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Vote For Milo

Posted by V the K at 8:53 pm - December 21, 2016.
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For LGBTQRSTXYYZ#$ of the year.

Transgender Cop Is an Excellent Community Role Model

Posted by V the K at 4:23 pm - December 10, 2016.
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Hold the phone… if you’re a cop in DC and you take underage minors out to a bar, buy them alcohol, and show selfie-pron to them… the penalty is a “quiet reprimand?” ? Or is that deal just for LGBTs?

A transgender police officer in Washington, D.C., who has repeatedly been praised as a community role model has also quietly been reprimanded for improper sexually-tinged antics with underage police interns.

“Sgt. Hawkins showed the interns a ‘homemade video of her having sex with 4 men while she was intoxicated,’” Fox’s report says. Another complain filed against Hawkins accused him of taking under-21 interns to an Arlington gay bar, where she helped them buy alcohol and laughed at one intern’s possession of a fake ID.

According to Fox, Hawkins has admitted that both complaints against him are accurate, and was quite cavalier in the admission. Hawkins even volunteered that he had shown other interns an inappropriate picture on his phone.

Hat Tip: Papa Giorgio on the Twitters

Milo visits Memories Pizza to apologize on behalf of sane gay people

Posted by V the K at 9:56 pm - December 9, 2016.
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The owners and patrons seem to receive him very warmly. I was told they hated gay people.

YouTube Preview Image

This is raw, unedited video. Skip ahead to the five minute mark when Milo and his entourage appear. (That dude who appears intermittently in the right side of the screen during the first ten minutes has real purty hair, don’t you think?) Skip ahead to 20:00 for the takeway bullet, which is basically: “Memories Pizza was a flashpoint in the Culture Wars, a place where good people got fed up with being bullied by Social Justice Wankers and said ‘Enough!’ And this is why you got Trump.”

If You Really Believe Mike Pence Wants to Electrocute Gay Teenagers, You’re an Idiot

Posted by V the K at 5:35 pm - November 27, 2016.
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According to a popular meme in the gay left, Vice-President Elect Mike Pence supports forcing gay teenagers to undergo electrocution as part of conversion therapy.

I won’t use the best word to describe what this claim is, but here’s a picture.

The entire basis for this claim comes from a website that Pence created to support his 2000 bid for a congressional seat. Under “Strengthening the American Family,” there was, among other things, this sentence.

Congress should support the reauthorization of the Ryan White Care Act only after completion of an audit to ensure that federal dollars were no longer being given to organizations that celebrate and encourage the types of behaviors that facilitate the spreading of the HIV virus. Resources should be directed toward those institutions which provide assistance to those seeking to change their sexual behavior.

There is nothing in there about electrocution, or even “conversion therapy.” It’s about AIDS, and not encouraging people to spread it.

Hell, even the left wants to “change people’s sexual behavior,” what do you think those stupid “Affirmative consent” laws are about? What is indoctrination about safe sex and contraception if not an effort to change people’s sexual behavior?

There is more evidence to support the proposition that Barack Obama is a closet Muslim than there is in support of the proposition that Mike Pence wants to “electrocute the gay out of teenagers.” (Nowhere, for example, will you find an account of Mike Pence describing the screams of an electrocuted gay teenager as “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.”)

Since the Democrat Media Complex is all up in arms about “fake news,” why doesn’t this phony meme qualify?

Fake news that riles up part of the Democrat base is okay; always has been.

Welcome to the Party

Gay Dude rejects “LGBT” label, rejects the Permanent Victimhood of LGBT Activism, and points out that the LGBT Activist movement is about 30 years behind the times.

This is what happens when society changes so quickly. Teenagers fighting for recognition of their identity and causing controversy for taking their same-sex date to prom went to college and learned about advocacy, gay history (from the generation of the 70’s and 80’s) and devoted themselves to fighting the injustice. But by the time they got old enough to be in charge, all the injustices were gone – but the passion and the narrative remained. Today we have an entire generation of gay people in their 30’s who have not left high school in their minds. They are still fighting Ellen’s 1996 battle. They are still carrying the torch for their 1980’s mentors. They are are still arguing against Falwell and raging against Reagan. Still trying to prove homosexuality isn’t a choice or sinful.

My generation has finally built the inclusive, diverse, safe, celebrated and socially influential gay movement we dreamed of as teenagers with complete arguments against all opposition and we simply cannot accept that its obsolete.”

What can I say but… Yup.

