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Joss, Joss: Sorry but you’re a moron

From Breitbart, Joss Whedon Film Imagines World Without ‘Beacon of Hope’ Planned Parenthood

The 3-minute film shows tears, frustration, and desperation in its imaginary world without Planned Parenthood, where scholarships are lost and projects interrupted all because the abortion giant isn’t present to erase the consequences of people’s sexual decisions…

As if people wouldn’t quickly move to a mix of adoption, privately-funded abortion, privately-funded birth control, non-vaginal sex, abstinence and/or condoms.

And I say that as a supporter of first-semester abortion rights. Even I can recognize when abortion advocates are dishonest.

“Planned Parenthood is a beacon of hope, and anyone trying to shut it down is committing an act of evil. It’s not just inhumane — it’s inhuman.

No, Joss. What’s evil, inhumane and inhuman (you can picture his face and voice cracking on that one) is:

  1. Late-term abortion.
  2. Forcing your fellow citizens to fund it.
  3. Painting murderers as heroes.
  4. Assuming that anything YOU like, has to be funded by taxpayers (rather than yourself).

But we know Joss has problems:

On Mother’s Day, he tweeted his gratitude for his mother’s death 25 years earlier so she wouldn’t have to live in a world where Donald Trump was president…

…and his other tweets gleefully picture graphic violence happening to Republicans.

UPDATE – Unrelated? I almost blogged on this yesterday: Man rompers. Hipsters in baby clothes.

seven male models in ridiculous one piece baby suits known as rompers

Joss Whedon has nothing to do with this, so I can’t imagine why my subconscious connects it to him. But it does.

Sometimes it’s fun to watch, part II

The unimportant Stephen Colbert makes a fact-free slam about President Trump fellating Vladimir Putin. Nothing worth mentioning, there.

He imagines that he’s being relevant or edgy or manly. Still nothing worth mentioning.

People ask what would happen if any comedian made such a slam on President Obama (who, in a most embarrassing moment in 2012, promised the Russians to be nicer than he was letting on with American voters). Example #1,234,511,998 to point out the Left’s double standards. True, but still not much to mention.

Then #FireColbert becomes a thing as people start noticing that Colbert’s slur was essentially, um, homophobic.

Taking double standards to a new low, left-wing celebrities defend Colbert’s slur. (Among them, the execrable George Takei.)

Predictably, Colbert claims the devil made him do it (Trump).

What happens next?

Sometimes it’s fun to watch

Has Oliver Stone, the conspiracy-minded filmmaker, committed high crimes of HERESY and TREASON by questioning the Russia narrative?

“Mr. Putin is one of the most important leaders in the world and in so far as the United States has declared him an enemy – a great enemy – I think it’s very important we hear what he has to say.”

“[Stone’s new Putin documentary] opens up a whole viewpoint that we as Americans haven’t heard,” Stone said. “We went to see him four different times over two years.”

When questioned about allegations made by Democrats and the political left that President Trump has direct connections to Russia, Stone replied: “That’s a path that leads nowhere to my mind.”

“That’s an internal war of politics in the US in which the Democratic party has taken a suicide pact or something to blow him up; in other words, to completely de-legitimise him and in so doing blow up the US essentially,” he said. “What they’re doing is destroying the trust that exists between people and government. It’s a very dangerous position to make accusations you cannot prove.”

I’m old enough to remember when the Left stood for peace (or thought it did) and “understanding the Russians” was mandatory, as was “respecting the results of elections”. Stone is old enough, too. It will be fun to see if they’re going to turn on him.

The Neverending Tantrum

So, the first weekend of Trump’s presidency was marked by women throwing tantrums over — actually, I defy you to find a coherent concern in their message. Seriously, if you can stand to watch Puffy Judd’s screeching speech, there’s really nothing substantive in it. Trump is not going around grabbing women by the cooch, and there’s nothing in his administration, so far, to suggest that abortion and birth control are going to be illegal. It was basically a big tantrum because Hillary lost.

