispanic Radical Leftist– and there’s no room for a bumbling old white guy in their plans. This has reportedly left him feeling somewhat bitter and left out.

“I’ve been told Biden is depressed, despondent, and very resentful of how he has been treated by key figures within the administration. The party is telling him he won’t have their support if he runs for president. He was promised this support years ago by the Obama team. The problem is, the Obama brand has become poison to Democrats and people like Valerie Jarrett have made it clear how little they regard the Vice President. He’s out there trying to help raise money for the 2014 midterms, hoping that will lead to some donations for his own 2016 campaign, but that isn’t going to happen. Biden is being used, laughed at, and then pushed aside, and he’s finally starting to realize that, and it’s got him very upset. For some reason, it seems he really thought he would some day be president. I can’t help but feel sorry for the guy.”

And unlike Hillary, Joe Biden can’t resign and pretend he had nothing to do with the massive failure that — despite Paul Krugman’s protests to the contrary — is the Obama Administration.

The Obama White House, apparently, also treats Biden like an old fool and has gone out of their way to marginalize him.

Following the 2012 Election though, Biden’s role within the Obama White House has been increasingly marginalized to the point members of the president’s staff are now openly dismissive of the Vice President, often referring to him as “the old guy”a designation that is said to have originated from Barack Obama himself on the 2008 campaign trail.

Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett simply calls Joe Biden, “that clown.”


Democrat Presidential Hopeful says “WiFi is a human right.”

“We will take money from other people and buy you stuff with it” is what the Democrat Party is all about; so naturally, there is no end of Free [Stuff] from the Government for Democrats to offer the parasites who vote for them. Maryland Governor and Democrat Presidential aspirant Martin O’Malley (who has raised taxes 40 times in the eight years he has been in office) has declared that something that didn’t exist a generation ago is now a basic human right.

Younger people are choosing to live in cities. They realize that connections to each other are making us better. That WiFi is a human right. That proximity is important to entrepreneurship, access to capital and talent and diversity. There is an opportunity there for us as a nation to embrace that new perspective.

Do you know what *isn’t* a human right in MOM’s People’s Republic of Maryland? The right to defend yourself from those who wish to do violence against you.

But where was Hillary in all this?

Leon Panetta, former top Clinton staffer and Obama CIA director, is out there serving the Clintons by taking shots at President Obama…errrr, excuse me, out there promoting his new book:

For Bill Clinton, history will remember that he “always kept fighting back” to get things done…“Whether it was Democrats or Republicans, you know, he found a way to be able to do some things, to be able to accomplish some things that were important.”

He makes a similar observation about Hillary Clinton, saying she would be a “great” president. “One thing about the Clintons is, they want to get it done,” he says, in words that draw an implicit contrast with Obama…

And Barack Obama’s legacy?

“We are at a point where I think the jury is still out,” Panetta says. “For the first four years, and the time I spent there, I thought he was a strong leader on security issues. … But these last two years I think he kind of lost his way.

“These last two years” – translation, since the indispensable, brilliant Hillary left – so no, nothing happening now is her fault.

But let’s get down to specifics, Mr. Panetta. How has Obama lost his way? From Politico:

Panetta’s criticisms of the Obama administration are similar to the criticisms former Defense Secretary Robert Gates laid out in his own memoir: that those inside the White House sometimes put politics first on matters of war and peace.

Panetta describes efforts to reach a deal with Iraq to allow U.S. troops to remain in the country in the runup to the December 2011 expiration of the status-of-forces agreement — a deal Obama has said he couldn’t achieve because Iraqi leaders wanted U.S. troops gone. “Privately, the various leadership factions in Iraq all confided that they wanted some U.S. forces to remain as a bulwark against sectarian violence,” Panetta writes…

“I privately and publicly advocated for a residual force that could provide training and security for Iraq’s military…But the president’s team at the White House pushed back…”

2011…isn’t that more like three years ago?

So, let’s see. Panetta, Gates, and the Joint Chiefs all pushed in 2011 for a residual U.S. force in Iraq, that would have prevented today’s crisis with ISIS. (Sorry for the rhyme.) They even did so publicly. Did Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton? Perhaps a little, but not very much. From Jennifer Rubin in June 2014:

Clinton’s failure to impress upon the president the importance of a significant force and to negotiate a deal with Iraq under whatever circumstances existed represents a key failure – one that has directly contributed to the rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and the collapse of the Iraqi military.

