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The Tyranny of Stereotypes

Posted by V the K at 7:56 am - December 11, 2015.
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I’ve been sitting on this story for a couple of days. It’s a story out of Las Vegas and concerns (yet another) case of a teacher sexually abusing a student. I tell you, those public schoolteachers make Catholic Priests look like, um, Catholic Priests. Although none of the early news stories revealed the sex of the student that was abused… I correctly guessed the sex of the student that had been abused. Mainly, because the mugshot of the perp played into some stereotypes we’re supposed to have been indoctrinated into believing are invalid.


How much do you wanna bet she drives a Subaru?

My angle on this isn’t that all lesbians are child abusers, or that all lesbians correspond to the bull-dyke stereotype. We know neither of these things are true. But it kind of caroms off a discussion I was having the other night about someone’s experience with his “Gay Straight Alliance” in college, Often, when someone new came into the group the loud and brassy lesbians who ran it would say, “I *knew* you were gay.” And my friend could tell this made a lot of newcomers uncomfortable. The last thing a lot of people coming to terms with their sexuality want to hear is, “I could tell you were gay.”

My friend thought this was because some people, especially college age noobs, have religious issues or family issues that make them want to remain closeted or discreet. I think my friend overlooked another factor: To a lot of people, it’s simply embarrassing to be identified with Gay Culture.

When people use the expression, “That’s gay,” as a pejorative, they’re not attack gay people, but really all of the bullsh-t that attaches to Gay Culture. Not everybody enjoys campy entertainment, wants to adopt shrill leftism as the default political setting, squees with delight over every genderbending perversion that comes down the pike, hates ‘organized religion.’ or thinks the Folsom Street Fair is wholesome family entertainment. The Onion satirized this brilliantly over a decade ago. Family Guy, the only show on TV that gets away with it, also nailed it. I take, “That’s so gay,” to mean, “That’s so silly and frivolous,” which is how I feel about the things Gay Culture celebrates.

To sum, I can’t blame anyone who doesn’t want to be associated with Gay Culture. And for that matter, Gay Culture isn’t a very accepting place for those who don’t fit into its rather tight parameters for entertainment, politics, faith, and behavior.

Things We Condemn – and expect our opponents to condemn

So, this post is written by Jeff; but I may say we/us/our in the following, meaning that I’m pretty sure that other GP authors would agree with me.

From time to time, trolls show up in GayPatriot’s comments section: people who are here not to provide new info or discuss anything for real, but only to throw accusations. They are usually left-wing. It’s fun, because they so often provide evidence for our points about how the Left thinks (or rather, doesn’t think).

You can tell a troll because his accusations are illogical. He usually shows little understanding of our viewpoints as the writers of GP, which may differ among us on some issues, but which are always rooted in our respect for human life including liberty (human freedom).

For example, if you understood anything about our viewpoints, you would know that we condemn violence^^ against gays and lesbians. And against women. And against black people or any minority. We condemn physical violence against anybody who isn’t a perpetrator of physical violence, because we condemn all physical violence that isn’t necessary for self-defense. No peaceful citizen should have to live in fear for his or her physical safety.

Likewise, we condemn anyone who -calls for- violence^^ against gays and lesbians, against women, or against anybody else who hasn’t committed criminal violence. To our way of thinking, we shouldn’t have to say the preceding, because it should be SO OBVIOUS that it flows from our principles. But if it’s important to you that we say it: there it is. Easy to say. Done.

It’s an example of something so basic that we would expect any commenter on GP who wants to be taken seriously to feel the same way. A similar example of something basic would be condemning violence against children – including the sexual exploitation of minors, such as child pornography or pedophilia**.

Rejecting the sexual exploitation of minors is so obvious and basic to being a decent human being that a person should not normally be asked to condemn pedophilia – but, if she is asked to, it should be quite easy for her to say “Of course I condemn it – Done.”

The thing is: When it comes to the Gay Left, and because the Gay Left sometimes tolerates NAMBLA or promotes certain individuals who do condone sex with minors, it may be legitimate to ask the person to condemn it. And when they condemn it, that’s good. You got your answer, and you move on to other topics.

