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Leader of Authoritarian One-Party State Admires Leader of Authoritarian One-Party State

Posted by V the K at 12:50 pm - August 11, 2017.
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California Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown Gushes Over Chinese Communist Dictator Xi Jiping.

“I met with president Xi for almost an hour. This is a very determined man. He’s building roads and high-speed rail and not just in China, but all over the world.

Washington can’t even build roads and bridges in our own country, much less spreading the American dream all around the world. If we’re going to be the great power we all want to be, we’re going to have to start rolling up our sleeves, raising some revenue and getting the job done.”

Democrats feel less and less need to hide their affection for authoritarian communism. The New York Times recently did a series of articles praising Soviet Communism.

What Moonbeam fails to mention is that the biggest impediment to infrastructure construction in the United States isn’t funding or Government inaction… it’s endless lawsuits brought by his allies on the Environmental Left who want absolutely nothing built and want most things torn down. Except for bird-choppers and bird-roasters. A few years ago the environmental left decided they hate birds or something. And now, they really don’t care how many are killed by solar and wind infrastructure projects.

Maybe it’s because birds are symbols of freedom.

Evidence of Trump-Russia collusion?

Trump and Putin shake hands at the G20 meeting

At this meeting, they reached a Syria cease-fire agreement.

HAMBURG — A cease-fire agreement reached Friday between the United States and Russia is intended to quell fighting in southwest Syria and allow anti-government rebels there to focus on the Islamic State, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said…

The fighting has caused an estimated 500,000 deaths and displaced nearly half of Syria’s pre-war population of 22 million people.

In case it needs spelling out: The cease-fire is a good thing, and this post’s title is parody.

Raise your hand if you are old enough to remember when Democrats liked peace, said things like “Politics stops at the water’s edge”, and thought that it would be good if the world’s top two nuclear powers (Russia and the U.S.) could find ways to get along.

I’m old enough to remember when the Soviet Union existed and the U.S. needed to fight their aggressive communism. And I remember that the Soviet Union ended, and that Islam became a threat – to gays especially.

Photo & title hat tip, Jack Posobiec’s twitter.

UPDATE: Photo session where France’s Macron shoves his way through, to stand next to President Trump. Macron starts at the viewer’s upper right; Trump lower left.

It made me laugh. I’m not sure why. I did get an impression of a puppy scrambling to be next to the alpha dog. Merkel tracks Macron anxiously; almost like he was supposed to stand next to her? Anyway, it’s a contrast to that famous photo where Obama stood alone with The Wives.

For Ayn Rand fans: a ghost

Perhaps you know Ayn Rand’s first novel, We The Living. It’s a story of two lovers, Kira and Leo, who try to survive together in the early Soviet Union. They fail, because of the myriad ways that communism (or dictatorship in general) degrades everyone and destroys their humanity.

You may also know that Rand based the character of Leo on a real person, a fellow anti-Soviet student in early 1920s Petrograd for whom she had an unrequited love. At the time, she was called Alissa Rosenbaum.

During her lifetime she wouldn’t give out Leo’s real name, but at some point after Rand’s death in 1982, her biographers/archivists figured it out. His name was Lev Bekkerman, and I recently web-surfed to this picture of him:

handsome photo of Lev Bekkerman

He is said to have been a tall, intelligent, self-confident womanizer, who had once hid some anti-Soviet students in his home. One reads that, sadly, Bekkerman was murdered in one of the Soviet political purges of the 1930s. By which time Rand had traveled to the U.S., married an American, and written and published We The Living (in English).

Life works strangely: if Bekkerman had returned her love, then Rand probably would have stayed in Soviet Russia – and been destroyed, much like Bekkerman and much like Kira and Leo in her novel. Instead, she came to America and became a great thinker and writer.

If anyone can read and translate the writing on the photo, please let us know what it says (in the comments).

Coming Soon to the Democrat Platform

Posted by V the K at 3:55 pm - March 8, 2015.
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Britain has its own Liz Warren, her name is Natalie Bennett. She leads the Green Party, and its platform, (or “Manifesto“) is a preview of things-to-come as the American Democrat Party grows more and more radicalized.

The party’s manifesto argues for zero, or even negative growth and falling levels of personal consumption. Britain would be in permanent recession; families would become materially poorer each year.

No-one will see a reduction in benefits, and most will see a substantial increase. Parents will be entitled to two years’ paid leave from work.

