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The Democrats’ Propagandists

First, CBS created a program whose heroine is a female Secretary of State, just as a Democrat former Secretary of State starts running for president. Coincidence, yeah, sure.

Now, NBC is reportedly developing a TV series based on Democrat Heroine/Abortion-fanatic/failed Democrat candidate for Governor of Texas Wendy Davis.

Written by Jennifer Cecil, the untitled project centers on a female Democratic senator who, after losing the Texas governor’s race, gets her world turned upside down. In the vein of The Good Wife, while she pieces her pride back together, she goes to work in the law firm of her best friend — a black male Republican — and discovers that with no political future to protect, she can unshackle her inner badass.


And it only took, like, four days

Posted by V the K at 7:39 am - July 24, 2015.
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It has been interesting watching the latest Planned Parenthood scandal evolve from, “the right-wing is spreading horrible lies about Planned Parenthood harvesting baby parts” to “it’s no big deal and actually good that Planned Parenthood is harvesting baby parts.”

It took less time for the media to spin harvesting baby part for Planned Parenthood than it took for Obama to order flags to half-mast for the five warfighters murdered by the immigrant Islamist.

MFM Buries Planned Parenthood Scandal

Posted by V the K at 9:46 am - July 21, 2015.
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So, according to the mainstream media, the Confederate Flag story is roughly twenty times as important as the Planned Parenthood harvesting baby organs story.

  • CNN has had 493 mentions of the Confederate flag since June 17 (only 188 of these even mention alleged church shooter Dylann Roof), and managed 167 in the first six days. In the first six days of the Planned Parenthood scandal, they managed 7 mentions, less than 5 percent what you’d expect if you considered those stories only of equal importance.

  • The Washington Post mentioned the Confederate flag 624 times in the last month (only 135 of these mention Roof), and 126 times in the first six days. The Washington Post has 28 stories mentioning the Planned Parenthood video in the first six days, just over 22 percent of what you’d expect if you considered the harvesting of organs from aborted babies to be merely as important as the Confederate flag topic.

  •  The New York Times has run stories and essays on the Confederate flag 149 times since June 17 (and only 39 of those mention Roof), 41 of those in the first six days. That compares to three stories on Planned Parenthood during the same window, just 7 percent of what you’d expect if the New York Times considered those stories merely of equal importance.

There is also this, which makes this whole Planned Parenthood seem like less a charity, and more a crass money-making operation.

Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards is the daughter of the late Texas governor Ann Richards, whose dedication to the cause of dismembering unborn children was absolute. Richards says that Planned Parenthood regrets the “tone” of Nucatola’s lunch-table conversation. But that blasé tone is not alien to the organization: A former Planned Parenthood clinic director tells of being mystified that in her clinic various keypads and passwords were set to 2229 — “Spells out ‘baby,’” a staffer helpfully informed her. The garbage truck that hauled away the clinic’s “products of conception” — human scraps — was mockingly referred to by staffers as “the nursery.”

Puzzled by the Behavior of the Pro-Abortion Left

Posted by V the K at 7:41 am - July 16, 2015.
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Is anyone else baffled by the response of the pro-abortion left to the notorious video of a Planned Parenthood executive casually discussing the sale… oh, I’m sorry, not the “sale” that would be illegal under Federal Law… the donation of aborted baby parts to for-profit commercial enterprises in return for financial reimbursement in the form of a cash transaction? They seem to actually be kind of angry and upset about it. Why?

Of course, some of them are claiming it is a fake, or borrowing the Talking Points Memo “heavily edited” descriptor, (even though the full, unedited video is available on-line). They are attacking the people who put it out, of course. They are denying that what the Planned Parenthood explicitly says in the video is what she explicitly says in the video. But the reasonable response to this, if you are pro-abortion, should be, “So what?”

If you are pro-abortion, it means you’ve made up your minds that babies in utero are not not entitled to any human rights until they pass through the birth canal and then somehow magically become human because science. (Note, there are some social left ethicists who don’t think babies or children have any right to live either, not until they become socially useful.) (And some say we’d be better off offing people at the other end of life’s continuum as well.)

Yes, there is that pesky issue of Federal Law, but it’s just odd to me that people who are so adamantly pro-abortion would have a problem with this. It does seem as though the left is much more indignant that their real beliefs are made public than at their real beliefs

Anyway, I thought the basic defense of Planned Parenthood was … “They don’t perform hardly any abortions, they just do mammograms ‘n stuff.” Which aside from being inaccurate, is an odd defense if you think abortion it’s totes fantastic.

