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2015: The Year of the Big Lie

Posted by V the K at 6:27 am - December 28, 2015.
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In politics, there are all kinds of lies. For example, there are campaign promises. Like when the Republicans promised that if they won the House and the Senate, they would use their power to reverse, halt, or at least put a few speed bumps in front of Barack Obama’s Transformational Agenda. Those lies have a specific purpose (to get elected) and an expiration date (the 2nd Wednesday in November of election years).

Then there are the lies politicians tell in order to hide their criminal activities. Hillary Clinton’s constantly shifting “explanations” about her email server fall into this category. The point of these lies is to drag out a story until she can say, “Why are we still talking about that? Can’t we move on?”

Then, there is the Big Lie. The Big Lie isn’t about an individual politician, or even a party. The purpose of the Big Lie is to advance a massive social agenda… a Fundamental Transformation of a Nation… for example.

In 2015, the Democratic Party and its Media Operation collaborated on an unprecdented scale to advance a number of Big Lies in order to advance a sweeping socio-political agenda. Just to name a few:

The Big Lie of ‘Rape Culture’ – In order to advance the Feminist Transformation, there was a huge push to advance a Narrative that all universities and colleges were essentially Rape Zones where privileged white males raped women at will with no consequences. This lie was advanced by Rolling Stone’s discredited Virginia Tech Gang Rape story, by the completely discredited claim that 1 in 5 college women are raped, and by lying drama queens like Emma “Mattress Girl” Sulkowicz and Lena Dunham. The left advanced this Big Lie in order to advance a comprehensive feminist indoctrination agenda beginning in kindergarten, to shut down criticisms of the radical feminist agenda, and, of course, to label political opponents of the radical feminist agenda as anti-woman. Also, the Rape Culture myth requires universities to create phony-baloney jobs for otherwise unemployable ‘Womyn’s Studies’ majors.

Another Big Lie that dominated the culture was the narrative of ‘Racist Cops Gunning Down Innocent Black Men with Impunity.’ This is a useful Big Lie to an administration that seeks to radically alter American society. It advances the myth that the only reason some people don’t achieve as much as other people is because of racism, and the only way to solve that problem is for a massive, all-powerful Government to redistribute wealth from those who have it to those who have been denied it because of racism. This Big Lie was promulgated through the ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ myth after the shooting of violent, drug-addled thug Michael Brown and fueled the rise of the violent hate group ‘Black Lives Matter.’ It also allows racial con artists like Shaun King, Ta-Nehisi Coates and DeRay McKesson to become rich.

In pursuit of the leftist agenda to prohibit the private ownership of firearms, the Democrat Media Complex (DMC) has promulgated a mythology worthy of the Church of Scientology. The anti-gun left falsely claimed that mass shootings were a daily occurrence in the USA. Democrat politicians at the highest level repeat the discredited myths such as that gun manufacturers are uniquely immune from liability laws or that 40% of gun sales occur without a background check. The policies intended to be advanced by this mythology have nothing to do with stopping the criminal use of firearms, and everything to do with inhibiting the lawful ownership of firearms by law-abiding citizens. The Democrat Party has rallied to the cause of suspending Due Process and using a secret Government List to deny citizens the Right to Self-Defense, along with other laws that have repeatedly been shown to have no effect on the criminal abuse of firearms.

And, of course, there is the Mother of All Big Lies: Global Warming Caused by Capitalism Is Going to Burn Up the Whole World Unless Liberty and Free Markets Are Subjugated Under Global Totalitarian Socialism.

To me, those were the Big Lies of 2015, but I guess you could also throw in Bernie Sanders’s entire socialist economic scheme as well. The Big Lie that socialism in the USA would be Sweden and not Venezuela may be the Big Lie of 2016. It depends on what politically useful narrative the DMC needs to advance.


