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NYC Public School to Honor Child Rapist

Take heart, Bryan Singer, the artsy left can be very forgiving.

Folk singer and convicted sex offender Peter Yarrow will be honored by La Guardia HS for the Performing Arts next month, enraging parents and prompting a dozen “uncomfortable” students to refuse to sing for him.

Yarrow, a member of the legendary Peter, Paul and Mary, was accused of engaging in a sex act with a 14-year-old girl in a Washington, DC, hotel room in front of her 17-year-old sister in 1970. He pleaded guilty to “taking indecent liberties” with the child and landed three months behind bars.

There are probably a lot of non-rapist folk-singers they could have honored.

Meanwhile, Ayaan Hirsan Ali and Condaleezza Rice remain persona non-grata because they hold politically uncorrect opinions.

The Democrat Perspective on Domestic Terrorism

1. Nadal Hasan murders 14 people at Fort Hood While screaming “Allahu Akbar!” Not a terrorist.

2. American citizens come together and, without firing a shot, protect a Nevada rancher from Federal Agencies who assaulted his family, killed his cattle, and destroyed his equipment. These are the people Democrats consider “domestic terrorists.”

I am reasonably confident King George III considered George Washington, Patrick Henry, and Thomas Jefferson to be “domestic terrorists,” too.

UPDATE (from Jeff): V makes a great point about the Democrats’ penchant for calling their (political) opponents terrorists, which GP has before documented with links (e.g., here and here).

Basically, left-wing Democrats want an obtrusive Big Government, to pay for their lives/mistakes and to punish anyone whom they have ever envied. Someone who stands for traditional citizens’ liberties under a smaller, less oppressive Federal government will simply terrify them. And is, therefore and to them, “a terrorist”.

Class Warrior Paul Krugman to Receive $225K for No-Show Job with “Income Inequality Initiative”

If this were published in The Onion, people would think; “Ah, once again, those clever Onionistas have adroitly par0died our zeitgeist.” (Some people would think that. Probably) But IRL… Paul Krugman – the New York Times economitician who rails constantly against “income inequality“… is going to be paid $225,000 by a publicly-funded university for… well, no one can really say exactly… but it has something to do with an “Income Inequality Initiative.” (Perhaps, they think there isn’t enough.)

According to a formal offer letter obtained under New York’s Freedom of Information Law, CUNY intends to pay Krugman $225,000, or $25,000 per month (over two semesters), to “play a modest role in our public events” and “contribute to the build-up” of a new “inequality initiative.” It is not clear, and neither CUNY nor Krugman was able to explain, what “contribute to the build-up” entails

Maybe Krugman’s advice to CUNY will help them as much as it helped Enron back in the 2000′s.

FWIW: At 2014 rates, Krugman’s stipend would pay a year’s tuition for 39 CUNY students.

BTW: The Leftist Sycophants at the New Republic are 100% OK with this.

More Sweet Irony:  SEIU — one of the Democrats many favorite labor unions — wants to unionize workers at Left-wing FoxNews haters and champions of the proletariat “Media Matters for America.”  The good lefties at MMFA have responded by hiring a law firm that specializes in “union-busting.”

Yet another ‘limousine socialist’

Left-wing NYC Mayor de Blasio has released his tax return. Guess what?

  • “$165,047 in total income” (probably includes his “$52,000 in rental income”)
  • “Mr. de Blasio’s effective tax rate was 8.3%.”
  • “reported $5,597 in gifts to charity, roughly 3%”

So de Blasio got a 6-figure income and gave basically 11% back to the society in which he lives.

I seem to remember lefties screeching with drama and contempt in 2012 when Mitt Romney paid an effective tax rate of 14.1%, plus another whopping 29.7% to charity, for a total give-back to society of 44% of his income, or four times the rate of de Blasio.

Leftists: Still running amok

They’re still claiming that any opposition to leftism could only be motivated by racism. Here, Rep. Steve Israel (D) says it back-hand style:

Candy: Do you think your Republican colleagues are racist?

Israel: Not all of them, no. Of course not. But to a significant extent, the Republican base does have elements that are animated by racism.

They’re still demanding that their failures be subsidized and bailed out. Here, a “green” solar company sues the government for only having dished it $250 million of taxpayer money, instead of millions more.

They’re still using highly questionable statistics to demagogue the issue of equal pay for men and women.

They’re still fighting their ‘war’ on Fox News, and failing – sometimes with hilarious results. The video shows Greta van Susteren cornering an aggressive Democrat into admitting that he lied about his resume.

