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Science Same-Sex Couples Say Kids Are Better Off When Raised by Same-Sex Couples

The media are hyping a “scientific study” that claimed that children raised in same-sex couples were healthier, smarter, and more well-adjusted than kids raised in heteronormative families. An examination of the methodology of the study both debunks it and determines it to be bunk.

The so-called study does not use random sampling — the gold standard of any type of research — but rather self-selected subjects who knew the purpose of the study beforehand! Furthermore, the same-sex parents in the study self-reported all the information, including the answers to how their children were faring — in other words, the children themselves were not consulted.

In other words, the “scientific study” was about as realistic as taking a poll on Obama’s job performance in the MSNBC cafeteria at lunchtime.

But one can be sure that ignorant people will glom onto this “scientific study” the same way they glom onto the myth that Hobby Lobby makes it illegal for their employees to purchase contraceptives. Unfortunately, lying has so far proven to be a highly-effective means of advancing an agenda, especially when backed up by the mainstream media.

A Fool and His Money

What happens when a billionaire gives $100 Million to a corrupt, self-serving bureaucracy? Answer: Bureaucrats and their buddies in the consulting business got to buy vacation homes.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg made a splash by announcing his plan to give $100million to help turn around Newark, New Jersey’s public schools in an appearance on Oprah in 2010. 

But nearly four years later, Zuckerberg’s money has run out, having been spent mostly on labor contracts and consulting fees with no noticeable improvement in student performance, a report in the New Yorker reveals.

Zuckerberg’s money has mostly gone into the early stages of overhaul, paying consultants upwards of $1,000 a day to find solutions to Newark public schools’ problems.

According to the report, between 2010 and 2012 ‘more than twenty million dollars of Zuckerberg’s gift and matching donations went to consulting firms and various specialities: public relations, human resources, communications, data analysis, [and] teacher evaluations.’

The bureaucrats and consultants got richer; and the kids got nada.

My utter lack of faith in Government, vindicated once again.

No, Lefty Knicker-Twisters, Glenn Beck Did Not Say That Hillary Was a Lesbian

Posted by V the K at 9:05 pm - May 12, 2014.
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At the urging of the Gay Left, the MFM got their knickers in a gigantic twist by taking a comment from Glenn Beck out of context.

Anyone curious about how the media works? If you take a short clip from Glenn’s show and a provocative headline, then blast it out to a bunch of blogs looking to get easy traffic – they will usually write it up without really looking for the context. That’s what happened the other day when progressive group Right Wing Watch sent out a clip of Glenn with the headline Beck: ‘Hillary Clinton Will Be Having Sex With A Woman On The White House Desk If It Becomes Popular’Lots of websites ran with it, but they didn’t really look into any of the context. Stu decided to award media outlets like MSNBC, Wonkette, Daily Kos, and The Daily Beast for their terrible, terrible reporting skills on The Wonderful World of Stu.

Watch Viddy at the link. It’s long, but reasonably amusing.

“Only the Little People Pay Taxes, Dahling…”

Q. Why do Democrats think business is corrupt and rich people don’t pay taxes?
A. Because rich Democrats are corrupt and don’t pay taxes.

The family bicycle business of Wisconsin Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke (“I believe people should pay their fair share” – Ed.) has not paid state income taxes for more than three decades.

Trek, which claims its bicycles can “combat climate change,” has sales of roughly $900 million. However, according to records from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue obtained by Fox 6 in Milwaukee, Trek Bicycle has not paid net income taxes since at least 1982.

And wait, it gets better.

The company also received an $875,000 loan funded by Wisconsin taxpayers, while Burke was serving as Secretary of Commerce for the state.

Trek used the loan to build a new facility, and $392,300 of that loan was forgiven, according to Bjorling.

If they weren’t protected by judges and prosecutors just as corrupt as they are, the Democrats would be prosecuted under organized crime and racketeering laws.

The Big Lie

Posted by V the K at 2:42 pm - April 23, 2014.
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In Colorado, Democrats are pushing the “Republicans will outlaw birth control” lie that has served them so well with low information voters.

Also, the Democrat hacks at ‘Think Progress’ are claiming the IRS targeted Progressive groups more than Tea Party groups. If there were any truth to this, the left would be demanding a full and thorough investigation of the IRS. They are not. This is just pushing out a talking point so Obama’s apologists will have a phony argument to make when the issue of the IRS persecuting Tea Party groups comes up.



