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An LGBT Activist burned himself to death to protest Global Warmies. Now, that’s showing commitment!

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The father of a dead lesbian is claiming that Roy Moore caused her suicide because of his “homophobic comments.” (Warning, stupid obnoxious autoplay).

I don’t really believe anyone commits suicide because some politician holds a negative opinion of them. If they do, that’s sort of on them.

If Roy Moore wins, I don’t think it’s because voters like him. I think, frankly, it’s a reflection of how much people really hate Democrats and the Democrat Media.  Frankly, Democrats and the media elite have sneered so often at middle America, and especially the southeastern quadrant, that they have earned the enmity.  Roy Moore may be a taint on southern values, but Doug Jones will wage unrelenting on them.


PDT Appoints Gay Dude as Ambassador to Deutschland

PDT has appointed gay dude Richard Grenell as Ambassador to Germany. This will mean nothing to the “gay activist groups” who celebrated every LGBTQQIP2SAA the Obama Administration ever made as tantamount to the Emancipation Proclamation. The activist front groups must continue to paint the president as anti-gay in order to raise funds and preserve their cherished seat at the Democrat Table of Diversity.

Also, those Germans can get pretty kinky. Have fun, ambassador.


The University of Missouri … which two years ago knuckled under to race-crazed social justice wankers and spoiled brat trustafarians … has experienced a steep drop in admissions.

Before the protests, the university, fondly known as Mizzou, was experiencing steady growth and building new dormitories. Now, with budget cuts due to lost tuition and a decline in state funding, the university is temporarily closing seven dormitories and cutting more than 400 positions, including those of some nontenured faculty members.

The protests at Mizzou and the resignation of the college president were widely celebrated as a success at the time, but things haven’t worked out well for the school which is now renting out empty dorm rooms for events like the upcoming solar eclipse. It turns out students aren’t eager to attend a school best known for, as the Times puts it, “a hair-trigger protest culture lacking any adult control.”

Actually, they are still celebrated as a success because the destruction of an institution is a demonstration of power and power is what the left is really all about.

One would think that if a college/university really wanted to stand out in the market today, they would brand themselves as a school of academic rigor and tolerance for all viewpoints but not for disruptive, social justice nonsense. Such a school would appeal to students and parents who wanted a good return on their investment. It’s interesting that no large college or university is going in this direction; but instead they are collectively sinking into the mire of social justice nonsense.

Speaking of things destroyed by left-wing jackassery, the NFL is losing advertisers. It’s not just Colin Kaeparnik (last seen traveling to Ghana to bash the white racist American culture that made him a multimillionaire). Let’s not forget how ESPN became a sports-themed version of MSDNC over the last couple of years. They’re not doing so well either.

The Left Sides with Islamic Supremacy Over Gay Rights

Posted by V the K at 8:10 am - July 6, 2017.
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Toronto’s annual gay pride parade this year saw the shocking spectacle of a group of hard-left, predominantly white activists trying to silence Middle Easterners from speaking out against the oppression faced by the LGBT+ community in Muslim countries.

Actually, thet’s not at all shocking to anyone who understands how the left works, or what the goals of the left actually are. But anyway….

A group of activists from Muslim-majority countries, including former Iranian political prisoners, marched in the parade under the banner of the International Center for Human Rights (ICHR). The ICHR is a group dedicated to opposing human rights abuses by dictatorships in general and the Islamic Republic of Iran in particular. They marched in Toronto Pride alongside LGBTory, a group which supports those who are politically right-wing and part of the LGBT community.

The marchers bearing placards bearing signs such as “Iran Executing Gays since 1979” and “Qatar Whips and Hangs Gays” were greeted by a gang of mostly masked demonstrators from the far-left Antifa faction. The far-left activists tried to block the ICHR group and prevent them from marching.

A young man from Antifa accused the ICHR of “emboldening” anti-Muslim hate, saying “Anti-Muslim racists look at you and they are emboldened, do you understand?”

Uh-huh. Well, the people the “antifascist left” are suddenly enamored with just brutally murdered a man for being too good-looking and flamboyant. (And, I’m guessing, gay.)