And the this weekend, leftists turned out to protest against the notion that people entering the USA from high-risk terror states should receive more screening (which they called a “Muslim Ban”). Seriously, this rather reasonable proposition is ostensibly what the left (and virtue-signaling celebrities) were tantruming about. (I still think it’s still about Hillary losing.)

If you want to know what the tantrums next weekend will be about…. well…. Trump is reportedly going to name his Supreme Court nominee. I can already predict that no matter who he, or she, is… the pick will be described as “out of the mainstream,” “extremist,” and “a threat to the gains made by women, LGBT, and minorities.” Doesn’t matter who it is; the editorials have already been written with a black space for the name.

And that’s going to be a big “Hillary lost” tantrum because the left thought they almost had completely their absolute takeover of Government with five solid leftist votes. (And maybe a couple more under Hillary.) Democrat presidents do not appoint swing votes. (Who is the David Souter of the left? The Anthony Kennedy? The Justice whose vote on any matter cannot be predicted.)

The next four years are going to be non-stop leftists-behaving-like-spoiled-brats-in-the-toy-aisle-of-Wal-Mart, and nobody will have the guts to smack them.

Yup, Perfectly Normal

Posted by V the K at 5:29 pm - June 10, 2016.
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TLC has a show, apparently (I don’t have cable) called “I Am Jazz” that attempts to show how normal and healthy it is to be a transgender teen: “Normal and healthy” defined as “addicted to anti-depressants, emotionally unstable and generating massive drama for everyone around you.”

Mom (to Grandmother): So I have to stop at the drug store to get this medicine as soon as possible, because she told me this morning, ‘Oh mom, I’m out of my antidepressants’.

Jazz: Sucks to think that I have to rely on medications to be emotionally balanced. My body is crap, and I feel it.

Mom (to camera): It’s very, very clear when Jazz is not herself. She…it’s like a light switch…she turns off and she turns on. Between the drugs that are given to her, and the side effects and the depression that she battles, she’s predictably unpredictable.

Hmmm, maybe giving massive amounts of hormones and psychoactive pharmaceuticals to mentally unstable adolescents is not such a good idea.

If Jazz is upset now, wait until Jazz finds out normal straight teenage boys are just not into “girls” with penises.

I guess teaching people to love and accept the bodies they are born with is just not an option.

Hat Tip: Papa Giorgio

Bizarro President Him Make Good Sense, Hello.

Posted by V the K at 6:05 am - June 7, 2016.
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According to Obama, if a behavior is socially stigmatized, you get more of it. If a behavior is accepted and approved by society, you get less of it.

 In a statement reflecting on the 35th anniversary of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s “report on what would later be understood as the first documented case of AIDS,” President Barack Obama said Sunday that “stigma and silence” “foster transmission” of the virus, which is most often spread through men having sex with men, according to the CDC.

“We’ve learned that stigma and silence don’t just fuel ignorance, they foster transmission and give life to a plague,” Obama said. “We’ve seen that testing, treatment, education, and acceptance can not only save and extend lives, but fight the discrimination that halted progress for too long.

I am just barely old enough to remember at the start of the AIDS epidemic when WFB suggested that people who have AIDS should be marked as a warning to potential partners. He was attacked as a bigot. Fast-Forward to the 2010’s and hiv positive gay men proudly sport biohazard tattoos to strut their status, and there are entire websites devoted to celebrating and promoting HIV transmission.

Does this sound like “stigma” to you?

The whole “bug-chasing” thing is kind of fascinating if you’re into deviant psychology. I feel like it all started because HIV positive men still wanted to get laid, so they created this whole thing about how sexy and authentically ghey it was to have HIV.

Think of it as analogous to the seen in ‘Billy Madison’ where Adam Sandler wets his pants and tells all the kids, ‘It’s the coolest!’ Originally, he does it to take away the stigma of pants-wetting so that a kid who wet his pants doesn’t feel bad about it. The result is that all the kids then wet their pants because Adam Sandler convinced them that it’s cool.

