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Climate Change Is Pretty Much the Fraud We Thought It Was

Posted by V the K at 9:08 pm - March 30, 2016.
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So says… one of the Architects of the Climate Change Scam.

If they were honest, the climate alarmists would admit that they are not working feverishly to hold down global temperatures — they would acknowledge that they are instead consumed with the goal of holding down capitalism and establishing a global welfare state.

Have doubts? Then listen to the words of former United Nations climate official Ottmar Edenhofer:

“One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. This has almost nothing to do with the environmental policy anymore, with problems such as deforestation or the ozone hole,” said Edenhofer, who co-chaired the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change working group on Mitigation of Climate Change from 2008 to 2015.

So what is the goal of environmental policy?

“We redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy,” said Edenhofer.

The fact that leftists have been pushing the Full Implementation of Global Socialism as the only way to stop Global Warming was kind of a major hint.

The Wonders of a Centrally-Planned, Political Economy

Posted by V the K at 8:28 am - March 18, 2016.
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Earlier this week, Hillary Clinton boasted to cheering Democrats about her plans to shut down coal companies and put coal miners out of work. Unfortunately, due to the “success” of Obama Administration energy policies, that goal may be accomplished before her presidency begins.

Peabody Energy Corp BTU 9.59% , the largest U.S. coal producer, said it may have to seek Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after it delayed an interest payment due on Tuesday.

Falling demand for coal, tough environmental controls and growing competition from natural gas have pushed several big coal miners, including Arch Coal Inc, into bankruptcy protection over the past year.

Yes, an entire industry is being shut down, making hundreds of thousands of people unemployed and forcing energy costs for the rest of us to “necessarily skyrocket,” all so that global temperature might… *might* … be 0.02 degrees cooler a century from now than they might have been otherwise.

But wait, you say (if you an idiotic, Kool-Aid swilling Obama-Hillary fanboy), we’re going to replace that coal with cheap, reliable renewable energy, and that will create berzillions of jobs and save the transgendered polar bears.

Yeah, about that.

A federally backed, $2.2 billion solar project in the California desert isn’t producing the electricity it is contractually required to deliver to PG&E Corp., which says the solar plant may be forced to shut down if it doesn’t receive a break Thursday from state regulators.

The Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System, owned by BrightSource Energy Inc., NRG Energy Inc. NRG, +0.79%   and Alphabet Inc.’s GOOG, +0.02% GOOGL, +0.15% Google, uses more than 170,000 mirrors mounted to the ground to reflect sunlight to 450-foot-high towers topped by boilers that heat up to create steam, which in turn is used to generate electricity.

But the unconventional solar-thermal project, financed with $1.5 billion in federal loans, has riled environmentalists by killing thousands of birds, many of which are burned to death — and has so far failed to produce the expected power.

Environmentalists will kirk out on those exceedingly rare occasions when an oil spill results in birds getting oily. But thousands of bird fried routinely, every year, or chopped up by windmills… that’s OK because Gaia loves the transgendered polar bears moar, or something.



The June 2004 cover of National Geographic: The same people who assure us that Man-Made Climate Change is going to burn the world.


Also from AOSHQ, this quote from the Democrat-Science-Mind Trust.

“We’ve got about 35 years worth of oil left in the whole world .” – Jimmy Carter in a 1976 presidential debate.

That was forty years ago.

The Climate Cult Wishes You to Die Cold and Hungry

Shot: Climate deal will lead to bans on heating and cooking with gas in the UK 
Chaser: UK Winter death toll “to exceed 40,000″


Arnold Schwarzeneggar Joins the Cult of Gaia

Former gay icon, California Governor and alleged Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger has gone Full Environmentaltard. He wants everybody to become a vegan because it will please Gaia and help fight ManBearPig.

“I don’t give a damn if you believe in climate change,” Schwarzenegger wrote. “I couldn’t care less if you’re concerned about temperatures rising or melting glaciers. It doesn’t matter to me which of us is right about the science.”

