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Theodore Dalrymple Explains Why the Left Forces People to Embrace Lies

Posted by V the K at 6:11 pm - May 12, 2016.
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“In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is…in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.” 
― Theodore Dalrymple

There are at least fifty genders. You will be punished for believing otherwise.

There are no differences in physical abilities or psychological orientation between men and women; if there are not enough women in math and science, and too many men working as firefighters, it’s because society is flawed. The Social Justice Narrative insists that this is so. You will be punished for even suggesting anything otherwise.

There is no correlation whatsoever between terrorism and Islam. Terrorism is caused by Islamophobia. The hurt feelings of Muslims are the real tragedy. The State will arrest you for suggesting otherwise.

Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown were harmless, innocent schoolboys gunned down by racist white cops. The Social Justice Narrative insists that this is so. It is racist to point out that blacks commit crimes against other black people.

The best part of “Believe” is the “Lie” – Fallout Boy

Hairy Chests Are Back, Baby

Posted by V the K at 11:41 am - May 12, 2016.
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And not just on female-to-male gender appropriators.

 “The metrosexual has left the room!” saysJack Dunn, a male grooming expert with his own salon in Islington. “Guys now coming in for their first waxing treatments tell us that they are under strict instructions from their partners that they can get anything waxed but their chests. As a result, we’re seeing a huge increase of men with hairy chests.” “A few years ago it was common to see clients with shaved or waxed chests, but it seems that men no longer think that removing hairs from their chest is a masculine thing to do. Who knows why? Perhaps it’s because partners prefer the more manly, rugged look?”


The Progressives and Their Endless Witch-Hunts

Posted by V the K at 1:00 pm - March 18, 2016.
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George Fields writes a totally “Read the whole thing” article at the Federalist explaining why left-wing activists always seem to be on some kind of hate-crusade against some villain-of-the-week.

It is innate to leftism to always identify some group as the source of all problems in society, some class that makes all mankind choke. For, you see, leftism is nothing but one unending witch hunt.

The Left no longer feels the need to identify a single oppressor, but rather has embraced a slew of them, each oppressing within a single domain: men oppressing women, whites oppressing blacks, straights oppressing gays, industry oppressing the unindustrious, religion oppressing the irreligious, etc. The net effect of these oppressors explains the fact that “all mankind is in chains.” Now it is no longer necessary to do away with only the church, or the rich, or the Jews; rather, it is necessary to do away with all the “ties that bind,” and human civilization with them.

The whole thing should be read by you.

Hipster Epsilon Males Celebrate the Arrival of Spring

Posted by V the K at 11:35 am - March 18, 2016.
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With flowers in their beards….


Quote of the Day

Posted by V the K at 7:32 am - March 11, 2016.
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“Many liberal americans have become cathartic hemophiliacs all too eager to hurl their bodies on the tepid grenade of minor insult. Modern life appears to be just the downtime between apologies and eggshells are the new linoleum. Life’s tough…buck up…wear a cup!” – Dennis Miller

The Culture of Pervasive Incompetence

Posted by V the K at 4:21 pm - March 5, 2016.
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The combination of Participation Trophy Culture, an Education System That Wants to make everything Easy and Fun rather than teach anything useful, and an aversion to objective criteria in favor of “f-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-l-i-n-g-s” has led to a society where nothing works and nobody cares.

According to Sarah Hoyt

Lately I’ve been running into a new category “people who can’t do their jobs.” And these aren’t just our manual labor imports, I mean, people who supposedly are trained and certified and either can’t or won’t do their jobs.

I know everyone was very impatient with me last year when I was fixing the house for sale, but honestly, there is a reason I do all the manual labor I can. The reason is the tile wall I paid someone 1500 to fix (it had fallen. Long story) and which fell in the night, the day after he put it up. He’d mixed the adhesive wrong. So he came back and fixed it. It fell again. The third time I got a book (this was before youtube) figured how to do it and did it. This wasn’t an isolated incident. It just keeps happening when someone comes over to fix something. So if I can, I do it.

But there’s more serious cases, like the guy who replaced our brakes but didn’t replace the brake cables. Leading to us losing brake power 15 minutes later. (Thank G-d someone was looking out for us. We lost it a) when Dan was driving. I’d have panicked. Well, he did too, but… he works even panicked. b) we were JUST outside a garage c) we’d been going very slowly.) Or the doctor who convinced himself my 13 year old had an STD and wouldn’t listen to the kid when he insisted he was a virgin. If I hadn’t gone over his head to a urologist, and told the boy to stop taking the antibiotic that was making him ill, my son would probably have died within months. (Of the problem, which was rare, but not unheard of particularly in early teens. As in the urologist identified it on symptoms alone.)

I’ve been given completely wrong instructions by someone selling me a machine or a product. I’ve had ghastly things done to garments or objects taken in for repair because the person who was supposedly an expert on this just couldn’t do it.

And I’ve heard of “programmers” who steal code from sites on line, and cannot actually tell what it does, leading to spaghetti coding that makes no sense. (A friend of mine is a QA person for such code. Two friends, actually. Both have lost a considerable quantity of hair and have dents in their forehead.)