At this point, a gay leftie might say “But then we’re right to ask you if you condemn violence against gays!! Because you tolerate or associate with Christians, and Christians promote or condone violence against gays!!!1!11!1!”

And the answer is: No, Christians don’t. Of course you can find some crazy/fringe person who happens to call themselves “Christian” and calls for violence against lesbians or gays; but the key words there are “crazy” and “fringe”. The words apply because the real world is different. In the real world, all major denominations of Christianity reject violence against gays.

But, sadly, it is not equally true that all major Gay Left groups, Pride parades, etc. shun NAMBLA and condemn anyone who has sex with teenage boys. Sadly, no.

All this came up in a recent GP thread. A leftie commenter asked me if I condemn violence against gays, and/or anyone calling for violence against gays. I replied readily that I do. Thinking that I was throwing the guy a softball, I said, now you can reciprocate my example by condemning pedophilia, right? He couldn’t or wouldn’t. Instead, he claimed that Christian leaders typically call for violence against gays. I demanded contemporary examples – and the one example that he provided (after some stalling and further hand-waving) was just a fringe nutcase, a worthless example.

To summarize.

  1. We (authors at Gay Patriot) condemn violence^^ against gays. (and always have)
  2. We condemn anyone who promotes or calls for violence^^ against gays. (and we always have)
  3. We condemn pedophilia**. (and always have)
  4. We find these things easy to say, when we are challenged about it.
  5. We think that any decent person should find these things easy to say, if they are challenged.
  6. We do NOT normally want people to be challenged on these things, in GP comments. (Why not? For staying on topic, for goodwill / presumption of innocence, etc.)
  7. But, if a troll is going to make challenges on these things, then he or she may expect to be challenged back – and had better come up with the right answers. As we do.
  8. In the future, when we are challenged, we may simply refer the troll back to this post.

(^^Violence meaning: real violence, which of course is physical violence.)

(**Pedophilia broadly also including hebephilia/ephebophilia, the sexual exploitation of teenagers or of any/all minors.)


Posted by V the K at 10:46 am - October 15, 2015.
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From the comments at AoSHQ, for purposes of provoking discussion. On the topic of, maybe sexuality is not necessarily a matter of “Born this way.”

My hubby’s former boss is super duper prog man, to the max. His kid went to school. Wifey insisted he go to boarding school. So he has a gay experience and announces he is gay. Family appears delighted by said announcement. A year later the kid is talking about bringing a girl home. The prog Dad says, “I thought you were gay?”

Prog son says, “Dad I was only 15, what did I know?”


My super-progressive cousin did this with her painfully shy son – she kept telling him “It’s OK if you’re gay, I’ll love you no matter what, do you want to take a boy to prom? etc.”

Finally his older sister screamed at her, “He’s not gay, mom, he’s just SHY!”

Stories like these make me think that real-life is not as simple as the gay left social narrative makes it out to be.  Maybe it’s not just a matter of genetics, and sexual orientation being fixed at birth. Maybe people do respond to social cuing, and emulate what’s trendy.

I kind of wonder if, twenty years hence, the current mania for celebrating “transgenders” will be seen as a silly fad like coonskin caps and goldfish swallowing.

Sending the Wrong Message

Posted by V the K at 6:01 am - September 28, 2015.
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That kid from ‘Who’s the Boss’ who surprised no one by coming out as gay has just come out as HIV positive, and now he wants to be “a beacon of light” to other gay people.

“It was terrifying, and there was a sense of relief,” he says. “It’s backwards. You’ve spent so much time terrified that you’re going to get it, and then you have it. You don’t have to be terrified anymore.”

“What I want my community to realize is we need to take better care of ourselves,” he says.

And what message is he going to be conveying? “Don’t be an idiot like me who used crystal meth and got infected with HIV through promiscuous unprotected sex?” Or, “If you use crystal meth and get HIV through unprotected anonymous sex, the LGBT Community will make you a hero and praise you for having the exquisite courage of a butterfly flying against the wind?”