Actually it does, Arnie. Because this Cult you’ve joined wants us to spend trillions of dollars to fight a threat that likely does not exist; money that could better be spent making real improvements in the lives of real people. Instead of maybe reducing global temperatures by 0.01 degrees, the money would be better spent providing energy and clean drinking water to all of Africa, or cleaning up the Pacific Garbage gyre. The ruinous taxes and regulation your Cult is proposing to fight the Demon ManBearPig will deprive millions of economic opportunities to improve their standard of living.


How We Know Climate Change Is a Scam

Posted by V the K at 8:30 am - December 2, 2015.
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Well, obviously it’s a scam because all of the “solutions” put forth by the left-wing Climate Change Cult conveniently align with their agenda of regulation, restrictions on liberty, and expansion of Government. But also, there is this.

Consider the case of our President.  He has called the so-called “climate crisis” “worse than the terrorist threat.”   He has also just flown to Paris in Air Force One, and presumably plans to fly back the same way.  An Air Force One 747 consumes 5 gallons of fuel per mile.  It’s 3855 air miles from Washington to Paris, 7710 round trip.  Did I mention that Air Force One is actually two planes?  They always keep a spare 747 within about a half-hour, just in case.  So make that 15,420 air miles at 5 gallons per mile.  A gallon translates to 21.1 pounds of CO2 emissions.  So our dear President is emitting some 1,625,000 pounds of CO2 just for his own flight over and back, more than 800 tons.  For comparison, the average American’s annual carbon emissions are about 20 tons – for everything you do for an entire year.  Just for the President, and just for this one flight over and back, he is emitting 40 years worth of your carbon consumption.  Add in the emissions of his massive entourage on this boondoggle, and it’s a multiple of what you will emit in your entire lifetime.  Wired here calculates the total emission of all the attendees in attending the conference at 300,000 tons of CO2 – several hundred times what you will emit in your entire life.  And these people purport to lecture you and restrict you by force on how much energy you can use?


“Climate Change Crisis Requires Giving Money and Power to Global Elites,” say Global Elites

Never have the stakes been so high,” they warn us. There is a consensus among the political elites of the world that we must act immediately to expand trans-national government power, diminish economic liberty through taxes and regulation, shut down the fossil fuel industry, and redistribute wealth globally; all things the left wanted to do anyway. What a happy accident that these are precisely the things that must be done in order to save the Earth from Global Warming.

How fortunate that nature has presented the left with a crisis of this magnitude. If it hadn’t, they would have had to invent one.


By the way, Obama wants to use the Global Warming Crisis as a pretext for funneling taxpayer money to billionaire cronies.

Climate Change Cultists Out to Ruin Halloween

Posted by V the K at 8:45 am - October 29, 2015.
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According the fun-suckers at Obama’s Department Against Energy, Jack O’Lanterns cause Global Warming.

With the passing of Halloween, millions of pounds of pumpkins have turned from seasonal decorations to trash destined for landfills, adding to more than 254 million tons of municipal solid waste (MSW) produced in the United States every year. This Halloween, think of turning this seasonal waste into energy as a very important “trick” that can have a positive environmental and energy impact.

At landfills, MSW decomposes and eventually turns into methane—a harmful greenhouse gas that plays a part in climate change, with more than 20 times the warming effect of carbon dioxide (CO2).

It’s not that I object to refining waste into biofuel; I just hate the constant, taxpayer funded propaganda for the Cult of Global Warming. For example, the Department Against Energy also wants you to dress up your kids as Solar Panels for Halloween.


Climate Change Rally Falls a Little Short


ManBearPig may not be the winning issue progressive Democrats think it is.