They’re still racially divisive with amazing double standards. Here, a Democrat belittles her African-American GOP colleague for being only “half” black. Which, remember, happens to be what President Obama is.

They still have amazing double standards on the issues of Islam, free speech and women’s rights. Last week, leftists hit a triple (the wrong positions on all three) when Brandeis snubbed Ayaan Hirsi Ali after considering her for an honorary degree.

They’re still screeching “McCarthyism!” to deflect attention from their misconduct, as Rep. Elijah Cummings (D) did last week, when questions arose over his own staff’s collusion with the dangerously out-of-control IRS.

UPDATE: At least there’s hope for Wisconsin:

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has had a good run lately. He signed a major tax relief package into law, his controversial budget reforms have put the state back in the black…A new poll from Wisconsin Public Radio suggests that voters are appreciative of the governor’s accomplishments. Walker leads Democrat Mary Burke by 16 points in the survey (56/40), with Walker’s approval rating soaring to just shy of 60 percent — an all-time high in the series. (President Obama’s job approval is underwater at 48/50 in the poll). Walker’s lead is fueled by a 19-point advantage among independents…

#BanBossy update

Posted by Jeff (ILoveCapitalism) at 12:48 am - April 14, 2014.
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First, some Middle Eastern guy did it to President Bush in 2008. Now, a woman has done it to Hillary:

I’ll say little except to note Hillary’s comment, “That is not the way democracy works” – which is not what I remember lefties saying in 2008.

The Party of Thieves

Two loosely related items:

1. $75,000 in television equipment was stolen at the Democrat National Convention in 2012, presumably by delegates and other attendees.

2. Democrat Criminal Jesse Jackson Jr is getting out of prison early.

But remember; the only real crime is being opposed to the redefinition of marriage.



If a hypothetical male were asked, “What is your opinion on women’s rights?” and he answered, “I take an Islamic view of the rights of women,” should this hypothetical man be:

A. Called out as a chauvinist and a misogynist?

B. Praised for his multicultural tolerance and openness to social diversity?

For the progressive feminist left, this is apparently quite a conundrum.


Anti-Gun California Democrat Charged with Illegal Gun-Running

Democrat California State Senator Leland Yee has been a strong advocate for every gun control bill the far left People’s Republic of California has passed. Now, in addition to bribery and corruption, Senator Yee has been charged for illegally importing and selling the same guns he would outlaw to his law-abiding constituents.

The affidavit charges that the $2 million worth of weapons to have been secreted into the country from the Philippines included rocket launchers and machine guns, some of which Yee himself had fired while on Mindanao. A portion of the weapons Yee conspired to bring into the U.S. through New Jersey were to have been forwarded on to North Africa via Sicily.

Or, maybe he’s just following the example of his party’s leader; making it illegal for law abiding citizens to own guns while supplying guns to criminal drug gangs.

Update: Oh, my, it seems like Sen. Yee also offered to set up an arms deal with Islamic rebels for $2 Million in cash.

In the video after the break, Senator Yee explains how he wants to keep guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens. “To protect the general public is my priority.”


The Democrat Mafia Looks After Its Own

A Republican Attorney General undertook a corruption probe that snagged four corrupt Democrats taking brices and peddling influence. His successor, a Democrat, shut down the investigation… because “racism.”

In 2010, when he was still attorney general of Pennsylvania, Tom Corbett, now its Republican governor, launched a corruption investigation targeting politicians in Philadelphia. The operation caught at least four of them, all Democrats, allegedly accepting bribes of cash and gifts adding up to at least $18,000. But after Democrat Kathleen Kane was elected attorney general in 2012, she reportedly shut down the investigation.

Hey, it’s not like any of them closed a bridge or anything.

One reason (of many) to #BanBossy

Remember a couple of years ago, Hillary yukking it up over the death of a foreign head of State? “We came, we saw, he died! (har har)”

YouTube Preview Image

Granted that the victim (Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi) was an enemy and dictator who probably deserved it; still, I can’t recall any of Condoleezza Rice, Dick Cheney, or George W. Bush ever showing such ugly pleasure in the death of any other human being.

If I’m mistaken – if there is a comparable example, from one of Bush Cheney Rice – please remind me in the comments.

UPDATE: Garry Kasparov, the anti-Putin dissident and former chess champion, just tweeted another possible reason to #BanBossy:

Hillary was the captain of the Titanic that was US-Russia relations as Secretary of State. Her as admiral of whole fleet makes me nervous!

Not to change the subject, but Kasparov’s new article at Politico reminds us who Putin is.


These items have been all over, and deserve to be noticed here at GayPatriot.

Liberal bias, in media & academia? Why, yes.

