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Dog Bites Man

Posted by V the K at 9:39 am - April 5, 2018.
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Gay dude is pissy because someone else is getting attention.

A Blow to the Narrative

Posted by V the K at 11:39 am - March 6, 2018.
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The Narrative that Omar Mateen chose ‘The Pulse’ nightclub for his massacre out of anti-gay bigotry (or, alternately, because he was a closeted homo) seems to be at odds with what the investigation revealed.

Much of the evidence regarding Mateen’s motives has remained under seal and thus unavailable for public review. But this afternoon, Salman’s lawyers filed a motion to preclude the admissibility of certain evidence and, in doing so, provided a meaningful glimpse into many of the facts that are clearly at odds with the long-standing, prevailing view that Mateen’s motive, at least in part, was to attack a gay club and murder LGBTs. That includes searches on Mateen’s phones during the week of the attack in which he was attempting to choose his target by searching generically for soft targets in the form of popular tourist locations or simply “nightclubs, Orlando” — not “gay nightclubs” or “LGBT clubs.”

By repeatedly emphasizing this anti-gay motive, U.S. media reports had the effect, if not the intent, of obscuring what appears to have been Mateen’s overriding, arguably exclusive motive: a desire for retribution and deterrence toward U.S. violence in Muslim countries.

So, he wasn’t an “Anti-Gay Hate Crime,” and the massacre at Pulse was not proof of “America’s Homophobic Conservative Culture” as reported by CNN, ABC NewsTime, Esquire, Slate, the Chicago Tribune, the Huffingpaint Post, the UK Telegraph, the UK Independent, and … naturally… the New York Times.  No, it was just an Islamic Supremacist who set out to murder infidels as the Quran instructs.

Hey, and remember, the FBI interviewed Omar Mateen twice and decided he wasn’t a threat.

Oh, here’s a picture of Omar’s dad at a Hillary Clinton campaign event a few weeks after his massacre.

Be Careful Out There

Posted by V the K at 7:36 am - October 10, 2017.
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A guy in Britain is on trial for deliberately infecting four men with HIV. He apparently used Grindr to hook up with them, and then after pressuring them into unprotected sex, sent text messages taunting them, “I have HIV LOL. Oops!

Rowe has been charged with purposely infecting four men with HIV and trying to pass the virus to six more from October 2015 to December 2016 in Brighton, England, where he subsequently lived, according to The Guardian. He was first arrested by Sussex police in February 2016 after allegedly infecting two men with HIV.

During a court appearance Thursday, prosecutors said that Rowe met partners on Grindr, a gay dating app, and then would ask them to have unprotected sex with him, telling them he did not have HIV, according to the International Business Times. If his partners insisted on using condoms, Rowe allegedly ripped or tampered with them so they wouldn’t be effective.

When you dig into what the British press is reporting, it sounds like this guy is a real sociopath (albeit with really good, Justin Trudeau style hair) who refused treatment for HIV and bullied men into having sex with him.

What’s really nucking futs about this is that if this creep lived in California, he would face less jail time for deliberately infecting people with HIV (six months) than he would for offending a transgendered person for using the “wrong” pronoun (one year).

Thanks for Promoting the Stereotype of Gay People as Hyper-Emotional Sissies

Posted by V the K at 7:40 pm - April 11, 2017.
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A college diversity weenie activist at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh (Annual cost of attendance: $48,796) thinks gay students will be traumatized by the presence of a Chik-fil-A in a campus food court.

“I’ve tried very hard within the last semester and a half to promote this safe environment for the LGBTQ community. So I fear that with the Chick-fil-A being in Options [an on-campus food court] that maybe people will feel that safe place is at risk,” Rachel Coury (President of the Duquesne Gay-Straight Alliance) explained, adding that at the very least her organization would like “someone” to “make a statement” on the issue.

“It would be a really big deal for Lambda [Gay-Straight Alliance] and the whole LGBTQ community on campus if someone could make a statement to eliminate the fear of being marginalized by having this business on campus,” she said.

Mentally Ill College Feminist Confesses to Faking Hate Crime

She claimed to be part of the ‘Surge of Violent Hate Crimes’ that followed the election of Donald Trump.

A 21-year-old Ann Arbor woman pleaded guilty as charged to one count of false report of a misdemeanor in 15th District Court on Monday, March 6.
Halley Bass admitted in court that she fabricated a story about a strange man scratching her face in downtown Ann Arbor on Nov. 15.
Bass admitted to scratching her own face with the pin after becoming upset during a Woman’s Literature class at the University of Michigan, according to the Ann Arbor Police Department report.
Bass posted about the attack on Facebook the same day she reported the attack to the police, according to the report.
Bass later told detectives she wrote the post to convey “that all people are equal and deserve to have their voice heard and not feel endangered.”


