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The Left shuts down another rally for peace

From the SF Examiner:

An Aug. 26 rally planned at Crissy Field by the group Patriot Prayer has San Francisco politicians from Rep. Nancy Pelosi to Mayor Ed Lee denouncing it as hateful, with warnings that past rallies by the group have attracted white supremacists. In the wake of this news, Joey Gibson, the prominent organizer of Patriot Prayer, has decided to speak out.

I added emphasis to “attracted”, because what a strange construction!

Media don’t say that Joey Gibson or Patriot Prayer are racist. No, no, no. They know it to be false (and you’ll see why, below). Here’s another example, “His group in the past has organized other events that have attracted white supremacists…”

They’re saying that, because white supremacist *troublemakers might decide on their own* to show up and manufacture trouble, Gibson/PP’s activities are then “hateful” and Gibson/PP’s constitutional right to peaceably assemble should be denied.

I’ve never seen a better indicator that the constant rumors might be true of David Duke, Richard Spencer, etc. being on the government’s and/or Left’s payroll. What a way to shut down anything with “prayer” or “patriot” in it! Create fake (or at least irrelevant) charges of white supremacy. But, to continue:

[Examiner] What do you say to San Francisco’s oppositional reaction to your rally?

[Gibson] …I constantly promote love. In love, you don’t see skin color. I’m trying to focus on who people are on the inside…There’s a lot of liberals I have common ground with. Moderates.

[Examiner] OK, if you’re down the middle, who do you agree with on the left?

[Gibson] In my view, half of America. Gay rights, being against the drug war…

[Examiner] In a Facebook live event you said San Francisco is disgusting. What did you mean?

[Gibson] Downtown San Francisco just looks horrible. I’m not blaming the left. It’s the hate, and the drugs.

[Examiner] Do you mean the homeless?

[Gibson] No. I used to be homeless…

[Examiner] What ethnicity are you, by the way?

[Gibson] I’m Japanese.

[Examiner] How do you feel about the political pushback?

[Gibson] Pelosi is lying for her own selfish reasons. She quadrupled the size of the rally. She made it more dangerous, with complete lies.

[Examiner] What about San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee?

[Gibson] It’s the same. It’s a complete lie for political gain [that the rally is a white supremacist rally].

[Examiner] But your rallies have attracted white supremacists, skinheads and neo-Nazis before. Why should anyone believe they will not, again?

[Gibson] We won’t let any extremists speak. We’ll let moderates speak. It’s a big part of the goal. We have 10 speakers now, and out of them, we have one white male speaking…We made signs saying we don’t support Identity Europa. I’ve literally disowned white supremacists [in his videos]…

Feel free to Read The Whole Thing; I tried to give the essence. Or you can check out Tucker’s interview with Gibson – who appears to be mixed-race, including Japanese-American.

Also, here’s a link to video where Gibson identifies as a “person of color” (his term) and emphasizes that Patriot Prayer is about spirituality and unity.

Now, what did Nasty Pelosi have to say about this guy? She called his rally “white supremacist”, flat out, then tried to imply that the Trump White House was behind San Francisco’s local decision to permit the rally.

This is a dark moment. The Alt Left – including Nancy Pelosi and other politicians who enjoy the Alt Left’s hateful violence and refuse to limit or deny it anything – has taken America to a very bad place. Half of America is to be stripped of its constitutional rights to speech and assembly, based on demagoguing the other half with lies/delusions.

I’m sorry to say that Breitbart’s role in all this was not good; they initially joined the “white supremacist” smear, and had to correct. Uncharacteristic.

Demilitarizing the Federal Bureaucracy

Why is the US Postal Service stockpiling ammunition? Also, why is the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration stockpiling ammunition? And why is the Social Security Administration stockpiling ammunition?

Why does the EPA have SWAT Teams? And why does the Department of Education have SWAT Teams? And why do the Railroad Retirement Board, the Tennessee Valley Authority, the Office of Personnel Management, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service all have SWAT Teams?