But the Activist Left has to keep the Coalition of Permanent Victimhood. After all, if gay people acknowledged and were satisfied with their social gains, all the professional activists at HRC, NGLTF, P-FLAG and the other groups would have to get out in the real world and find real jobs; which are pretty scarce in the Obama Economy.

And That’s Why LGBT Stands For “Lesbian and Gay Bullying Totalitarians”

Posted by V the K at 1:37 pm - October 31, 2016.
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There is no tolerance for dissent on the left. If you agree with the Democrats on gay marriage, you must also agree with them on tax policy, on mass immigration, on regulation of the economy, on gun control, on using Climate Change to massively expand Government power, on president’s with unlimited executive authority, on using institutions of Government and Academia for indoctrination of a radical social justice agenda, on letting Democrats get away with breaking laws because the Party above all else.

To dissent on one issue is to be a traitor to all. And there is zero tolerance on the left for traitors.

At a Donald Trump rally in Cincinnati on October 13, Wall Street Journal video reporter and senior producer Jason Bellini interviewed a gay couple who are both supporters of the GOP candidate. Although Bellini initially did not name them, a gay activist later “outed” the duo as 31-year-old Dewey Lainhart and his 22-year-old fiance, Cody Moore. When asked if they were comfortable being affectionate at the rally, Lainhart replied, “Yeah. Ain’t nobody saying nuthin’ about us” and “I have a lot of gay friends who support Trump.”

Lainhart said he works in the steel industry, and is “tired of the bullsh*t government. Time for a change. Trump’s the man for it.” Moore added he believes Trump “would bring more jobs to the country.”

That was essentially the entire substance of the interview, which has provoked an astonishing backlash. Hundreds of thousands of online views have led to thousands of comments, most of them furious with Lainhart and Moore, who have been ridiculed as “hillbilly morons” and “rednecks.”

In a followup report, the couple told Bellini they “have received death threats from gay people warning them not to leave their house or go to any gay clubs. One message to them, they say, told them to drink bleach.”

Hat Tip: Peter H.

Oh, and trolls who are going to simper… “But, but… the alt-right,” just don’t even bother.

That Which Is Not

Certain gay people are so committed to victim politics that they carry Police chalk in their man-purses.  And to modern artist, nothing brings more approval than poking a stick into the eyes of people with traditional morals and virtues.

So, when an artist in France decided to create, as the centerpiece of his Christmas display, an inflatable tree that looked awfully much like a giant Fire Island Party Favor, he succeeded in causing offense to the sort of people hip artists love to offend; the sort of people who think a sex toy has no place as the centerpiece of a Christmas display.

And, of course, the gay community gets to pretend that this is all about “anti-gay bigotry.”  “Oh, the hatred! I feel so victimized! Give me a Cosmo and a tax subsidy.”

Anyway…  check out the picture and tell me the artist wasn’t trying to poke people in the eye with this.


Transgender Brainwashing Is Child Abuse

Posted by V the K at 10:05 am - October 22, 2016.
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So this mom tried to jump on the trendy transgendered band-wagon, claiming her little boy identified as a girl. You get a lot of high-fives and social kudos in left-wing social circles for this.

Then, the court put the little boy back in dad’s custody. You won’t believe what happened next. (See, I can be a master clickbaiter) 

A seven-year-old boy has been removed from his mother’s care by the high court, after he was found to be suffering “significant emotional harm” due to his mother raising him as a girl.

The judge in the case slammed social services who had simply accepted that the boy should be treated as a girl.

The woman had told him that the boy “expressed disdain for his penis”, he said, adding: “I consider that [the mother] has caused significant emotional harm to [her son] in her active determination that he should be a girl.”

“I have been told that [the father] and his partner were shocked when they first saw [the boy] by the extent to which he appeared to be a girl, both in appearance and in mannerism,” said the judge. “However, what is striking is how well [the boy] has settled down.

“I have noted from reports that [the boy] has become interested in Power Rangers, SpongeBob, superheroes and is constantly finding new interests … It is striking that most of [the boy’s] interests are male-oriented.

You gotta feel sorry for kids who become just tokens of their parents desire to embrace social justice culture. I keep thinking of that poor little boy raised by the two man-hating lesbian couple* who, surprise surprise, despises himself and also identifies as transgendered because it’s probably the only way to get his parents to accept him. He’s due for quite a shock later on when he finds out how many lesbians hate trannies. Poor kid.