Gay Democrats Protest Against Trump Protecting Them

Posted by V the K at 9:50 am - February 6, 2017.
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Democrat wolves herded the sheep into one of the more notorious pens and held another rally.

At least one person was arrested near Stonewall Inn Saturday where thousands of people of the LGBTQ community gathered to rally against President Donald Trump’s executive order.

Protesters and state and city officials gathered near Stonewall Inn about 2 p.m. Though protesters were arrested, it was a largely peaceful rally.

GLAAD and other LGBTQ organizations hosted the LGBT Solidarity rally to show support for the “immigrants, asylum seekers, refugees, women and other communities that Trump has already taken aim at,” according to the GLAAD website.

So, are these gay Democrat activist angry because PDT renewed the Executive Order protecting gays and lesbians in the workplace? Or are they angry at his policy of keeping gay-murdering Islamic Supremacists out of the country?

Ungrateful b****es.

Leftism can make you suicidal

According to The Hill, Suicide hotlines receive record number of calls after Trump win.

Phones have been ringing off the hook at suicide hotlines since Donald Trump was named president-elect Tuesday.

According to multiple reports, many of those calling or texting into hotlines are members of the LGBTQ community, minorities and victims of sexual assault who are worried about Trump’s victory…

The article, to its credit, at least attempts to mention real-world facts that could be relevant:

On the campaign trail, Trump told Fox News that he hoped to put Supreme Court judges on the bench who could “change things” in regards to current rulings on same-sex marriage, adding that he wished the ruling “was done by state.”

Trump’s multiple accusations of sexual assault have also been triggers for women, as well as the lewd 2005 tape recording of Trump in which he makes light of sexual assault saying, “When you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.”

But notice the bad job it does: the hysterical framing. For example, the repeated and vague use of the term “sexual assault” to imply great danger to women.

Fact: Trump does not condone rape and, unlike Bill Clinton, Trump has never been credibly accused of rape. From what I remember of Trump’s comments, at worst, he condoned locker-room talk and leaning in for a kiss or proposition after the other party had signaled her interest. And yes, that could be bad – because mistakes could be made; advances could be unwanted; cheating or diseases or painful regrets could happen if things did consensually go farther. Even so, sane people must admit that Trump does not rise to the level of “Bill Clinton bad”.

So, why this hysteria of feeling unsafe or “triggered” with Trump elected and not, say, with Bill Clinton around? Or with a prospect of Hillary Clinton being elected – given that she allegedly devastated the lives of women in helping to cover up her husband’s alleged raping? By any objective standard, the Clintons endanger women more than Trump does.

As to the gay-marriage aspect: The Supreme Court decision to make it nationwide was only last year. For thousands of years, gay men, women and teenagers have survived without that particular U.S. court decision. Believing that gay marriage should be decided by the States is hardly a dangerous position. Again, why the hysteria – among some people?

I believe the answer is this. Leftism harms you. As a philosophy, leftism discourages personal responsibility – and is objectively unrealistic. Therefore, it makes you less able to think clearly about your life; more mentally and emotionally vulnerable. Plus, in the specific case of 2016 and the Hillary Clinton campaign, leftism exposes you to manipulation via many untruths and exaggerations.

To anyone who may be genuinely suicidal over Trump’s election victory: You have my pity. Yes, that’s the correct word.

1. the feeling of sorrow and compassion caused by the suffering and misfortunes of others.

Because your suffering, at least in regard to Trump, is unnecessary.

To be clear: I did not support Trump for President. And I have my doubts about what will happen now, with him. But I’m not suicidal about him. Neither was I suicidal about Obama. Why not? Because, at a fairly young age, I made a conscious choice to value my own life, to make it better no matter what, and to develop common sense and my ability to think about reality clearly.

To all sufferers of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome): There is still time for you to make good choices to improve your mental health and your life. I hope and pray that you will.

Welcome to the Party

Gay Dude rejects “LGBT” label, rejects the Permanent Victimhood of LGBT Activism, and points out that the LGBT Activist movement is about 30 years behind the times.

This is what happens when society changes so quickly. Teenagers fighting for recognition of their identity and causing controversy for taking their same-sex date to prom went to college and learned about advocacy, gay history (from the generation of the 70’s and 80’s) and devoted themselves to fighting the injustice. But by the time they got old enough to be in charge, all the injustices were gone – but the passion and the narrative remained. Today we have an entire generation of gay people in their 30’s who have not left high school in their minds. They are still fighting Ellen’s 1996 battle. They are still carrying the torch for their 1980’s mentors. They are are still arguing against Falwell and raging against Reagan. Still trying to prove homosexuality isn’t a choice or sinful.