Science Takes on the Important Work of Studying ‘Gaydar’

Posted by V the K at 12:33 pm - September 18, 2015.
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Gaydar is not real, and if you think it is, you’re a homophobe.

According to the University of Wisconsin’s study, which was published in the Journal of Sex Research, gaydar is not real. William Cox, an assistant scientist in the Department of Psychology and the lead author, chose to do this study in order to dispel the stereotype that some people might have gaydar and thus can determine who is gay and who isn’t.

In the press release Cox said, “Most people think of stereotyping as inappropriate. But if you’re not calling it ‘stereotyping,’ if you’re giving it this other label and camouflaging it as ‘gaydar,’ it appears to be more socially and personally acceptable.”

The running joke about me is that I have Soviet Era gaydar; anybody less obvious than, say, Paul Lynde or Janet Napolitano goes right by. Story though. Once, I gave my son and a couple of his friends a ride home after a high school dance. And there was one kid who just wouldn’t shut up about his involvement in the Gay-Straight Alliance and how excited he was about the upcoming Spring musical that he was in. I mean, Obama’s Safe School Czar totally would have sent this kid to a bus station.

A few months later, he stole my son’s girlfriend and last I heard they were married.


And Now, Gay Doritos

Posted by V the K at 1:46 pm - September 17, 2015.
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Profits from the sales of Gay Doritos go to hatemonger Dan Savage’s “Anti-Bullying” project.

Question, if a Christian storeowner declines to sell Gay Doritos, can they be driven out of business in the name of tolerance?


Another Testament to the Endless Navel-Gazing of the Gay Left

Posted by V the K at 8:04 am - September 2, 2015.
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Sometimes, I think being a leftist means nothing more than being hostile to all things normal and good and coming up with convoluted ways to explain it.

Seriously, how mental do you have to be to embrace this lunacy?



HT: The Political Hat

Obama Regime Raids Gay Escort Service

Posted by V the K at 10:13 am - August 27, 2015.
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They warned me if I voted for Mitt Romney, the Government would start raiding and shutting down websites that promote gay-sex-for-pay.

Federal agents and New York City police raided the Manhattan offices of an online male escort service Tuesday, arresting the site’s CEO and six of his employees. chief executive Jeffrey Hurant and six others were arraigned in federal court in Brooklyn on charges of promoting prostitution across state lines. Prosecutors say the site sold advertisements for high-priced male prostitutes for several hundred dollars, then charged customers up to $299 per month to access the ads. The operation took in more than $10 million since 2010, prosecutors said.


Posted by V the K at 8:52 pm - August 7, 2015.
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YouTube Preview Image

Follow-Up on that Satan Statue Thing

Posted by V the K at 9:00 pm - July 27, 2015.
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Turns out, it was pretty gay.

At approximately 11:30 p.m. Attendees shouted “Hail Satan” as two shirtless men pulled off the cloth that covered the Baphomet and then embraced and kissed each other in front of the statue.

LGBT Activists Seek to Sexualize Children

Posted by V the K at 11:40 pm - July 26, 2015.
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And by “Activist” I mean “Predators.” Via Instapundit: At Anti-Bullying Conference, Iowa Middle Schoolers Learn About Lesbian Strap-On Anal Sex, Fake Testicles.

In rural, small-town Iowa, a group of parents and community leaders is seeking to prevent students from the local taxpayer-funded middle school and high school from attending future versions of an anti–bullying conference for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender teens.

Among the nearly two dozen speakers, “only two” addressed bullying, one attendee estimated, according to

The rest of the sessions involved issues such as “how to pleasure their gay partners.”

Nate Monson, executive director of Iowa Safe Schools, said parents who worry about middle school kids hearing about anal sex with strap-ons and analingus are “disgusting.”“It’s incredibly frustrating that adults are being the problem and being the bully,” Monson told the Des Moines NBC affiliate. “

I would love to have the police examine Nate Munson’s laptop, wouldn’t you?