Why Progressive Leftists and Islamists Are Cuddle-Buddies

Posted by V the K at 8:21 am - November 25, 2015.
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Have you ever noticed that

  • Progressives hate Conservatives who want to defend and protect the US Constitution, but support Islamists who want to impose Sharia law.
  • Progressives hate Christian Conservatives for maintaining that real marriage is between a man and a woman; but they acquiesce in the face of Islamists who throw gays from rooftops.
  • Progressives support a candidate who insists that Islam has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with terorrism, but who is proud to name Republicans as her enemies.
  • Progressives claim that to oppose Government subsidies for birth control amounts to a literal “War on Women” and “Rape Culture,” but they support Islamists who punish women who’ve been raped by stoning them to death.


It’s not a coincidence that Progressives and Islamists are an awful lot alike. The fundamentals of both ideologies are the same:

Neither believes in free speech, as progressives put clamps on expression wherever they can, especially in higher education, by forbidding outside speakers to lecture and by doubling down on trigger warnings, microaggressions, miniscule free speech zones, and “safe places” for suffering souls overcome with a case of the vapors after being exposed to a dissident thought.  Meanwhile, Islamist punishments for blasphemy are unforgiving, brutal, and nefarious.

I remind you that Progressives have suggested that people should be sent to prison for questioning Global Warming, and that those who have opposed gay marriage have lost their jobs and livelihoods.

Further, secular progressives and radical Islamists hold America in contempt, and they favor rule by an unaccountable elite – an administrative-bureaucratic class of experts, in the progressive case, a vision that has lurked in the progressive imagination since Teddy Roosevelt’s days, while Muslims insist on obeisance to sharia enforced by religious overseers.  Both aspire to totalitarian rule under dictatorships of those who are self-selected by political or religious criteria.  These presiding masters are radically anti-modern and yearn to establish or recreate primeval societies based on apocalyptic rants of environmental cultists on the one hand and atavistic seventh-century radicals on the other.  Both movements lie habitually, with the assurance that deception is justified by the needs of their religious-political movements, and with the assurance of never having to face the consequences of their words and actions.  Finally, both are supported by very large segments of their societies.


Tyranny of the Mentally Ill; How it Works

Posted by V the K at 10:53 pm - November 18, 2015.
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I can’t say if this is legit, or just internet-pseudo-psychology, but it seems to explain everything from Obama’s constant hostility toward those who disagree with him, to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, to #BlackLivesMatter #YesAllWomen and #SpoiledCollegeBrats, down to the behavior of comment-trolls.


The Left’s playbook explained

It’s well-understood that the Left in America (indeed, the West in general) prefers to silence rather than to engage their political or intellectual counterparts. From speech codes to shutting down pizza shops that don’t hew to their ideology to barring campus speakers who don’t Think Properly (let alone the things they say!).

So it’s no surprise to anybody that, rather than challenging Donald Trump’s position on immigration, groups like Deport Racism are calling on audience members at this week’s upcoming NBC broadcast of SNL to disrupt the production and shout things at the Republican candidate. And no less a group than the Congressional Hispanic Caucus has asked NBC to simply not even have him on the show.

It’s a meme about the Left that they will have no truck with any sort of dissent to the end that any other opinions are verboten from conception; a meme as ubiquitous as its examples, and as exasperating to have to point out as the question, “Can you imagine if a Republican had said that?!”

But it’s not often that you can see on display the next stinky layer of the onion right in the same place. This is the video that the same group, Deport Racism has produced as there, um, rejoinder?

YouTube Preview Image

Indoctrinated foul-mouthed children yelling dirty words at a grown man, while surely ‘cute’ to many members of the Left’s base, also go a long way to explaining why shutting down opposing thoughts is the weapon of choice for Progressives:

They’re not very good at making arguments.

-Nick (ColoradoPatriot, from HQ)

On Underestimating the Power of Dumb People in Large Numbers

Posted by V the K at 10:02 am - September 17, 2015.
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Scott Adams addresses the Trump Phenomenon in terms of Smart People (who are actually dumb) and Dumb People (who are actually) smart.

The popular media is staffed mostly by writers and art majors and other people who tend to believe in magic. It is no surprise that they don’t see how absurd it is to expect citizens to have useful opinions based on the misinformation that that same media provides around the clock.