All elements of the sex industry will be decriminalised, and prostitutes could no longer be discriminated against in child custody cases.

A Green party would impose “research, education and economic measures” to drive a “transition from diets dominated by meat”.

A Green Government will “progressively reduce” border controls, including an amnesty for illegal immigrants after five years. Access to benefits, the right to vote and tax obligations will apply to everyone living on British soil, regardless of passport.

So far, pretty much in line with Obama’s policies of welfare expansion, amnesty for illegal immigrants, and middle class income stagnation. But the Greens decided that platform wasn’t quite radical enough, and want to add a few more planks to it.

This weekend the party leadership unveiled manifesto pledges to abolish tuition fees and provide free personal care for the over-65s.

Animal rights: Article Five of the UN Declaration on Human Rights, banning “inhuman” treatment, is extended to all sentient life forms. The same prison sentences for the murder and kidnap of humans will apply to crimes involving elephants, monkeys and whales.

Nappies: Companies that manufacture disposable nappies face higher taxes to account for landfill
Grand National: Commercial horse and dog racing to be banned

National Lottery: Payouts to be smaller, with more winners, under “progressive” system

Foreign Aid: Budget to increase to one per cent of GDP, with hospital ships serving the developing world

Education: Forest Schools, giving children a “hands-on” appreciation of trees

Points to Ponder

Posted by V the K at 11:09 pm - April 6, 2014.
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The good news is, by next Sunday, the Mozilla controversy will be yesterday’s news. The bad news is, the gay fascists will be behaving even more obnoxiously by then.

But in the meantime, Matt Walsh thinks l’affaire Mozillique has stripped the mask off the gay activists.

It’s no secret anymore. Without question and without exaggeration, the ‘gay rights movement’ is the angriest, most ruthless, most controlling, most intolerant of all the ideological enterprises in the country. Now, everyone knows it.

And the Bookworm Room blog argues “We don’t have a “gay mafia,” we have a “gay Soviet.”

Once, we were a country that used its government to advance the notion that “that every person is entitled to a private life and deserves respect as a human being, irrespective of the extent of his political loyalty or contribution to the state.” Now, we’re a Soviet nation, in which private citizens are told that they must publicly recant their heresies or be destroyed.

I think they’re both right. And the really sad and scary part is most of the gay activist left is happy about what they’ve brought down on us.

Rolling Stone Contributor Thinks Venezuela’s Government Is “Basically Terrific”

Posted by V the K at 1:21 pm - February 21, 2014.
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Power outages. No toilet paper. Rampant Inflation. And now the inevitable brutality that is always the endpoint of socialism. Rolling Stone Contributor Jesse Myerson… who wrote an article urging Millennials to fight for socialism (more on that anon)… thinks the Chavista regime is “basically terrific.” (Or here, in case he has a blinding flash of how stupid that tweet is and deletes it.) He also dutifully calls the opposition protesters “fascists.”


Trouble In Paradise

Posted by V the K at 9:34 am - February 21, 2014.
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The MFM have been covering the unrest in Ukraine pretty well, but pretty much ignoring the similar violence going on much closer to home in Venezuela.

Throughout last night, panicked people told their stories of state-sponsored paramilitaries on motorcycles roaming middle class neighborhoods, shooting at people and  storming into apartment buildings, shooting at anyone who seemed like he might be protesting.

People continue to be arrested merely for protesting, and a long established local Human Rights NGO makes an urgent plea for an investigation into widespread reports of torture of detainees. There are now dozens of serious human right abuses: National Guardsmen shooting tear gas canisters directly into residential buildings. We have videos of soldiers shooting civilians on the street.

Of course, Venezuela is “problematic” for the MFM because they cheered when the Communist Regime came to power and were rooting for it to succeed. Hugo Chavez wasn’t much different than their hero, Barack Obama, because he was going to address income inequality and lead his country to a bright social-democratic future. Sean Penn, Harry Belafonte and other celebrities traveled to Caracas to do their best Walter Duranty on Chavez’s regime. When Chavez shut down the opposition press, the left cheered and wished Obama could do the same to FoxNews and Rush Limbaugh. Democrat politicians adored Chavez. The MFM mourned him when he passed, and ignored his legacy of power-grabbing, shutting down opposition, and leaving his oil-rich country with rampant power outages and shortages of basic commodities.

