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Duck Dynasty Outrage

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 5:42 pm - December 19, 2013.
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Hey everyone. I’ve been away from here for a LONG time.  Thanks to Jeff & VtheK for holding down the fort.    My story: massive life changes in 2013.

Now onto the outrage of the day: Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson.

My take on it:  I DO NOT CARE.

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-Bruce (@GayPatriot)

Lefty Fey Outrage About PajamaBoy and Duck Dynasty

Ace takes note of a lefty setzpinkler who thinks he’s figured out why Conservatives have been making fun of Obamacare spokesmodel PajamaBoy. It’s because Conservatives hate gays.

I had no idea that left-wing pundits had Professor Charles Xavier-level telepathic abilities and were able to read the minds of all Conservatives everywhere all the time!

Also, GLAAD is throwing a hissy-fit because one of the stars of Duck Dynasty expressed an opinion about gay people that hurt their feelers.

GLAAD has condemned “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson in the wake of inflammatory remarks about gay people.

In January’s issue of GQ, Robertson said that “homosexual offenders” will not “inherit the Kingdom of God” and unfavorably compared “a man’s anus” to the vagina.

The gay rights group was quick to denounce his comments.  In a statement, GLAAD spokesman Wilson Cruz slammed the Robertson family patriarch:

“Phil and his family claim to be Christian, but Phil’s lies about an entire community fly in the face of what true Christians believe. He clearly knows nothing about gay people or the majority of Louisianans — and Americans — who support legal recognition for loving and committed gay and lesbian couples. Phil’s decision to push vile and extreme stereotypes is a stain on A&E and his sponsors who now need to reexamine their ties to someone with such public disdain for LGBT people and families.”

On one level, I don’t get the mindset that says you can’t be happy if someone, somewhere doesn’t approve of your lifestyle. What’s the Big Deal if a guy on a cable TV show doesn’t like you? Obsession that someone, somewhere might disapprove of you seems like a cripplingly neurotic way to go through life. (We’ll leave aside, for the moment, the obsession secular leftists have with judging what “true Christians” should and should not believe.)

On another level, I understand it completely. Faux outrage generates publicity. Publicity generates donations. Donations ensure that Wilson Cruz can keep his cushy job as an outraged spokesperson for GLAAD and not have to get a real job in the miserable Obamaconomy. Such generosity is what earned Alec Baldwin a pass from GLAAD for his repeated use of anti-gay slurs.

Update: A&E caves to intolerant bigots.


Michelangelo Signorile Goes Through Life With Panties Perpetually Bunched, Pearls Perpetually Clutched

R.S. McCain Reports on Michelangelo Signorile’s typically hypersensitive, overwrought response to a wee incident of what he perceives as an affront to gay political correctness.

Publicity about a relationship between 39-year-old Hollywood screenwriter Dustin Lance Black and 19-year-old British diving champion Tom Daley has inspired criticism even from some gay rights activists. Joshua Epstein, a blogger who identifies himself as a gay progressive Democrat, reacted to the Black-Daley affair on Twitter: ”He could be his father. Yuk.

That reaction was condemned by Huffington Post columnist Michelangelo Signorile, who said only “internalized homophobia” could cause gays to criticize such relationships. “There is an undercurrent in these comments — the ‘chicken hawk’ charge — that suggests that gay men are more likely to sexually abuse underage teens, the ugliest lie about gay men out there,” Signorile wrote Friday in Huffington Post’s “Gay Voices” section. “Hardcore homophobes are predictably pointing to Black and Daley as supposed proof. But many gay men too, so defensive about the charge and deathly fearful of how it’s used, overcompensate by saying ‘yuk.’”

Signorile specifically defended sites that promote “intergenerational” gay sex. ”Some younger people are attracted to older people, and vice versa,” he wrote. “There’s even a gay website called Daddyhunt.”

Oh, there’s a website promoting that sort of thing and that makes it OK. Michelangelo, let me introduce you to Boychat; a website for pedos.