My generation has finally built the inclusive, diverse, safe, celebrated and socially influential gay movement we dreamed of as teenagers with complete arguments against all opposition and we simply cannot accept that its obsolete.”

What can I say but… Yup.

But the Activist Left has to keep the Coalition of Permanent Victimhood. After all, if gay people acknowledged and were satisfied with their social gains, all the professional activists at HRC, NGLTF, P-FLAG and the other groups would have to get out in the real world and find real jobs; which are pretty scarce in the Obama Economy.

The Left Cares About the Feelings of Mohammedans More Than the Lives of Gheys

Posted by V the K at 7:37 pm - June 29, 2016.
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Feel free to waive that marriage license at the next Mohammedan who tries to kill you, the left is done with gays and moving on to court Muslims now.

Over the weekend, The New York Times found the real victims of the Orlando massacre to be young Muslims of high school age, whose Ramadan festivities were spoiled by the carnage and who were thrust into the uncomfortable position of having, once again, to defend their faith against the accusation that it was a basis for violence.

Given a choice between protecting the lives of gays and defending the sensibilities of Muslims, evidently defending the sensibilities of Muslims takes precedence. Instead of describing the haunting anxiety and fear that now scar the gay community, theNYT arouses our sympathies for young Muslims whose Ramadan observance was so rudely interrupted by gays.

I would say to the Gay Left that it’s a bummer the left doesn’t love you any more, but the truth is they never did. You were just a cheap bloc of reliable Democrat voters who could be bought off with tales of Republican Christian bogeyman and a ten minute photo op at Pride Parade.

Get off the Cross, We Need the Wood

Posted by V the K at 6:42 pm - June 13, 2016.
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The plaintiff in the Supreme Court case that allowed 5 liberal judges to impose gay marriage on the entire country thinks the Orlando Disco Massacre was all about him.

“I’m struggling to find the words,” says Jim Obergefell, the Ohio plaintiff whose name became the symbol for gay rights when the validity of his own marriage was upheld by the highest court in the land. “To know that a mass shooting — to know it happened in a place where we as a community go to feel comfortable and be ourselves? I knew there would be a backlash against the strides we’ve made. There’s so much hatred directed toward our community, from candidates, from religious fanatics. I’m not surprised something horrible has happened, but I’m surprised at how horrible it is.”


I Don’t Care If They Never Go Back

Posted by V the K at 12:30 pm - May 23, 2016.
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The San Diego Padres made the mistake of inviting the San Diego Gay Men’s chorus to sing the National Anthem at a baseball game.  Drama ensued.

But when the moment arrived, the chorus was forced to stand on the field and listen to a recording of a woman singing the anthem instead, and the Padres never took any action to correct what the organization said was a mistake, such as allowing the chorus to perform after the recorded anthem ended.

I think the explanation that it was a technical glitch is completely plausible. But, you know how it is with snowflakes.

We call on the San Diego Padres and Major League Baseball to immediately launch a full and transparent investigation into the incident to determine if someone or some people intentionally engaged in anti-gay discrimination or a hate crime by playing a female’s voice to represent a group of gay men with the purpose of denigrating and/or ridiculing gay men. The historic significance of such an act is not lost on the LGBT community—especially in relation to professional sports—and added to the depth of embarrassment experienced by the singers and their families.

We also call upon the City of San Diego City Attorney’s Office and the City of San Diego Human Relations Commission to independently investigate this incident to determine if members of the San Diego Padres organization engaged in activity in violation of the San Diego Human Rights Ordinance or engaged in any deliberate hate crimes based on sexual orientation.

Oh, Good Lord, Princess. Get over yourself.

You’re always a victim. And it’s always about you.


HT: Peter H.

Lesbian on Pointless Crusade Claims a Hate Crime Happened

Posted by V the K at 12:16 pm - May 2, 2016.
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A lesbian woman who has been wasting her life pointlessly driving a rainbow-painted VW Beetle around the country to raise awareness of LGBT people (you know, in case, anyone has missed the relentless media onslaught of pro-LGBT propaganda over the last couple of decades but can suddenly be made aware of the existence of gay people by the sight of a rainbow-painted VW Bug with “FAGBUG” on the side of it). Anyway, Miss Seriously-I-Have-Nothing-Better-to-do-with-my-life claims she was the victim of a hate crime.