The end result of these regimes is always the same… deprivation, oppression, violence, and death. And yet humans always insist on giving it another go.

It’s easy for them to cover the violence in the Ukraine; they weren’t rooting for the Ukrainian Government to succeed and show that communism can work if there’s enough money and “the right people” are in charge of it.


Fellow taxpayers: we’re fools

Could be a hoax, but doesn’t sound like one:

YouTube Preview Image

…To all you workers out there preaching morality about those of us who live on welfare… can you really blame us? I get to sit around all day, visit my friends, smoke weed.. and we are still gonna get paid, on time every month…

If I was in a position where I had to work, that might be a different story…

The Soviet Union used to have a slogan, “He who does not work shall not eat”. Though aimed at the bourgeoisie, in tough times it was also applied to the lazy. In other words, the communists were tougher on non-working healthy people than we are.

Via Zero Hedge, who previously noted “the single mom is better off earnings gross income of $29,000 with $57,327 in net income & benefits than to earn gross income of $69,000 with net income and benefits of $57,045.”

Communism vs. freedom: The war is back!

And it’s happening in the middle of our own society, now.

I didn’t say nearly enough about this morning’s incredibly wrong quote from Jonathan Gruber, who is billed as the ‘architect’ of Obamacare:

We currently have a highly discriminatory system where if you’re sick, if you’ve been sick or [if] you’re going to get sick, you cannot get health insurance.

The only way to end that discriminatory system is to bring everyone into the system and pay one fair price. That means that the genetic winners, the lottery winners who’ve been paying an artificially low price because of this discrimination now will have to pay more in return.

First, Gruber doesn’t understand free markets: If we had them (and we have NOT had them in medical care for decades), then health insurance would always be available to people with pre-existing conditions, at some price. And they could choose to take it, or not – as they have the means and perceive being to their own advantage (or not).

One of the ways the Left wins is by warping language. In this case, the Left has warped the concept of “health insurance” to mean “subsidized health care”, health care paid largely by Other People’s Money.

And it’s true: the free market won’t supply that – beyond voluntary charity. Because it is by definition a win-lose transaction. Someone must be forced to pay the subsidy, and that person loses. The free market is about win-win transactions. If your basic desire is to win at someone else’s expense, forcing them to pay for you, then you naturally hate free markets; the Left is your political home. Congratulations.

Next, Gruber thinks it’s “discriminatory” that people with conditions would pay more for health care. But here’s the thing: They take more health care.

Just like young men get into more car accidents, consume more repair services and thus have to pay higher rates for car insurance, so unhealthy people properly should have larger bills for health care – or health insurance.

Finally, Gruber’s quote wrongly chalks up everything about one’s health to genetics, ignoring the role of lifestyle choices in determining health – and thus ignoring the role of personal responsibility. And that may be where he’s most wrong. We know that socializing health care will lead a society to greater disease, as people make worse lifestyle choices.

But we also know that the Left has a ready ‘solution’ for it: namely, greater government control of people’s lifestyle choices. We’ve seen the beginnings of it in the U.S., with Nanny Michelle-Bloomberg’s efforts. It’s a road that ends with everyone doing mandatory calisthenics in front of the telescreen, _1984_-style. Because, at some point, no one’s life is their own anymore; each person is an investment (property) of the State.

Which brings me to my point. There are, so to speak, “two paths you can go by”.

  • If you believe in freedom – that is, in self-ownership, responsibility and choice under the Rule of Law – the logic of your position drives you toward limited government. Not to anarchy, but to *min*archy: the idea that government is there to protect people’s rights against attack and crime and, beyond that, to do little; allowing people to reap what they sow.
  • If, instead, you believe in community ownership of people’s lives and efforts – the central tendency of communism – the logic of your position drives you toward ever-larger government. You will always need more government, to solve the social problems that you caused by your last round of increases to government. Concluding in totalitarianism.

People support Obamacare and President Obama depending on whether – deep in their souls – they truly prefer freedom or dictatorship.

Gruber’s idea is essentially communist. The idea that capable and healthy people must be forced to pay for incapable or unhealthy people, lest society be “discriminatory” or whatever, means that people’s lives are not their own. Whatever people become, whatever they produce, is ultimately the State’s property to distribute as it sees the need.