Leftists: Still running amok

They’re still claiming that any opposition to leftism could only be motivated by racism. Here, Rep. Steve Israel (D) says it back-hand style:

Candy: Do you think your Republican colleagues are racist?

Israel: Not all of them, no. Of course not. But to a significant extent, the Republican base does have elements that are animated by racism.

They’re still demanding that their failures be subsidized and bailed out. Here, a “green” solar company sues the government for only having dished it $250 million of taxpayer money, instead of millions more.

They’re still using highly questionable statistics to demagogue the issue of equal pay for men and women.

They’re still fighting their ‘war’ on Fox News, and failing – sometimes with hilarious results. The video shows Greta van Susteren cornering an aggressive Democrat into admitting that he lied about his resume.

They’re still racially divisive with amazing double standards. Here, a Democrat belittles her African-American GOP colleague for being only “half” black. Which, remember, happens to be what President Obama is.

They still have amazing double standards on the issues of Islam, free speech and women’s rights. Last week, leftists hit a triple (the wrong positions on all three) when Brandeis snubbed Ayaan Hirsi Ali after considering her for an honorary degree.

They’re still screeching “McCarthyism!” to deflect attention from their misconduct, as Rep. Elijah Cummings (D) did last week, when questions arose over his own staff’s collusion with the dangerously out-of-control IRS.

UPDATE: At least there’s hope for Wisconsin:

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has had a good run lately. He signed a major tax relief package into law, his controversial budget reforms have put the state back in the black…A new poll from Wisconsin Public Radio suggests that voters are appreciative of the governor’s accomplishments. Walker leads Democrat Mary Burke by 16 points in the survey (56/40), with Walker’s approval rating soaring to just shy of 60 percent — an all-time high in the series. (President Obama’s job approval is underwater at 48/50 in the poll). Walker’s lead is fueled by a 19-point advantage among independents…

The Party of Thieves

Two loosely related items:

1. $75,000 in television equipment was stolen at the Democrat National Convention in 2012, presumably by delegates and other attendees.

2. Democrat Criminal Jesse Jackson Jr is getting out of prison early.

But remember; the only real crime is being opposed to the redefinition of marriage.


Terry MacAuliffe Gets Right Down to Business

It was well-known Terry MacAulliffe was sleazy and corrupt, but he was elected Governor of Virginia on the basis that his opponent was supposedly going to outlaw gay sex or somesuch. And when you vote stupidly, this is the kind of thing you can expect.

[Virginia Governor Terry] McAuliffe said aides sent a fundraising solicitation without his knowledge or approval. The request asked for donations to the new Common Good Virginia PAC in increments of $10,000, $25,000, $50,000 and $100,000, with corresponding levels of access to the governor.

Donors who gave $100,000 were promised a private dinner with the Democratic governor and his wife. The fundraising letter, first posted on the conservative website, also promised large donors monthly meetings with unnamed policy experts.

Democrats Attempt Jedi Mind Trick

Posted by V the K at 12:06 am - March 31, 2014.
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First up, Senator Angus King of Maine (an alleged Independent who just happens to vote in lockstep with the senate Democrats), claiming “There is no such thing as Obamacare.”

There is no such thing as Obamacare. You can’t sign up for Obamacare. You sign up for an Anthem policy or an Aetna policy or a WellPoint policy. It’s private insurance.

“This is not the Massive Socialist Failure You’re Looking For,” (waves hand).

You can bet if it were working, they’d be calling it Obamacare.

Also, Democrat Majority Leader Senator Harry Reid of Nevada is either lying or no longer capable of remembering when he’s lying.

“We heard about the evils of ObamaCare, about the lives it’s ruining in Republicans’ stump speeches and in ads paid for by oil magnates, the Koch brothers. But in those tales, turned out to be just that: tales, stories made up from whole cloth, lies distorted by the Republicans to grab headlines or make political advertisements.” – Senator Harry Reid, February 2014


“Mr. President, the junior Senator from Wyoming has come to the floor several times recently talking about the fact that examples that he and other Republicans have given, dealing with ObamaCare, examples that they think are bad, I’ve called lies. Mr. President, that is simply untrue. I have never come to the floor, to my recollection, and I never said a word about any of the examples that Republicans have given regarding ObamaCare and how it’s not very good.” -
Senator Harry Reid, March 2014

Thank you, Nevada, for sending the rest of the country this gift. Thank you, oh so bloody much. Now, exactly when did you guys start hating the rest of America as much as Massachusetts does?