Planned Parenthood Sells Body Parts

Posted by V the K at 12:46 pm - July 14, 2015.
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Taxpayer-subsidized abortion mill franchise Planned Parenthood has been caught marketing organs taken from aborted babies.

Dr. Deborah Nucatola, Planned Parenthood’s senior director for medical services, is caught on video bragging about how she aborts babies in such a way that their body parts and organs can later be sold for profit.

“We’ve been very good at getting heart, lung, liver, because we know that, so I’m not gonna crush that part,” Nucatola tells actors posing as organ traffickers. “I’m gonna basically crush below, I’m gonna crush above, and I’m gonna see if I can get it all intact.”

This is not a low ranking employee, this is part of Planned Parenthood’s executive leadership.

No one who is pro-abortion should have any problem with this. After all, so long as a woman is not inconvenienced by a pregnancy, nothing else matters. Besides, those organs probably come from “communities we don’t want too many of,” as Democrat heroine Margaret Sanger or Ruth Bader Ginsburg would put it.


Do Not, Repeat, Do Not Expect Reason or Consistency from the Pro-Abortion Left

Posted by V the K at 11:03 am - June 10, 2015.
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The pro-abortion left claims that abortion must be legal, on demand, without apology, because the alternative would be for women to have “unsafe” abortions conducted by unqualified people in unsanitary conditions (back alleys, coat-hangers).

Yet, the pro-abortion left is suing to prevent Texas from implementing a law that would require abortions to be performed only by qualified people under sanitary conditions. A law that was passed because an abortionist was butchering women in unsanitary conditions at his abortion mill.

Crazy, right?

Rand Paul Wants to Clarify Democrat Position on Abortion

Posted by V the K at 8:27 am - April 9, 2015.
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Presidential candidate Rand Paul was asked a question about what restriction he favors on abortion. He turned the question around on the Democrat Media Operative who asked it.

“Why don’t we ask the DNC: Is it okay to kill a seven-pound baby in the uterus? You go back and you ask Debbie Wasserman Schultz if she’s OK with killing a seven-pound baby that is not born yet. Ask her when life begins, and you ask Debbie when it’s okay to protect life. When you get an answer from Debbie, get back to me.”

Republicans are grilled about abortion constantly by the MFM; it’s the media arm of the DNC’s way of providing grist for the mills of other Democrat activists to generate attacks against them. It’s why Democrat Media Operative George Snuffleupagus asked an inane question about contraception at a Republican debate so that his other Democrat operatives could set up the narrative that Republicans want to “deny women access to contraception” (and tampons) that many, many stupid women fell for and so voted Democrat.

The Democrat Party’s official position on abortion, according to DNC Chairhead Debbie Wasserman-Schulz is “No restrictions at all.” “Period.”

This means abortion is legal right up to the moment the foetus exits the birth canal; passage through which magically changes an undifferentiated mass of cells into a human baby eligible for welfare, according to Democrats.

This means abortion is legal for sex-selection, for disposing of a baby who is at risk of turning gay, or for organ harvesting. All legal. No restrictions means no restrictions.

This means that Planned Parenthood’s policy of not reporting the adult rapists of underage girls to law enforcement.

It means taxpayer dollars pay for late term abortions, sex selection abortions, gay abortions, and all the rest of it.

But don’t expect the Democrat Media Operatives in the MFM to ever press their Political Counterparts on those facts.

Christian Throws Molotov Cocktail at Gay Pride Marchers

Posted by V the K at 7:28 pm - March 25, 2015.
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If that were the actual headline, I betcha this story would be getting a lot more coverage. The real headline and story: “Planned Parenthood Supporter Throws Molotov Cocktail at Pro-Life Prayer Group Outside Abortion Clinic.”

While local media has been pretty straight up on the issue, MSM is underway to try to obscure the intent of the woman who threw a molotov cocktail outside of a Planned Parenthood in Austin, Texas, many reporting it simply as an attack at a Planned Parenthood, leaving the impression it is an anti-abortion protester.

The woman also apparently testified in support of abortion mills during Wendy Davis’s filibuster. Ain’t that special?

The Country Would Not Be Divided Over Abortion if the Government Would Mind Its Own Business

Posted by V the K at 7:43 am - January 23, 2015.
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There were a couple of lively debates on the abortion issue yesterday following House Republicans cowardly caving on a ban on aborting babies in the third trimester (a ban supported by wide majorities in the USA* and consistent with the laws of every country in the world except for Communist China and North Korea.)

