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Ohio Gubernatorial Candidate Lucky He’s Not a Republican

Posted by V the K at 9:07 pm - August 7, 2014.
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Because if Ed Fitzgerald were a Republican instead of a Democrat, being caught in a parking lot at 4:30 AM with a woman who was not his wife and driving without a license might be kind of scandalous.

Officers responding to a call of a suspicious car found the Cuyahoga County executive – now a Democratic candidate for governor – with a woman who was not his wife at 4:30 a.m. parked at an industrial complex.

From there, the story really gets strange. It’s come to light that Fitzgerald didn’t even have a license for the 5 years prior to that incident.

But, hey, considering the previous Democrat Governor of Ohio  had as a member of his staff a sexual predator with a conviction for exposing himself to minors and the press didn’t go all Mark Foley on him, it’s a safe bet this little imbroglio won’t tarnish Fitzgerald’s image at all either.


Letting Democrats Get Away With Corruption, Failure, and Disastrous Policy Is Bad For America

Posted by V the K at 9:55 am - July 21, 2014.
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Over at Draw and Strike, Brain Cates… in a series of Twits … explains how so much of what ails the country is a direct consequence of the MFM having the Democrats’ collective back, never holding them to account, and making sure that no scandal — Ted Kennedy drowning a woman, Gerry Studds diddling an underage House Page, Jon Corzine’s squandering of billions of dollars of investor’s money, Liz Warren’s lies about her “Native American” heritage, and any of Obama’s plethora of failures and corruptions — ever sticks to them. Rather than reproduce them, here’s a summary.

  • What’s the point in remembering Chappaquiddick, an event from 45 years ago, especially since Ted Kennedy is dead. Because the Democrats & their DNC-Media Complex allies buried most of the truth, that’s why.
  • Before you can understand why the country is where it is now, you need to look back & see how it got here.
  • And 1 of the big reasons the United States is in the bad place it is now is because Democrats never have to pay for their crimes.
  • Democrats do stupid policy, get people killed, waste billions of our tax dollars, & skate on it because they aren’t held accountable.
  • When Republicans screw up, they get called on it; which is why Government is more accountable when Republicans are in charge
  • Obama stumbles from failure to failure, from scandal to scandal, and the MFM covers for him every bumbling step of the way.
  • And now where are we? The world is breaking down into chaos & the leader of the free world is actually enabling the chaos by doing nothing.

Democrats Battle Valiantly Against Reason and Common Sense

Posted by V the K at 8:34 am - June 26, 2014.
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Fact:  The IRS Targeted 104 Conservative and Tea Party groups to deny them tax exempt status during the 2012 election cycle. 

Fact: Not a single progressive group (of the 7 audited) was denied tax exempt status in this period.

Fact: Lois Lerner’s computer hard drive “crashed” within ten days of Congress beginning an inquiry into the IRS targeting of Conservative groups. According to the IRS, this resulted in the loss of all of her emails to outside agencies… including the White House.

Fact:  Six other people with close ties to the IRS targeting of Conservative groups also had all of their emails destroyed.

Fact: The IRS abruptly canceled its contract with a company that backed up its emails externally after Congress initiated an inquiry.

Now, a reasonable person looking at the above set of facts might say that the pattern is consistent with an agency that did something wrong and then undertook to destroy the evidence of wrongdoing.

But according to the Democrats, to draw such a conclusion from that set of facts is akin to believing that the Earth is Secretly Run by Alien Lizard People.

You begin to wonder how any intelligent person could still be a Democrat and not be in it for anything other than the graft.

Tech Support Tips from the IRS

Posted by V the K at 10:10 am - June 17, 2014.
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Little known IT fact: If your hard drive crashes, every email you ever wrote on that computer will be lost forever.

That is the explanation for how the IRS lost all of Lois Lerner’s emails during the exact period the IRS, under her direction, was targeting Tea Party and other conservative groups for IRS harassment.

And the Washington Post finds this explanation totes credible.

A white Republican president who harassed progressive groups through the IRS then covered it up by destroying evidence would have been impeached by now.

Also, is it just me, but doesn’t Lerner’s email in the article come across as stilted, and maybe a wee bit blase for someone who’s just been told none of the data on her hard drive is recoverable?

Update: Wow, what are the odds. Six other Obama drones involved in the targeting of conservative groups ALSO lost all of their emails in computer crashes.

What are the odds?

The Dog Ate Your Evidence

Posted by V the K at 9:07 am - June 14, 2014.
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Do even Obama’s hardcore true-believers really, REALLY accept without question that the IRS just happened to accidentally delete all of Lois Lerner’s emails to outside agencies during the period the IRS was harassing conservative Tea Party groups?