Sorry, LGBT’s, but the left has embraced mob rule and the Mohammedans simply outnumber you. Also, the whole gay thing has become passé. The really cutting edge leftists are embracing Islamic Supremacy, now. It’s the shiny new thing for virtue-signaling leftists.

A Progressive Conundrum

Posted by V the K at 8:42 pm - June 19, 2017.
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An illegal immigrant fine young Salvadoran DREAMer beats a Mohammedan to death with a baseball bat. Hate crime or no?

The police say “no,” but they’re all part of the white male patriarchy.

“Equality Is Not Enough”

Posted by V the K at 1:33 pm - June 18, 2017.
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Lesbian and Gay Bullying Totalitarians (LGBT) are demanding rainbow-painted cross-walks in major cities across the USA, as a token of societal submission to their political power.

It may seem harmless, except for the additional cost of maintenance to taxpayers, but you know, every other group is going to demand their own crosswalks painted in their tribal colors. Brown and Black for the BLM racists. White, orange, and green for the Mexican colonists.  Pink for Susan Koman Breast Cancer Scammers.

The left is obsessed with symbolism. And they demand that everyone else pay tribute.

On a related note, the rainbow flag (‘Old Gloria’) has been deemed racist, and is now being replaced, officially (and with the blessing of the Democrat Party) by a new ‘Crayola Box’ flag that includes black and brown. Because obviously, the old flag was only for white gay people. So, all of you old queens who’ve been waving this symbol of White Supremacy around for so many years should immediately report to your local Democrat Commissarr to denounce yourselves.

Meanwhile, back at the pride parade: Hmm, there’s a lot of homophobic people out there, how should I dispel stereotypes and show them I’m just a normal guy?” NSFW

#BlackLivesMatter Versus #GayPride

Posted by V the K at 2:18 pm - June 11, 2017.
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Poor gay leftists, did you really think you could have a Pride Parade and not be disrupted by angry black racists?  They’re just showing up to remind you that your place in the Coalition of the Oppressed is under theirs.

Now, make sure and offer your most abject apologies to the angry black racists who disrupted your pride parade. Their oppression fantasies will always trump your oppression fantasies.

Is There Gay Genocide in Chechnya? Does Anyone Care?

Posted by V the K at 10:15 am - May 4, 2017.
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While the Democrat Left – LGBT Coalition in America are so desperate to illustrate oppression that they resort to fake hate crimes (see below), spreading total bullshirt accusations that the VP wants to electrocute gay kids, and crying that for a Christian to decline to bake a cake for a gay wedding is a million times worse than anything Hitler ever did, there may actually be a genocide against gay people unfolding in Chechnya, and none of them care.

Chechen police are reportedly urging parents to kill their gay children, according to survivor testimony from one man held in a “gay torture camp” in the country.

 Authorities have been telling parents of gay men to “sort it out” or the state will intervene, the victim, who has not been identified, claimed.

The latest account of systematic LGBT persecution comes just a month after Chechen authorities allegedly rounded up more than 100 men who were suspected to be gay. Many were tortured and at least four are alleged to have been killed, according to a Russian newspaper and human rights campaigners

Now granted, the reports are very sketchy and unreliable. But that’s sort of the point, if there were rumors of genocide in other countries, wouldn’t they be worth investigating?

Probably because it would be happening in a Muslim territory under a devout Muslim leader; it would be bad for the Coalition of the Oppressed to point out that the Oppressed Muslims want to murder the Oppressed LGBT’s.  And it’s difficult to find a “Bash Trump” angle to it, so it is politically unimportant.

I seem to recall reports of gay oppression in Uganda getting a fair amount of coverage (but then, that provided an opening to bash Christians).

Bullies Don’t Like It When Victims Punch Back

Posted by V the K at 8:54 am - April 26, 2017.
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Ace notes that the Antifa Wing of the Democrat Coalition is having second thoughts about engaging in violent protest ever since Skanksquatch (a.k.a. “Moldylocks”) got punched at one of their recent Riots Against Free Speech and Basic Decency. Also because 4Chan Detectives identified the cowardly POS who was whacking free speech supporters with a bike lock. (“How dare they dox one of us. It’s so unf-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-i-r!“)

Others in the Antifa Wing of the Democrat Coalition have suggested they should arm up and learn to fight better. But still others find this approach problematic because it would reaffirm manliness and other cis-normative social values.