OK. So, depending on your point-of-view, a relationship between a guy who’s pushing 40 and a guy who’s too young to drink legally can run from “Yuk!” to “You go!” At least in this case, the younger man is an adult (unlike the boys who got involved with Democrat Gerry Studds, Democrat Mayor Sam Adams, and Safe School Czar Kevin Jennings).  But because Michelangelo Signorile believes that any criticism of gay behavior is tantamount to collaboration with the hated Christian Right, only the latter response is considered politically correct.

Never mind that if it were a heterosexual intergenerational pairing, a lot of people would still be going “Yuk!”


Yes, Elizabeth, some gay people will “denounce these fraudulent scenarios”

On November 14, a friend linked this article about a lesbian waitress in New Jersey who had claimed that a patron refused to tip her, scrawling on the credit card receipt that he “not agree with your lifestyle and the way you live your life.”  I replied that I was dubious about the story, given a recently discredited report from a waitress leveling a similar accusation, in that case, alleging that a patron refused to live a tip because of the color of her kin.  (To be sure, I did write, “ If this is true, it is a sad sign of an insecure person.”)

Turns out that my skepticism was warranted.  The story has been debunked, with the patrons providing an actual copy of their credit card receipt, including a generous tip — as well as a copy of their credit card statement showing a charge in an amount #18 higher than the original $93.55 bill.

Commenting on this copy-cat fraud, Elizabeth Scalia laments that she and her husband may have to forego the practice of leaving tips in cash (even when they pay with credit cards), adding that she hopes

. . . that when people appear to be falsely accused of doing awful things (like leaving a gay-hating lecture in place of a gratuity) our friends in the gay community will also speak up, and denounce these fraudulent scenarios that play upon the sympathies of people of good will — whatever their creed, their race, their sexual orientation — and which only end up stoking the fires of resentment and distrust between people, where none should exist.

(Via Instapundit.)  The words scrawled on both receipts are ugly words.  And those who use them to describe people different from themselves are truly insecure and mean-spirited individuals.  And when individuals with different insecurities stage these media-generating stunts, they risk numbing others to real animus.

Scalia is right.  Her friends in the gay community should denounce this.  And this gay man does — as I would daresay do many of our readers, on both sides of the political aisle.

Let us hope we are not alone.  For those who stage such stunts do more to compromise the ever-improving image of gay people in American society.  And they should apologize not just to the individuals they malign, but also to their fellow gay men and lesbians as they draw public attention away from our real concerns and toward their own insecurities.

Way to Go, Progressive Left, You Are Officially Worse Than the Westboro Baptist Church

GUEST POST from GP Commenter V the K:

I’ll begin by stipulating that the Westboro Baptists are despicable people. I will also stipulate that their stated beliefs are obnoxious and appalling.* But as horrible as the Westboro’s are to all decent people, I grant them one thing: They have never threatened anyone with bodily harm nor wished death on anyone’s children. (If you take them at their word, ‘Turn or Burn’ is merely a warning of the consequences of what they see as sinful behavior.)

Contrast the relative non-violence of the WBC with our friends on the progressive left:

There you have it. Progressive Left – Advocates murdering opponents and their children. WBC – has never advocated murder or violence toward anyone. Moral Advantage – WBC.

(Sidebar: For the record, I don’t believe the WBC is sincere, I think they’re trolling on a massively successful scale, but that’s a topic for another time.)

Update BTW, if this tweet is genuine, the Westboro Baptists hate the Tea Party as much as the Progressive Left does. How does it feel to be on the same side?

Stand Up to the Bully/Drink More Stoli

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 1:50 am - July 30, 2013.
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We should commend gay activists for drawing our attention to the horrible state of affairs for our fellows in Russia.

As Scott Shackford reports, not only has Vladimir Putin’s government criminalized “anything remotely gay“, our fellows “are being publicly physically attacked with no consequence; indeed, the police and government seem to be cheering it on.”

