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NRA-ILA made my inner 12-year-old very happy today

Posted by V the K at 9:11 am - May 14, 2018.
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If you don’t know what this is in regard to,here’s a link. You know, in case you’ve been too busy with the usual gay drug orgies to pay attention to current events.

Re: “Common Sense Gun Laws”

Posted by V the K at 10:30 am - April 9, 2018.
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Airstrip One 1920: In the interest of public safety, all firearm owners must be licensed.

Airstrip One 1937 – Personal defence is no longer a valid reason for a firearms license. “Firearms cannot be regarded as a suitable means of protection and may be a source of danger” (Which I believe is the IngSoc equivalent of “No one needs an AR-15.”)

Airstrip One 1968 – All rifles and pistols must be registered with the Government in the interest of public safety.

Airstrip One 1988 – For the good of public safety, semi-automatic rifles are banned. Shotguns must be registered.

Airstrip One 1997 – Thank you for registering your guns. Now turn them in or go to prison, for the good of public safety.

Airstrip One 2018 – Knife violence is out of control. “No excuses: there is never a reason to carry a knife. Anyone who does will be caught, and they will feel the full force of the law.”

I am told the slippery slope is a fallacy, but damb if it doesn’t look like our British cousins slid right down one.

So, what’s next? Outlaw hammers and bottles? Outlaw sharp pointy sticks? Outlaw rocks? Outlaw weightlifting because big strong men are intimidating?

Note to leftists; this is why no one believes you when you claim you don’t want to confiscate guns.

P.S. With London’s crime rate now exceeding New York City’s, the Metropolitan Police Department is tasking nearly 1,000 officers to investigate people who make politically incorrect comments in social media.

A Humble Suggestion

Posted by V the K at 9:06 am - March 26, 2018.
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Turning Point USA was at the Gun Control March in Saturday and asked some of the people who want to ban assault rifles if they even knew what an assault rifle was. Spoiler alert: They did not and also they were rude, obnoxious, and foul-mouthed. (You should check out the video before YouTube deletes as part of the Ongoing Social Media Purge of Conservative Ideas.)

Here’s an idea. Congress should propose legislation making it illegal to sell fully automatic assault rifles to civilians without a Federal license and require Federal background checks on the sales of semi-automatic rifles.

Most of these VSP (Very Stupid People) have no idea that that is actually the current law.

After the jump, a VSP tries to advocate for gun control and ends up endorsing domestic violence instead.


The Left’s Constant Battle Against What Works

Posted by V the K at 9:21 am - March 21, 2018.
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Maryland has way super-strict gun control laws. These laws include bans on what leftists call “assault rifles,” the requirement to get permission from the state before being allowed to purchase a firearm, a requirement that purchasers of firearms be fingerprinted like the common criminals leftists think they are, strict age limits, limits on magazine capacity, universal background checks, a gun registry (which has never even once been used to solve a gun crime), and, of course, “gun-free zones” around every school.

None of those laws were worth a bucket of spit yesterday when a 17-year-old punk brought a gun to school to shoot his ex-girlfriend. Rather, the element that prevented this incident from becoming a mass casualty event was the very thing leftists have been ridiculing these past few weeks: trained and armed security in the school where the shooting happened.

Nobody died except the punk.

The left is firmly of the opinion that “the good guy with a gun is just a myth.” So sayeth NBC News, ABC News, CNN, Huffington Post, Slate, Politico, Vox, NPR and every other reliably left-wing media outlet. Armed and practiced individuals are simply incapable of stopping criminals with guns, they tell us, with all the journalistic authority they can muster.

The Democrat left insists that the solution to “gun violence” are laws banning “assault rifles,” the requirement to get permission from the state before being allowed to purchase a firearm, strict age limits, limits on magazine capacity, universal background checks, gun registries, and, of course, “gun-free zones” around every school.

In New York, they pulled all the armed guards out of public schools on the perverse leftist logic that trained and armed men made students *feel* unsafe.