Supporting the destruction of inconvenient human life is one of the few occasions when leftists are unafraid of being openly racist, as these supporters at AOSHQ cited the “abort babies because they will end up on welfare and in prison” argument.

Millions of unwanted kids will cost me money via welfare, incarceration in prisons, etc.
Posted by: Mr. Moo Moo at January 22, 2015 12:51 PM (0LHZx)

It would be racist for liberals to states that living blacks are disproportionate users of the country’s welfare and prison systems, but it is perfectly fine to say the same thing of unborn black babies (“populations we don’t want to have too many of” to quote left-wing Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg). It also seems like a fallacious argument when you consider how both welfare spending and the prison population have skyrocketed since Roe v. Wade.

The Supreme Court could have saved the country forty years of division and acrimony by ruling that abortion was none of the Federal Government’s business, instead of going through bizarre contortions to create the ‘right’ to an abortion. If Roe v Wade had been decided in that Constitutionally correct manner, the states could set their own laws according their own prerogatives. New York could have 100,000 Kermit Gosnells offering abortion right up to when the labor pains started, and maybe even beyond that as some liberal ‘ethicists’ have suggested that even successfully escaping the birth canal should be no bar to ending the life of an inconvenient child. Meanwhile, Utah might only allow abortion in the case of rape or to protect the life of the mother.  And people could choose to live in whatever state suited their personal conviction on the subject.

All of the social strife and division in the United States today is the result of left-wing social progressives using Government to force their morals (or lack thereof) and values on society as a whole.


Australian Woman Aborts Imperfect Baby

Posted by V the K at 3:32 pm - December 14, 2014.
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A woman in Australia aborted an otherwise health baby at 7 months, because the baby’s left hand was deformed.

The mother said she believed she would feel guilty for allowing a baby to live with a disability. “I grew up with many people who were disabled, and… there was discrimination,” the mother told The Brisbane Times. “I didn’t want my child to be discriminated against.

Yup, the pro-abortion left believes disabled people just plain don’t deserve to live.

And note she does the projection thing leftists often do to absolve themselves of prejudice. “It’s not that I, personally, find deformities disgusting; but other people do, and so I had to kill her to protect her from other people’s prejudice.” It’s a bit like that lesbian couple in Ohio who found themselves with a half-black child and claimed that other people’s discriminatory attitudes were the problem.

The really sad part, this isn’t even the worst excuse for an abortion I ever heard.


The Left’s Favorite Supreme Court Justice Laments Lack of Racial Cleansing in the US

Posted by V the K at 9:06 pm - September 27, 2014.
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Ruth Bader Ginsburg laments that Margaret Sanger’s vision of world free of poor, brown children remains unfulfilled.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg spouts in a new interview.

“It makes no sense as a national policy to promote birth only among poor people,” Ginsburg says.

Previously, Justice Ginsburg … who worked in a majority black city (Baltimore) and never once hired a black person to work in her legal practice… had this to say about the role of abortion in keeping brown people in their place.

Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.

I imagine her after that coughing into her hand while muttering “Blacks.”

All of which takes us back to the mother of the philosophy of “Birth control for populations we don’t want too many of,” Margaret Sanger (who is revered to this day by Planned Parenthood and the Democrat Party).

We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.

Planned Parenthood Likes It Rough

Planned Parenthood should rightfully be under fire for sending a thirteen year old girl back into the arms of the man who was raping her, instead of, I don’t know, informing the constabulary or something. Since Planned Parenthood can pretty much do whatever they damn well please, they’ve decided part of their job is teaching the ins and outs of rough sex to underage girls.

A second shock video has busted the Planned Parenthood abortion business, where its staffers are teaching teenagers about S&M-based sexual relationships and concepts such as gagging, whipping and asphyxiation.

In a series of undercover audits, Live Action investigators documented Planned Parenthood counselors and nurses advising our investigators, who the Planned Parenthood staffers thought were minors, on how to practice torture sex.

This reminds me of when the current White House Safe Schools Czar was holding seminars to teach middle school boys about fisting.

Planned Parenthood’s annual taxpayer subsidy is over $500,000,000.00

Pro-Abortion Feminists Have a New Superstar

And she’s as smart as she is pretty. Seriously, one word from Rush Limbaugh, and I think we’re looking at the new Sandy Fluke. (Severe Language Warning: Because you know how leftists are when they try to reason with an opponent.)

I mean, seriously, all Rush has to say is “This is the last woman on Earth who needs to worry about birth control” and Bam! Keynote speaker at the Democrat Convention.  And maybe even a candidate for Governor of Texas Ohio.