Seasoned investors, on the other hand, have learned to be more humble. They know there is no amount of research that can convert unreliable data into reliable decisions. My guess is that this group of professionals support Donald Trump in large numbers because they are smart enough to know the limits of their own reason when applied to inaccurate baseline assumptions and sketchy data.

My point is that if you find yourself mocking Trump supporters (or Republicans in general) because they have some distance from the issues, you are probably the dumb one in that conversation no matter how your education and IQ compares with your intended targets.

And if you believe you can make intelligent decisions on politics based on inaccurate information and lies, why aren’t you already rich from doing the same thing with stocks?

Read more:

Read the whole thing, but let me boil it down for you.

1. Smart people think you can make rational choices based on researching information.

2. Smart people are actually dumb for believing this since most information provided by politicians and the news media is false and misleading.

3. Someone who supports Trump because Trump’s rhetoric resonates is no more stupid (necessarily) than someone who researches candidate positions and aligns with one on that basis.

Living in the Future

Posted by V the K at 9:25 am - September 16, 2015.
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This Headline sums up the wonders of the current era: “Why Do Feminists Hate Sex Robots.”

Fortunately, the article provides an answer.

In the zero-sum-game worldview of feminism, anything that makes men happy is bad. Kathleen Richardson, a professor at De Montfort University in England, is afraid that having sex with robots will make men happy:

Maybe if the sex robots could be programmed to lie about being raped, then the feminists would accept them.

Sex Robots. President in league with evil forces. It’s like we’re living on Babylon 5.

And what would you use on your sex robot? Why, a bionic penis, of course. Because we have those, too.

Maybe it’s Futurama we’re actually living in.

YouTube Preview Image

A Couple of Meme-Type Things

Posted by V the K at 8:32 pm - August 13, 2015.
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Media Running Interference for Planned Parenthood

Posted by V the K at 7:52 pm - July 30, 2015.
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Another Planned Parenthood video came out today; this one actually showing Planned Parenthood ghouls dissecting unborn babies while discussing prices for the parts; cracking jokes while they crack open tiny skulls to get at the brains. Pretty sickening unless you’re a soulless, amoral shell of flesh that walks like a man.

The media doesn’t want to talk about Planned Parenthood, so they cranked up the rage machine about a guy who shot a lion in Africa. Granted, this was a dick move and the guy seems pretty despicable. It’s just interesting how white liberals who don’t give a rat’s ass about the lives of human people in Africa get outraged over the death of a lion.

I guess that’s just life when you live under the tyranny of sociopaths.

Another Theory on Donald Trump

Some of us morons were talking Trump this morning. Trump isn’t really a Republican, he’s more like an old-school New York Democrat. Way back before our time, before the Democrat Party became completely taken over by socialists, trial lawyers, radical environment extremists, radical feminists, race grievance mongers, celebrities, and the rest of the far left coalition… it was a party that spoke to the working class and was just as unashamedly patriotic as the GOP.

There was a time when Democrats and their union allies opposed illegal immigration because cheap labor was bad for workers. The Democrat Party has abandoned that position because illegal immigrants are a more reliable voting bloc than working class white folks. But Donald Trump has embraced that position.

The Washington Free Beacon talks about Trump’s appeal to “the radical middle,” the substantial portion of the electorate left behind as the Democrat Party has become radicalized and the GOP have become puppets of the Chamber of Commerce. They have a point; the elites who run both parties are radically out of touch with the mainstream.

Personally, I see Donald Trump as an egomaniacal blowhard who lies about his real positions in order to trick voters into voting for him. Just like Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, and all the rest of them.

Random Thought: No Link

Posted by V the K at 11:27 am - July 8, 2015.
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Here’s a thought, what if a Republican Mayor or Governor declared his city or state a “Sanctuary for Life” and banned all abortions. Or what if such a politician declared his jurisdiction a “Tax Sanctuary” and exempted it from Federal Tax Collection.

Would the same politicians who support “Sanctuary Cities” for illegal immigrants be content to tolerate this defiance of the law?