None of these bureaucracies are law enforcement agencies. It makes no sense for them to have armed, much less paramilitary, units.

A Republican (of course) Congressman from Utah is contemplating a bill to defund the paramilitary operations of regulatory bureaucracies. He will no doubt be attacked as a radical, extremist, Whackobird… because that’s what happens to anyone who proposes common sense reform measures these days.

What To Do With An American Traitor?

Uber progressive blogger and Islamic terror apologist Glenn Greenwald is whining about how PFC Bradley Manning (alleged Wikileaks source, and anti-DADT activist) is being treated.  It is cute how in the beginning of his piece, Greenwald goes to great lengths to distance Manning from the Wikileaks story; but by the end is lauding Manning’s treasonous behavior and labeling him a “hero” (cue Berkeley City Council).

Bradley Manning, the 22-year-old U.S. Army Private accused of leaking classified documents to WikiLeaks, has never been convicted of that crime, nor of any other crime.  Despite that, he has been detained at the U.S. Marine brig in Quantico, Virginia for five months — and for two months before that in a military jail in Kuwait — under conditions that constitute cruel and inhumane treatment and, by the standards of many nations, even torture.  Interviews with several people directly familiar with the conditions of Manning’s detention, ultimately including a Quantico brig official (Lt. Brian Villiard) who confirmed much of what they conveyed, establishes that the accused leaker is subjected to detention conditions likely to create long-term psychological injuries.

Since his arrest in May, Manning has been a model detainee, without any episodes of violence or disciplinary problems.  He nonetheless was declared from the start to be a “Maximum Custody Detainee,” the highest and most repressive level of military detention, which then became the basis for the series of inhumane measures imposed on him.

Oh boo freaking hoo.  Glenn and I had a minor dustup on the topic via Twitter yesterday:

ME:  GayPatriot: RT @GregMitch: Glenn Greenwald on Bradley Manning held under “inhumane condiitons” possibly constituting “torture.” // Aww, cry me a river.

GG response:   @ggreenwald: You’d be crying a river – and doing much more – if you were held under inhumane conditions without being convicted of anything

My response: GayPatriot: I wouldn’t have committed treason against my country while wearing the uniform cuz my boyfriend dumped me. He’s a pissy bitch.

“Lexington Concord” at RedState has the right idea as to what to do with Manning (and any other Wikileaks sources, I might add).  It is priceless…

Glenn Greenwald is constantly telling us that the reason the terrorists want to kill us is not because they are regressive degenerates who hate Western values like freedom and tolerance, but rather because they just don’t like our military policies and how we’re all meddling in their business.

Well, I am not a man without a heart, so I am willing to propose a solution to Greenwald’s problem which I am confident the Army would be amenable to. As an added bonus, it will serve as an opportunity to validate Glenn Greenwald’s views on the causes of Islamic terrorism. We will give Bradley Manning his pillow and blankie back, and remove him from solitary confinement. In fact, we’ll let him be around lots of people. We’ll call an emissary with the Taliban or Al Qaeda, and tell them that we have a political prisoner to release to them, no strings attached. We will tell them that we are going to release to them an American who thoroughly rejects our interventionist policies and our military meddling – he rejects them so strongly, in fact, that he did everything in his power to see that American soldiers were killed and that Islamic terrorists were given access to our operational details. Therefore, we have decided to let him go to be with the Taliban so that he can self-actualize and join the fight against America with them.

I’m sure that like John Walker Lindh, the Taliban will be happy to have an American like this on board. So we’ll drive Manning out there to meet them at some safe remote location in Afghanistan somewhere, and we’ll release Manning and let him rush to join his new Taliban brethren.

Then we’ll tell them he’s gay.