Strange Bedfellows

Posted by V the K at 12:27 am - March 6, 2018.
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The Iranian Regime that murders gay people by hanging (for just being gay) and stones women to death for being accused of adultery has weighed in on America’s gun control debate. And they are on the anti-gun side, of course.

In US, 100s are killed every week by homicide for no crime,—no reason—not at the hands of police, as US police brutality is a separate issue. The accessibility of guns leads to homicide; it’s created problems for a country like US, everyone admits, fears, & is concerned about it.

No one dares apply the clear solution to the promotion of guns and homicide in America. What’s the solution? It’s to make guns illegal.

Gun companies are so powerful that House representatives and U.S. senators don’t dare pass prohibition of guns.

That last sentence is almost a straight lift from the Democrat Anti-Gun Talking Points Memo. Congratulations, anti-gun Democrats. The thugs of the world agree with you.

PDT Shows His Authoritarian Streak

Posted by V the K at 8:37 am - March 1, 2018.
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So, during one of his series of televised discussions on gun control, PDT said this:

“Take the guns first, go through due process second.”

PDT is wrong. (See, we can criticize Trump when he’s wrong. Unlike the Democrats and the god-king Obama who swears that none of his many, many scandals embarrassed him. Unlike the Democrats and Bill Clinton, who got to #MeToo all the women he wanted in return for keeping abortion legal.) Due process is essential. Before the Government strips you of a civil right, it better be able to demonstrate a damned good reason and give you a chance to argue that their reason is horse-sh-t. And it isn’t that hard to get a judge to issue a warrant or a restraining order, as the FISA courts (99.9% of surveillance requests approved) demonstrate. There is no reason to treat law-abiding gun owners like they were college men accused of rape by bitter crazy ex-girlfriends.

PDT is just playing to the ignorant hysteria about guns the media have whipped up. Hysteria and overreaction lead to bad policy choices. Ask any Japanese-American who lived on the west coast in 1942; or anyone whose been groped by a high-school dropout working for the TSA; or these two guys.

Speaking of contempt for due process, Senator Susan Collins has revived the even-more-terrible idea of putting the No-Fly List onto the NICS database so that no one on the No-Fly list can buy a gun. A refresher: The No-Fly list is:

1. A Government list of people who are barred from flying for reasons the Government will not divulge; the criteria are secret and arbitrary.
2. Once on the list, there is no recourse. You can try and get your name removed at considerable legal expense, but it’s very difficult because the Government will argue it can’t tell you its reasons for putting you on the list because of ‘National Security.’
3. If you have the same name as someone on the list, you may also be on the list for that reason alone.

BTW, none of this new proposed legislation will work unless law enforcement actually uses it. The violent headcase in Parkland could have been arrested and detained on numerous occasions and charged with offenses (domestic violence; terroristic threats) that would have flagged him in the NICS database. But local law enforcement and the FBI didn’t bother.

Logically, the demonstrated failure of law enforcement at its most basic functions clearly indicates the need for civilians to have the means of their own defense.

“You Don’t Need a Gun, the Police Will Protect You”

Posted by V the K at 8:35 am - February 23, 2018.
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Meh, not so much.

The police officer assigned to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School resigned Thursday, under investigation for failing to enter the building as a gunman opened fire and killed 17 people.

So, this armed cop stayed outside and did nothing while the violent headcase was slaughtering the sons and daughters of the taxpayers who pay his salary  and… if you recall correctly… the violent headcase simply walked off the school grounds after the shooting and went home. The motto of Broward County law enforcement must be, “To protect and to serve… or go outside and wet our pants.”

The former deputy who did nothing while now has armed police protecting his home. Hm, I wonder if they would stand outside and do nothing if an armed assailant showed up.