Terror Must Not Interrupt The Narrative

Posted by V the K at 1:11 am - April 22, 2017.
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You know that Islamic Supremacists committed yet another terror attack in Paris last week. (Or, maybe you didn’t because the attacks have become so commonplace that people have stopped doing the “Put the French flag on your Facebook picture” thing.)

You perhaps did not know that one of the cops they murdered was a gay rights activist in a gay marriage with another gay dude.

Islamic Supremacists murdering gay people is bad for the Left’s “We’re all one big happy community of the oppressed” narrative. If the gay dude had been murdered by a white nationalist, this story would be getting a lot more publicity.

Lesson: Never Try and Help

Posted by V the K at 12:57 pm - March 16, 2017.
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Man offers to pay for another guy’s meal in a fast food restaurant; gets beaten and robbed instead.

One of them replied, “I’ve got money, I’ve got money” — and the man sitting in the booth was then told to “mind your f***ing business!” police sources told the Daily News.

They then started punching the 37-year-old man and tried grabbing his cane, police sources said.

The victim swung his cane back at his attackers, but suddenly three other men ran inside the restaurant and joined the beat down, punching and kicking the victim in his head and body.

After the assault, another man came into the restaurant and went through the prone and bleeding victim’s pockets, apparently taking items, before fleeing with the rest of the suspects.

As the injured man lay on the ground, two customers apparently ordered dinner as if nothing had happened.

Of course, this happened in a deep, blue sanctuary city.

The Left Will Eat Itself II

In Vancouver, the gay leftists are clashing with the black leftists.

Arguing that the police “is an instrument of state violence and oppression” the Vancouver chapter of Black Lives Matter launched a campaign earlier this summer asking for the withdrawal of “any and all presence of uniformed police officers” from the annual celebration of LGBTQ communities.

But for the activists behind “Our Pride Includes Our Police,” this misrepresents the history of the relationship between local LGBTQ communities and police.

“Banning the police from the pride parade will undermine our commitment to diversity and inclusion and all the work we’ve done.”

Yeah, whatever. Gay Pride parades are stupid anachronisms anyway. Still, the contest of urination over who has been more oppressed is a neverending source of amusement.

Progressives Fret Over “Bisexual Wage Gap”

Oh, Good Lord.

Bisexual men and women are paid less for doing the same jobs than similarly qualified heterosexual men and women, according to Indiana University research that breaks new ground by treating bisexual individuals as distinct from gay men and lesbians in the workplace.

What the left is concerned about: Alleged pay disparities for a tiny population defined by sexual proclivity. (How does an employer even know an employee is bisexual unless the employee makes a point of it?)

What the left is not concerned about: Millions of Americans losing manufacturing and mining jobs due to overzealous Government regulations. Millions more Americans having their wages driven down by the mass importation of cheap foreign labor.

The post-election vibe coming from the Democrats seems to be, “Do we have to pretend to start caring about working class voters again? Gross.”

Yeah, This Is How They Are, Most of ‘Em.

I shouldn’t have to explain this; I will probably have to explain this.


Below the jump, someone went out and got even more stupid than the gawdam #DiaperPin. It’s down there because leftists are incapable of expressing themselves without the F-word.


Shades of Tiananmen

Posted by V the K at 9:53 am - November 12, 2016.
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A counter-protester in Dallas TX stands up to a gang of fascist crybullies seeking to shut down a nascent populist movement.


It takes courage for one man to stand up against the brownshirt bully enforcers of a corrupt, oppressive Government of oligarchs, cronies, and power-mad party bureaucrats.

Protester Blocking Tanks Approaching Tiananmen Square

#BlackLivesMatter Disrupts Pride Parade

Posted by V the K at 8:34 pm - July 5, 2016.
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Gay Left Activists invited #BlackLivesMatter to participate in the Toronto Pride Parade so they could unite in solidarity against their mutual enemy: Middle class people with families and jobs. It worked out fabulously

Several members of Black Lives Matter Toronto sat down in the middle of Yonge Street Sunday, bringing the parade to a halt. It resumed 30 minutes later when Chantleois signed their list of demands.