Sign me up to help complete this diplomatic arrangement!  I think Manning would prefer my solution anyway:  firing squad.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)


CNN Downplays Ayers’ Terrorist Past

Posted by GayPatriotWest at 5:57 pm - November 14, 2008.
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I have to learn to stop getting outraged at media bias.  While doing cardio at the gym today, pretty intensely so I couldn’t follow the close-captioning as closely as I would have liked, I saw a CNN segment on unrepentant terrorist William Ayers whom the “news” network identified as a ’60s radical.  As if most ’60s radicals tried to blow up federal buildings, including the Pentagon and regretted only that they didn’t set off enough bombs.

It wasn’t just that CNN called Ayers a mere radical, it was also that underneath that label, they said Palin tried to tie him to Obama.  As if he were just a guy in the president-elect’s neighborhood and not someone with whom Obama associated on a regular basis in the 1990s and quite possibly until he began service in the United States Senate.

Yes, Sarah Palin did tried to tie Ayers to Obama.  The two men did indeed have an ongoing relationship, a relationship which that very network acknowledged last month.  But, by using the line about the then-GOP vice-presidential nominee’s attempts to raise the issue, CNN made it appear a mere campaign tactic rather than a real relationship.

The more I watch CNN, the more it seems that that network is not trying to cover the president-elect, but instead cover for him.

Imagine If President Obama’s Family Friend
Was Timothy McVeigh

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 5:19 pm - November 14, 2008.
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Well, it appears the equivalent is true.  William Ayers has admitted (in a dog-bites-man story) that he is in fact a “family friend” of the Obamas.

Ayers defended his bomb-throwing past and repeated a statement that has infuriated his critics: “I don’t think we did enough.”

The college professor also argued to “Good Morning America’s” Chris Cuomo today that the bombing campaign by the Weather Underground, the group he helped found, was not terrorism.

The Weather Underground bombed the Capitol, the Pentagon and the New York City Police Department in protest of the Vietnam War.

“It’s not terrorism because it doesn’t target people, to kill or injure,” Ayers said.

Uh…. yeah.

Despite Obama’s attempt to portray their relationship as a distant one, Ayers, in a new afterward to his book “Fugitive Days,” describes Obama as a “neighbor and family friend.”

On “GMA,” Ayers again downplayed any close ties to Obama despite the reference to”family friend.”

“I’m talking there about the fact that I became an issue, unwillingly and unwittingly,” he said. “It was a profoundly dishonest narrative. … I’m describing there how the blogosphere characterized the relationship.”

“I would say, really, that we knew each other in a professional way on the same level of, say, thousands of other people,” he said.

He added, echoing a phrase that Obama used to describe Ayers, “I am a guy around the neighborhood.”

Despite admitting they are “family friends”, Ayers has the Obama Campaign’s talking points about their relationship down to a tee.


-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Ayers-Obama Primer

Courtesy:  Confederate Yankee


The Ayers-Obama Media Primer

The Weathermen were not a 1960s group.
The Weathermen formed in 1969, declared war on “AmeriKKKa” (yes, that is where the popular spelling you hear in the rants of Rev. Jeremiah Wright and on left-wing political blogs comes from) in 1970, and carried out a string of attacks that finally ended with the arrests of the final remaining Weathermen, now called the May 19 Communist Movement, in 1985. One remaining Weatherman, Elizabeth Duke, is still a fugitive from the FBI and is considered armed and dangerous.

Calling the Weathermen a 60s terrorist group, when it did almost all of its bombing in the 1970s and 1980s, is as intellectually honest as calling Duran Duran a 50s rock and roll band because Simon Le Bon was born in 1958.

Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn are domestic terrorists.
They not an “anti-war activists” nor “radicals.” Activists and radicals organize protests and sit-ins and harass elected officials.

A person that uses a bomb instead of a ballot is a terrorist. A person that leads a group of individuals that likes to use bombs instead of ballets is a terrorist leader. As this particular group of terrorists waged war against their own country, they are called domestic terrorists.