Culture has been dumbed down and has not found a bottom yet. This is why the colleges are overrun with social justice idiots,  Bernie Sanders rallies are filled to busting, and nobody cares that the Democrat front-runner committed multiple felonies as Secretary of State.

Rush, Trump, and Millennials Who Believe in Socialist BS

Posted by V the K at 8:22 am - March 2, 2016.
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I don’t often listen to Rush Limbaugh, but since I happened to be out at lunch yesterday, I caught this, and it is quite the truth bomb. In the course of explaining the Trump Phenomenon, Mr. Limbaugh said this:

“Not too long ago, if you were in the upper class, you didn’t laud it over people. You didn’t try to act like you were in a place they didn’t know about; they weren’t entitled to. You weren’t able to understand it, and you were not persona non grata. Today, all that’s different. The upper class wants nothing to do with anybody else. They mock, openly make fun of the people who make this country work. And the people who make this country work are aware of it and know it. This is not a phase; this is not temporary. This is the end of patience, the end of faith. People in the middle class have finally figured out that the so-called betters are screwing everything up. They’re not making anything better for anybody other than themselves.”

The working class and the middle class in this country have been belittled for years by the political and media elites. They were told their concerns were illegitimate. “You’re worried that illegal immigrants are taking jobs and driving down wages? Shut up, racist.” “You’re worried that too many American jobs are going overseas? You are obviously too stupid and ignorant to understand we’re in a global marketplace now.” “You’re worried that terrorists will use our policy of mass Islamic immigration to slip terrorists into our country? Well, that’s an awfully racist thing to think.” “You’re worried that college is too expensive and indoctrinating your children with left-wing nonsense? Why, you stupid, ignorant racist peasant. You just can’t understand the importance of deconstructing the intersectionalities of race and class in the contextuality of counter-heteronormative social justice.”

People have been told to shut up and let Their Betters run the country; because the smart, Ivy League people on the coasts know what’s best. And yet what they have given us is: The Sub-Prime Mortgage Crash; A series of expensive and ultimately wasteful and ineffectual wars stretching from Vietnam to Iraq and Afghanistan; the botched response to Hurricane Katrina; the inability to maintain a secure border; an exploding national debt; trade deals that seem to benefit foreigners and the wealthy but hurt the working class.

Insulated from the consequences of their policies by connections and wealth, the elite see only the fulfillment of their grand globalist vision. For those who lack wealth and connections, there are only fewer well-paying jobs, schools crowded with children who don’t speak English, entertainment media that mocks and ridicules them, and the tab for ever-expanding welfare rolls.

The lower classes no longer believe the country’s in the very best of hands. Even the entertainments that could distract them are under assault as the elites discuss outlawing football (too dangerous) and NASCAR (too wasteful).

The lower classes no longer believe the country’s in the very best of hands.

Hence, Trump.

And the mirror image of this is the Sanders Phenomenon; which is also driven by a belief that the elites have failed.

One of the things driving Millennials to Bernie Sanders is a mythology that previous generations all had it easy. I get this argument from Millennials all the time. That until the Glorious Millennial Generation arrived, no other generation spent their twenties working [crappy] jobs, living in  [crappy] apartments, and driving [crappy]cars. And that they should have to do so is the Worst Injustice Ever Suffered by Any People at Any Time in History. And it’s all the fault of Big Corporations who Bought Washington because the Republican Supreme Court passed the Citizens United bill. (Remember, Millennials.)

But  when BS is elected, he’s going to make things right. BS will “get the money out of politics” by putting more money in the hands of politicians. (This makes perfect sense to BS-supporters). And BS will make sure they all get the free health care, free college, and they’ll all have high-paying jobs in the Green Energy and Social Justice industries, with 3 months paid vacation. And it will all be paid for by wealthy Wall Street Hedge Fund Managers.

They really do believe that.

Maybe America Doesn’t Want a “Nice” President

Posted by V the K at 8:27 am - February 29, 2016.
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The Republican front-runner is a man whose signature move is firing people who can’t cut it in his business. His campaign is built on building a wall to keep the foreigners out, and insulting all of his opponents, both political and in the media, as losers. Donald Trump is mean guy. [Bernie Sanders, for what it’s worth, is also a nasty old crank, but that doesn’t seem to have hurt his popularity in the least.]

For years, the mantra of Republicans was “don’t anger the independents.” Republican politicians and their army of consultants said, “The voters think Republicans are mean, you have to show them your softer side,” and “You have to be a happy warrior with a sunny disposition, like Ronald Reagan.” and “You have to be an optimist, like Ronald Reagan.” The hope and optimism of Reagan — and not his actual policies — were what the consultants taught and the politicians lapped up. And the failure of happy optimism has gob-smacked Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, and Marco Rubio. They haven’t figured out yet that “happy optimism” is out of touch with the mood of the electorate.