So for “PBS NewsHour” Clinton tried out a new tale: “Certainly when President Obama had to make the decision about what to do, he was deciding based on what the Bush administration had already determined, because they were the ones who said troops have to be out by the end of 2011.”

This is patently untrue. The Bush team had always intended that there be a follow-up to the SOFA [Status of Forces Agreement]…The game plan for the Bush team and the Obama team was to conclude a deal [to leave a residual force]; Clinton and her boss failed to do so.

For Hillary to claim that the Bushies planned on having all troops out by 2011 is itself a potshot at Obama. If true, it would mean that Obama hardly did anything to “end the war” – he only followed a Bush plan.

But what does all of this add up to? Well, Clinton Central has evidently decided that the way to get elected in 2016 is:

  1. Keep playing the “Blame Bush” card when possible. And if it isn’t possible,
  2. Blame Obama.

As always, we should expect the Clintons to tell a mixture of truth and falsehoods to get what they want, which is: Power.

Alternatives to Hillary

Posted by V the K at 10:30 pm - September 7, 2014.
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Unless all life on Earth is mercifully exterminated by a collision with a neutron star, Hillary Clinton is the inevitable Democrat nominee in 2016 and eventual president of the United States in 2017. Because regardless of the fact that she has accomplished nothing and is as crooked as a dog’s hind leg, she will have the fervent support of the Democrat media apparatus and the support of idiot low-information voters who make up the majority of the American electorate and re-elected Obama because they thought Mitt Romney was going to outlaw tampons. (And if Obama and Establishment Republicans are successful, millions of uneducated third-world illegal immigrants will also be able to cast their votes for her as well.) Meanwhile, the Republicans will most likely, as they have done in every election year since 1988, nominate a milquetoast establishment moderate who will lose the popular vote as establishment Republican moderates have in five of the last six elections.

But there are alternatives to Hillary on the Democrat side, and any of them is ready to step into her very comfortable low-heeled shoes provided anything should happen to her on the Road to Inevitable Catastrophe. So, just putting five of them out there for your consideration.

  • Joe Biden – Democrat Vice President of the United States. Yeah, Democrats won’t nominate an old white guy unless there is no other candidate. Moving on.
  • Martin O’Malley – Democrat Governor of Maryland. Raised taxes more than 40 times in eight years, including a tax on (not making this up) rainwater. Gerrymandered the congressional districts so where Maryland once sent 4 Republicans and 4 Democrats to Congress, it now sends 7 Democrats and only one Republican. Completely botched the Obamacare implementation to the tune of $125 Million. And found time to enact some of the most Draconian anti-gun laws in the country. An impressive record for a Democrat, unfortunately, but he would still need to overcome his white maleness.
  • Elizabeth Warren – Democrat Senator from Massachusetts. A radical left-wing senator who supports a $22-an-hour minimum wage and a massive tax increase to pay for college students to get free Womyn’s Studies, Urban Studies and other completely worthless degrees. She is an absolute favorite among the Democrat’s FSA (Free [Stuff] Army] base because she embraces the Democrat proposition of “We’ll take money from people you don’t like and spend it on you” to its absolute extreme. Also, she’s a woman, so she gets the “Historic First” mantle that’s so much more important than competence and sanity to the low-information electorate. [She also previously claimed to be a Native American belonging to an obscure plains tribe specializing in seafood recipes.]
  • Cory Booker – Black Democrat Senator from New Jersey. A Black half-term senator with no previous accomplishments on his record and an imaginary friend named T-Bone. Definitely the man to beat.

Pretty scary when you realize Joe Biden is the smart and reasonable one.

Hypothesis: Voters Are Stupid

Posted by V the K at 10:23 am - July 28, 2014.
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By a 53% to 44% margin, voters wish they could have a do-over and elect Mitt Romney instead of King Putt.

So, it’s finally dawned on the slow-learners that free contraceptives and snarky comments about the eighties wanting their foreign policy back do not warrant voting for a socialist street-agitator over a competent, accomplished businessman. Right?

No, not so much, because according to the same poll, those same voters would overwhelmingly support Hillary Rodham Clinton over Romney — even though her policies are virtually indistinguishable from Obama’s.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.