Contrary to a meme being pushed by interested parties, the Weather Underground killed innocent people.
Brian V. McDonnell an officer with the San Francisco Police, was ripped apart by shrapnel Feb 16, 1970. He succumbed to his injuries two days later. Officer Robert Fogarty was permanently injured in the same blast. FBI mole Larry Grathwohl says Bill Ayers built the bomb, and that Bernadine Dohrn placed it on the station window ledge. Nyack, NY Police Officer Waverly Brown and Sergeant Ed O’Grady, along with Brinks guard Peter Paige, were killed in an armored car robbery that was a joint operation between the Weather Underground and elements of the Black Liberation Army in 1981.

In addition to their successful homicide bombings, the Weather Underground failed in several attempts at mass murder.
On March 6, 1970, a pipe-bomb being constructed in a Greenwich Village townhouse detonated, killing three Weathermen and causing two others to flee. Recovered amid the rumble were four 12″ dynamite-filled pipe-bombs and several fused eight-stick bundles of dynamite that had been destined for a non-commissioned officers dance that night at Fort Dix, NJ, targeting American soldiers and their civilian dates. The attack would likely have been the worst terrorist attack on American soil prior to Timothy McVeigh’s attack in Oklahoma City.

Lesser known mass murder attempts of the Weathermen that same year included the attempted bombing of the Detroit Police Officers’ Association, which Ayers wanted to occur when the building was fully occupied. An FBI mole within the Weathermen, Larry Grathwohl tipped police. A 13-stick bundle of dynamite was recovered and defused. A separate bombing targeting Detroit police foiled by Grathwohl involved 2 bombs, using 44 sticks of dynamite.

In 1984, Weathermen Susan Rosenberg and Linda Evans were arrested while transporting 740 pounds of explosives and a cache of almost two dozen weapons, including a submachine gun.

Barack Obama and Bill Ayers do not cross paths casually, but have a lucrative multi-decade relationship.
Barack Obama and Bill Ayers met no later than 1987, where the worked together in the Alliance for Better Chicago Schools. There is some speculation that Ayers and Obama may have met even earlier in New York, perhaps as far back as 1984, but that connection hasn’t been firmly established.

Ayers was instrumental in forming the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, and arranged for Obama to be chairman of the Board of Directors over more qualified Board members. Obama returned the favor by funneling more than a million dollars in grants to Ayers’ Small School Workshop. Obama and Ayers served together for years on the Board of Directors of the Woods Fund. Obama was also a member of the Board of Directors of the Joyce Foundation, which may have influenced several grants made to Ayers.

Barack Obama “didnt know the history” of Bill Ayers’ and Bernadine Dohrn’s terrorist past when he kicked off his political career in their home in 1995.
Barack Obama has known Bill Ayers at least since 1987, and perhaps as far back as 1983-84. Bernardine Dohrn, once publicly labeled “the most dangerous woman in America” by none other than J. Edgar Hoover, was also well known as the inspiration for the 1988 movie Running on Empty. Subtle terrorists they were not.

Both Ayers and Dohrn were very well known throughout Chicago for their role in the “Days of Rage” riots and their terrorist leadership, and were minor celebrities among the radical leftist community Ayers, Dohrn, and Obama shared in Hyde Park.


-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Obama’s Friend Ayers and Their Shared Vision of Education

No, not from the 1960s when little Barry was just 7.

1970s?  Nope.   Maybe this is from the 1980s when Barack was you know, young and impressionable and “just getting started?

No.  This is Barack’s political mentor, Bill Ayers, in 2006.

With [anti-American Venezuelan despot Hugo] Chavez at his side, Ayers voiced his support for “the political educational reforms under way here in Venezuela under the leadership of President Chavez.  We share the belief that education is the motor-force of revolution. . . . I look forward to seeing how . . . all of you continue to overcome the failures of capitalist education as you seek to create something truly new and deeply humane.”

Ayers told the great humanitarian Chavez: “Teaching invites transformations, it urges revolutions large and small. La educacion es revolucion.” It is that form of socialist revolution that Ayers, and Obama, have worked to bring to America.