Harry Reid Blames Obamacare Failure on “You Dumb Hicks Who Don’t Know How to Internet.”

Oh, yeah, he went there.

According to Supreme Commissar and Leader Harry Reid, “the fault of struggling to sign up on the Obamacare exchanges didn’t lie with the faulty website, but with the people who weren’t educated on how to use the Internet.”
Shame on all of you for letting President Obama down.

Anti-Gun California Democrat Charged with Illegal Gun-Running

Democrat California State Senator Leland Yee has been a strong advocate for every gun control bill the far left People’s Republic of California has passed. Now, in addition to bribery and corruption, Senator Yee has been charged for illegally importing and selling the same guns he would outlaw to his law-abiding constituents.

The affidavit charges that the $2 million worth of weapons to have been secreted into the country from the Philippines included rocket launchers and machine guns, some of which Yee himself had fired while on Mindanao. A portion of the weapons Yee conspired to bring into the U.S. through New Jersey were to have been forwarded on to North Africa via Sicily.

Or, maybe he’s just following the example of his party’s leader; making it illegal for law abiding citizens to own guns while supplying guns to criminal drug gangs.

Update: Oh, my, it seems like Sen. Yee also offered to set up an arms deal with Islamic rebels for $2 Million in cash.

In the video after the break, Senator Yee explains how he wants to keep guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens. “To protect the general public is my priority.”


Left-Wing Nuts Decide the Word “Homosexual” Is a Slur

As noted before, on the right, we worry about actual issues: regulation-fueled economic decline, corruption in Government, the erosion of individual liberty, the unsustainable fiscal path of the national Government.

On the left, they worry about vocabulary.

In part, this is a mark of desperation, David Brock and his merry band of Soros-paid nutjobs are desperate for anything they can fling against the one news outlet that airs opposition views to leftist hegemony. There is no real racism, sexism, or homophobia on the right. So the left, in its desperation to remain peeved and aggrieved, must constantly lower the bar and change the rules. Hence, they declare that a previously inoffensive word is now offensive, so they can have their self-righteous tantrums about it. Also, note the new phenomenon of the “micro-aggression,” defined as a behavior that would not bother a normal person, but sends a politically correct leftist into paroxysms of outrage.

It’s also like the old English Aristocracy’s custom of establishing obscure collective nouns to refer to animals (a sleuth of bears, a whoop of gorillas, a murder of crows). The primary purpose for which was to distinguish themselves from the ill-bred peasantry, who were presumed not to know these things. In the same way, the left’s obsession with PC vocabulary is also intended as a social marker; those who use PC terminology are part of the class. Those who don’t can be safely mocked and looked down upon.

The real obsession of the left isn’t inclusion, it’s exclusion.

Stupid Tweet of the Day

Deranged hatred of guns really brings out Teh Stupid in our left-wing friends, like this fromt the producer of Ellen DeGeneres’s inane chat show.

I wonder if he is the same who wrote this of the president’s appearance on said inane chat show.

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA will be talking to our host from the White House, and Ellen is ready to entertain her VIP guest with an inspiring conversation. Both Pres. Obama and our host have proven their dance moves, their desire for good, and their Twitter skills. Now the leader of the free world, and the champion of comedy will get into the President’s new health care initiative. From L.A. to D.C., Ellen rolls out the red carpet for the United States’ fearless and brilliant head of state!

Gay RI House Speaker Resigns as Corruption Probe Deepens

The powerful Democrat Speaker of the Rhode Island House of Representatives resigned this weekend as Federal Agents and Rhode Island State Police raided his home and office collecting evidence of corruption in state Government.  Gordon Fox was the first openly gay statehouse speaker in the United States and a champion of the cause of same sex marriage; also a crook, apparently. Fox was once hailed by the media as “courageous” for his stance on gay marriage. “Courageous” is a word the media use to describe politicians who agree with the majority opinion of the media and the Democrat left.  As he once described himself, in a weird sort of self-victimizing compliment:

Fox once summed up his unlikely rise to become one of the most powerful figures in Rhode Island government this way: “I’m a biracial gay kid that wasn’t supposed to be speaker.”