The demands include no police floats in future parades or police booths at the festival, a doubling of funding for the 18-year-old black-focused party Blockorama, a permanent Black queer youth stage, a South Asian-focused stage, and more American Sign Language interpretation provided by Black deaf and hearing interpreters.

In the heirarchy of victimhood, Gay < Black.

Is it just me, or does it seem like #BlackLivesMatter spends a whole lotta time crashing other people’s parties, and very, very, VERY little time trying to make Black neighborhoods better?

In the Heirarchy of Oppression, You’re Outnumbered

Posted by V the K at 7:10 am - June 16, 2016.
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“I also now realize, with brutal clarity, that in the progressive hierarchy of identity groups, Muslims are above gays.” — ZeroHedge


We warned you guys about the hazards of collective identity politics a long time ago; Democracy is four wolves and a sheep voting on who’s for dinner Ten Mohammedans and a gay voting on who gets stoned to death.

Or, 51 senate Democrats voting to disarm gays for the benefit of terrorists.

And not just gays.  In Europe, authorities are telling women not to go out at night because of the threat of Mohammedan Rape Gangs.

“Take Back the Night” indeed.

How “Free Speech” Works According to SJW’s

Posted by V the K at 7:37 am - May 2, 2016.
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One of Trigglypuff’s fellow Socialist Juicebox Wankers was “triggered” by the media attention spawned when their deranged screaming, obscenity shouting, and bingo-wing flapping was made public. The SJW wrote a very long email threatening a website that made her feel “unsafe” by publishing things she actually said on her Facebook account. By reading her letter, we can gain an insight into the concept of “Free Speech” as it is understood by Juicebox Wankers.

  • Free Speech is protected by law, but those laws don’t apply to “hate speech.”
  • “Hate speech” is defined as speech that makes any LGBT, a Muslim, hypersensitive left-wing feminist, or member of a designated protected racial minority victim group  feel “unsafe.”
  • Determining what is and what is not “Hate Speech” is the exclusive province of LGBTs, hypersensitive feminists, and selected members of designated racial minority and victim groups.
  • White males can be made to feel unsafe because SJW’s have designated them as members of the White Supremacist Patriarchy
  • Hate Speech, as defined above, may be banned from college campuses; if anyone dares express it anyway, it is okay for SJW’s to harass, threaten, and disrupt them because harassment, threats, and disruption are acceptable forms of “free speech.”

After labeling opposing opinion as “hate speech,” proudly admitting that she and her cohorts actively sought to shut down opposing opinion through disruption, threats of violence, and threats of legal action, she actually says this:

I wonder why UMass Republicans care so much about protecting free speech, but only when it aligns with their views — and when it doesn’t, I wonder why they think it’s okay to publicly harass and bully and humiliate dissenters such as myself. 

Imagine my shocked face.

State of the Nation

Posted by V the K at 8:21 am - April 13, 2016.
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H/T: Townhall

H/T Bookworm via AoSHQ ONT

I eventually realized that the reason I was struggling was because my Leftist friends don’t have moral standards; instead, they have victim standards. This isn’t to say that they’re not good people.  It’s just that they don’t have a sense of abstract morality.  In its place is an up/down sense of victim status (something I’ve written about at length before, at American Thinker).  This viewpoint comes straight from Marx himself:

Freeman and slave, patrician and plebeian, lord and serf, guild-master and journeyman, in a word, oppressor and oppressed, stood in constant opposition to one another, carried on an uninterrupted, now hidden, now open fight, a fight that each time ended, either in a revolutionary re-constitution of society at large, or in the common ruin of the contending classes.

This Marxist view says that, if you ally yourself with the oppressed, you’re always in the right. You’re not necessarily moral, but you’re definitely taking the correct side in every debate.  That arc of history will eventually bend your way.  (Incidentally, isn’t there an Orwellian beauty to the fact that the Left acts oppressively and justifies its conduct by characterizing itself as the oppressed?)  This distinction, between the Judeo-Christian abstract morality and the Leftist habit of saying you’re right because you’ve designated yourself as one of the good guys, makes it very difficult for people committed to morality to argue with people committed to Leftism.