But, just because they criticizing the Russian state’s thuggish tactics against gay people does not give them license to smear a good company that happens to have a Russian background.  As you may know, some gay activists are calling for a boycott of just such a product, Stolichnaya Vodka. Problem is, as Shackford reminds us is that

The Stoli we drink here in the states is not made in Russia. It’s actually made in Latvia. It is actually a different vodka from what is sold within Russia. Russia seized the internal brands and renationalized them back in 2001. There is a big, nasty battle between Russia and the private Stolichnaya company and its owner, Yuri Scheffler.

And Scheffler’s company “is one of the gay-friendliest global companies in the world“.  The man himself is no ally of Putin, indeed, he now “lives in exile” due to “disagreements with” that Russian leader.

As Oscar Raymundo writes in the San Francisco Examiner, “not only [is] this boycott is misinformed, but . .  it’s [also] hurting a brand that has not once wavered in its public support for the LGBT community — not just our rights, but our local businesses and events.”

Stoli has donated to a number of gay and lesbian organizations, including some like GLAAD and HRC, on the left of the political spectrum.

Let us stand up to those who would bully a corporation merely because of the Russian origin of its product.  On my way home from the Meatless Mondays Steak Dinner last night, I stopped by my local Trader Joe’s and bought a bottle of Stoli.  Join me in supporting a gay-friendly company wrongly targeted by gay activists on the far, far left.

Gay Left Groups Ask For “Justice for Trayvon Martin”

Since the left has made this case their cause célèbre, is it any wonder that “35 LGBT rights organizations” have signed an “open letter asking for justice for Trayvon Martin”?  Like the national media, these groups have turned a local issue into a national one, showing once again that these outfits seem ever eager to join with the “social justice” movements of the left.

(I wonder how many of these groups praised then-Vice President Cheney when he distinguished himself from then-President Bush and opposed an amendment to the constitution defining marriage.)

The groups signing the letter include GLAAD, HRC, the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and PFLAG National.

This is not a national issue nor is it one that should be of concern to gay organizations. There is no evidence that George Zimmerman profiled Martin because of the youth’s sexual orientation or his race. Nor is there any evidence that Zimmerman harbored any bigotry against gay people or African-Americans.  Indeed, he “has dated black womentutored black children, once stood up for a black homeless man against the police . . . , has black relatives, and voted for the first black president.”

Do wonder if these groups are aware that when Zimmerman’s brother Robert came out to him, the man recently acquitted of murder and manslaughter was most supportive. As Robert told Joseph Cotto of the Washington Times: (more…)

Conservatives take a stand against actor who slurred a gay man
(GLAAD gives the guy a pass: HRC silent)

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 7:05 pm - July 5, 2013.
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It is indeed a topsy-turvy universe:

Leading Conservatives Call on Capital One to Fire Alec Baldwin

(H/t HotAir headlines).  And as conservatives call on the credit card company to fire the actor, the gay outfit which styles itself as “holding the media accountable for the words and images they present” has given Baldwin a pass.

Mean while, HRC is silent on the matter:

Screen shot 2013-07-05 at 4.01.13 PM

(Screen Capture at 4:01 PM PST 07/05/13)  That’s right; a search of HRC’s website for Alec Baldwin yielded no results, meaning HRC had nothing to say about the actor who slurred a gay reporter as ”toxic little queen.”

It’s a good thing Mr. Baldwin’s daughter didn’t use the “faggot” slur.  If she had done that, then he would have been in really big trouble.)

Jason Collins Is No Hero; Mark Bingham Was.

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 9:55 pm - April 30, 2013.
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My new post at Ricochet has been up for a couple of hours and it is causing an interesting reaction for me on Twitter.

Here’s a sneak peek:

Let’s be honest: Collins is an uber-wealthy and talented super athlete in our celebrity-obsessed society.  I doubt he has much to worry about outside of his bubble.  So I’m sorry if I can’t get worked up about this.


Today, most young people think Lady Gaga is an important gay icon and political influencer, yet hardly any have ever heard of Mark Bingham.

I don’t begrudge Jason Collins; I loathe our news media for making the important irrelevant and the ridiculous praiseworthy.

Please read it.  If you don’t read the whole column, I will delete your comments.  Because I now have ESP powers.  HA!