And, of course, there’s this whole “Domination/Submission” dynamic that a lot of gays find erotic. Not to mention, becoming HIV positive makes one an instant “Victim-Hero” in a culture that celebrates self-inflicted victimhood.


Annuncio Stupidicus!

Posted by V the K at 10:58 am - March 19, 2016.
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Emma Watson — who is eminently qualified to comment on the needs of oppressed women by virtue of making millions of dollars playing an obnoxious know-it-all in a series of children’s movies  — opines that more women have been killed by ‘gender discrimination’ than in all the wars of the past century.

“More lives are lost from violence against women, sex-selective abortion, female infanticide, suicide, egregious maternal mortality, and other sex-linked causes than were lost during all of the wars and civil strife of 20th century.“

Wait… Wait… Wait…

Hold the phone.

Is she saying abortion for sex selection is wrong?

But isn’t that a woman’s choice? On Demand? Without Apology? Anytime, anyplace, for any reason and paid for by the state?

How dare she!

Take your rape culture elsewhere, Hermione.

Obama loses P.Diddy?

In 2004, the rapper formerly known as Puff Daddy was active with the “Vote or Die” group to encourage youth voter turnout. In 2008, he upped it to “Obama or Die”.

Guess what he says today?

During a recent Q&A at Revolt’s music conference, Diddy let loose with his true thoughts about voting.

Asked how young people could make themselves heard in the upcoming election, Diddy said, “See the things that’s tricky about politics is there’s so much bullsh*t with it. We started Vote or Die and… and from the community we’re in, we’re not with hearing too much of the bullsh*t. So that’s why we get disenfranchised, [we’re] disconnected because nothing that they’re saying actually relates to us… So Vote or Die, and getting out the vote, those things [were] laid out there so people could understand about the process. We started Vote or Die, and the whole process was all full of sh*t. The whole sh*t is a scam.”

He then added that people could still vote if they wanted: “At the end of the day, I’m not telling you not to vote. But I’m saying be a realist and know that they’re motherf*cking kicking some bullsh*t up there.”

Ya think?

And Obama is still President, so….is that who he’s talking about?

The gender pay gap: a myth?

Like others, I don’t care much about the Oscars. But I understand that Patricia Arquette made a stir on Sunday night, with her speech about “All women deserve equal pay”.

Let’s be clear: Women and men absolutely deserve equal pay, when we’re talking about equal work. That is: work of the same category and experience level, that either a woman or man could do, done with equally good results, under equally good (or bad) conditions.

The point of contention is: Are left-wing feminists really talking about that? Are they correct to claim a large gender gap exists? And are left-wing politicians correct, when they claim to be the answer?

Powerline reminds us of research from 2011 about the gender gap being a myth. And also how, on the surface at least, Hillary and Obama are hypocrites – for example, Hillary has paid her women 72 cents on the dollar (compared to her men). While left-wing hypocrisy is a delightfully inexhaustible subject, the first piece is most interesting for the points it makes.

Basically, research supports the idea that men *on average* tend to choose more dangerous (or less popular) careers; more stressful specializations within the same career; and more uncomfortable and undesirable work locations. And tend (on average) to work longer hours including more nights and weekends, and to take fewer lengthy mid-career breaks. When adjusted for such factors, the gender pay gap disappears – or even turns slightly in favor of women.

If you disagree, please feel free to post your facts/logic in the comments.

UPDATE: Peter Schiff makes a good point, that if he *could* pay a woman less for the same work, women would have a competitive advantage. He “would be an idiot to hire a man” – and would gladly hire nothing but women. He doesn’t, because it just isn’t so. (At least in financial services. Maybe, over in show business, George Clooney’s career will indeed age better than Patricia Arquette’s.)

UPDATE: At the same link, Schiff adds, “in adult entertainment [as opposed to Arquette/Hollywood] women are paid much more…this disparity has nothing to do with discrimination…The porn audience cares about the female stars…So pay rates reflect market forces…I wonder if at the next Adult Video News awards a male winner will demand equal pay during his acceptance speech?”