“From each according to his ability, to each according to his need” – it can’t really ever be implemented, but if it could be, then only by total government diktat over everyone and everything. That is Gruber’s road – the underlying logic of his position – whether he admits it or not. It is also Karl Marx’s.

More signs of the times

Don’t worry, I’m probably not going to make these headline summaries a regular feature. Other bloggers do it better.

Still, I must again express my amazement at how, on any given day, a quick scan of the headlines reveals a world gone awry. Just from Ace and HotAir today:

I need to start looking for things that are going right. Of course Obamacare, which kills both jobs and worker benefits, isn’t one of them.

But maybe the fight for gun rights is. Like seeing Mark Matteoli (of Sandy Hook) or Manuel Martinez (formerly of Communist Cuba): two men who understand freedom, and speak out in its favor.

Reagan & John Paul II Together Again


GDANSK, Poland — Polish officials unveiled a statue of former President Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II on Saturday, honoring two men widely credited in this Eastern European country with helping to topple communism 23 years ago.

People look at a new statue of former President Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II that was unveiled in Gdansk, Poland, on Saturday, July 14, 2012. The statue honors the two men whom many Poles credit with helping to topple communism.

The statue was unveiled in Gdansk, the birthplace of Lech Walesa’s Solidarity movement, in the presence of about 120 former Solidarity activists, many of whom were imprisoned in the 1980s for their roles in organizing or taking part in strikes against the communist regime.

The bronze statue, erected in the lush seaside President Ronald Reagan Park, is a slightly larger-than-life rendering of the two late leaders. It was inspired by an Associated Press photograph taken in 1987 on John Paul’s second pontifical visit to the U.S.

Below is the original AP photo and the new statue of these two great leaders for freedom in the last century.



Kim Jong Il Is Dead

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 11:15 pm - December 18, 2011.
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Did Commies Kill Camus?

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 3:52 am - August 16, 2011.
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Albert Camus has long been one of my favorite writers.  Indeed, I quoted the Nobel Prize-winning author in my very first blog post (with the quotation reposted here).  While Camus always considered himself a “man of the left,” I have long called him “the first neo-conservative“.  He had always strongly opposed tyranny which he first witnessed in fascist societies, particularly under the Nazi occupation of Paris, but soon began to see not just in Communists societies, but also in leftist movements.

His opposition to Stalin and Stalinism earned him the scorn of his one-time allies in the French left, including Jean-Paul Sartre, an apologist throughout his life for Soviet tyranny — and a man who dressed up his own participation in the resistance to Nazism.

Sartre became increasingly jealous of Camus after their split, particularly since the Algeria-born Frenchman had produced a far broader range of work than had he. I’d often wondered if maybe Sartre had leaned on his friends in the KGB to dispose of the more talented writer. Camus died in a car accident on January 4, 1960.

Now, David Zincavage, based on an account in an Italian newspaper asks, “Did the KGB arrange the death of Nobel Prize winning writer Albert Camus in a car accident in 1960?”

An article which appeared in the Italian paper Corriere della Sera on August 1 quotes Eastern European scholar Giovanni Catelli, who discovered that the complete version of the Diary of Czech poet and translator Jan Zábrana contained a reference to the death of Albert Camus omitted from abridged French and Italian translations.

Read the whole thing.  Well, this story doesn’t support my speculation about Sartre, but does raise some interesting questions.

Remember, Albert Camus was one of the first prominent literary men of the left to publicly criticize Communist.  His outspoken critiques of the brutal system could cause more intellectuals to question their defense of the Soviet Union. (more…)

The Chinese Professor

This is the single most effective and chilling campaign ad I’ve seen in quite some time.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Obama’s Agenda: Castro’s Dream

Much will be made, no doubt, about this article, noting how Communist thug Fidel Castro considers the Stalinization of Health Care Act of 2010 (is my name for it starting to make sense now?!) a “miracle” and “about time”.

Now, ask any Tea Partier and he’ll tell you you can’t choose your fans any more than you can choose your family members. Fair enough, but look at what else Fidel wants the US to do, post haste:

…the Cuban leader also used the lengthy piece to criticize the American president for his lack of leadership on climate change and immigration reform

Hm… climate change

Hm… immigration reform

Now, I’m not one to suggest that Obama is taking his cues from our nearest Communist dictator. Just that it surely is curious that he’s pretty much doing just what his “amigo” suggests he should.

-Nick (ColoradoPatriot, from TML)