UPDATE:  Let me add a thought I had after I wrote it:  Barack Obama can call Jason Collins and Sandra Fluke, but not the family of Brian Terry or those he left to die in Benghazi.  That says all I need to know about Obama.

-Bruce (@GayPatriot)

Gay athletes – update

Posted by Jeff (ILoveCapitalism) at 10:56 am - April 30, 2013.
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To follow up on my post of a couple weeks ago on gay athletes in the 21st century, these news items may be of interest.

First, NBA center Jason Collins comes out. Interestingly, he has a twin who is straight. (Studies show that identical twins are somewhat likely, but far from guaranteed, to have the same orientation.) His article has a few odd political shots in it; I wonder if they come from his co-writer?

Next, kicker Alan Gendreau didn’t get drafted. But not many kickers are drafted, so that may be small news. Gendreau was the first openly-gay player to enter the NFL draft. The Newsbusters article (hat tip Peter H) mentions ABC News’ role in having publicized Gendreau for reasons of political advocacy.

UPDATE: Caught a few minutes of Rush, who predicts that the NFL will soon come out with at least two gay players… because they have to trump the NBA.

I hope he’s right. I mean, can we please get the coming-out-in-sports process over with? Like I said in my earlier post, in 1993 or 2003 I cared about celebrities’ “brave personal journeys” in coming out, but it’s 2013 now. The sooner done and forgotten, the better.

Gay athletes in the 21st century

I’m late in getting to this, but last week on NBC’s Today, Matt Lauer said:

It’s interesting that in 2013, with attitudes towards homosexuality changing so dramatically in this country, there isn’t a single major athlete in a major professional sport playing right now who has come out and said, ‘I’m gay.’ Why is that?…

I have a possible answer, and a new question.

My answer is: For much the same reason that straight athletes don’t come out and say “I’m straight.” It’s irrelevant. Not every activity or field is one where the customers (spectators) need any information about the producers’ (athletes’) personal lives.

Part of what we love about athletes is their focus on something wonderfully beyond themselves: which is the sport, the game, the discipline it takes to be a winning athlete. Call me crazy, but I find it distasteful when any athlete, gay or straight, insists on my knowing whom they ‘like’ or are dating. I only care about their dedication to (and success with) their sport.

Which brings me to my question: why, in 2013, would Lauer think this is important? This isn’t the 1980s, wherein gays had to battle sodomy laws, or the total absence of gay-straight alliances at schools, or certain professional bans. Today we even have States scrambling to support gay marriage. Lauer’s question itself assumes there are lots of gay pro athletes – so, no real job discrimination.

I must admit that I thought like Lauer did in, say, 1993. Some years later, I came into the 21st century. Join me, Matt!

(Hat tip: reader Peter H.)

How are the mighty fallen!

V brought this to our attention in another thread, and I thought it worth a quick post of its own: Brown University’s workshop on gay sex will segregate participants by race.

Students at Brown University will host a workshop called “Protect me from what I desire,” which purports to help gay minority students resist their same-sex attractions to white people…

Students will be segregated by race for a portion of the event. White students will be in one group, and persons of color in another. Organizers described this session as “intentional, anti-racist, and feminist.”

Get it? Racial segregation isn’t racist, in the Brave New World, if it’s intentional.

But wait. Segregation that’s intentional – in other words, racial division that you meant to create; racial division that is actually the point of your gay workshop – is almost the definition of racist. Simply asserting that it’s “anti-racist” when you do it, is a (racist) child’s way of denying reality.

Seriously: Lefties, LOOK AT YOURSELVES.

Bits on Morrissey, Reagan

Y’all know I love the economic issues, and sometimes avoid the “gay” issues (as unprofitable – heh). But hey, this is a gay blog, and courtesy of reader Peter Hughes, we have a couple of gay-themed tidbits.

First, the irrepressible, he-won’t-come-out-but-everyone-knows-anyway singer Morrissey enlightens us that if we had more gay men, we’d somehow have fewer wars:

If more men were homosexual, there would be no wars, because homosexual men would never kill other men, whereas heterosexual men love killing other men.