And there’s more:

In November, a tipster called BSO to say Cruz “could be a school shooter in the making” but deputies did not write up a report on that warning. It came just weeks after a relative called urging BSO to seize his weapons. Two years ago, according to a newly released timeline of interactions with Cruz’s family, a deputy investigated a report that Cruz “planned to shoot up the school” — intelligence that was forwarded to the school’s resource officer, with no apparent result.

Good Lord.

Law enforcement in this case was absolutely incompetent at every level. The local police were called to the home of the known threat no fewer than 39 times, and did nothing to protect the community from the known threat. The known threat posted threats to shoot up his school under his own name. Tipped off to this, the FBI did… nothing. And even as known threat was inside the school building killing people, an armed police office stood outside, probably wetting his pants.

Leftists are saying, “You see! You see! A trained cop saw an AR-15 and wet his pants. This proves teachers should not be armed because they would be even less capable of confronting a shooter.” The late Aaron Feis and the JROTC students who shielded their classmates would beg to differ.

Law-abiding American gun owners should not lose our basic Constitutional Rights as a result of the complete, top-to-bottom incompetence of law enforcement. That’s like saying I should lose my driver’s license and have my car confiscated because a cop in another state waved a drunk driver through a checkpoint who went on to smash his car into a minivan and kill people.

Oh, and meanwhile, CNN frets that describing the known threat as violent murderous headcases is hurtful and stigmatizing. (Warning: Super-annoying autoplay vid at link.)

“And Those Who Eat Tide Pods Shall Lead…”

Just like in the movie ‘Heathers,’ the kids from Parkland High School figured out pretty quickly that parroting the media’s Gun Control Narrative will get them on TV. Just to demonstrate how silly it’s gotten, deranged law professor Lawrence Tribe wants to lower the voting age to 16 so Generation Tide Pod can share its wisdom with us.

Teens between 14 and 18 have far better BS detectors, on average, than “adults” 18 and older. Wouldn’t it be great if the voting age were lowered to 16? Just a pipe dream, I know, but . . . #Children’sCrusade?

No, professor, teenagers do not possess finely tuned BS detectors. Their lack of life experience and desire for validation make them much easier to manipulate than adults. Have you seen the 21st Century hipster mullet high school kids are wearing? Nobody with common sense and a rational worldview gets a haircut like that.

And this is an interesting, aside. Did you know the Parkland Head Case was not referred by school officials to law enforcement — even for offenses like assault and possession of bullets on school property — because of the school’s race-progressive policy of not reporting black and Hispanic offenders? [This sort “educational equity” policy was encouraged under the Obama administration to “combat racial disparities in discipline.”]

By the way, at least one Florida teacher says that the problem isn’t gun, but general societal dysfunction and moral breakdown. No, she will not be offered a speaking slot at the next CNN “town hall.” Also, a grown-up survivor of the Columbine mass-murder has introduced a bill in Colorado to permit concealed carry in schools. This goes against the media’s preferred narrative, so she will not be getting a speaking gig on CNN.

ABC News took the time to further the Gun Control Narrative by highlighting a video by a gun owner who destroyed the AR-15 he has owned for 30 years so that “it can never be used to kill anyone.” Hey, wait a minute. You mean this guy kept an AR-15 for thirty years and it never once went on a murder rampage? It must be broken or something.



Posted by V the K at 7:02 pm - February 16, 2018.
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The response to the mass murder incident in Florida this past week has convinced me more than ever that politicians have no actual interest in solving problems; only in an exploiting them to enhance their own wealth and power.

The best approach to ending mass murder incidents at public school seems pretty straightforward; make schools more secure. At the high school my son went to, there was only one to get into the school during school hours. You had to enter into a secure vestibule, then be buzzed into the main office by a staffer. This simple expedient, coupled with an alert staff, would have prevented what happened in Florida. It also would have worked at Sandy Hook. (Since both cases involved violent headcases who were not supposed to be on school grounds. More on that anon.)