Update:  Have you also noticed that the Proggies defending illegal immigrants and Sanctuary Cities by saying that Francisco Sanchez doesn’t represent all illegals; but just a couple weeks ago they were saying that Dylann Storm Roof was a symbol of all Southern racism and therefore the Confederate Battle Flag must be banned?

Mother of Darwin Award Winner Demands More Government Regulation

Posted by V the K at 8:13 am - July 7, 2015.
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With the left, it’s always, “Someone else did something stupid, and as a result, Government must grow and curtail the rights of sensible people.”

Case in point

The mother of a 22-year-old Maine man who tried to launch a firework off the top of his head for July Fourth and was killed instantly says she’s advocating for stricter controls about who can use the explosives.

Police say Calais resident Devon Staples and his friends had been drinking and setting off fireworks Saturday night in a backyard when the accident happened.

Kathleen Staples says she is going to reach out to lawmakers about the possibility of tighter controls over fireworks. She says the state should consider requiring safety training courses before allowing someone to use them. She compared fireworks with other regulated items such as cars and guns.

It is sad, but dim people with no understanding of cause and effect who think the solution to everything is Moar Government are a voting majority in our country right now.

The Rising American Totalitarian Left

Posted by V the K at 9:29 am - July 6, 2015.
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Tell me this ain’t the truth.

It is not enough for [progressive leftist] Americans to say: “I have had my day in court and prevailed.” In effect, they now add: “You do not have the right to hold a different opinion, even if you lose in the public arena. You may not hold on to your belief as a minority view, or even as a private thought. And if you persist and still disagree, I will attack you without quarter and set others on you to deprive you of your status in your profession, of your standing in your community, and even of your livelihood.”

Even after losing, you will be forced to admit the error of your ways.

This attitude promises social warfare without end, because there is no peace to be had until the opposing side offers a sincere and unconditional surrender… For the new totalitarians, prevailing in the courts or at the ballot boxes isn’t enough if there’s still a suspicion that anyone, anywhere, might still be committing thoughtcrime.

I have noticed that even as the social, political, and economic radical left conquers everything in its path, its advocates still don’t seem very happy. Or, to quote the political philosopher who best understood the tyrannical impulses of the left. “A true victory is to make your enemy see they were wrong to oppose you in the first place. To force them to acknowledge your greatness.” – Gul Dukat.

Watching Tyranny Unfold

Posted by V the K at 3:09 pm - July 3, 2015.
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Just posting this quote from Sultan Knish that Annie put in the comments because it’s so true and because I’ve got stuff to do.

The left does not care about gay rights. If you doubt that, consider how many of the left’s favorite Muslim countries have gay rights. The left has recently divided its campaign passions between gay marriage and defending Iran. Iran denies the existence of gays and hangs them where it finds them.

The USSR treated homosexuality as a crime even while it was recruiting gay men as spies in the West. Cuba, the darling of the American left, hated both gays and blacks. The ACLU backed the police states of Communism. If the left supports an enemy nation, the odds are excellent that it is also a violently bigoted place that makes a KKK rally look like a hippie hangout.

To understand the left, you need to remember that it does not care about 99 percent of the things it claims to care about…….

…..The purpose of power is power. The left is not seeking to achieve a set of policy goals before kicking back and having a beer. The policy goals are means of destroying societies, nations and peoples before taking over. If you allow it a policy goal, it will ram that goal down your throat. It will implement it as abusively as it can possibly can before it moves on to the next battle.

It’s not about gay marriage. It’s not about cakes. It’s about power.

More fundamentally it’s about the difference in human nature between the people who want to be left alone and those who want power over others.

You can’t work out a truce with tyrants. You can give in or stand up to them. There’s nothing else.

Whenever someone like Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton starts talking about “unity” or “Coming Together,” what they actually mean is “All of you should just shut up and do as we tell you.”

Anyway, I guess tomorrow we can celebrate living in a country where the Government can destroy you for failure to comply with the demands of political correctness.

Are Millennials Discovering New Genders, or Just Trying to Get Attention?

Posted by V the K at 7:43 am - June 26, 2015.
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George Fields has taken a look at the ever-growing pornocopeia of trendy sexual identities and finds the whole thing shallow and pedantic.