PC Police in a Lather Over Michael Sam Shower Report

The media obsession with gay NFL player Michael Sam… the famous gay athlete who is famous for being gay… has, sort of backfired on ESPN. An ESPN reporter, trying to fill the much-needed void of information about every aspect of Michael Sam, did a report on what may, or may not have been, his showering habits and what may, or may not have been, his teammate’s response to them.

It was a stupid story, and no doubt, it was as a result of ESPN trying to find an angle on the famous gay athlete and how his teammates were accepting the famous gay athlete in their midst. But instead, it provoked a backlash, a huge stink was raised, because as a society, we have lost the ability to say “Well, that was stupid,” and move on. No, every offense to PC sensibilities has to be an Outrage! Just ask Sophia Vergara.

ESPN was, of course, forced to bow down before the sensitivities of hypersensitive, neurotic gays and other stupid people whose feelers were hurt, and issue an obsequious apology.

Gee, remember all those intolerant bigots who thought the hype over Michael Sam’s sexuality would be a huge distraction and headache?

The Endless Hard Times of the Clinton Family

Posted by V the K at 8:50 pm - June 23, 2014.
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Chelsea Clinton — who lives in a $1oM NYC apartment, whose wedding to an investment banker cost an estimated $3M, and who got paid $600K by NBC News for one year of part-time work — wants you to know, she just doesn’t care about money. (Kind of like how people in Saudi Arabia don’t care about sand.)

Hillary Clinton insists she isn’t “well-off” and now daughter Chelsea says she couldn’t care less about money.

“I was curious if I could care about (money) on some fundamental level, and I couldn’t,” she told UK’s The Telegraph, explaining why she gave up lucrative gigs to join her family’s philanthropic foundation.

Do you ever wonder what winners of the Lucky Sperm Lottery would be doing if they had not been born into wealthy, powerful families? Chelsea Clinton seems to have no discernible gifts or talent. Likewise, Jeb Bush, Luke Russert, Jaden Smith, Al Gore, and any given Kennedy.

The more our country becomes a Socialist Aristocracy, the greater will be the mediocrity among our elite ruling class.

#bringwhateverandstuff … Is this really how we handle things now?

I don’t really know how to express how puerile and silly the whole thing with the First Lady and that hashtag thing was, so I’ve put it down in a few thousand words instead (and included a thousand empty ones for you to play along and do your own as well).

(By the way, a whole bunch more here. I haven’t read through all of them, so if I accidentally ripped someone off with one of mine, it was totally unintentional.)

Have fun

Nick (ColoradoPatriot, from The Ranch)






Meat Is Murder, Tasty, Sexy Murder

Posted by V the K at 12:04 pm - January 6, 2014.
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This story about washed-up eighties pop star Morrissey is presented without editiorial comment, because it doesn’t need it.

[Morrissey told his followers.] “I see no difference between eating animals and paedophilia. They are both rape, violence, murder.”

And, if you do eat meat, he’d treat you like one, too.

“If I’m introduced to anyone who eats beings, I walk away. Imagine, for example, if you were in a nightclub and someone said to you, ‘Hello, I enjoy bloodshed, throat-slitting and the destruction of life.’ Well, I doubt if you’d want to exchange phone numbers.”

IDK. Sounds more interesting than drinking cocoa and talking about health care.


Is Rielle’s apology real?

Posted by Jeff (ILoveCapitalism) at 11:03 am - October 15, 2013.
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Rielle Hunter admits wrongdoing, in moral language for her affair with John Edwards:

“For years I was so viciously attacked by the media and the world that I felt like a victim. I now realize that the attacks are actually beside the point. The point is: I behaved badly.”

Hunter apologized for her “wrong, selfish behavior,” admitting that she did not consider the “scope” of her actions when she became involved with Edwards in 2006 and how it “could hurt so many people.” She specifically apologized for the pain she inflicted on Elizabeth Edwards, who died of breast cancer in 2010.