Hat Tip Craig

*PS. Strange, when I did the search “lesbian couple son transgender” on Google to find that story, all the links that came up were on the order “How to Raise your transgender child” and “Transgender Teens face bullying at school.” I switched to Bing, did the same search, and it went right to the story.

Strange, that.

Remember: According to our left-wing betters who know everything and are therefore entitled to run our lives, Masculinity is Toxic.

Wankers Once Again Upset at an Author for Not Retconning Characters as Gay

Posted by V the K at 5:25 pm - October 20, 2016.
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Author S.E. Hinton was asked if the characters in ‘The Outsiders’ were gay. She said no. Social Justice Wankers… because their lives are somehow invalidated unless fictional characters from pop-literature are gay… told her she was horrible for not making her characters conform to their social desires.

One reader called Hinton’s responses “trash,” writing, “Why would you reject young gay kids interpreting your characters in a way that makes them feel safe?”

“Young gay kids can identify with the book without me saying the characters are gay,”Hinton replied. “I never ever set out to make anyone feel safe.”

On the left, all literature must serve the party.

In 1928, the Central Committee (of the Soviet Union) established the right of the party to exercise guidance over literature; and in 1932 literary and artistic organizations were restructured to promote a specified style called socialist realism. Works that did not contribute to the building of socialism were banned. Lenin had seen the need for increasing revolutionary consciousness in workers. Stalin now asserted that art should not merely serve society, but do so in a way determined by the party and its megalomaniacal plans for transforming society. As a result, artists and intellectuals as well as political figures became victims of the Great Terror of the 1930s.

I have a personal investment in this story; “Ponyboy” was my college nickname.

Crazed, Elderly Woman Threatens Hillary Supporters with Sex

Madonna, your sell-by date was 1990. Why are you even still alive?

Madonna teamed up with Amy Schumer last night to give the 2016 US Presidential election a fresh twist.

Her Madgesty told the crowd: “If you vote for Hillary Clinton I will give you a blowjob. I’m really good. I’m not a douche, and I’m not a tool. I have eye contact and I do swallow.”


Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That

Posted by V the K at 9:58 pm - October 17, 2016.
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Shepard Smith of FoxNews has come out of the closet. Every human being’s reaction below the fold.


And Now, Social Juicebox Wankers Are Mad About ‘South Park’ Video Game

Posted by V the K at 8:39 am - October 4, 2016.
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Have these people got anything better to do? Sadly… no.

GaymerX, the annual convention aimed at LGBT gamers, has always been a proud safe space, even inviting the much-maligned Anita Sarkeesian to its third convention.

This year, the founder, Matt Conn, departed from the safe space script and invited the latest game in the South Park franchise— and it led to some loud hyperventilating among attendees.

Nora Reed, an outspoken and often enraged internet social justice warrior, claims that the inclusion of the new South Park game at the convention in Santa Clara, Calif., this past weekend was anti-diversity.

As we used to say back in the 90’s, “Get a f–king life you idiotic waste of flesh and oxygen.” Nowadays, we’d tell Nora Reed to go die in a fire. (GDIAF). The 90’s were a more civilized time.

The kicker is, the South Park game hasn’t even been released yet. The wankers are upset about the content it might contain.


Countering the Stigma and Bigotry Toward People of a Different Sexual Orientation

Posted by V the K at 8:05 pm - September 26, 2016.
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Struggling to maintain relevance and a donor stream and thus avoid getting real jobs, GLAAD is taking up the banner of normalizing bisexuality.

According to LGBT advocacy group GLAAD, September 19 through 26 is #BiWeek – where activists will make a concerted push toward normalizing bisexuality through panels, social media campaigns and general awareness. The extremely successful process of normalizing gay and lesbian lifestyles was largely accomplished through media, whose power organizations like GLAAD leveraged well. Now, the bisexual community is striving to do the same.

And the biggest bigots when it comes to accepting bisexuality turn out to be… gays and lesbians.

Back in August, Advocate published an article entitled “#27BiStories: When Did You Come Out? What Was the Response Like?” The comments from average bisexual people were telling. “I am sad to say that I have gotten most of the biphobic comments and micro-aggressions from LGBTQ people,” one contributor anonymously stated. “The gay community has always treated me like a pariah. My experience has been that my community frequently negates me or my contribution because I’m ‘not gay enough,’” added another. “The gay community was much less accepting. Cries of ‘Pick a side!’ and ‘poser, faker, whore’ came from lesbians and gay men alike,” a third declared.

Haters gotta hate.

H/T Peter H.

They Could Call It, “Fruitopia.”