Having recently entered a public high school, (my sister) has come to enjoy informing me about some of her more eccentric peers. Near the end of the school year, she told me fewer and fewer of her friends were merely normal boys who liked normal girls, or normal girls who liked normal boys. Rather, they identify as a slew of peculiarly novel “sexual orientations.”

Some were, of course, the usual “gay” or “lesbian,” but in addition to these were “demisexuals,” “androsexuals,” and “therians” (which, she explained, are people who are only attracted to individuals who commune with the same spirit animal). One identified as a “panromantic polyamorous asexual non-binary space god.”

Are these actual “genders” (a word that has been maliciously maimed of its original meaning) or just young, insecure and rather boring people trying desperately to make themselves seem interesting; like the middle-aged women you see at the supermarket with tramp stamps and oddly-colored hair.

Instead of making up new sexualities to show how very, very clever, tolerant and shallow we are, perhaps there is more richness to be gained in appreciating the innate and natural sexuality of men and women as it has evolved over thousands of years.

For myself, I happen to think real, masculine “cisgendered” men are pretty awesome on their own; I’ve always found athletes, soldiers and hunters far more interesting than drag queens or pajama boys.


Ban All The Things!

Posted by V the K at 7:45 am - June 25, 2015.
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There is a danger in making concessions to insane radicals.

The idea of banning the Confederate flag in response to a shooting that had absolutely nothing to do with the Confederate Flag began with dim, soft-bellied Republican politicians like Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush who thought consigning the Confederate Battle Emblem to museums would be a nice, feelgood concession to the left which would heal wounds and bring us all together.  Others said, “This isn’t about banning the flag, it’s about taking it off Government buildings and you’re silly (and racist) to think it will go any further than that.”  Others said, “I’m not a southerner, so I don’t care about that flag. Let’s just concede the argument so we can put this all behind us and move on.”

It didn’t quite work out that way. Instead, companies like WalMart, eBay, and Amazon upped the ante by banning sales of Confederate Battle Emblems entirely; the National Park Service joined in, too.  Apple has reportedly removed Civil War Games from their app store because they use the CBE.

So much for those who insisted this wasn’t really a ban.

Sensing weakness, the crazies of the left immediately pounced and began demanding more concessions; and nothing short of an ISIS-style erasure of American cultural history and icons will satisfy them now.

In dealing with the left, one must remember that they are a selfish and irrational people. Political Correctness is the outward expression of their piety in their progressive socialist religion. They demonstrate their moral purity to one another through one-upmanship, no demand is so crazy that it cannot be topped be an even crazier demand. It’s a game no one can ever win.

Put another way, if you give a monster a cookie, he’s only going to demand more cookies.



The Next Phase of the War on Southern Culture

Posted by V the K at 7:20 pm - June 24, 2015.
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The Left’s Obsession with Symbols and Magic

Posted by V the K at 7:34 am - June 23, 2015.
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The silly and idiotic bureaucrats at the World Health Organization have undertaken a project to change the names of all diseases to make them politically correct; the previous names were hurting the feelings of people… and pigs, apparently.

Meanwhile, in America, the left rallies around banning the Confederate battle emblem, which is apparently a magical totem with the power to deprive an entire race of people of the ability to achieve and self-actualize.

The left is culture obsessed with symbols.

As much the left wants to blame the killings in Charleston or the failures of large portions of the black race on the “stars and bars,” the flag had nothing to with these problems any more than its presence on the roof of the General Lee enabled it to sail through open boxcars on moving trains and emerge unscathed on the other side.

There is nothing evil or magical about the Confederate battle emblem. To believe so is childish.

Anger about the flag allows a large group of utterly useless people to rally around a cause and get a temporary ego fix because they are “change agents(TM)” or that they are somehow going to “change the world” by protesting against a piece of cloth. (Yeah, it’s funny how the American flag is “just a piece of cloth” when lefties want to burn or stomp on it, but the Confederate war emblem is “a totally important SYMBOL, you guys.”)