The faith-based climate rally that took place Thursday in Washington drew a much smaller crowd than anticipated, though organizers say they still managed to convey their message. The Moral Action on Climate Justice network, which worked with the Earth Day Network, League of Conservation Voters, Sierra Club. Friends of of the Earth and other groups to organize the event, originally asked the National Park Service for a permit for 50,000 attendees. But Park Service countered the permit should be closer to 200,000, organizers said, given the popularity of Pope Francis. In the end, according to several observers, the overall attendance was closer to 2,000.

Think Progress — which is published by the liberal think tank Center for American Progress — estimated there were “hundreds of activists” on the Mall for the event, which started early Friday.



The Pope’s Hypocrisy

Item 1: Pope Francis attacks wealth-holders and calls for the redistribution of (other people’s, natch) wealth to the poor.

Hypocritical Element: The Vatican’s holdings are worth tens of billions; and there is no discussion of liquidating them for distribution to the poor.

Item 2: The Pope says that Weapons manufacturers can’t call themselves Christians.

Hypocritical Element: Not only is the Pope protected by paramiliaries armed with firearms, but the Vatican Bank is a major shareholder in Pietro Baretta Arms.

Item 3: In issuing an encyclical calling for the faithful to embrace the dogma of Climate Change and support the expansion of Government power and the diminishing of individual rights in order to fight it, the pope said, “I would like to enter a dialogue with all people about our common home.”

Hypocritical element: “All People” does not include climate change skeptics, who were excluded from participating in the encyclical.

You begin to see why this Pope is unusually popular on the Progressive Left. And watching the party that has always insisted that religion had no business in government, the same progressives who have been slamming the Roman Catholic church for decades, suddenly cheering as the Pope endorses their policy prescriptions is rich indeed.

10 Reasons that Skepticism Is the Reasonable Attitude Toward Global Warming

Posted by V the K at 10:43 pm - June 8, 2015.
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There is a mook (that’s right, I said a mook and I meant it) over at the Chronicle of Higher Education who laments that the unwillingness of members of the public to blindly and unquestioningly accept the “scientific consensus” that CO2 from SUV’s and jet travel is causing earthquakes and every bad thing that ever happens ever.

Because, of course, nothing says “science denier” like a demand for evidence and empirical truth.

There are, in fact, myriad reasons to have skepticism about whether human activity is leading to catastrophic global warming, such that we must all sacrifice our standard of living to prevent the prophesied Global Warming Apocalypse. Here’s 10 off the top of my head.

1. All of the remedies put forth by the AGW proponents advance the progressive left agenda: increased Government regulation, diminished liberty, and abolish what’s left of the global free enterprise system in favor of a centrally planned political economy.

2. The AGW proponents won’t let anybody look at the data that supposedly supports their Global Warming hypothesis.

3. AGW proponents refuse to debate climate change skeptics in a public forum;people who think they can win the argument want to have the argument.

4. You should always be skeptical when people demand that opposing views should be censored; again people who think they can win the argument want to have the argument.

5. If carbon dioxide is such a horrible threat, why are the AGW proponents flying around the world in CO2-spewing jets? It’s kind of like televangelists preaching that drinking, sex, and gambling are the road to Hell then going to Vegas to get drunk and pick up hookers.

6. 95% of global warming forecast models have been wrong. Also, the models were apparently designed to produce an outcome of global warming.

7. There is considerable evidence that the global warming data has been fudged in the direction of warmfulness.

8. Contrary to the doomsday predictions of the Global Warming Cult, the Atlantic Ocean is getting colder, not warmer.

9. The Environmental Left has a long history of making hysterical proclamations of DOOM (all caused by humans engaging in capitalism and self-fulfillment) that have never panned out.

10. There hasn’t been any global warming for at least 18 years.


Global Warming Comes to SoCal

Posted by V the K at 5:05 pm - March 2, 2015.
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Remember, unless we completely dismantle global capitalism and fully implement the socialist agenda, the world is going to burn, burn, burn!

“Snow in January Proves Global Warming is Real” Say Cultists.

I am not making this up.