Posted by V the K at 10:27 am - September 18, 2016.
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A gay activist want to create a gay utopia where the population is majority gay and straights have no political power.

What if you could move to a country where the LGBT community was the majority? In fact, the LGBT inhabitants weren’t only the majority, they were the governing power.

Believe it or not, that’s the idea behind Viktor Zimmerman’s plan to find a region large and affordable enough to plan a gay utopia.

And this wouldn’t be Fire Island in the summer, it would be an official polis with a single city, flag, laws and constitution.

Zimmerman is the executive director of the Gay Homeland Foundation, the organization behind this bold idea and he’s not fickle about trying to make it become a reality.

“We need a cultural and political centre, where we can develop new, better ways of gay living that are more suited to our nature,” Zimmerman told Vice in an interview. “There would be no more cultural oppression from the hetero; all the public spaces would be decorated with gay artwork.”

Gay Artwork = penises. Lots and lots of penises. And rainbows. (Gawd, I can’t stand rainbows.)

He also says that straights would be allowed to live in the country, but their numbers would be limitied and they wouldn’t get to make important decisions.

Because when leftists get absolute power, that’s how they treat people they define as ‘the other.’

I think the notion of a gay homeland is silly (in the 1978 dystopian movie ‘Americathon,’ the state of Nebraska was designated a gay homeland), but I’m not opposed to it. I’m all for people being able to create their own communities where they can live with minimal interference from distant, all-powerful Government. Of course, most people call me a dangerous, extremist right-winger for this belief.

Income Inequality

Posted by V the K at 2:05 pm - September 17, 2016.
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Gay male couples out earn heterosexual couples by an average of $63,000 per year.

Men in same-sex marriages tend to earn significantly more than their lesbian or heterosexual counterparts, according to new data released this week by the U.S. Treasury Department. Gay men had an average household income of $176,000 in 2014, $52,000 more than lesbian couples and $63,000 more than opposite-sex couples.

This is obviously unfair to straight couples, and conclusively demonstrates that the economy is deliberately geared to benefit the 3%.

Where’s Bernie Sanders when you need him?

Thanks for Saving Society the Trouble

Posted by V the K at 1:13 pm - September 5, 2016.
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A gay married couple — both elementary school teachers — committed murder-suicide this week after it was discovered that they were doing the Chris Hansen thing with local youth.  (Which is the kind of thing only celebrities , gay Hollywood directors, and Democrat Congressmen from Massachusetts can get away with. Oh, and Muslim refugees.)

While searching the couple’s house, police discovered a clock on the back of bathroom toilet attached to a hidden camera, the court records showed. Investigators also uncovered a computer folder named “kiddies,” officials said.

The teen also presented police with Polaroid pictures of himself naked with Babbitt, who has taught at Lincoln Center Elementary since 2002 and was slated to teach fourth grade this year, according to records referenced by WCCO-TV.

Babbitt became the teen’s mentor when he announced his sexuality to his family, the boy said. Since that time, the couple has lured him and other teen boys with pornography, alcohol and marijuana at their cabin in rural Crow Wing County, as well as a hotel in downtown Minneapolis during Gay Pride weekend, investigators said.

Did they use condoms? The Safe School Czar would be very upset with them if they didn’t use condoms.

In a video uploaded in January of this year, titled ‘Equity vs Equality,’ Babbitt summed up his approach to teaching thus: ‘professionally, I am most interested in youth mentorship and relationship-based teaching and learning.’ 

Well, he certainly put that philosophy into practice.

If these guys had been Catholic Priests, this would have been National News, because it would have been part of a popular media narrative about sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. Their status as protected members of the Democrat-Teachers Union Coalition means “local story that will disappear in 48 hours.”

One question though. If the police were investigating them on suspicion of rape and sexual abuse of minors, why were they not in custody? Why were they allowed to leave the state? Gay privilege?

Anyway, thanks for offing yourselves. The world is a better place without you in it, and you’ve save society a lot of trouble and expense. Enjoy Hell.

Update:  Even in death, they are useful tools for the left as gun violence statistics.




Posted by V the K at 5:18 pm - September 4, 2016.
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Is there any reason, other than catering to the boundless narcissism of gay activists, for idiotic cupid stunts like this?

Around 50 sets of traffic lights near busy Trafalgar Square had their “walk” and “green man” images replaced with the new designs in June to coincide with an annual Gay Pride Festival.