House Committee on Ways and Means chairman Dave Camp revealed today that he has been informed by the IRS that Lois Lerner’s emails between Jan. 2009 and April 2011 have been lost “due to a supposed computer crash.” The IRS says the crash destroyed all of Lerner’s emails to outside agencies such as, for instance, the White House.

Come on, torrent prime, don’t let me down now.


Things That Are Only Scandals When Republicans Are President

Posted by V the K at 1:11 pm - June 9, 2014.
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President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s State Department provided the Qataris with a shipment of highly advanced Stinger Ground-to-Air Missiles. The Qataris were supposed to pass them to anti-Khadafy rebels in Libya. Instead, they ended up with the Taliban, where one was used to shoot down an American helicopter.

But, considering no one got upset over the hundreds of dead Mexicans and one dead American from arms supplied to Mexican Drug cartels by Obama’s Justice Department, this would be obviously just another phony scandal from people who hate the president because he’s a black man.

President Obama probably had no idea those missiles ended up with the Taliban until he saw it in “media reports.”

But George W. Bush was personally responsible for every bad thing that happened in the world from 2001 – on.

Obama administration blows a CIA station chief’s cover

Recall how in 2003, a massive scandal erupted when Richard Armitage, a State Department official under then-Secretary Colin Powell, happened to leak Valerie Plame’s name to a journalist. Plame was a CIA Stateside employee (arguably NOT under cover). Armitage was basically gossiping, and he never underwent any prosecution because it was no big deal. Except, of course, the Left/media had a field day pushing the scandal complete with the darkest possible allegations against President Bush, lionization of Plame and her partisan-liar of a husband, a federal prosecutor and a ‘gotcha’ conviction of Scooter Libby (a Bush staffer who was not the key leaker; Armitage was).

Recently, the White House leaked the name of a top CIA officer in Kabul, Afghanistan. His name was really a secret. He does serve abroad (and in a danger zone), and he is endangered by the leak. As the Washington Post puts it:

The Post is withholding the name of the CIA officer at the request of Obama administration officials who warned that the officer and his family could be at risk if the name were published…

The CIA officer was one of 15 senior U.S. officials identified as taking part in a military briefing for Obama…Their names were included on a list…circulated by e-mail to reporters…

It is unclear whether the disclosure will force the CIA to pull the officer out of Afghanistan…The identities of at least three CIA station chiefs in Pakistan have been exposed in recent years. In one case, a CIA officer became a target of death threats after his cover was blown, forcing the agency to rush him out of the country.

Should we expect any big scandal, Left/media outrage, federal prosecutors or trumped-up convictions over this?

VA Reforms Blocked by Harry Reid’s Senate

Posted by V the K at 8:54 pm - May 24, 2014.
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A GOP House member says that the House of Representatives has passed “at least 12″ Veterans Administration reform bills, only to have Koch-obsessed Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid block them from being voted on.

REP JACKIE WALORSKI (R-IN): In the past 18 months, since I’ve been a member of Congress, we’ve passed, on the House floor, at least 12 reform VA bills. Mandating the VA to fix different things, mandating the VA to report different things, mandating them to fix their website, bipartisan bills that went to the Senate, and they are DOA on the Senate side

Unknown whether that list includes a bill passed last week that would allow those responsible for the most recent abuses and corruption to be fired; Senate Democrats have blocked action on that bill, too. (I guess they were too busy with more important things like demanding the NFL change the name of the Washington Redskins football club.)

Gee, I wonder if President Obama is #MadderThanHell that his senate Democrats are obstructing VA reforms. (Oh, no wait, he went and played round of golf number 173 this weekend.)

Also, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, an avowed Socialist who feels right at home the Democrat Caucus, says the VA scandal is no big deal. “People die every day.”

But one Democrat, at least, is demanding accountability: Nancy Pelosi says George W. Bush is responsible for the VA corruption and abuses that took place under Barack H. Obama, and should be held accountable.

The VA Is Single Payer Health Care – Epitomized

Before it was known that VA Bureaucrats were denying care to Veterans, creating phony paperwork to hide their shame, and punishing anyone who threatened to reveal the scheme… all the while rewarding themselves with bonuses and luxurious new officesleft wing economists were praising the VA as the Epitome of what could be achieved with single-payer health care.

And they were right. The VA is the epitome of single payer… the corruption, incompetence, and shortcomings aren’t bugs, they are inherent features in any Government bureaucracy.

If left-wingers were reasonable, thoughtful people, they might consider that the VA scandal demonstrates all of the reasons conservatives oppose Government-run health care; contrary to the President’s assertion that Republicans just want people to not have health care.

But if you can imagine the left-wing brain trust as represented by Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz, Alan Grayson, Chris Matthews, and Melissa Harris Perry having a reasonable thought… you have more imagination than I do, friend.

So, How Long Will This Be a Scandal and How Long Will the Administration Pretend to Be Angry About it?