“I hurt Elizabeth and her kids. I hurt her family. I hurt John’s family. I hurt people that knew Elizabeth. I hurt people who didn’t know Elizabeth but loved her from afar. I hurt people who gave their hard earned dollars to a campaign — a cause they believed in,” she wrote. “I hurt people who are married and believe in marriage. Many of these people have let me know that I hurt them. Unfortunately, I was not thinking about anyone but myself. I was selfish. I fell in love with John Edwards and wanted to be with him and that desire trumped everything else. “

I’m remarking on it because the no-responsibility, no-moral language, no-admission, “I’m sorry if YOU got offended by me; what am I supposed to do?” non-apology has become such a staple of modern culture. And this appears to be the opposite.

On the cynical side: Hunter is trying to sell her book right now. But if we (as a culture) have reached the point where wrong-doers finally have to give convincing apologies if they want to make news and sell books…I don’t know, it might be positive? Should we hope it gets trendy?

Bradley/Chelsea Manning: Should we care?

All week, I’ve had a nagging feeling that the GP blog should say something on this…but what? And why? After all, it’s just celebrity nonsense.

But I will make this easy observation: If Manning likes men, and always felt herself to be a woman, then she was never actually a gay man whose struggle with homosexuality drove her actions. She was/is just a straight woman who broke her oath.

Walters and Goldberg: It’s Okay to say “retarded”

In GP comments, we’ve seen the occasional mini-kerfuffle over someone’s references to the mentally handicapped: whether they were hurtful, or whether the critics (those claiming hurt) were just playing mind games, etc.

In that light, it’s interesting to note that beloved lefties Bill Maher, Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Walters all agree that it’s perfectly OK for a comedian to mock Sarah Palin’s Down Syndrome child as “retarded”:

Maher mocked Palin’s special needs son by referring to him as “retarded” during a June 8 Las Vegas show…

Walters, who grew up with a special needs sister, said on June 17 on The View that she did not think Maher was “mean-spirited” when he referred to Palin’s son as “retarded.” Walters speculated that Maher did not know the word could be hurtful…even Walters’s in-studio audience was not buying this defense and was left silent…

Goldberg lamely tried to assist Walters, saying “we, society took the word ‘retarded’ and made it into something derogatory…When I was a kid, it wasn’t derogatory…” Video here.

I regret that I couldn’t find the exact original quote of Maher’s, but Walters and Goldberg clearly wanted to speak out in Maher’s favor: the camera flashed to an old family photo of Walters’ as she spoke, which means that Walters’ remarks were planned.

So, what’s the official standard? Is it still baaaaad to refer to anybody (whether mentally challenged or not) as “retarded” – with an exception for Republicans perhaps, or Sarah Palin’s children? On what grounds?

Lefties, please don’t try to say “Oh who cares, it’s only Bill Maher” – because it isn’t, now: it’s also Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Walters.

Al Gore: Romney-rich

From Bloomberg[1]: Gore Is Romney-Rich With $200 Million After Bush Defeat

In 1999, Al Gore…had a net worth of about $1.7 million…In January, the Current TV network, which he helped to start in 2004, was sold to Qatari-owned Al Jazeera Satellite Network for about $500 million [of which Gore] grossed an estimated $70 million…

Two weeks later, Gore exercised options, at $7.48 a share, on 59,000 shares of Apple Inc. stock…about a $30 million payday…

How Gore achieved this is as much about timing and luck as it is about business skills. His Apple board tenure has coincided with a 5,900 percent increase in its stock price. Current TV was a moribund “fixer-upper” when Al Jazeera stepped in to buy it at “a huge valuation,”…

Gore also had his share of flubs, most of them in his efforts at green-tech investing…

The article goes on to report praise of Gore – from people who likely got money or power by being connected with him. And to give numerous examples of Gore making money from, in essence, being well-connected. Here is one pair:

After losing to Bush [in 2000], he had enough wealth by March 2008 to put $35 million into hedge funds and private partnerships through Capricorn Investment Group…founded by his buddy, Canadian billionaire Jeffrey Skoll…

By the time of the Capricorn investment, he was already starting to rake in cash from Generation Investment Management – – a fund that incorporates “sustainability” into its investment approach. [ed: I read that as government “green” subsidies] Gore co-founded GIM in 2004 with former Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Managing Director David W. Blood. [ed: Goldman-Sachs are top Obama donors]

Public filings show that in 2008 through 2011 London-based GIM racked up almost 140 million pounds ($218 million) in profits to be split among its 26 partners.