Is this mainstream gay culture? Or are these … well, we can’t call them fringe radical extremists because as far as we know, none of them want to cut the Federal budgets… sensibilities represented by these folks also offensive to gays as well?

I ask in all seriousness; does mainstream gay culture support the sexualization of adolescent children?

Feminists Bringing the Crazy

Posted by V the K at 11:18 pm - July 25, 2015.
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R.S. McCain’s blog has been increasingly focused on the insanity of the feminist left. Here’s a couple of recent items.

First, a lesbian divorce is turning ugly, with mutual accusations that amount to “the other one is a crazy bitch.” But this is really a point of departure for him to discuss the violence and dysfunction the LGBT Community hides because it would be bad PR were the extent of it to become broadly known.

This myth of lesbians enjoying conflict-free relationships has become a sort of propaganda deployed by feminists who wish to blame males for everything everything wrong in heterosexual relationships.

Anyone who knows anything about human nature knows better than to believe these things, but just as the gay-rights movement has sought to suppress negative information about the LGBT community, feminists have sought to suppress positive information about heterosexual males. This has produced a distorted perception of the world which, all things considered amounts to a propaganda of hatred, which Professor Daphne Patai called Heterophobia. However, when anyone — particularly a heterosexual male — tries to balance this one-side propaganda, he is invariably accused of sexism and homophobia: “How dare you suggest some women are not entirely sane?” or, “How dare you suggest some homosexuals are not entirely honest?”

Second, McCain brings to our attention a radical lesbian “performance artist” who has acquired some, shall we say, interesting props.

“My girlfriend and I received these lovely jesus-on-the-cross dildos yesterday from Divine Interventions. Check them out! So many awesome blasphemous toys. We are very happy with them!”

And they wonder why Christians don’t want to bake cakes for them.

Update: Speaking of unhinged radical feminists.

The New Normal

Posted by V the K at 10:35 pm - July 20, 2015.
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Under the New Normal, worrying about the debt and expressing a desire for fiscally responsible, Constitutionally-restrained Government marks you as a dangerous extremist and a whackjob.

This, however, is perfectly normal

The organizers of Free Pride Glasgow in Scotland have hit a snag in their mission to plan a totally inclusive event:
Some activists think drag queens are offensive to transgender people, others think banning drag queens is offensive to transgender drag queens, and still others think allowing only transgender drag queens is offensive to cisgender drag queens.

And they insist that they are the normal ones.

If there were a way off this planet, I’d leave.

Gay Dude Sues Bible Publisher for Publishing Bibles

Posted by V the K at 1:06 pm - July 9, 2015.
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The Bible contains verses that hurt his feelings. He’s suing.

A homosexual man has filed a $70 million lawsuit against Bible publishers Zondervan and Thomas Nelson, alleging that their version of the Bible that refers to homosexuality as a sin violates his constitutional rights and has caused him emotional distress.

Bradley LaShawn Fowler, an ex-con turned author, filed the federal suit in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan on Monday, the same day a judge refused to appoint him a lawyer for his suit against Thomas Nelson, The Grand Rapids Press reported.

Russia Unveils Straight Pride Flag

Posted by V the K at 10:37 pm - July 8, 2015.
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The Russians have created a flag to counter the Rainbow Propaganda and celebrate the traditional family. This should drive the leftists nanners.


Aesthetically, it’s a disappointment. This is the same country that produced the Soviet iconography that inspired Shepard Fairey’s iconic Obama personality cult poster. Light blue is never a strong statement (think UN Peacekeeper helmet). And the rest of it looks like a sticker in the back of a Soccer Mom’s SUV. Try again, Putin. With Russia’s demographic problems, they really need to do something to get people breeding again, but this ain’t it.

But, the point is, if there can be a gay pride flag, then why not a straight pride flag?  Anyway, the rainbow flag was historically an emblem for international socialist groups.  But you knew that, right?

Speaking of flags, the South Carolina legislature defeated a proposed amendment to replace the Confederate Flag on the statehouse grounds with a plain white surrender flag. This is what the left actually wants, but it still wouldn’t have satisfied them anyway.