“The U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has found that nor’easters like this one may grow stronger [with] human-caused climate change, as they are driven by the contrast between cold Arctic air masses and ever-warming ocean surface temperatures,” says Penn State climatologist Michael Mann.

You may be wondering where you heard the name Michael Mann before. Well, either you were a fan of Miami Vice back in the 1980′s, or you may remember him as the guy who got caught red-handed falsifying data to prove global warming was real.

He is still considered an authority on the left, however, because he supports ‘The Narrative’ that global warming is real and the free enterprise system must be destroyed in order to prevent it; The Apocalypse Myth of the Secular Left.

And then there’s Bill Nye, who is not actually a scientist, but plays one on TV to amuse liberals, who also says that snow in New England in January, along with all other weather phenomena, is evidence of “Climate Change.”

“So I just want to introduce the idea that the strong winds that we had in southern California, the very strong winds that will be associated with this storm in the next couple days – these could be connected to climate change,” he said defensively, before adding it is very hard to prove any one storm is connected.

How much do you want to be that if this winter were mild and dry, they would also blame *that* on Climate Change. Oh, wait, they already did that last winter.

Rush Limbaugh suggests the reason there is more severe weather hype… and less actual severe weather… than ever before is because the National Weather Service has become politicized and filled with leftist hacks who use it to promote their Apocalypse Myth.

And finally, we have the mayor of Bridgeport CT, which was shut down because of the blizzard, thanking the Reverend Al Sharpton for “fighting the good fight” on Global Warming. (From Climate Change to Race Hustling; Al Sharpton is always at the cutting edge of societal fraud. }

After urging residents to stay off the roads and reporting that emergency workers were ensuring that the elderly and homeless population were taking care of, Finch told Sharpton “thank you for your show, Reverend, you’ve been fighting the good fight on climate change, and we can see the crazy climate here, and we’d like to have a little bit more of you down in Washington.”

That’s right, to a Democrat Left Climate Change Cultist, snow in New England in January is “crazy climate.”

Progressive Environmentalist Utopia Sounds an Awful Lot Like the Soviet Union

Posted by V the K at 7:33 pm - January 25, 2015.
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Last week, 1,700 private jets flew into Davos, Switzerland, carrying with them the world’s progressive monied elite, who gathered to fret  about man-caused global warming and how the American middle class enjoyed too high a standard of living and should be cut down to third world levels.

There was such a big influx of air traffic, reports Newsweek, that the Swiss military had to open an air base for the private jets to land. At last year’s meeting in Davos, some 200 helicopters were used to bring in conference-goers.

Naturally, the original manbearpig himself, Al Gore, was also there. Accompanied by the former president of Mexico (a good friend of George W. Bush, who did not attend but was there in spirit), Al Gore announced a “bold plan” to spend 90 Trillion dollars of other people’s money to eliminate automobiles from all the world’s cities. (So, that no one could travel easily out of their designated habitation sector, and all commuters would be at the mercy of public mass transit unions.)

Former Vice President Al Gore and former Mexican President Felipe Calderon are pushing for $90 trillion in spending to ban cars from every major city in the world and make them more dense.

(Yes, this was the plot of a bad 1970′s movie; that’s where progs get all their ideas.)

The progressive vision for the rest of us; disarmed, jammed into cities,  stacked like cordwood while they fly over us in their private jets.

The progressive vision for the rest of us; disarmed, jammed into cities, stacked like cordwood while they fly over us in their private jets.

Global Warming Cult Grows Shrill and Desperate

Posted by V the K at 8:08 am - December 2, 2014.
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YouTube Preview Image

The New York Times warns that unless you surrender all of your money and freedom to progressive global Government, the Earth is D-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-m-e-d!

Even with a deal to stop the current rate of greenhouse gas emissions, scientists warn, the world will become increasingly unpleasant. Without a deal, they say, the world could eventually become uninhabitable for humans.