 A woman who traveled across the country after turning her vandalized Volkswagen Beetle into a symbol of gay pride was attacked by a man while she stood in line at a Syracuse post office, police said.

She wasn’t actually hurt, and she’s getting free publicity out of it. So, I guess she can chalk it up as a win.

With the Left, It’s Always Subtraction by Division

If the Progressive Left had a mission statement, I think it would read like this. “To constantly and forever categorize and divide people into special interest groups based on race, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, religion and other factors and keep them forever in conflict so that we can forever grow Government power to manage the conflict.”

Case in point.


The Queer Undocumented Immigrant Project (QUIP), a program of United We Dream seeks to organize and empower Undocumented Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer immigrants, LGBTQ immigrants and allies to address social and systemic barriers that affect themselves and the broader LGBTQ & immigrant community.

QUIP’s vision is to transform the immigrant and LGBTQ movements, to adopt an intersectional analysis in their efforts to advance and build power for the rights of both communities.

And It Happens Again

Posted by V the K at 1:13 pm - August 6, 2015.
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A lesbian couple in Tennessee tries to hitch a ride on the victimhood express.

A lesbian couple scrawled homophobic abuse on their garage before burning down their own house in Tennessee then calling it a hate crime, a court ruled.

The court heard how the couple spray-painted the word ‘queers’ on their garage and later blamed their neighbor Janice Millsaps.

They claimed that, a month before the blaze, Millsaps said: ‘Do you know what is better than one dead queer? Two dead queers.’

Funny how you have to go to a British news site to read about this stuff.

Phony “Hate Crime” of the Day

Posted by V the K at 11:15 am - July 1, 2015.
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Unfortunately, phony hate crimes tend to lead to real diminishment of freedom, it’s all part of the plan.

21-year-old man from Utah, Richard “Rick” Jones, was the apparent victim of a series of vicious anti-gay hate crimes.

The openly gay business owner in Delta, Utah reported to local authorities that he was attacked and beaten at his family’s pizza business before the attackers held him down and carved the words “die f*g” into his arm. However, lawyers for the man have now come forward and released that the entire ordeal was faked and that it was actually Jones who had carved the words into his own arm.

Dykes to Watch Out For*

Posted by V the K at 10:38 am - June 2, 2015.
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[The headline is a reference to this, so please spare me any SJW PC opprobrium.]

A lesbian womyn at Virginia Tech murdered her lover in a fit of rage after being told their affair was just “experimentation.”

A former Virginia Tech student has been sentenced to 45 years in prison for the 2014 murder of another female student, who [sic] she brutally strangled after the victim wrote their lesbian fling off as an ‘experiment.’

‘I loved Sam — I couldn’t believe she would say that I was some experiment to her,’ Ewing told the court in Christiansburg. ‘It hit me where I was most hurt.’

Her *feelings* were hurt, don’t you understand? If the Wedding Cake Fascists have taught us anything, it’s that nothing is more important than the bruised feelings of an aggrieved homosexual.

Seriously though, domestic violence in the LGBT community is one of those deep dark secrets no one is supposed to talk about.

The Book of Matt – and how myth is made (and unmade)

When President Obama signed a federal “hate crimes” law in 2009, many people at the time were calling it The Matthew Shepard Act. There was just one problem: The murder of Matthew Shepard, while horrible and grotesque, wasn’t a hate crime (i.e., crime of bias). It had nothing to do with anti-gay bias until after the fact, when it suited many persons’ interests to make it seem like it did.

Matthew Shepard was a methamphetamine addict – and possibly a small-time meth dealer/courier – who was well-acquainted with his chief killer, Aaron McKinney. “Well-acquainted” meaning that McKinney and Shepard had done meth together more than once, had conducted business as small-time meth dealers/couriers, and yes, had occasionally even had sex with each other.

It’s probable that Shepard didn’t know the other convicted killer: McKinney’s then-recent acquaintance, Russell Henderson. But there’s evidence that Henderson wasn’t homophobic and, on the night of the killing, may have even taken a knock from McKinney as Henderson spoke up for Shepard (against McKinney’s raging, meth-fueled violence). Which, if true, would make Henderson’s *murder* conviction unjust. (He would still deserve a lesser conviction as an accessory.)

Shepard’s killing was most likely a criminal-style ‘debt collection’ by McKinney that went wrong because McKinney was a troubled and cruel person coming off of a multi-day meth binge. So, who fabricated the myth of a hate crime perpetrated on Shepard by two homophobic total strangers, and why? It was a combination of personal and political interests.