The Genderqueer – Pro-Abortion Alliance

Posted by V the K at 5:30 pm - June 10, 2014.
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The Genderqueers want a piece of the pro-abortion action.

My name is Beck Martens, I’m genderqueer, and I’m directly impacted by attacks on reproductive rights. But the language of the pro-choice movement doesn’t recognize me. That’s why I and activist friends Alice, a cis-woman and Calliope, a trans-woman, are asking NARAL and Planned Parenthood to commit to trans* inclusivity in all future campaigns.

Do Transgenderoids really have a dog in the abortion fight? No, but there probably aren’t enough of them to bully non-supporters on the scale that they would like. So, they have to build coalition with more established bullies.

The Pro-Abortion Extremism of Democrats

Posted by V the K at 10:46 am - May 19, 2014.
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Scenario: A woman finds herself pregnant and wishes to bear the child. The sperm donor does not want to deal with the responsibilities of parenthood, and so secretly slips the woman abortion drugs in her water. Woman miscarries.

According to DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, it is perfectly fine for a man to force or trick a woman into taking abortion drugs. And if you think otherwise, you’re an extremist and a foot soldier in the War on Womenfolk. Republicans in Florida are trying to pass a law making it illegal for a man to force a woman to have an abortion against her will; DWS has branded the bill “senseless and wrong,” and, of course, “extreme.”  (Because everything Republicans want to do is called “extreme,” it’s like the entire Democrat smear program was ripped off from a 90′s-Era Mountain Dew commercial.)

Florida Republicans including Gov. Rick Scott are taking constrictions on women’s health to a new level. The state legislature recently passed two new restrictions that will interfere with a woman’s right to make her own medical decisions with her doctor, and instead inserts the GOP’s extreme agenda

Democrats really aren’t pro-choice, they’re pro-abortion, as the example above demonstrates.

Narcissist Who Filmed Her Abortion About As Deep and Insightful as One Would Expect

Posted by V the K at 4:15 pm - May 8, 2014.
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Not that she was seeking attention or anything, but she is giving interviews.

“Like, no one can tell me how to feel about my abortion. I felt how I felt, and that was not influenced by anyone else except for how I grew up, how I you know went to college, how I live my day, how like I ate a salad for breakfast. How I, like – it’s me. Like, this is me,” she said, throwing her hands about and cocking her head from side to side.

She continued, “Like, I breathe. I sneeze. I fart. I poop. I’m a human being. You know, that’s all that I am. And so like, I’m sharing my story.”

I feel like the atmospheric pressure drops whenever Emily Letts walks into a room.

The Value of Human Life

Posted by V the K at 9:26 pm - April 20, 2014.
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A woman in Britain is having an abortion so she can improve her chances of being on a reality show.

Wannabe celebrity Josie Cunningham last night confessed the chance of appearing on TV’s Big Brother was worth more than her unborn child’s life.

Puffing on a cigarette and rubbing her baby bump, the controversial model and call girl – who will have her abortion at a clinic this week – said: “I’m finally on the verge of becoming famous and I’m not going to ruin it now.

“An abortion will further my career. This time next year I won’t have a baby. Instead, I’ll be famous, driving a bright pink Range Rover and buying a big house. Nothing will get in my way.”

I guess she’s just taking Obama’s advice and not letting herself be “punished with a baby.”

By the way, the IndieGoGo campaign to raise money to make movie about abortionist Kermit Gosnell has raised over a million dollars after the campaign was booted from Kickstarter.

University Issues “Mel Gibson-Style” Apology to Women Assaulted by Feminist Professor

In a follow-up to the incident in which a University of California Feminist Professor assaulted a teenage girl who was advocating an anti-abortion position in the university’s “Free Speech Zone,” the University has issued a fauxpology.

In a long-winded 1,000-word letter that reads more like a diatribe than a mea culpa, University of California at Santa Barbara Vice Chancellor Michael Young eventually conceded that women’s studies professor Mireille Miller-Young should not have snatched a pro-life sign from 16-year-old Thrin Short, giving backhanded praise to the framers of the Constitution.

“Our Founding Fathers – all white men of privilege, some even slave owners – got it right when designing the First Amendment of the Constitution,” Young wrote in an open memo to the student body.

The price of freedom of speech, Young was enlightened enough to acknowledge, is that students, staff and faculty must tolerate “outside groups and individuals coming here to promote an ideology, to promulgate particular beliefs (at times extreme beliefs), or simply to create discord that furthers a certain personal agenda.””Some passionately believe in their causes, while others peddle hate and intolerance with less-than-noble aims,” Young added, mentioning “evangelical types.”