Better security in schools should be utterly noncontroversial. It *will* save lives. It will not infringe on our Constitutional Right to Bear Arms (itself an extension of the fundamental human right to defend yourself.) Yeah, it will cost money; but as we saw last week that… unless the issue is effective border security… Congress has no aversion to spending money.

I get primarily two forms of pushback against this common sense idea.

1. “Well, that won’t work because a lot of schools have multiple entrances and some even have multiple buildings.” 

Well, duh. I never said the solution at my son’s high school was a one-size-solves-everything panacea. Of course, different schools will have different security requirements. But access control, securing the perimeter, equipping classrooms with a “Matt Lauer button” so teachers can lock the door from their desks, and on-site security seem like no-brainers… unless you don’t care about kid safety and are really just trying to advance a gun control agenda.

2. “Children should just be safe in school, we shouldn’t need all that security.” 

This is just vapid emotionalism. Kids shouldn’t die of cancer either, but it happens. These dingbats don’t want to confront life’s harsh realities, they just want to pursue their Utopian fantasies. (In which all the nasty guns have been taken away and everybody gets their own pet unicorn.)

But the point is, these people are not interested in protecting kids. They just want to use dead kids to advance a gun control agenda.

I mean, we sure as hell can’t count on law enforcement to protect us. The FBI didn’t even bother to follow up on a violent headcase who literally posted “I am going to shoot up my high school” under his own name on social media. At least the FBI interviewed Omar Mateen and Esteban Santiago-Ruiz before giving them the all-clear. And, of course, when the Russians told them, “Watch out for those Tsearnev brothers, they’re bad eggs,” the FBI responded by investigating… the Russians.

YouTube Preview Image

What do we pay those people for?

As Foretold in Prophecy

Posted by V the K at 1:21 pm - December 2, 2017.
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The state of Hawaii established a state gun registry to “protect public safety.” They are now using it to confiscate guns. If only someone had warned that a gun registry would be used in exactly this way.

“Nobody Wants to Take Your Guns”

Posted by V the K at 11:53 am - November 14, 2017.
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This Boston Globe editor apparently did not get the memo. Democrats are supposed to deny that they want to confiscate guns from law-abiding people… until they’ve put in place a national gun registry, outlawed semi-automatic weapons, outlawed magazines of greater than five rounds, require “universal background checks” so you can be sent to Federal PMITA Prison for loaning your daughter a handgun so she can protect herself from a crazy stalker ex-boyfriend, made it illegal to purchase ammunition without a state-issued license … only then can they admit that these were all incremental steps toward outlawing citizen ownership of firearms.

But here’s this guy giving away the game.

Ultimately, if gun-control advocates really want to stanch the blood, there’s no way around it: They’ll have to persuade more people of the need to confiscate millions of those firearms, as radical as that idea may now seem.

Frustrated Liberal Concludes Gun Control Policies Don’t Work

Posted by V the K at 7:48 am - October 5, 2017.
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In a rare moment of honesty on the left, a left-wing statistician went through the evidence scientifically and without bias and came to the conclusion that none of the left-wing’s favored policies would put a dent in gun deaths.

Before I started researching gun deaths, gun-control policy used to frustrate me. I wished the National Rifle Association would stop blocking common-sense gun-control reforms such as banning assault weapons, restricting silencers, shrinking magazine sizes and all the other measures that could make guns less deadly.

Then, my colleagues and I at FiveThirtyEight spent three months analyzing all 33,000 lives ended by guns each year in the United States, and I wound up frustrated in a whole new way. We looked at what interventions might have saved those people, and the case for the policies I’d lobbied for crumbled when I examined the evidence. The best ideas left standing were narrowly tailored interventions to protect subtypes of potential victims, not broad attempts to limit the lethality of guns.

It’s like us Right-Wing Nut Jobs were saying all along. The policies of the left will fail, and may perhaps even be designed to fail so that their failure will make the case for ever increasing levels of gun control leading ultimately to what the left actually wants: to outlaw the private ownership of firearms.