And if engage the rationalization that, “Well, it’s wrong to have the Confederate flag on a Government building, but no one is suggesting making it totally illegal,” you are a very naive individual indeed. The sitgmatization effort is already in full force. Try to hang one in a college dorm room and see what happens.

The problem isn’t so much with the immediate arguments, but with the implication.
Taking the flag down is conceding, “OK, you’ve got us. This is hate speech, so we’re taking it down.”

This 1.) Legitimizes the idea that hate speech can and should be censored and 2.) cedes to the left all the power in deciding what hate speech is.

It is not a good precedent.

In Closing, Caitlyn and Sideshow Flozell

Posted by V the K at 5:32 pm - June 16, 2015.
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If you had to pick a single person to epitomize Barack Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of the USA, you could not do better than Caitlyn Jenner, who once achieved feats that brought the admiration of the entire world, but has chosen to become an emasculated, celebrity-chasing joke.

But Rachel Dolezal (a.k.a ‘Sideshow Flozell’) comes a pretty damn close second.


“I was drawing self-portraits with the brown crayon instead of the peach crayon,” she told Matt Lauer.

Whether her race-fluidity is a cynical exploitation of an academic and political culture that favors dark skinned people, a reflection of deep mental illness, or just an extreme example of a white person appropriating what respected social anthropologist Cher called “black cool,” it is striking that her effforts to change her identity have been not as universally lauded by the social progressive left as Caitlyn Jenner’s. (Although some leftists are willing to support Dolezal’s delusion.)

The Mister says that gender reassignment should be thought of as a form of therapy. If so, it is the only form of therapy I know that involves validating a psychological delusion. Well, that and telling women who haven’t really been raped that it’s totally okay for them to believe they were raped and even seek retribution against the men who didn’t rape them but could have.

Once it’s been decided that some delusions should be indulged, where do you draw the line between what to indulge and what not to indulge? Is it as simple

One of the reasons transgenderism is impressed is because the progressive left is highly Freudian and will eagerly embrace anything that seems kinky and pushes the envelope of hedonistic self-indulgence; although very few progressive left men would hook-up with Caitlyn Jenner given the chance.

Transgenderism is also accepted simply because of technology; chemical and medical procredures exist that make it possible to mutilate the male form into a crude facsimile of the female form and vice versa. This creates something of a dilemma for progressive leftists who embrace gender fluidity but are uncomfortable with race fluidity since surgically altering features and chemically altering skin tone to more resemble those of another race are also possible. So, it is not merely a matter of “what science can do.”

Also, transgenderism is attractive because it subverts The Patriarchy. Allowing people to decide their own racial identity, on the other hand, undermines the leftist coalition. Nothing could quite smash the whole culture of affirmative action and race preferences like millions of “trans-racial” Caucasians suddenly coming out of the closet as black and demanding that their identity be respected and that they be given access to scholarships, educational opportunities, and jobs set aside for minorities.

Above all, the fixation on Caitlyn Jenner and Flozell of Spokane at a time when Chinese hackers are stealing state secrets with impunity; when the Chinese, Iranians, and Russians are laughing at our military; when our economy is being sustained only by massive Government borrowing (that can go on forever, right?) shows that, as a culture, we no longer care about Serious Things. We have lost sight of what matters, and instead are locked into a cycle of self-validation through self-gratification and fixation on frivolous identity culture.

The Tyranny of the Mentally Ill

Posted by V the K at 4:50 pm - June 6, 2015.
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We live under the tyranny of mentally ill people.

No, I’m not talking about the delusional megalomaniacal narcissist who is our president, or the paranoid sociopath who is poised to succeed him. I speak of the manner in which our social policies and politics are being tailored to the whims of people who are mentally defective. I am referring to the way our academic institutions, our elected government officials, even our business enterprises are forced to cater to people who are mentally ill at the expense of the rational majority.