Translation: “We’re sorry we violated the free speech rights of you racist, bigoted, stupid, invisible-magical-sky-god-worshipping hatemongers; rights that were granted to you by dirty, rotten white slaveowners.”

It is reminiscent of the apology Mel Gibson gave after making anti-semitic comments.


More leftists run amok

After V’s posts on the progressive, feminist lesbian who stands with the religion that actually oppresses women, and the transsexual who feels that her sex change operation should get her off the hook for murder, I thought I’d throw in a couple more examples.

1) In Michigan, a teachers’ union contract openly discriminates against men, whites, and Christians. From the Ferndale school district’s clause about promotions:

Special consideration shall be given to women and/or minority defined as: Native American, Asian American, Latino, African American and those of the non-Christian faith.

I could note the poor construction, and the apparent ignorance of the fact that many Latinos are part of what progressives would call “white privilege”. But what’s far more disturbing is that teachers – or, a school district – could be so disrespectful of basic American legal, civic and moral principles.

2) There’s more on that bossy left-wing professor who assaulted a pro-life, 16 year old girl last week in Santa Barbara. From the police report:

In essence, Miller-Young told me that she felt “triggered” by the images on the posters…

Miller-Young said that she and others began demanding that the images be taken down. Miller-Young said that the demonstrators refused. At which point, Miller-Young said that she “just grabbed it [the sign] from this girl’s hands.” Asked if there had been a struggle, Miller-Young stated, “I’m stronger so I was able to take the poster.”…

Miller-Young went on to say that because the poster was upsetting…she felt that the [pro-life] activists did not have the right to be there…

I told Miller-Young that I appreciated the fact that she felt traumatized by the [pro-life] imagery but that her response constituted a violation of law…

Miller-Young replied that [the pro-lifers] coming to campus and showing “graphic imagery” [in common areas] was insensitive to the community…

Miller-Young also suggested that the group had violated her rights. I asked Miller-Young what right the group had violated. Miller-Young responded, “My personal right to go to work and not be in harm.”

Miller-Young elaborated that one of the reasons she had felt so alarmed by this imagery is because she is about to have the test for Down Syndrome. Miller-Young said. “I work here, why do they get to intervene in that?”

I explained to Miller-Young that vandalism, battery and robbery had occurred…

Get it? Mireille Miller-Young wants to get off the hook for alleged acts of vandalism, battery and robbery because *her feelers were hurt*.

Miller-Young could potentially have a Down Syndrome baby that she might then want to abort, and how dare anyone take (or publicize) any stance that might make her feel guilt over that? Telling Miller-Young your truth (remember when lefties used to love the idea of everyone ‘telling their truth’?) is now “harm” to her that justifies her use of physical violence.

This looks to me like a classic case of a woman who might have a personality disorder, seeking to control/abuse other people. God bless the sane policeman!

Now for some better items. The Delaware Supreme Court has upheld self-protection rights for residents of public housing. And they were unanimous. Remember, the criminal residents already had guns, so this ruling is a help to the law-abiding residents.

And in California, three Asian-American State senators thankfully blocked an effort to bring back racial discrimination in college admissions, after California voters had rejected it in 1996.

The Left Really Is Pro-Abortion

Despite the social left’s repeated claims that “it’s unfair to call us pro-abortion; we aren’t in favor of the act of abortion, per se, but we support the idea that woman should have that choice, under any and all circumstances.”

A couple of items that tend to run contrary to that narrative. First, Alpha Feminist Amada Marcotte expresses her complete and utter contempt for babies and the women who choose to have them.

“I don’t particularly like babies. They are loud and smelly and, above all other things, demanding. No matter how much free day care you throw at women, babies are still time-sucking monsters with their constant neediness.”

On the topic of adoption, Marcotte sums up her feelings simply: “Adoption? Fuck you, seriously.” That’s a heck of an argument.

On the Progressive Left, motherhood and family are disdained; promiscuity, pr0n, and abortion are the emblems of female empowerment.

Second, a pro-abortion group in Washington DC is giving away coat-hanger pendants, so that people who donate $10 or more to… in the words of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, help keep down populations of people we don’t want too many of (i.e. minorities)… can show how proudly they support baby extermination procedures.

These just don’t seem consistent with the narrative of abortion being a tragic, deeply personal choice.

Update: A pro-abortion instructor at a California University is facing charges of assault and vandalism for attacking pro-life demonstrators at the university.