It’s 2007 All Over Again

Posted by V the K at 12:37 pm - July 18, 2014.
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The Progressive Left is going nuts for a hard-left, half-term senator from Harvard with a sketchy personal background and zero experience in the private sector.

After all, it worked out so well the last time we elected one of those.

And they no longer are even trying to hide their Fascism.

Related: Liz Warren’s 11 Commandments of Progressivism. Basically 11 Variations on the same theme: “We believe in using Government to take other people’s stuff.”

Chris Christie, Republicans, and Big Government

Posted by V the K at 12:15 pm - July 18, 2014.
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Moderate Establishment GOP Governor and 2016 Presidential Aspirant Chris Christie was asked his opinion on reducing the size of Government (something he has notably not done as Governor of New Jersey). His reply:

“What I think is we need less government being intrusive in our lives in every way that it is.”


“Now, there are absolute fundamental roles for government, which is protecting the health, safety, and welfare of its citizens.  And so I believe in a strong and vigorous national defense.  I believe that government has an appropriate role in regulating different activities that go on in the country. “

So, Government shouldn’t be intrusive, but it has a “fundamental role” in protecting “health, safety, and welfare.” Well, that would seem to justify everything from NSA spying to Obamacare to Michael Bloomberg’s soda, salt, and gun bans.

“But I think what’s happened is that there’s a divide between the two parties where, who can do most of that best?  It’s not that Republicans don’t believe government has a role.”

So, what he is saying is the Big Government is okay, but Republicans should be running it.

The essence of an Establishment GOP politician.




Indisputably Accurate Bumper Sticker Provokes Leftist Outrage

Our counterparts on the left — who literally laugh off the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi — are in paroxyms of outrage over this bumper sticker.


Not to quibble, but apart from being Monica Lewinsky’s Ex-boyfriend’s wife, does Hillary have any other accomplishments to speak of? Has she achieved anything in her life that was not a direct consequence of being Monica Lewinsky’s Ex-boyfriend’s wife?

Hat Tip: Legal Insurrection


Oh, Hell Yes…

It will never happen in this debased Idiocracy of a country, but a man can always dream of a better world. [HT: Director Blue]


Jeb Bush Admires LBJ; Baffled by Opposition to Cheap Foreign Labor Replacing American Workers

Posted by V the K at 10:19 am - May 16, 2014.
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Jeb Bush might just turn out to be the best Democrat candidate for 2016. Speaking to an audience in Florida, Bush expressed admiration for the architect of the Great Society and the Vietnam War.

He vowed to approach the presidency as “master of the Senate,” as biographer Robert Caro described Johnson.

“He went and he cajoled, he begged, he threatened, he loved, he hugged, he did what leaders do, which is they personally get engaged to make something happen,’’ Bush said of Johnson. Bush cited Caro’s latest book about Johnson, The Passage of Power, which covers the first part of Johnson’s presidency.

The wheeling and dealing Johnson loved and relished is what will be needed to pass bills such as immigration regulations. That process is also how government gets expanded and cronyism thrives, as Peter Schweizer’s nonpartisan Government Accountability Institute and directer Stephen K. Bannon documented in “Boomtown.”

Bush also admitted that he’s absolutely clueless as to why Americans don’t want to import millions of units of cheap foreign labor when there are tens of millions of Americans out of work and middle-class wages have been declining.

“For the life of me I have a hard time understanding why people are fearful of our own heritage, our own history,” Bush reportedly said. “The rules are you come to this country, you pursue your dreams, you create value for yourself and your families and others and great things happens to you and to our country. Why would we ignore that at time when we need to restart and rejuvenate our economy? It makes no sense to me.”

Bush seems to believe that American workers don’t want to take care of their families, don’t want to pursue their dreams, and don’t want to participate in the economy.

Karl Rove Outfoxes the Clintons

The media may tell you otherwise, but Karl Rove just scored one of the few unequivocal victories over the Clinton machine.  Some will say his question about Mrs. Clinton’s health will backfire (search), but on whom?  Mr. Rove isn’t running for office.

It was Mr. Clinton himself who awarded the laurels to the Republican strategies when the Democrat vouched for “his wife Hillary’s health“.

As Stephen Kruiser put it in a quoting the article linked above:

I’m sure that this is just an attention getting evil genius ploy on the part of Karl Rove, but I am enjoying it because he’s giving them a taste of their own medicine. Pulling something out of thin air to get the character assassination rumor mill fired up is classic Clinton. The mere fact that Bubba even had to answer a question about it is a minor victory for Rove.