By the way, the correlation between gun ownership and homicides is actually inverse.

There are actually two policies that would make a difference, but they are politically unpalatable to the Progressive Left.

The majority of gun deaths in the USA are suicides – about two-thirds of all of them, in fact. However, current left-wing Dogma is that people who want to commit suicide should not be only allowed to, but the State should actively assist them.

The great majority of the gun homicides in the USA are committed by young male criminals in urban areas. The Democrats who run these urban areas are loathe to crack down on this violence for fear of riling “community activists” who claim that stopping young urban males from committing crimes is a conspiracy to re-enact slavery via the “Prison Industrial Complex.”

So, for whatever reason, the only “politically palatable” solutions involve restricting the rights of non-criminal people to possess lawful means of self-defense. They don’t work, but they make leftists feel empowered.

Never Trust Leftists. They Lie.

Posted by V the K at 8:17 am - October 3, 2017.
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The left has, predictably, turned on the NRA and blamed them for the mass murder in Las Vegas, throwing around words like “terrorist organization” that they never apply to organizations like CAIR or #Antifa that actually support terrorism. More specifically, they are using attacks on the NRA to raise funds from the naïve dupes that support leftist Democrat groups.

I’m thankful there is an NRA; the wealth and electoral clout of the NRA is the only reason the Republican Party didn’t knuckle under to Obama’s Gun Control agenda the way they knuckled under on everything else Obama wanted.

My thing is, I don’t trust the gun control groups who claim they only want to tighten restrictions a little bit, because they lie. They are lying about suppressors (claiming they will make guns silent and unpossible to detect.) They lie in their statistics about “children” being killed by guns by counting gang bangers in their late teens/early twenties as “children.” They lie when they claim you can easily and legally buy automatic weapons without a background check.

Since they lie about all this stuff, I can only assume they are lying about their agenda. I think they ultimately want to outlaw the private ownership of firearms; incrementally, or in one swoop if they get control of the Supreme Court. Besides which, we already have pretty strict background checks and other limits already in place. Besides which, we’ve already seen in New York, California, New Jersey, and DC the types of restrictions they really want to put in place; and we know those are just down-payment until they can get the Supreme Court and negate the Second Amendment. Some of them are open about their agenda, those ones, I believe because expressing their intent openly is not helpful to the cause. 

And let’s be honest, the real reason the left hates the NRA is because the NRA helps get Republicans elected. It’s not about “saving lives,” it’s about saving Democrat senate and house seats.

The Guns of Europe

The last few years, amidst Europe’s ongoing terrorist attacks and Muslim-influx crisis, European gun sales have surged. Article from January 2016:

Gun sales have jumped 350 per cent in Austria amid ‘unease’ over increasing numbers of migrants following the Paris terror attacks…

The final months of 2015 showed increases in gun permit applications, while dealers reported huge demand for self defence weapons such as tasers, pepper spray and blank firing-guns.

It comes just months after shotguns were reported to have sold out across the country as residents became increasingly paranoid about refugee numbers.

Article from August 2016:

Applications for gun permits have gone up significantly in Switzerland, Austria and the Czech Republic. In places with stricter gun laws, such as Germany, non-lethal guns and pepper spray have become alternatives.

“There’s no official explanation for the rise, but in general we see a connection to Europe’s terrorist attacks,” Hanspeter Kruesi, a police spokesman in the Swiss canton of St. Gallen, told Reuters.

Czech Republic’s President saw the light:

President Milos Zeman used to advocate gun control, but called for easier access to guns in July [2016] following the terror attack in Nice.

“Earlier I spoke against possession of large amounts of weapons [in the hands of the people],” Zeman said in a July interview with newspaper Blesk. “After those attacks, I do not think so any more.”