  • McKinney’s higher-up meth connections wanted to remain hidden, and they would be able to kill McKinney (even in prison) if he squealed on them. Which meant: McKinney would desperately need to avoid naming them. Which meant: McKinney needed to hide his own meth dealings, and therefore, the true nature of his relationship with Shepard.
  • As a short, little guy (135 lb) headed for prison in the late 1990s, McKinney also needed to hide his own bisexuality. Which, again, meant: hiding the nature of his relationship with Shepard.
  • McKinney, his girlfriend and his lawyers all thought (at the time) that a “gay panic” defense, however unfaithful to reality, would be McKinney’s best shot at acquittal (or reduced charges).
  • Certain friends of Shepard may have also wanted to distract people from their, and Shepard’s, meth use and dealings.
  • Gay activist groups – ranging from GLAAD and HRC to what is now the Matthew Shepard Foundation – obviously gained benefits, both political and financial, from the myth.
  • The media gained a big “story”.
  • Once the public/media frenzy started over the (perceived) Shepard hate crime, Bill Clinton got involved in it – at least partly to try to blunt the impact of his Monica Lewinsky scandal. Shepard was attacked on 10/6/1998 and died on 10/12/1998 – roughly around the time Kenneth Starr released his reports and the House of Representatives opened its impeachment inquiry on Clinton.

All this, and more, is cited or documented in The Book of Matt, by Stephen Jiminez. It was published in 2013 and V the K posted on it. I had the book and recently, after talking with liberal friends who were still unaware of the revelations about Shepard, I finally read it.

Despite the horror of its subject, the book is a powerful work of investigative journalism. No such book can get everything right. But this one is readable, gripping, and honest about Jiminez’ own fears and doubts as he slowly comes to understand the falseness of the Shepard “hate crime” myth. The book weaves together a wealth of recollections and coherent detail from dozens of sources who knew Shepard or his dealings, including two of Shepard’s more important boyfriends. The book evaluates the credibility of its sources and, where that may be lacking, provides multiple sources for key claims. (more…)

Least Surprising Story of the Day

Posted by V the K at 6:24 pm - December 3, 2014.
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Michael Sam seems to be suggesting that he’s not playing in the NFL because homophobia.

Michael Sam believes he’s not on a NFL roster because of the fact he’s openly gay — telling TMZ Sports he strongly believes he’s got the talent to play in the league.

Sam was at LAX this morning when he was asked if he thinks NFL teams are shying away from him because of his sexual orientation … or if it has to do with the level of talent he faced after college.

“I think I was the SEC Defensive Player of the Year last year … so I don’t think it had to do with talent.”

Left Wing Media Sympathizes with Gay Democrat Child Rapist

Posted by V the K at 3:08 pm - December 3, 2014.
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Terry Bean: Charges of sex with a minor cast shadow over gay rights crusader’s accomplishments

He’s a civil rights crusader! Can’t you puritan tea-baggers get past that silly child rape bugaboo?

Being gay and closeted in the 1960s was painful for Bean.

“I was one of those kids who was full of shame, who was full of fear,” Bean told an audience at a Lesbians and Gays Victory Fund event in 2012. “I tried to commit suicide.”

Are you crying in your sweater over this brave man’s struggle yet?

And the rest of the article tries to paint a picture of a 65 year old millionaire real estate tycoon, with political connections all the way up to and including the Emperor of the United States… who somehow was taken advantage of by his 25 year old meth addict boy toy and tricked… somehow… into raping a 15 year old.

Do you buy that?

Hat Tip: The Lady Michelle

And what to make of Ass Hunters?

Posted by Jeff (ILoveCapitalism) at 9:51 am - November 26, 2014.
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I’ve never played it or heard of it, until I just caught this on Breitbart (via Bruce’s Twitter stream).

I’m Gay and ‘Ass Hunters’ is One of the Funniest Games I’ve Ever Played
by Milo Yiannopoulos

The outrage bell is tolling this week over Ass Hunters, a game in which you play a safari hunter who shoots homosexuals with a shotgun, trying to avoid getting molested by them…The game is as hilariously silly as it sounds.

…the moral police on both sides of the political fence are up in arms…[including] the left, of course, which is screaming blue bloody murder about the supposed homophobic incitements to violence and hatred…

That’s why Google was yesterday forced to remove a mobile version of the game, which has been floating around on the web for years, from its Play Store. All of which leaves me a bit mystified as to what possible harm this ridiculously daft, cartoonish nonsense could possibly to do society.

…both camps have completely missed the joke…It’s actually a very funny satire…

Read the whole thing.