Ayers, now a tenured Distinguished Professor of Education at the University of Illinois, Chicago, works to educate teachers in socialist revolutionary ideology, urging that it be passed on to impressionable students.

This is the man who helped fund and launch the entire “idea” of Barack Obama-Politician.  Senator Obama needs to fully disclose AND explain his long ties to Bill Ayers, American Terrorist & Socialist.  Otherwise we are going to wake up in January with Bill Ayers, Secretary of Education.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Terrorists Guide to USA Elections

I’m glad I didn’t have to do all of the hard civics work and research needed to present the “Terrorists Guide to the USA Election”…. Michelle Malkin has done it for me.


-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Myrick, Knollenberg Want Action Taken Against Carter

My awesome Member of Congress, US Rep. Sue Myrick (R-NC), is standing up to ex-President Jimmy Carter’s treason and urging the Bush Adminstration to do the same.

Rep. Sue Myrick (NC-9) called on Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to revoke former President Jimmy Carter’s passport.  This is in response to the former President traveling to Syria to meet with Hamas, an organization officially designated by the United States as a Foreign Terrorist Organization.

“Former President Carter has acted in contradiction of international agreements to isolate Hamas.  He has acted in defiance of both United States policy and international policy.  His actions reward terrorists, lend support, and provide legitimacy to their belief that violence will eventually get them what they want,” said Rep. Myrick. 

After Hamas won the 2006 Palestinian parliamentary elections the Quartet (US, UN, EU and Russia) called on Hamas to renounce terror, recognize Israel and recognize the previous agreements between the Palestinian Authority and Israel as they seek an agreement to make peace.  Hamas has categorically rejected these three conditions for more than two years.

Congress granted the Secretary of State the power to grant and verify passports.  In 1981, the United States Supreme Court held in the case of Haig v. Agee that the Secretary of State has the implied power to revoke passports as well (453 U.S. 280).  

Myrick will be on FOX News Channel today between 2pm and 2:30pm to discuss the Carter passport plan in further detail with E. D. Hill.

US Rep. Joe Knollenberg (R-MI) is going even further by proposing HR 5816 — the CARTER Act — which would cease all taxpayer funding of the ex-President’s “Carter Center”.    The Carter Center already receives lots of money from sources throughout the Middle East.

In addition to my call for the US Senate to Censure Jimmy Carter, perhaps his return flight to the USA could include a military winged escort and diversion to a certain holding facility in Cuba?

GP Ed. Note:  As of today, I’m now categorizing any posts about Jimmy Carter in the “American Terrorist” category.  We have also added the category “American Embarrassments” so we can capture Carter-related items there too.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

American Al-Qaeda Warns of Attacks Greater than 9/11

Is this guy channeling the Democrat Party talking points or what?

An American member of Al-Qaeda warned in an Internet video that US President George W. Bush should withdraw all his troops from Muslim land or face attacks worse than September 11. Adam Gadahn, a convert to Islam who has been indicted for treason by a US jury, issued a list of demands and warned they were not up for negotiation.“Your failure to heed our demands means that you and your people… will experience things that will make you forget all about the horrors of September 11, Afghanistan and Iraq, and Virginia Tech,” he said in the video posted on Tuesday.

“You’re losing on all fronts and losing big time,” said Gadahn, who is the English-language spokesman for Osama bin Laden’s terror network.

But hey… American liberals… we aren’t at war, are we?  I mean his use of the phrase “all fronts” obviously doesn’t mean that al-Qaeda views Iraq as a front in World War III…. that would be crazy talk!

“We don’t negotiate with war criminals and baby killers like you. No, these are legitimate demands which must be met,” he said.

Wow, now the American terrorist is starting to sound like Democrat politicians John Kerry, Jack Murtha and Dick Durbin.  I guess al-Qaeda does listen to the American Democrats talking points.