And last week, the Czech Republic began to create their own version of our 2nd Amendment:

Czech lawmakers have passed legislation in the lower parliament that would see the right to bear firearms enshrined in the country’s constitution…

The legislation was passed with 139 deputies agreeing to the amendment to the constitution with only nine deputies voting against. The amendment will now be considered by the Czech Senate where it will require a supermajority of three-fifths…

…the Czech legislation reads: “Citizens of the Czech Republic have the right to acquire, retain and bear arms and ammunition.”

It’s rare to have that right in a country’s Constitution. Hopefully, it’s about to become less rare.

Unfortunately, Germany is busy turning its guns against its own People’s free speech:

German lawmakers approved a bill on Friday aimed at cracking down on hate speech on social networks…

Among other things, it would fine social networking sites up to 50 million euros ($56 million) if they persistently fail to remove illegal content within a week, including defamatory “fake news.”

“Freedom of speech ends where the criminal law begins,” said Justice Minister Heiko Maas, who was the driving force behind the bill…

Social networks also have to publish a report every six months detailing how many complaints they received and how they dealt with them.

This is fascism: the merger of Business and State, in which the State commandeers Business to achieve the State’s aims – such as, in this case, the enforcement of political purity and consensus. Looks like Mark Zuckerberg has no problem with it.

Are the Germans going to target ordinary citizens’ protests against Germany’s insane Muslim refugee policy? Sadly, yes:

By “right wing extremist” what German authorities really mean is anyone who questions the immigration policies of the Europe, or thinks differently than the general population.

The article cites the relevant sections of Germany’s criminal speech code – that sound good on paper, except they are so subjective that the authorities can, will and do use them to punish any speech they don’t like.

I’m not sure – my German is quite rusty – but I think that in this clip, Germany’s Vice Chancellor is saying that Muslim refugees are more German than the Germans who would object to their presence, and who should therefore be locked up.

It takes awhile

…but sometimes there’s justice.

Remember that UVa “campus rape culture” hoax that bubbled up in 2014? Recent news is that Rolling Stone will pay settlement damages to the fraternity they accused.

A source involved at the national level with the fraternity, Phi Kappa Psi, tells TheDC that Rolling Stone will pay $1.65 million to settle the defamation suit…

In the piece, “A Rape on Campus,” Erdely relayed the story of Jackie Coakley, a Virginia woman who claimed she was brutally raped by a group of Phi Kappa Psi fraternity members during a party in Sept. 2012.

Separately, a UVa dean also got damages:

The magazine’s decision follows a settlement in April with Nicole Eramo, a University of Virginia associate dean who was also smeared in the article, which was written by Sabrina Rubin Erdely…

Erdely portrayed Eramo as dismissive of Coakley’s case. But it was later revealed that Coakley not only fabricated the attack by the fraternity members but that Eramo took her allegations seriously at the time she made them.

A jury in Virginia awarded Eramo $3 million in damages — $2 million from Erdely and $1 million from Rolling Stone.

I don’t know what has happened to the original accuser, Jackie Coakley?

While I’m at it:

A Lesson in Gun Control

Posted by V the K at 5:53 am - April 21, 2017.
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A few years ago, the Socialist Government of Venezuela succeeded in what the Democrat Left has aspired to do in the USA: they outlawed the private ownership of firearms. Of course, this was done to “fight an epidemic of gun violence.” And, of course, “for the children.”

And now the Socialist Government of Venezuela is providing firearms to its supporters to use against opponents of the regime.

“A gun for every militiaman!” Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro said to uniformed militia members outside the presidential palace, Fox News reported on Tuesday. The Bolivarian militias, created by Maduro’s predecessor Hugo Chavez, already number in the hundreds of thousands and are being used to supplement the regime’s armed forces. Maduro is boosting the number of armed supporters in hopes of keeping control over the country from what he labels “imperialist aggression.”

Now, you know, why we fight so hard to keep the Second Amendment alive.

Oh Noes! Moar Gun Violences!

Posted by V the K at 12:15 pm - March 28, 2017.
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Just curious, is it the actual position of liberal anti-gun types that we would be better off as a society if these three thugs were still alive after successfully burglarizing this residence? Just asking.