My only quibble with Kruiser relates to the magnitude of the victory.  It’s not minor.  It’s significant.   The media are now talking about Hillary’s health (if only to denounce Rove).  But, still Americans are thinking about her health.  And asking questions.

There will be calls for the former Secretary of State to release her medical records.  And questions about her health will persist if when she fails to do so. (more…)

Gov. Rick Perry (R) Challenges Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) to a Debate on Economic Policy

The Governor of the state with some of the lowest income taxes, pro-business regulatory environment, best economy in the country, and … oh yeah… a $2.6 Billion budget surplus… has challenged the Governor of a sclerotic blue state, with a moribund economy, the highest tax burden in the country… and a $1.7 Billion budget deficit… to a debate on economic policy.

Surprising no one, Governor Cuomo is uninterested in debating Governor Perry.

Political Consultant Thinks Jeb Bush Would Be a Great Republican Candidate

Posted by V the K at 6:17 pm - April 21, 2014.
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The Political Consultant is, of course, a.) a rabid Democrat b.) who is supporting Hillary and c.) has a long list of failed campaigns including working for Al Gore in 2000 and John Kerry in 2004.

But aside from that, everyone should take Bob Shrum at his word that Bush 3.0 is just the ticket for Republicans in 2016.

Update:  Another Bob… Bob Dole … talks smack about Ted Cruz.

“A number of the younger members, first-termers like Rand Paul, Rubio and that extreme-right-wing guy, Ted Cruz — all running for president now. I don’t think they’ve got enough experience yet,” Dole said.

Dole said Cruz is “way out there” on the extremes of the party and defended his own record.

His own “record” being that of losing to a Democrat in the worst electoral blow-out of a Republican in the last 40 years.

Definitive Proof: America Has Become an Idiocracy

There are apparently people who think this is a good idea. Stick a fork in the Republic. It’s done.

Screen-shot-2014-04-02-at-9.46.32-AMSomebody in Texas, save me a spot on the couch when you secede.


We Like #BanBossy!

Yes, it’s a bumper sticker!

Hat tip, Powerline. Also this nifty graphic, hat tip Granite Grok:

You can find a larger, clearer version here.

Hillary Supporters Behind #BanBossy

The Facebook COO and the cabal behind the campaign to make the term “bossy” politically incorrect and socially unacceptable are party of the ‘Ready for Hillary’ coven.

Sandberg is an ally of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016. [...]

But why focus the campaign on the word “bossy”?

The answer to that may have something to do with Clinton being called “bossy” during the 2008 campaign by Australian feminist Germaine Greer. Bossy is also more tame than some of the other words Clinton has been called.

Two years ago, Democrats launched a campaign to brand Republicans as engaging in a ”war on women,” a campaign with a lasting impact that will no doubt stretch into the 2016 elections if Clinton runs.

Now the Ban Bossy campaign gives Democrats another weapon to use against those who disagree with Clinton’s policy ideas.

This way, anyone who criticizes Mrs. Clinton for her notoriously imperious, overbearing, domineering, difficult personality can be automatically attacked as “Anti-Woman;” much as all criticism of President Obama is attributed to “racism.” [But rest assured, calling Sarah Palin any crude, insulting name you want will still mark you as one of the Tolerant Enlightened.]

BTW, my good friend Stoaty Weasel has created a very… compelling… poster for Mrs. Clinton’s 2016 campaign. It’s a bit… uncivil… to reproduce it here; but here’s a link if you are feeling uncivil toward Mrs. Clinton.

No One Admires the Iron Dingbat

Hillary may be the top choice for President among the low-information “Brawndo’s Got Electrolytes” voters in the USA, but worldwide, she ranks pretty much last.

Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state who leads all 2016 presidential polls, ranks dead last on a new top 10 poll of who Americans admire most, and at the bottom of who the world admires most, behind celebs like Angelina Jolie and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Challenge: Name one real Hillary Clinton accomplishment. Don’t tell me she graduated from Yale. Don’t tell me she rode Bill’s coat-tails was elected Senator from New York and Secretary of State. What has she actually accomplished in terms of successful public policy that improved the lives of vast numbers of people?

Not that accomplishment matters to the same Idiocrat voters who, last time around, picked a half-term senator and former part-time community organizer.