Where has Morrissey been hiding? Let’s set aside the famous gay male serial killers, let’s even set aside the ancient Greeks: The fact remains that some of the most aggressive (and best) men out there are gays who have made a career of the U.S. military.

And I say, good on them! Real men protect people from evil, and the roughness and aggression of the good men who protect all of us from terrorists, criminals, etc. may (if under good regulation) be a virtue. Sensitive, artistic men are also needed, but I don’t want a world where the type that Morrissey seems to prefer – the effete, self-indulgent eunuch who protects no one except himself and maybe a few cows – is dominant.

Next, we hear that ABC is ready to produce a Reagan-hating mini-series:

The Hollywood Reporter relayed on Thursday that “Mere days after the Academy Awards, ABC Studios has bought rights to David France’s film,” How to Survive a Plague, a hard-left documentary on AIDS activism in the Reagan years, when the Left claimed Reagan wanted them all to die off…

Clearly, the Gay Left’s mythology of Reagan-as-gay-hater is going to be with us awhile. Fortunately, no amount of repetition of a myth can alter the truth.

Nominated For Blog Bash:
Not Without My Chicken

I was reminded to mention that the now-infamous Chick-Fil-A laser video has been nominated for a Blog Bash Award at CPAC 2013.

Ben Howe and Chris Loesch did all the hard work.  Acting was easy; I just played myself!

Here it is again for your viewing pleasure: Not Without My Chicken.

America’s Largest Gay Publication Runs Bigoted Op-Ed

Imagine opening an issue of Newsweek and reading this:

Hispanic women are today’s version of Uncle Tom. They give their time, money and voices to a political group that aids in oppression. To me, it’s as if, in 2012 you heard of an African American writing a check to support the KKK or of a Jewish person defending the work of skinheads.

There would be outrage, no? This is some of the worst hate-speech you can possibly imagine. It marginalizes and ostracizes people, not unifies and divides.  It continues to Balkanize America, not bring us together to find common ground.

This isn’t a passage from Newsweek, it is from this week’s Advocate MagazineAnd here’s how it really reads.

Do gay Republicans who voted for a party that says marriage is only between a man and woman believe they themselves are not worthy of love? Do gay Republicans who voted for a party that says gay people should not be allowed to adopt children believe they themselves are not worthy of family? And what would gay Republicans, who voted for Mitt Romney’s version of America, do when their beloved jobs that gave them their beloved money were taken away from them because they were gay? Who would they call: Lambda Legal, HRC… Ghostbusters?

I have heard gay Republicans say they vote according to their fiscal needs. So basically a vote is cast for their bank account while they remain spiritually bankrupt. What does it say about someone who puts money and monetary possessions above one’s self, spirit and equal rights?

Gay Republicans are today’s version of Uncle Tom. They give their time, money and voices to a political group that aids in LGBT oppression. To me, it’s as if, in 2012 you heard of an African American writing a check to support the KKK or of a Jewish person defending the work of skinheads.

This type of hate speech against one for one’s political beliefs has got to stop.  “It Gets Better” only if you are a self-loathing American gay liberal who hates his nation and wants to submit to a Government and surrender one’s identity for The Greater Good, or the Savior Obama.  The Gay “Rights” movement is no more than a front for anti-American, left-wing propoganda. 

 The Gay Left and its twisted principles of “tolerance” are summarized perfectly in this vile piece of garbage written by a bigoted, ignorant, closed minded, half-twit actor with no original thoughts of his own.

The Advocate should be ashamed that it is peddling in this garbage — but unfortunately it is merely the megaphone for the Gay Left and it’s angry, never-ending hate toward America.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Left-wing “comedienne” calls conservatives “faggot-ish”; HRC silent

As you recall, two days after Sarah Palin’s daughter used the epithet, “faggot” on Facebook, the Human Rights Campaign called on that teen’s mother to speak up.  ”As a mother,” said HRC Vice President of Communications Fred Sainz, Mrs. Palin

should know to speak up when a child makes hateful remarks, particularly in this cyber age. Anti-LGBT bullying needs to stop and Sarah Palin should be a part of making that happen.