Posted by V the K at 8:55 pm - May 15, 2014.
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Question: How long will it take before the Democrats declare the VA Scandal a “Phony Scandal?” My bet is, we don’t get to the weekend.

And isn’t strange that when a Private on the other side of the world put a dog-leash on an Iraqi prisoner, George W. Bush was said to be personally responsible.  But Obama bears absolutely no responsibility for agencies under his direct executive command (the IRS, the EPA, the VA, the ATF)?

Ace’s take on the testimony of VA Secretary Shinseki was interesting:

“I take full responsibility” stopped meaning “I take full responsibility” around 15 years ago. Now it only means “I’m willing to say the words I take full responsibility.

Watch the video to see what “mad as hell” sounds like. What “mad as hell” now sounds like, in 2014, is a bloodless bureaucratic robot reciting scripted talking points.

A drone, in other words?


The Party of Thieves

Two loosely related items:

1. $75,000 in television equipment was stolen at the Democrat National Convention in 2012, presumably by delegates and other attendees.

2. Democrat Criminal Jesse Jackson Jr is getting out of prison early.

But remember; the only real crime is being opposed to the redefinition of marriage.


Terry MacAuliffe Gets Right Down to Business

It was well-known Terry MacAulliffe was sleazy and corrupt, but he was elected Governor of Virginia on the basis that his opponent was supposedly going to outlaw gay sex or somesuch. And when you vote stupidly, this is the kind of thing you can expect.

[Virginia Governor Terry] McAuliffe said aides sent a fundraising solicitation without his knowledge or approval. The request asked for donations to the new Common Good Virginia PAC in increments of $10,000, $25,000, $50,000 and $100,000, with corresponding levels of access to the governor.

Donors who gave $100,000 were promised a private dinner with the Democratic governor and his wife. The fundraising letter, first posted on the conservative website, also promised large donors monthly meetings with unnamed policy experts.

More From the Party of Good Government

Posted by V the K at 11:50 am - March 27, 2014.
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Let’s review how this week has been going for the Democrat Party, the party of good progressive Government, the party that works selflessly for the people.

And remember, these are just the ones who got caught.

Anti-Gun California Democrat Charged with Illegal Gun-Running

Democrat California State Senator Leland Yee has been a strong advocate for every gun control bill the far left People’s Republic of California has passed. Now, in addition to bribery and corruption, Senator Yee has been charged for illegally importing and selling the same guns he would outlaw to his law-abiding constituents.

The affidavit charges that the $2 million worth of weapons to have been secreted into the country from the Philippines included rocket launchers and machine guns, some of which Yee himself had fired while on Mindanao. A portion of the weapons Yee conspired to bring into the U.S. through New Jersey were to have been forwarded on to North Africa via Sicily.

Or, maybe he’s just following the example of his party’s leader; making it illegal for law abiding citizens to own guns while supplying guns to criminal drug gangs.

Update: Oh, my, it seems like Sen. Yee also offered to set up an arms deal with Islamic rebels for $2 Million in cash.

In the video after the break, Senator Yee explains how he wants to keep guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens. “To protect the general public is my priority.”


Gay RI House Speaker Resigns as Corruption Probe Deepens

The powerful Democrat Speaker of the Rhode Island House of Representatives resigned this weekend as Federal Agents and Rhode Island State Police raided his home and office collecting evidence of corruption in state Government.  Gordon Fox was the first openly gay statehouse speaker in the United States and a champion of the cause of same sex marriage; also a crook, apparently. Fox was once hailed by the media as “courageous” for his stance on gay marriage. “Courageous” is a word the media use to describe politicians who agree with the majority opinion of the media and the Democrat left.  As he once described himself, in a weird sort of self-victimizing compliment:

Fox once summed up his unlikely rise to become one of the most powerful figures in Rhode Island government this way: “I’m a biracial gay kid that wasn’t supposed to be speaker.”

Giving people high office and power on the basis of their being “Historic Firsts” has never worked out well, has it?

The Democrat Mafia Looks After Its Own

A Republican Attorney General undertook a corruption probe that snagged four corrupt Democrats taking brices and peddling influence. His successor, a Democrat, shut down the investigation… because “racism.”

In 2010, when he was still attorney general of Pennsylvania, Tom Corbett, now its Republican governor, launched a corruption investigation targeting politicians in Philadelphia. The operation caught at least four of them, all Democrats, allegedly accepting bribes of cash and gifts adding up to at least $18,000. But after Democrat Kathleen Kane was elected attorney general in 2012, she reportedly shut down the investigation.

Hey, it’s not like any of them closed a bridge or anything.


These items have been all over, and deserve to be noticed here at GayPatriot.

Liberal bias, in media & academia? Why, yes.