-Bruce (GayPatriot)

The Islamic Terrorists Next Door

I was out working with one of my managers in Michigan last week and he asked me a question that got me thinking:  “Bruce, do you really think there are sleeper cells in the USA?”   I told him, yes — partly from things I know from friends in the intelligence community.  And partly because of my current bias due to watching the outstanding SHOWTIME series “Sleeper Cell: American Terror” (which is the 2nd season of this program).

One of the main characters in “Sleeper Cell” is an FBI informant.  While attending a meeting while undercover with his jihadist gang in Los Angeles, one of the true holy warriors asks the FBI agent (I’m paraphrasing) “who would ever believe a jihadist was a store owner?”   The FBI informant (keeping his cover as the group’s lead) replies “who would believe that a jihadist is a nanny?”  He then glances over to the Dutch-born Muslim extremist woman who, in fact watches over two American children during the daytime…while at night plotting the death of Americans.

I’m planning to do a more complete review on Sleeper Cell which I’ve downloaded to my iPod.  But you can still catch repeats on SHOWTIME through June.

With the “nanny comment” as an intro, I call your attention to the announcement yesterday of the breakup of the “sleeper cell” in New Jersey yesterday.

The FBI arrested six people last night, including five in Cherry Hill, for an alleged plot to kill soldiers at Fort Dix, several federal officials said.

Greg Reinert, a Justice Department spokesman in Camden, described the six as “Islamic radicals . . . who were involved in a plot to kill U.S. soldiers at Fort Dix in New Jersey.”

“Their alleged intention was to conduct an armed assault on the Army base and to kill as many soldiers as possible,” he said.

While there is no suggestion that these individuals were operating under an al-Qaeda umbrella, clearly there are “sleeper cells” in our American neighborhoods.  Americans need to wake up and realize that there is a global war against our freedom and way of life.  It isn’t fair that our volunteers in the US Armed Forces are the only ones having to defend us. 

And our national media organizations aren’t doing us any favors when they are continually chipping away at our national resolve to fight this war.  (*cough* Keith Olbermann *cough*)

Especially when there are Islamic terrorists next door.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Virginia Tech Horror

There’s not much to say that isn’t being said by others today. I saw the tragic news when I stepped off a plane in Washington, DC this afternoon. I felt much like I did on 9/11…. shock, horror, disbelief.

My prayers go out to all of the families who will be impacted by this tragedy. It makes my heart ache.

Latest news on the massacre at The Roanoke Times website.


I thought these words from Peggy Noonan that she wrote after the Columbine school massacres were worth reflecting on again today.

The fish–your child–is bombarded and barely knows it. But the waves contain words like this, which I’ll limit to only one source, the news:

. . . was found strangled and is believed to have been sexually molested . . . had her breast implants removed . . . took the stand to say the killer was smiling the day the show aired . . . said the procedure is, in fact, legal infanticide . . . is thought to be connected to earlier sexual activity among teens . . . court battle over who owns the frozen sperm . . . contains songs that call for dominating and even imprisoning women . . . died of lethal injection . . . had threatened to kill her children . . . said that he turned and said, “You better put some ice on that” . . . had asked Kevorkian for help in killing himself . . . protested the game, which they said has gone beyond violence to sadism . . . showed no remorse . . . which is about a wager over whether he could sleep with another student . . . which is about her attempts to balance three lovers and a watchful fiancé . . .

This is the ocean in which our children swim. This is the sound of our culture. It comes from all parts of our culture and reaches all parts of our culture, and all the people in it, which is everybody…

And there’s more. We forget, those of us who are middle-aged, that we grew up in a time of saner, less sick-making images and sounds.