Sheriff’s spokesman Deputy Nick Mahoney said the suspects entered the home through a glass back door with the intent to burglarize it. It was not immediately clear why they picked that home.

Mahoney said the suspects encountered the homeowner’s 19-year-old son, who opened fire (with an AR-15) after an exchange of words. Two of the suspects died in the home’s kitchen while a third was found in the driveway.

This home was defended with the exact weapons liberals want to ban. (And would have succeeded in banning if Hillary were in the White House and Merrick Garland on the Supreme Court). And in states like Maryland, you can be prosecuted for defending your home against home invaders.

Follow up. Will the three dead thugs be counted as “Gun deaths” when the liberals are rounding up their anti-gun talking points.

Update: How the BBC is covering it: Three teenagers who broke into a home in Oklahoma were killed by the homeowner’s son firing an assault-style AR-15. They describe the dead thugs as “teens” or “teenagers” six eight times, and “intruders” once. They also bring up “stand your ground laws” even though they have no relevance to this case (but they are another things liberals oppose because they side with the thugs).

“Common Sense Gun Laws”

Posted by V the K at 9:59 pm - March 5, 2017.
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Here’s what some left-wing anti-gun legislators are trying to pass in Alabama, all the while claiming that aren’t against the Second Amendment, and all of these infringements are perfectly reasonable.

  • Mandatory gun registration- owner has registration card that lists all weapons
  • No transfers unless done through a registration office
  • New purchases must be picked up at registration office
  • Mandatory gun safes; only registered owner will have combination
  • Mandatory gun safety classes
  • Open carry and concealed carry policies abolished
  • Waiting period for gun purchase extended to three months to allow all paperwork to pass
  • People under 21 prohibited from owning guns
  • Extensive mental evaluation
  • Mandatory liability insurance for firearms
  • Required reporting of stolen firearms within four hours of discovery
  • Ammo purchases made only for the caliber gun specified on registration

Thank Ra Hillary lost.


Gays for Omar Mateen

Posted by V the K at 9:21 am - November 21, 2016.
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Commenter Steve tips off this stupid group of stupid gay leftists: Gays Against Self-Defense Guns. (Known by it’s so-appropriate acronym, GAG.)

In the past four months, GAG activists performed several acts of civil disobedience. Demonstrators targeted the headquarters of BlackRock, one of the largest corporate shareholders of gun companies’ stock; the Reebok-sponsored CrossFit Games, which awarded their top athletes with Glock handguns; and the firearms manufacturer Sig Sauer in New Hampshire (a Sig Sauer semi-automatic rifle and a Glock semi-automatic pistol were the weapons used by the shooter at Pulse). During these protests, GAG activists distributed fact sheets containing information about gun deaths in America and occupied designated locations by chanting and holding “die-ins.” Others participated as “human beings”: haunting white-veiled walkers who held posters with photos and names of victims.

Thank the Goddess that Orlando Pulse was a “Gun-Free Safe Space.” It could have really gotten ugly if anyone had been allowed to shoot back at Omar Mateen.

It’s funny that the words “human beings” are in scare quotes. The phrase “fact sheet” should also be in scare quotes since the “facts” the anti-2nd Amendment left cites are almost entirely inaccurate or hysterically misleading.

But you know what this stupid group of stupid gay leftists supports wholeheartedly? Hate Crime Hoaxes.

So, basically, the response of gay left-wing idiots to a real hate crime — a mass murder committed by a Muslim Democrat — is to ban the weapons that could have stopped the attack because they’re mad at a liberal, pro-gay New Yorker who was elected president.

Makes total sense, doesn’t it?

Working About as well as All Other Liberal Programs Ever

Posted by V the K at 9:50 am - September 1, 2016.
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During a “Gun Buyback” program in Minnesota, the police paid $100 for a pipe lashed to a piece of wood. I am not making this up.