Officials said the seven different same-sex symbols were designed to show Transport for London’s “support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans diversity” in the capital.

lights-706789 (1)

I just really don’t see the point to this “raising awareness” stuff. Surely, by now, people are generally aware of the existence of gay people. And as for “showing support,” I don’t really get how this supports anyone, it looks more like Municipal Virtue Signaling.

Do you want to know why Britain is no longer a Global Power? This is why Britain is no longer a Global Power.

H/T: Giorgio

HIV as Fun Entertainment and an Opportunity for Virtue Signaling

Posted by V the K at 8:34 am - August 30, 2016.
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One of the whacky twists on a gay dating show on a gay cable network is that one of the contestants has HIV. This is important, according to the gay producers, because they have to remove the “stigma” of HIV. Because, you know, the last thing we would want people to think is that maybe dating someone with a contagious, life-altering (and wholly preventable) disease is something that one might think twice about.

Host Lance Bass confirmed the news Monday, following reports that a contestant’s positive diagnosis will become a main storyline on the show. “This is one of the things I love about the show — it’s a fun reality show, it’s dramatic, but there’s a lot of heart in it and amazing storylines that you’re going to shed a tear over,” he told People Now. “And one of those is finding about this guy’s HIV.”

Do they want to create more bug-chasers? Because this is how you create more bug-chasers. To a certain kind of personality type, the attention and sympathy one gets as a hero of the HIV victim group is very appealing.

There’s also a bit of tokenism going on in this. It’s like, “Hey, guess what, one of the contestants is going to turn out to be a black guy. You’ll never guess which one it is.”

Because that’s what the left does; it objectifies people based on their ability to fit into a certain social cubbyhole: Black, Trans, Mohammedan, HIV-positive, et cetera. Because people are not so much individuals to the left but symbols of whatever ethnic or social group they belong to by virtue of skin color, native ethnicity, sexual proclivity, or disease-having-status.

The HIV positive dating show contestant — like the hijab-wearing Olympic woman — is just an object sociopathic leftists can use to virtue-signal to one another.

Fortunately, nobody watches Logo anyway.

Trump Daddy?

This Is the Weirdest Election in My Lifetime

“What is it about Donald Trump’s policies that these twinks like so much?” (Lucian) Wintrich was asked.

“First of all, he’s a wonderful, strong daddy figure and every twink loves that,” he answered.

Wintrich added twinks are attracted to Trump’s policies on immigration, taxes and government spending.


LGBTQAAWTFGTFOGDIAFXYZ$$NYSF Activists Outraged at Something Slightly Different Than Whatever Was Outraging Them Last Week

Posted by V the K at 11:15 am - August 13, 2016.
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Breaking News: Gay people use mobile apps to hook up just like straight people. OK, that isn’t exactly breaking news, but reporting on it at the Olympics gives Uber-activists sadfeels because it’s a violation of SafeSpace or something.

“Armed with a range of dating and hookup apps—Bumble, Grindr, Jack’d, and Tinder—your distinctly non-Olympian correspondent had scored three dates in the first hour,” Hines, who is married and straight, wrote in his article. “Athlete profiles on the various apps during my short exploration included a track star, a volleyball player, a record-holder in the pool, a sailor, a diver, and a handball player.”

Oooh, if he can just find a cowboy and a construction worker, he’s ready for a village people reunion.

OK, so you put several thousand young, athletic, highly competitive people together and we’re supposed to be outraged that a reporter determines that… yes… hooking up is a thing that is facilitated by modern technology. Some concern about athletes from countries where homosexuality is punishable by law is legit, but a lot of LGBTQLMNOPXYZ’s were upset because simply reporting on gay hookups is homophobic, or something.

Several media outlets described and LGBTQ advocates and allies let loose on social media Thursday.

This is garbage journalism. It makes light of real issues affecting gay men.

LGBTQ+ people deserve respect. we are not your zoo animals. so infuriating. When LGBTQ+ people are protective of our safe places, understand WHY. we can be killed in our clubs. entrapment can happen on our apps.

Actually, the people killing gay people in clubs are Muslim Democrats, but whatever.

Sheesh, these activists want it both ways. They want to say on the one hand, “There’s nothing wrong with LGBTKLMPLO people using GRINDR or A4A or BBRT to hook-up,” but on the other, “How dare you expose the sleaze in our community by reporting on LGBTQ%!#*%$# using GRINDR and other apps to hook up!”

Note, these same activists have absolutely no morals or ethics when it comes to ‘outing’ those they perceive as political opponents.


H/T: Iggy