For instance, the culture of crime only began to explode in the 1960s. We have lived in it for 30 years, and most of us turned out OK. So we think our children will be OK too. But they never had a normal culture against which to balance the newer, sicker one. They have no reference points to the old, boring normality. We assume they know what we know: “This is not right.” But why would they know that? The water in which they swim is the only water they’ve known…

The title of the column: The Culture of Death.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

UPDATE (from GPW): Like Bruce, I don’t have much to say that others have not already said. I read about the situation and wonder that even as civilization advances, evil persists. Despite all our best efforts, we can’t seem to eradicate it from human hearts.

American Terrorists Caught Helping Al-Qaeda

I’ve been keeping this news item in my email box for a couple of weeks.

Man Pleads Guilty in NY Terror Case – (April 3)

Mahmud Faruq Brent, of Gwynn Oak, Md., pleaded guilty to one count of material support for terrorism on Monday in federal court in Manhattan. Brent admitted traveling to Pakistan to receive military and terrorism training at a Lashkar-e-Taiba camp and then returning to the United States.

When Brent entered court, some of his 40 or so relatives and friends who had gathered shouted “Allahu Akbar.” After the hearing, a few shouted “We love you” as Brent was led away. On secret recordings made by the FBI, Brent allegedly said going to the camp was “one of the better decisions in my life.”

Hmmm.. “Allahu Akbar.”  Wasn’t that what the Imams were also shouting on that airplane a couple months back?  Coincidence, I’m sure…

Well I’m posting on the NY terror case today because I noticed this news yesterday:  Ohio Man Charged of Assisting Al-Qaeda – Washington Times.

A federal grand jury has indicted a U.S. citizen on charges of joining al Qaeda and conspiring to bomb European tourist resorts and U.S. government facilities and military bases overseas.  The investigation of Christopher Paul, 43, of Columbus spanned four years, three continents and at least eight countries, FBI agent Tim Murphy said today. 

Mr. Paul trained with al Qaeda in the early 1990s, according to the indictment issued yesterday. It says he told al Qaeda members in Pakistan and Afghanistan that he was dedicated to committing violent jihad. 

“The indictment of Christopher Paul paints a disturbing picture of an American who traveled overseas to train as a violent jihadist, joined the ranks of al Qaeda and provided military instruction and support to radical cohorts both here and abroad,” Assistant U.S. Attorney General Kenneth Wainstein said.

And now I’d like to reference my exchange with commenter “Kevin” earlier this week.  You see, Kevin, these Americans DO have something to worry about and SHOULD have their civil liberties infringed on because they ARE terrorists trying to KILL YOU.  So far, you still haven’t provided one example of (according to you) the FBI is “illegally using the Patriot Act” to go after American Citizens.

In a world war being waged on our civilization, I know most Americans agree that we have to sacrifice something for the good of all.  Kevin and those like him want to pretend these people are not in this country trying to kill us, and instead blame the President for destroying our nation.  Bizarro World, folks.

Oh, and pssssssst…. neither of these terror suspects are Christians or Jews.  I guess they are what the French would call “bands of youths.”

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

American Traitor for Al-Qaeda Captured In Somalia

Al-Qaeda is now finding Americans (that don’t fit the 9/11 attackers’ profile) who are willing to be trained to blow themselves up and take as many of their fellow Americans as possible. (via FOX News)

An American citizen charged with receiving terrorist training at an Al Qaeda camp in Somalia — including classes in how to become a homicide bomber and “wage violent jihad” — was taken into custody by FBI agents and returned to the U.S. Monday night night, Justice Department officials told FOX News.

An indictment unsealed Tuesday by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Houston charges Daniel Joseph Maldanado, 28, a.k.a Daniel Aljughaifi, whose last known address was in Houston, with receiving training from a foreign terrorist organization and conspiring to use an explosive device outside the United States.

I am trying to track down some more information on Maldanado/Aljughaifi…. I have one lead I am pursuing already.  If anyone has any knowledge of this guy or his history, please email me.  For example, I wonder what political party (if any) he was registered with in the USA??

They should put this guy in front of a firing squad at Ground Zero in NYC.

**UPDATE**Is this Daniel’s blog?

-Bruce (GayPatriot)