More people seeing that the Emperor Has No Clothes? Thankfully, yes.

  • Obama is under water on the Ukraine crisis. 42% approve his handling, 43% disapprove.
  • While a bipartisan majority support sanctions against Russia, they’re mainly older people, because younger people say no. Among the Obama-voting 35-and-under, 55% are against it.

IRS / Tea Party scandal as real as ever? Yup.

  • Great, daily coverage at TaxProf Blog.
  • Yes, Lerner targeted the Tea Party, and even what she called “organizations woven by the fabulously rich and hugely influential Koch brothers”. More Koch Derangement Syndrome. Some people are on too much Koch!
  • Lerner continued last week to plead the 5th. The IRS will give up all her emails, supposedly; I put it that way because enough time has passed that only God knows what they may have scrubbed.

FROM THE (OTHER) COMMENTS: In the other Koch Derangement Syndrome thread, some fine comments are relevant here.

  • runningrn says “The Koch brothers didn’t even crack the top 10 when it came to the top political donors. In fact they are way the heck down the list at number 59…The 6 biggest union donors in American politics gave 15 times more to mostly Democrats…”
  • And Annie gives us the WSJ link.

One should ask why the IRS doesn’t target all that union money? Or target, to coin a phrase, “organizations woven by the fabulously rich and hugely influential George Soros”?


  • Rep. Alan Grayson (D – FL) won’t be charged after allegations that he physically abused his wife. GP talked about it here. The video evidence – which was incomplete (having gaps in it) – did not support Lolita Carson-Grayson’s story. Nonetheless, a judge granted her a restraining order against Rep. Grayson. We’re still waiting for the new feminist campaign, “I BELIEVE YOU, LOLITA!”
  • Gary Lyngar answers his son, who had made a splash by claiming “I lost my dad to Fox News”. Hint: The son was about as real and honest with us as you’d expect from a writer who whines about his parent’s politics. As the elder Mr. Lyngar puts it, his son was “dead wrong” and “a lot of it’s his perception of what’s going on and not reality”.

Called It (More or Less)

Another Safe Prediction for 2014 is coming true.

A Democrat congressman, senator, or governor will be found to have engaged in sexual misconduct; the MFM will protect him per Standard Operating Procedure unless defending him becomes politically untenable.

And now, Congressman Alan Grayson (D-Florida), the uncouth braying loudmouth who runs down people in his car and is a massive hero to the progressive left… allegedly smacked his wife around.

A judge has granted a temporary protective injunction against U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson after his wife filed paperwork accusing the Orlando congressman of shoving and injuring her during an incident this past weekend.

Sexual Misconduct/Domestic violence… they both go into the ‘War on Womyn’ hypocrisy file. Besides which, he supports unlimited abortion and free birth control, so by the usual standards of the Democrats, he’s a hero no matter how many women he abuses.

Update: In 2012, Alan Grayson falsely accused his Republican opponent of “beating his wife.”

Update (from Jeff): Grayson denies having abused Lolita Grayson. Let’s coin an appropriate phrase, shall we?. “I BELIEVE YOU, LOLITA!”

2012 unemployment numbers: the next Obamascandal?

We know that the Obama administration lied to America during the 2012 election, about Benghazi. And about “If you like your plan you can keep it”, and many other matters, such as the fact that the IRS was helping to stifle Obama’s grass-roots opposition.

Now the New York Post alleges that the declining unemployment rate (announced in the last few weeks of the election) was faked.

It looks like lower-level employees did it; probably tough to blame it on Obama directly. But that touches on a classic ethical question. If the guy at the top is kept in a bubble by people who cheat and lie extensively on his behalf (and don’t usually tell him), is he culpable? At what point?

Also, how much election-year lying does it take to de-legitimize a Presidential election? (If, or since, he only won by giving people false information.) Did President Obama reach that point in 2012?

What difference does it make – that Hillary works for Goldman-Sachs?

In the last week, Hillary made $400,000 from Goldman-Sachs.

I’m not certain that’s money going to her personally, but it seems likely. It would be interesting to see what she takes in campaign contributions also.

Goldman-Sachs is a top political donor. Although they favored Romney in 2012, they favored President Obama even more in 2008. And they were rewarded hugely when Obama sealed the bailouts that President Bush began; not just the money funneled to Goldman via the AIG – TARP bailouts, but also the Dodd-Frank bill that guarantees Goldman future bailouts, the Federal Reserve’s general money-printing, etc.

Goldman is also the single largest backer of Sen. Chuck Schumer (D). The corrupt Jon Corzine (D) was a former top Goldman employee, as was Bush’s Treasury secretary (Hank Paulsen).

So these guys get their way with both parties, and internationally to boot. They are near the heart of the Big Government – Big Banking nexus (that isn’t capitalism).