And on MSDNC, an Australian scientician with a Ph.D in the effects of ecological stress on subalpine eucalyptus and terrible hair says that the Earth is D-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-m-e-d unless you embrace socialism as your personal savior in the next two years.

The so-called “doctor” was a guest on MSNBC’s Ed Show, where he predicted an “epic calamity” coming at some point within the next 2-5 years, thanks to climate change.

“Epic. Epic,” he warned. “We have a very narrow window to act. I would say 2020. My colleagues would say half of that, by 2017.”

And the Huffington Post warns that unless the global capitalist system is dismantled, the Earth is on the verge of Mass Extinction, a.k.a.D-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-m!

Never in the 160,000-year history of the human species have we seen an Earth as hot as it will be by mid-century. Keep that warming going until the year 2100 and Earth would be hotter than it has been in the past 14 million years; that is the trajectory we are now on.

Global Warming: Giving Respectability to Nutjobs Who Used to walk around with “The End Is Near” sandwich boards since 1992.

Great Moments in Protesting

The “Science” Cult protests Global Warming in a typically intellectual manner.

More than 400 protesters stuck their heads in the sand on Australia’s Bondi Beach on Thursday, mocking the government’s reluctance to put climate change on the agenda of a G20 summit this weekend.


So many targets, so few Size 12 boots.

Another Progressive Democrat Who Wants People Punished for Not Agreeing With Him

Robert F. Kennedy took his private jet and his motorcade of SUV’s to the Climate Alarmist for Socialism Party in New York City, pausing long enough to explain how people who don’t believe in man-caused Global Warming should be jailed and punished.

Environmental activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. lamented that there were no current laws on the books to punish global warming skeptics. . “I wish there were a law you could punish them with. I don’t think there is a law that you can punish those politicians under,” Kennedy told Climate Depot in a one-on-one interview during the People’s Climate March.

And, being a loyal and mindless Democrat, he of course had to bash successful Libertarian businessmen.

Kennedy saved his most venomous comments for the Koch Brothers, accusing them of “treason” for “polluting our atmosphere.”

“I think it’s treason. Do I think the Koch Brothers are treasonous, yes I do,” Kennedy explained.

“They are enjoying making themselves billionaires by impoverishing the rest of us. Do I think they should be in jail, I think they should be enjoying three hots and a cot at the Hague with all the other war criminals,” Kennedy declared.

Almost half of Americans admit to being skeptical of climate change; the progs better plan on building a lot of camps.

The Best Reason to be Skeptical of Global Warming

Someone else has noticed the curious coincidence that every proposed solution to “Global Warming/Climate Change” coincidentally advances the progressive socialist agenda.

But how do leaders of the environmental left address these opposing doomsdays? By raising taxes, increasing government, impeding capitalism and reducing national sovereignty. Coincidentally, the same policies they would promote if their supposed environmental catastrophe was utter fiction. It is little wonder that voters are suspicious.

That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you.

The Joys of Skepticism

If you’re a skeptic of the dogma of anthropogenic global warming, you should feel smart and proud, because it means you’re not one of these people.

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These people are stupid and they should feel bad.


They’re Totally Cereal, You Guys

Posted by V the K at 10:50 pm - August 26, 2014.
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Yes, the Global Warming Cult is blaming the riots in Ferguson on… ManBearPig.

To me, the connection between militarized state violence, racism, and climate change was common-sense and intuitive.

Yeah, because Global Warming apparently makes black people rob convenience stores, punch cops in the head, and get themselves shot…It seems so obvious now, doesn’t it? And from there she goes on and on blathering about… enh… a word salad bar of leftist claptrap. For example…

But solidarity and allyship is important in and of itself. The fossil fuel industry would love to see us siloed into believing that we can each win by ourselves on “single issues.” Now it’s time for the climate movement to show up– to show that we will not stand for the “otherizing” of the black community here in America, or anyone else.

Yeah, it’s all about the allyship, siloing, and otherizing… Hey, why not make up words? They made up Climate Change, didn’t they?