More people seeing that the Emperor Has No Clothes? Thankfully, yes.

  • Obama is under water on the Ukraine crisis. 42% approve his handling, 43% disapprove.
  • While a bipartisan majority support sanctions against Russia, they’re mainly older people, because younger people say no. Among the Obama-voting 35-and-under, 55% are against it.

IRS / Tea Party scandal as real as ever? Yup.

  • Great, daily coverage at TaxProf Blog.
  • Yes, Lerner targeted the Tea Party, and even what she called “organizations woven by the fabulously rich and hugely influential Koch brothers”. More Koch Derangement Syndrome. Some people are on too much Koch!
  • Lerner continued last week to plead the 5th. The IRS will give up all her emails, supposedly; I put it that way because enough time has passed that only God knows what they may have scrubbed.

FROM THE (OTHER) COMMENTS: In the other Koch Derangement Syndrome thread, some fine comments are relevant here.

  • runningrn says “The Koch brothers didn’t even crack the top 10 when it came to the top political donors. In fact they are way the heck down the list at number 59…The 6 biggest union donors in American politics gave 15 times more to mostly Democrats…”
  • And Annie gives us the WSJ link.

One should ask why the IRS doesn’t target all that union money? Or target, to coin a phrase, “organizations woven by the fabulously rich and hugely influential George Soros”?


  • Rep. Alan Grayson (D – FL) won’t be charged after allegations that he physically abused his wife. GP talked about it here. The video evidence – which was incomplete (having gaps in it) – did not support Lolita Carson-Grayson’s story. Nonetheless, a judge granted her a restraining order against Rep. Grayson. We’re still waiting for the new feminist campaign, “I BELIEVE YOU, LOLITA!”
  • Gary Lyngar answers his son, who had made a splash by claiming “I lost my dad to Fox News”. Hint: The son was about as real and honest with us as you’d expect from a writer who whines about his parent’s politics. As the elder Mr. Lyngar puts it, his son was “dead wrong” and “a lot of it’s his perception of what’s going on and not reality”.

Now Democrats *like* charges that people are “un-American”

Democrats: could you please make up your minds?

Is it cool with you, or not cool, if charges are hurled around that so-and-so is un-American? Are y’all really so unprincipled that your answer shifts wildly, with your own momentary political convenience?

Mediaite goes into a couple of recent examples. Such as: Sen. Harry Reid (D – Nevada), Political Whore and Liar Extraordinaire, proclaiming officially on the floor of the Senate that the Koch brothers are “un-American”, basically because the Democrats don’t like what the Kochs say and do politically (never mind about Free Speech, fully legal political participation, etc.). It comes around 2:20 in Mediaite’s first clip.

Called It (More or Less)

Another Safe Prediction for 2014 is coming true.

A Democrat congressman, senator, or governor will be found to have engaged in sexual misconduct; the MFM will protect him per Standard Operating Procedure unless defending him becomes politically untenable.

And now, Congressman Alan Grayson (D-Florida), the uncouth braying loudmouth who runs down people in his car and is a massive hero to the progressive left… allegedly smacked his wife around.

A judge has granted a temporary protective injunction against U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson after his wife filed paperwork accusing the Orlando congressman of shoving and injuring her during an incident this past weekend.

Sexual Misconduct/Domestic violence… they both go into the ‘War on Womyn’ hypocrisy file. Besides which, he supports unlimited abortion and free birth control, so by the usual standards of the Democrats, he’s a hero no matter how many women he abuses.

Update: In 2012, Alan Grayson falsely accused his Republican opponent of “beating his wife.”

Update (from Jeff): Grayson denies having abused Lolita Grayson. Let’s coin an appropriate phrase, shall we?. “I BELIEVE YOU, LOLITA!”

Democrats Seek to Silence Woman After Interfering in Her Private Health Care Decisions

Americans for Prosperity has been running a commercial in Michigan featuring a woman with leukemia who lost her health coverage due to Obamacare; reminding voters that Democrat Senate candidate Gary Peters voted for Obamacare’s passage in the House.  The Democrat’s lawyers are pressuring television stations not to run the ad, claiming it is “untruthful.” (Basing that claim, in turn, on a hack, Democrat media outlet that claims the ad is not accurate.)  These are basically the same people who accused Romney of being responsible for a woman’s cancer death.

What is about the Democrats and wanting to silence women’s voices and interfere in their private health care choices?

Phony Scandals and Real Outrages

Posted by V the K at 9:27 am - February 12, 2014.
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I need help understanding something.