Giving people high office and power on the basis of their being “Historic Firsts” has never worked out well, has it?

Now Democrats *like* charges that people are “un-American”

Democrats: could you please make up your minds?

Is it cool with you, or not cool, if charges are hurled around that so-and-so is un-American? Are y’all really so unprincipled that your answer shifts wildly, with your own momentary political convenience?

Mediaite goes into a couple of recent examples. Such as: Sen. Harry Reid (D – Nevada), Political Whore and Liar Extraordinaire, proclaiming officially on the floor of the Senate that the Koch brothers are “un-American”, basically because the Democrats don’t like what the Kochs say and do politically (never mind about Free Speech, fully legal political participation, etc.). It comes around 2:20 in Mediaite’s first clip.

Once Again, a Federal Bureaucracy Violates the Law in a Way That Aligns Coincidentally with Mr. Obama’s Agenda

Posted by V the K at 6:58 am - February 7, 2014.
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Just as it was dawning on always-late-to-the-party Speaker of the House John Boehner that the Obama Administration simply can’t be trusted to enforce immigration law, it emerges that the Obama Administration… has not been enforcing immigration law.

At least 70 percent of asylum applications showed signs of fraud, according to a secret 2009 internal government audit that found many of those cases had been approved anyway.

And why might Obama’s Administration be so eager to grant asylum to as many people as possible? Take a wild guess.
Asylum fraud undermines the integrity of our immigration system and hurts U.S. taxpayers. Once individuals are granted asylum, they receive immediate access to all major federal welfare programs.
One anticipates that the Obama Administration … and their many eager apologists… will spin this as just a “bureaucratic SNAFU.” Just as the IRS targeting opponents of Obama during an election year, was just a bureaucratic SNAFU. And just as the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms running guns into Mexico at precisely the same time the Administration was pushing for gun control on the basis that gun crimes in Mexico were being committed with weapons purchased in the United States… that was also just a bureaucratic SNAFU.

And it’s just a coincidence that all of these bureaucratic SNAFUs accrue to the political benefit of Mr. Barack Obama and his party.

Abortion Barbie’s Throne of Lies

Posted by V the K at 5:41 pm - January 19, 2014.
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Left-wing heroine Wendy Davis — whom the left adores because she filibustered on behalf of infanticide and unsanitary abortion mills — turns out to have made up a lot of the details in her official biography.

“With the help of academic scholarships and student loans, Wendy not only became the first person in her family to earn a bachelor’s degree but graduated first in her class and was accepted to Harvard Law School,” her website says.

Not so much, as it turns out.

A single mother working two jobs, she met Jeff Davis, a lawyer 13 years older than her, married him and had a second daughter. He paid for her last two years at Texas Christian University and her time at Harvard Law School, and kept their two daughters while she was in Boston. When they divorced in 2005, he was granted parental custody, and the girls stayed with him. Wendy Davis was directed to pay child support.

When she was accepted to Harvard Law School, Jeff Davis cashed in his 401(k) account and eventually took out a loan to pay for her final year there. Over time, the Davises’ marriage was strained. In November 2003, Wendy Davis moved out.

In his initial divorce filing, Jeff Davis said the marriage had failed, citing adultery on her part and conflicts that the couple could not overcome. The final court decree makes no mention of infidelity, granting the divorce solely “on the ground of insupportability.”

Jeff Davis said that was right around the time the final payment on their Harvard Law School loan was due. “It was ironic,” he said. “I made the last payment, and it was the next day she left.”

So, basically, she married a sugar daddy, cheated on him, dumped him when he had paid her way through law school, and left him with the kids; a real feminist heroine.

Obviously, northeastern Democrats don’t care about politicians who lie. Liz “Fauxcahontas” Warren lied about having Native American heritage in order to become an Affirmative Action hire at Harvard and was elected handily in Massachusetts over electable moderate Republic Scott Brown. Abe “Sue ‘Em All” Blumenthal lied about serving in Vietnam, and Connecticut Democrats couldn’t have cared less. But Texas, at least for now, holds its politicians to a higher standard.