  • Example 1: A woman suffers the delusion that she has been raped after she is spurned by her former lover. She calls attention to herself by dragging a mattress around campus. [Later, she makes a sex video that she publishes on the internet but tells people that if they watch it, they’re raping her again.] She wins praise from the left-wing media, feminist groups and is invited to the State of the Union speech by a United States Senator. Colleges everywhere adopt policies that deprive sane men of Constitutional rights in order to appease hysterical women. [Hystrionic Personality Disorder, Schizoaffective Disorder]
  • Example 2: Feminists who lack the basic coping skills to manage a difference of opinion insist that they must be protected from exposure to any opinion they don’t agree with, less they feel unsafe. They insist on being provided with “safe spaces” where they can play with stuffed animals and Play-Doh. Institutions of higher education accommodate these demands. A leading feminist organization gives a lifetime achievement award to a puppet from a children’s show. [Hystrionic Personality Disorder, Immature Personality Disorder]
  • Example 3: Progressive leftists invent the concept of “microaggressions,” a construct that gives hypersensitive, narcissistic people an unlimited license to find offense in the ordinary behavior and language of normal, well-adjusted people. Universities and social groups respond by restricting the speech and behavior of well-adjusted people so that hypersensitive types don’t feel “unsafe.” [Avoidant Personality Disorder, Persecutory Delusion]
  • Example 4: A hysterical woman Mohammedan on a United Airlines flights throws a tantrum because a filthy infidel woman would not give her the full can of Diet Coke she demanded. The airline apologizes to her and fires the stewardess, because despite (or perhaps because of) her history of dramatic exaggeration and connections to dubious organizations, no one dares cross the deranged. [Hystrionic Personality Disorder, Persecutory Delusion]
  • Example 5: The progressive left celebrates violent thugs and denigrates those who protect innocent people from the predations of violent thugs. [Hybristophilia]. The thugs complain that they are being treated unfairly that the police are interfering with their predatory activities. [Antisocial Personality Disorder, Persecutory Delusion] Politicians of all stripes put restrictions on the police to appease the thugs.
  • Example 6: A state in a condition of extreme drought cannot build new water infrastructure and is forced to dump millions of gallons of precious freshwater into the ocean to satisfy a cult of radical environmentalists who oppose any human activity that is perceived to alter the natural environment in any way. [Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in the service of Gaia Worship]
  • Example 7: A man who had his features surgically altered to (sort of) resemble a woman proclaims himself “the new normal.” No, it’s not normal. It is something than can be tolerated or accepted, but it is not normal. [Body Dysmorphic Disorder] But we are ordered not only to pretend it is normal, but to celebrate his “courage.” And anyone who refuses to buy into the delusion that a person with a penis is a woman is equated to a Klansman or a Nazi.

Without winning an election, without ever putting their demands before the public, mentally ill people have come to run our society; dictating behavioral norms, censoring speech, and forcing politicians to adopt irrational policies lest they upset the fragile sensibilities of deeply unbalanced people. How long can a society survive when the inmates are literally running the asylum?

In Which I Disagree with the Proposition that Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner Is a “Hero”

Posted by V the K at 11:11 am - June 3, 2015.
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Leftists are proclaiming the pseudo-woman formerly known as Bruce a Jenner a “Hero.”

Seriously, WTF?

A hero is supposed to be someone who selflessly risks his own life or his own well-being in order to save another, or others. Secondarily, it can be a form of recognition for achieving some extraodinary feat in a field of noble endeavor.

Chris Kyle was a legit hero, he saved numerous lives and achieved extraordinary feats. Martin Luther King is a legit hero. Dakota Meyer is a legit hero.

All Jenner did was spend a sh’load of money to have his penis cut off and replaced with a pseudo-vagina.

In what possible, deranged, demented way could that be considered “heroic?”

There is some deep pathology at work in a culture where someone is declared a “hero” solely by dint of emasculating himself. It reflects, I think, on how the cultural left disdains all things masculine, and especially activities like sports and warfare. Jenner is a “hero” to them mainly for subverting and transgressing the things they don’t like. A prog-leftist is never going to achieve anything that requires real sacrifice. But if the definition of hero is dumbed down to “living your truth,” then, hell, any leftist SJW can achieve that without even getting off the couch.

UPDATE: According to the ACLU, this entire post is “Hate Speech.”