Four days ago, at a fundraiser in Sunday night fundraiser in Hollywood for former Democratic Florida Rep. Alan Grayson, a woman far older than Sarah Palin’s daughter made similarly, by HRC’s standards, “hateful remarks”.  “Comedienne” Sarah Silverman

. . . told the crowd of just under 100 that they must remember that both conservatives and liberals want the best for the country, even if liberals are more “open-minded” and conservatives are “less open-minded” and ” a little more “faggot-ish.”

(H/t:  Reader TGC.)   I searched HRC’s site; they have yet to call on the left-wing comedienne to  ”speak up.”  Wonder why that is. (more…)

Conservative media cover Kyle Wood Bashing; Gay Outfits Silent

In my last post, I noted how my searches for “Kyle Wood” on HRC & GLAAD’s website came up empty.

During my afternoon blog read, I discovered that Ace was on this story as was Breitbart.

Can someone please explain why HRC castigated Sarah Palin for her silence when her daughter used the word “faggot”, but can’t get around to covering a story about a gay Republican who had been beaten and hospitalized after someone spray-painted “faggot” on his car?

FROM THE COMMENTS:  rusty  reports that “Kyle Wood recants assault charges” and provides this link-

HRC & GLAAD: Four Days of Silence, Will You Speak Up?

UPDATE: Kyle Wood has recanted the charges.

I am almost skeptical of these stories, but was less so this time, given the picture of Kyle Wood.  He is not the first person to have staged such a crime and is perhaps the first gay Republican to have perpetrated such a hoax.  Perhaps, he sought to draw attention to the prejudice we gay Republicans face because of or heterodox (at least in the gay community) opinions.

But, he only succeeded in casting doubt on that prejudice.

It has been four days since gay Republican Kyle Wood was beaten at his home — after an anti-gay and other slurs were spray-painted on his car.  And these are what searches of HRC’s and GLAAD’s web-sites yield: (more…)

HRC’s has nothing to say about Obama’s backtracking on marriage
. . .or Kyle Wood’s beating

Yesterday, as we reported here, President Barack Obama whom HRC endorsed back in May 2011, long before the Republican primaries were even underway, “President Obama told MTV viewers that when it comes to same-sex marriage, it would be up to future generations of Americans to implement meaningful reform.

This morning, I checked HRC’s web-site to see what the gay rights’ outfit had to say about Mr. Obama’s statement.  I could find nothing in their press releases.  A search on their home page for “obama mtv marriage” (without quotation marks) yielded nothing.

I also wondered what they had to say about the brutal beating of gay Republican, Kyle Wood.  Wood, as you recall, had been beaten after his car had been vandalized with mean-spirited insults, including the word, “faggot.”

Here are the results of my search:

HRC, Two Days of Silence on this assault, Will You Speak Up? (more…)

If Sarah Palin should “speak up” when her daughter uses an anti-gay slur, shouldn’t HRC speak up when gay Republican is beaten?

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 3:28 am - October 26, 2012.
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HRC called upon Sarah Palin to “speak up” about her teenage daughter’s use of anti-gay slur, but won’t speak out when a gay Republican is beaten and hospitalized in a politically motivated attack.

The man who attacked “Kyle Wood, a full-time volunteer working for GOP House candidate Chad Lee” in Wisconsin said he had “warned” the young man.  Wood believes . . .

. . .  his attacker’s reference to a warning likely pointed to graffiti he found painted on his car last week. The vandalism included the phrases “house trained republican faggot,” “traitor,” and “ur like a jew 4 hitler.”

Those slurs, he explained, were references to him being a gay Republican working to help Lee, a straight GOP candidate, defeat the openly gay Democrat Mark Pocan.

The man used the same slur Sarah Palin’s daughter had used, but, unlike the Republican teen, followed it up with a brutal attack.

Yet, HRC called upon a woman who never uttered the slur to “speak up,” but won’t speak up when a vandal uses the term against a gay Republican, then proceeds to beat him.

NB:  Had previously blogged on the matter here.