They probably would have gone for the rainbow flag.

Progressive Fast Food Chain Markets to Promiscuous Gays

Posted by V the K at 8:59 am - June 30, 2015.
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Chipotle has been handing out some provocative coupons at gay pride parades around the country.

The coupons are printed with the phrase “?Homo estas?” above a photo of a burrito. Below the burrito, there is text that reads, “Which way do you sway?” with arrows pointing to two buttons. One button reads “I eat tacos” and the other reads “I eat burritos.”

Chipotle spokesman Chris Arnold said the company has used the tagline in support of Pride events for several years “and it has always been very well received in the LGBT community.” “If there are some who find it insensitive, we certainly apologize for that,” he told Business Insider.

Call it a hunch, but if Rush Limbaugh made a joke like this, there would be protests and boycotts.

There’s No Pleasing Some People

Posted by V the K at 9:50 pm - June 29, 2015.
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Some gay activists are whining that the end of the gay marriage struggle has left them… unsatisfied.

The more victories that accumulate for gay rights, the faster some gay institutions, rituals and markers are fading out. And so just as the gay marriage movement peaks, so does a debate about whether gay identity is dimming, overtaken by its own success.

“What do gay men have in common when they don’t have oppression?” asked Andrew Sullivan, one of the intellectual architects of the marriage movement. “I don’t know the answer to that yet.”

“The thing I miss is the specialness of being gay,” said Lisa Kron. “Because the traditional paths were closed, there was a consciousness to our lives, a necessary invention to the way we were going to celebrate and mark family and mark connection. That felt magical and beautiful.”

Oh, dear, what will they ever do now? What is next for the gay left. Reparations, perhaps?


Dykes to Watch Out For*

Posted by V the K at 10:38 am - June 2, 2015.
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[The headline is a reference to this, so please spare me any SJW PC opprobrium.]

A lesbian womyn at Virginia Tech murdered her lover in a fit of rage after being told their affair was just “experimentation.”

A former Virginia Tech student has been sentenced to 45 years in prison for the 2014 murder of another female student, who [sic] she brutally strangled after the victim wrote their lesbian fling off as an ‘experiment.’

‘I loved Sam — I couldn’t believe she would say that I was some experiment to her,’ Ewing told the court in Christiansburg. ‘It hit me where I was most hurt.’

Her *feelings* were hurt, don’t you understand? If the Wedding Cake Fascists have taught us anything, it’s that nothing is more important than the bruised feelings of an aggrieved homosexual.

Seriously though, domestic violence in the LGBT community is one of those deep dark secrets no one is supposed to talk about.

Get Over Yourself, Princess, Everything Isn’t About You

Posted by V the K at 2:30 pm - May 29, 2015.
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A gay teenager who wanted to turn his high school graduation into his own personal coming out party didn’t get to do that.

The school says Young didn’t submit a revised version of the speech and that a graduation speech is not the time for a student to “push his personal agenda on a captive audience.”


Seriously, a high school graduation is a sufficiently grueling ordeal as it is. (Except for my last son’s. In an out in an hour, well done!). And it’s really not the place for politics. Indeed, I would suggest we need fewer politics in our public space, not more. Also, let’s face it, there are people who like to make everything about themselves; we need less indulgence of that, too.

Social Conservative Outraged by Gay Subversion of Traditional Family Structure

Posted by V the K at 2:25 pm - May 29, 2015.
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And by “social conservative” I mean paleo-feminist Germaine Greer. [From Breitbart]

Feminist commentator Germaine Greer has criticised Elton John for calling his partner David Furnish “mother” of their two sons.

Speaking at the Hay Literary Festival, Greer accused the men of “deconstructing motherhood”, criticising them for the fact that Furnish was listed as mother on their children’s birth certificates.

Oh, speaking of transgressing heteronormative structures, a gay couple who used to be “father and son” are now “husband and husband.” [Hat Tip: Steve the Commenter]

It’s almost like words don’t mean anything anymore.