  1. 300 people including a US Border agent killed by guns supplied to Mexican Drug gangs by the Obama Administration: Phony scandal.
  2. 4 people left to die in Benghazi, president refuses to send help, parties the next day in Las Vegas, lies about it for two weeks: Phony scandal.
  3. IRS targets conservative opposition groups for harassment, president meets with head of the IRS 157 times while this is going on: Phony scandal.
  4. Two lanes of a bridge in New Jersey closed for two days: Liberal Outrage


Now, class, who can explain why 1-3 are “phony scandals” and 4 is an outrageous abuse of power that all righteous people should stand as one in outrage against its alleged perpetrator?

BTW: Did you read where the Mayor of New York City used his power to get his buddy sprung from jail?


Abortion Barbie: Victim of the Patriarchy

Posted by V the K at 7:31 pm - January 25, 2014.
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Left-Wing Politico says Wendy “Abortion Barbie” Davis is “the most judged woman in America.” And all the criticism leveled at her for lying about her past, and for ditching her husband and kids after they paid for her law degree is just dirty pool. No man, they insist, would ever be criticized for marrying for money (cough… John Kerry, cough John McCain) or for abandoning his kids.

So, the left is whining about the criticism Abortion Barbie has gotten for her lies and dissembling? Really? As far as I know, David Letterman hasn’t made rape jokes about Wendy Davis’s daughters ro called her a “slutty flight attendant,” Sandra Bernhardt hasn’t called for her to be gang raped, Bill Maher hasn’t directed crude, anatomical epithets at her, and Tina Fey hasn’t won a jillion awards for portraying her as an airhead.

For that matter, Ann Romney was trashed for treating her Multiple Sclerosis with horse therapy.  And Mitt Romney was trashed when his family adopted a Black grandchild.

But to the Left Wing Politico, pointing out when a Democrat woman is lying, or when her campaign staff is caught mocking her opponent’s physical disability and advocating voter fraud,  is the worst form of sexism.

So, are we ready for Hillary to whine constantly that any and all criticism of her policies, failures, and lies is because she’s a woman.

Update: Wendy Davis’s supporters in the “Reality-Based Community” are now claiming her opponent, Greg Abbott, isn’t actually Handicapped. (You know, just like Trig Palin isn’t really Sarah Palin’s baby.) The theory is that Greg Abbott has been using a wheelchair since 1984 as part of his master plan to run for governor in 2014.


The Rules Are Just … Different… For Democrats

Posted by V the K at 9:45 am - January 7, 2014.
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Former New York Democrat Governor Eliot Spitzer and his new girlfriend reportedly got all PDA at a Jamaican resort.

A 10-year-old boy who saw Smith topless in the pool, he ran back to his parents and shouted, “Mom there’s an old guy in the Jacuzzi with this girl and she’s topless and she’s got her legs wrapped around him,” sources said.

The boy’s cries — “He’s sucking on her toes!” alerted other guests, who walked over to catch an eyeful.

Spitzer and his flacks deny the story; but they are Democrats, so … there you go.

BTW, Spitzer’s girlfriend’s boss … NYC Communist Mayor Bill de Blasio… showed his solidarity with the Proleteriat by choosing an admitted tax cheat for the position of NYC City Council speaker.  The councilwoman claims she just forgot about the thousands of dollars in rental income she collected but failed to report to the IRS.

2013 Toxic Queen of the Year – MALE and FEMALE

If you follow me on Twitter (and you should)…. you’ll know that I’ve been giving out the daily #ToxicLittleQueen Award for the past few weeks.  The origins of the award come from none other than Alec Baldwin.  Daily recipients show similar disregard for tolerance and decency.

Yesterday, I realized that despite just starting the honor several weeks ago…. I really should bestow the Toxic Little Queen of 2013. But there were SO many suggestions, that I’ve had to break it into two categories.

Feel free to vote for your favorite each day.

Winners will be announced on Twitter on Christmas Eve.

Speaking of Income Inequality

The Communist Mayor of New York City owns two homes valued at over a million dollars apiece. The New York Times considers his two million-dollar homes “humble.” And to my knowledge, he has not offered to take in any of the city’s homeless.

If Democrats can ask why I “need” an AR-15, is it fair to ask why Comrade DeBlasio needs two homes?

BTW: The Communist Senator from Massachusetts won’t be running for president in 2016. Sad really. Don’t you think it’s time a fake Native American occupied the White House? (I remind you, a “moderate, electable” Republican lost to this shrill Marxist lying harridan. Perhaps previewing what will happen if Chris Christie runs against Hillary.)

Update: Do you think Obama had a problem with income inequality when his wife was working a $300K per year, no-show job that mainly involved denying health care to poor people?