There are more examples; you can read the whole thing. What I find interesting is:

  • The latest confirmation that, actually, Democrats are the party of the super-rich.
  • The Gore-Romney contrast; how each man got rich. Romney did it by adding to the economy’s productive power[2]. Gore did it by exploiting his connections to the American government’s power and largesse, and also by pandering to the prejudices of various anti-Americans.[3]


Smart Phones and Rude People

I saw this article on Yahoo Monday about a TED talk Sergey Brin gave last week, where he discussed the ways that he finds his smart phone “emasculating.”  I don’t have a strong opinion on that topic, but it’s also partly because I don’t have a smart phone.  I’m not really a luddite as much as I am true to the Swiss, German and Scottish parts of my ancestry in my frugality and my reluctance to adopt the latest fads, especially when those fads come with a monthly fee I’d rather not have to pay.

I only have a rather primitive cell phone, and I rarely use it very often.   I remember back around 2000 watching the Oprah show one day when Oprah confessed she didn’t have a cell phone, and she couldn’t understand why people needed to be available that way at all times and in all places.  While I’m sure Oprah has relented and gotten not just a cell phone but a smart phone by now, I still remember her remark in resisting that particular technology.

But while I might not have a smart phone, most of the other folks I know or encounter have one.  And that brings me around to my topic of the moment.  I’m less worried about whether or not smart phones are “emasculating” than I am about their tendency to make people more self-absorbed, oblivious, and frankly rude.

I’m appalled at work when I see people checking their smartphones during meetings, but I see it all the time.  And then there is the matter of the folks who text (or play “Angry Birds”) while walking or crossing the street or, worse, while driving.

My particular gripe at the moment is something that I see more and more frequently when I fly these days, and that is people who flout the rule against using their cell phones during flight.  Maybe it is an unnecessary rule, but it is still a rule, and ostensibly a rule put in place for everyone’s safety.  Nevertheless, I’ve witnessed people within my line of sight who don’t turn off their phones when instructed, or who furtively turn them on in mid-flight to start texting or checking e-mails (and I’m not talking about a flight with wi-fi), or who hide them away only to have them ring during flight.   On one of my most recent flights, a phone rang and a guy took the call and started talking as we were going into the final descent before landing.   I’m not a frequent flyer, so if I’ve witnessed all of these things, I can’t be the only one.

Maybe I’m just being a grouch, but it seems to me that the advances in communications technology have desensitized many people (and not just the Alec Baldwins of the world) to the demands of common courtesy and common sense.

SiriusXM Gay Leftist Host Michelangelo Signorile
Issues Apology, Of Sorts

Here is Bully Signorile’s attempt at apologizing, printed in full.

On Wednesday I challenged a gay caller, Wess, who expressed his support for Mitt Romney. While expressing the thought that any gay person who votes for Romney is doing himself harm, I began an analogy in the wrong place. After the caller said he voted for Romney, I said he should just get some arsenic, make a potion, and take it, which would be more painless. Not because I thought he should kill himself—I do not think gay Romney supporters should kill themselves—but because voting for someone who is committed to undermining your rights is a self-destructive behavior.