Right Wingnuts Proven Right Again

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The left used to deny that Obamacare was a takeover of the national health care system; in fact the left-wing hacks at Politifact rated this assertion the Lie of the Year back in 2010. Tea Party conservatives were attacked as paranoid for claiming that Obamacare was the gateway for socialized health care (now rebranded as “Single Payer.”) But now, the left is admitting what we on the right were claiming all along, Obamacare really is laying the groundwork for “single payer.” Furthermore, it’s a giant, socialist transfer of wealth from the productive to the unproductive.

And the left is happy that Obamacare is the gateway to “Single Payer” because leftist “logic” dictates that if Government has made a complete clusterf-ck out of something, the solution is to give the Government more money and power. [The left never talks about the truly massive tax increases that would be necessary for "Single Payer."]

At this rate, the left will soon have to admit that Obama is a Marxist and the “birth certificate” is a fake.

The right also used to assert that the left was deliberately undermining the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan for domestic political purposes. Now, Robert Gates has book out that reveals that Obama and Hillary admitted that opposition was purely political and the Democrats were more than happy to sacrifice the lives of American soldiers to attack George W. Bush and gain political power.

“Hillary told the president that her opposition to the [2007] surge in Iraq had been political because she was facing him in the Iowa primary. . . . The president conceded vaguely that opposition to the Iraq surge had been political. To hear the two of them making these admissions, and in front of me, was as surprising as it was dismaying.”

[Gee, Bob, thanks for waiting until after the 2012 elections to tell us this. What a great "patriot" you are.]

From “I did not have sex with that woman,” to “If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan,” to “the video, which was posted on YouTube, inspired spontaneous street protests that got out of hand,” the left sits atop a throne of lies.

Crony Corruption in just 5 days

Communist NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio began his term in office by promising to ban horse-drawn carriages from the streets of NYC because he couldn’t bear to see the poor little horsies suffer.

As it turns out, one of Comrade de Blasio’s very, very wealthy and deep-pocketed campaign financiers has been pushing a ban on horse-drawn carriages for years… so he can buy the stables where they are kept and develop worker’s housing for the proletariat upscale residential and retail properties.

The bad guy in this drama, according to the carriage drivers, is Steve Nislick, former chief executive officer of a New Jersey-based real-estate development company, Edison Properties.* The company “employs legions of lobbyists to influence city decisions on real estate and zoning in its favor,” journalist Michael Gross reported in 2009, pointing out that two of Edison’s businesses “have multiple locations in the same Far West Midtown neighborhood as the stables where the Central Park horses are housed.” An anti-carriage pamphlet Nislick circulated in 2008 made this interesting observation: “Currently, the stables consist of 64,000 square feet of valuable real estate on lots that could accomodate up to 150,000 square feet of development. These lots could be sold for new development.”

Read the whole thing.

Left-wing populist demogoguery has always been a great prophylactic against media curiosity about shady financial dealings; just ask Warren Buffett.

Is Obama dumb, or just his base?

Is President Obama ignorant of how the job market works, or does he cynically exploit the ignorance of his left-wing, “low information” voter base?

If economics has two consistent findings, they are:

  1. Rent control messes up a city’s rental market, driving rents *up* (and rental quality down) over time.
  2. Raising the minimum wage kills low-end jobs, the ones held by young and/or poor people.

You can prove (2) to yourself with a simple thought-experiment. Imagine we raised the federal minimum wage from its present $7.25/hour to, say, $25. Would McDonald’s or any other restaurant, large or small, be able to stay in business?

They might, if they adopt Applebee’s new “Waiter Terminator”.

The E La Carte Presto tablets – powered by Intel – will allow patrons to pay from their seats while also adding food and beverages to their existing orders…

The Presto tablets, which were developed at MIT, have been “ruggedized” to deal with the spills and rowdy children…

DineEquity said it might consider introducing the tablets at its IHOP restaurant chain as well. The company joins many others in the industry that have begun incorporating technology into the customer experience.

When government forces wages up, it forces businesses to kill jobs: either by the business dying, or by its replacing workers with technology (a.k.a. capital). The restaurant industry has technology waiting in the wings.

As if to defy that reality, last week Obama tweeted his base the following total falsehood:

Hence, my question. (more…)