Any gay person who votes for Romney is undermining his own life, his own rights, and the lives and rights of all other LGBT people. And let’s be clear: It is Romney, with his bigoted positions (“Some gays are actually having children. It’s not right on paper. It’s not right in fact.”),who feeds a culture of hate that leads to gay teen suicides.
At first, I was criticized by angry, sometimes vile Romney supporters on Twitter while Obama supporters on the show and on Twitter seemed to get the point I was trying to make and defended me. I was defensive initially too, including yesterday on the show, pointing out that I was using a metaphor. We can get lost in the partisan fog of war during a heated election battle.
But after talking with friends over dinner last night, and after reading Andrew Sullivan’s take this morning, I can now see that my statement was not just jarring but offensive—certainly in the current climate of gay teen suicides. Sullivan is not some far-right gay Romney supporter; indeed, Sullivan and I are on the same side in the current political climate. We both support Obama and, contrary to Sullivan’s rather silly characterization of me as “far left,” he and I are actually in the same place on many issues these days, even including the role of ACT UP and direct action. We certainly agree on the issues of bullying and teen suicide, issues about which I’ve been very outspoken and passionate. If Sullivan didn’t get the point I was trying to make then I must have made it very badly.
I’m not making excuses, but sometimes, when you’re on the radio for four hours a day, things come out backwards. Live talk radio is essentially thinking out loud and sometimes our thoughts come out garbled. Again, I’m not making excuses, and certainly listeners have a right to expect that someone who hosts a radio show is going to be a little better at thinking out loud than the average person. And I like to think that I usually am. But it seems that all my engines weren’t firing this week. Like a lot of New Yorkers, I was operating on little sleep, with hurricane fatigue, and displaced family and friends. It was a recipe for total botch up. And I botched this one.
My apologies to Wess, and to my listeners.

 Posted by Signorile at9:26 AM

My shorter translation of Signorile’s statement: “Gay Romney supporters are still scum and should die, I was just tired and got caught on tape.  I’m not making excuses, but actually I am.  Also, I was ashamed into apologizing by Andrew Sullivan of all people.”

My longer take on this is that Signorile got his ass chewed out by his bosses at SiriusXM yesterday.  He was awfully arrogant and defiant towards me on Twitter during the time he was on the air.  But suddenly about 5pm, he got silent.  I think The Man who signs his check got involved.

There is no doubt that this is another win for the conservative blogosphere!  Signorile has always been like this.  I know, since he has treated me to the same treatment in the past and I was an invited guest.  So he is “sorry” because he got caught.  Typical progressive bullshit apology.

I have $100 sitting on my desk and will give it to the next person who documents that Signorile’s treatment of gay conservatives hasn’t changed.  The bet is for the next 30 days.

In the meantime, thanks very much to our reader Tim for exposing Signorile’s hate.  I will be providing Tim with a gift from our blog as well.

Now you may discuss.

UPDATE from comments on my $100 wager: 

No, Paul.  I have $100 on my desk for audio proof that Signorile STILL berates gay conservatives.  He will not change.  Maybe today or tomorrow, but he is a mean spirited radical.

He will spout off and demean and bully a gay conservative.  I have $100 waiting here for the proof that his apology was bullshit.

-Bruce (@GayPatriot)

Andrew Breitbart, from grave, puts Bill Maher on defense

In his interview with Bill Maher posted this morning, ABC News’ senior White House correspondent Jake Tapper offering a bit of commentary in posing his first question to the former funny man:

So with all the criticism of Rush Limbaugh for his comments about the Georgetown Law student, conservatives claim that there’s a double standard, with President Obama, Democrats and the media far more tolerant of offensive language when wielded by liberal or progressive media figures against conservative women. Is that a fair comparison? You have certainly used offensive words to describe some politicians you don’t like.

A leading journalist (and a good one) in the legacy media addresses an issue long reserved to right-of-center editorial pages and conservative blogs.  Bill Maher, perhaps for the first time, has been been forced to defend his mean-spirited anti-Republican rhetoric — for more than just one news cycle.  Instead of acknowledging that he may have overstepped the line or apologized (as Rush did) for an error of judgment, he whines that he’s just a comedian, trying to score a few laughs

Hugh Hewitt finds that Maher’s conclusion where the HBO host claims he had defended Rush’s “right to stay on the air” reeks of “self-importance” and “smashes Maher’s ‘comedian’ defense if it had any substance for anyone to begin with.  Simple comedians don’t take to the ramparts to defend anything.  They tell jokes.

In playing defense, however, Maher reveals the hypocrisy of his position.   (more…)