America was a very different place when Ronald Reagan in 1980. For one data point, see what the most popular TV shows of 1980 were. “The Love Boat.” “Little House on the Prairie.” “The Dukes of Hazzard.” (And, OK, “Dallas.”); shows where every dilemma and plot complication was resolved ultimately in a happy ending. Simplistic, yes, but indicative of a widespread belief that problems were ultimately solvable.

The most popular shows recent history? “The Walking Dead” – grim, post-apocalyptic drama that kills off major characters willy-nilly and little girls get shot in the back of the head. (And the character that shoots her gets even more popular.) Also, “Survivor” — a reality show where people screw each other over to win money. The public has embraced grim television dramas where life is nasty, brutish, and short, there are no solutions, and only the ruthless survive. And every time an old movie or an old show is “re-imagined,” it’s made into something “gritty,” and “dark.” Old America was “Batman.” New America is “Gotham.”

The cultural zeitgeist is an angry one; not a happy one. A politician who preaches that everything is great and all we need are a few tax cuts to make it even better looks like a fool.

For decades, Americans who have been angry about illegal immigration, runaway Government, welfare systems that pay more than honest work, jobs exported to foreign countries, and all the things have been told “Your anger is not valid” by the political and media elites; who expected the anger would dry up like a raisin in the sun if the voters were lectured strongly enough about the glories of multiculturalism, global competitiveness, and social justice. It looks like it isn’t working out that way.

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are both campaigning on the message that, “Your anger is valid. Times are tough, and you need a tough guy willing to bust some heads to fix things.” It may be just a marketing ploy, but it seems to be selling better than the happy-talk optimism Republican operatives have been preaching lo these past decades.


Gay Marriage, Violent Jihad, Six of One…

Posted by V the K at 11:34 am - February 26, 2016.
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A High-Ranking Sunni Imam says violent jihad and gay marriage are kinda the same thing, sorta.

One of the grand imam’s points was that Christian normalization of homosexuality is an expression of “radicalization” and a distortion of Christianity no less than when Muslims commit violence in the name of Islam.  This clever argument is being picked up by several in the Muslim world.

After a moderate Egyptian talk show host referenced Tayeb’s comments, he was quick to add, “Of course when we speak about Western churches, we don’t attribute them to churches or Christian men.”  He then proceeded to gently admonish Egypt’s Christians with Tayeb’s logic: If Muslims are to accept that just because some “Christians” normalize homosexuality, this does not mean that Christianity normalizes it, then Christians must accept that just because some Muslims normalize discrimination and violence against Christians, this does not mean that Islam normalizes it.

Christians still have a freedom to dissent (increasingly limited though it may be) that Mohammedans largely do not. If he were making an analogy instead that Radical Mohammedism and Progressive Leftism both representing extremist belief systems that seek the subjugation and silencing of all thought and action that do not comply with their narrow dogma… I can that a lot more easily.

2015: The Year of the Big Lie

Posted by V the K at 6:27 am - December 28, 2015.
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In politics, there are all kinds of lies. For example, there are campaign promises. Like when the Republicans promised that if they won the House and the Senate, they would use their power to reverse, halt, or at least put a few speed bumps in front of Barack Obama’s Transformational Agenda. Those lies have a specific purpose (to get elected) and an expiration date (the 2nd Wednesday in November of election years).

Then there are the lies politicians tell in order to hide their criminal activities. Hillary Clinton’s constantly shifting “explanations” about her email server fall into this category. The point of these lies is to drag out a story until she can say, “Why are we still talking about that? Can’t we move on?”

Then, there is the Big Lie. The Big Lie isn’t about an individual politician, or even a party. The purpose of the Big Lie is to advance a massive social agenda… a Fundamental Transformation of a Nation… for example.

In 2015, the Democratic Party and its Media Operation collaborated on an unprecdented scale to advance a number of Big Lies in order to advance a sweeping socio-political agenda. Just to name a few:

The Big Lie of ‘Rape Culture’ – In order to advance the Feminist Transformation, there was a huge push to advance a Narrative that all universities and colleges were essentially Rape Zones where privileged white males raped women at will with no consequences. This lie was advanced by Rolling Stone’s discredited Virginia Tech Gang Rape story, by the completely discredited claim that 1 in 5 college women are raped, and by lying drama queens like Emma “Mattress Girl” Sulkowicz and Lena Dunham. The left advanced this Big Lie in order to advance a comprehensive feminist indoctrination agenda beginning in kindergarten, to shut down criticisms of the radical feminist agenda, and, of course, to label political opponents of the radical feminist agenda as anti-woman. Also, the Rape Culture myth requires universities to create phony-baloney jobs for otherwise unemployable ‘Womyn’s Studies’ majors.

Another Big Lie that dominated the culture was the narrative of ‘Racist Cops Gunning Down Innocent Black Men with Impunity.’ This is a useful Big Lie to an administration that seeks to radically alter American society. It advances the myth that the only reason some people don’t achieve as much as other people is because of racism, and the only way to solve that problem is for a massive, all-powerful Government to redistribute wealth from those who have it to those who have been denied it because of racism. This Big Lie was promulgated through the ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ myth after the shooting of violent, drug-addled thug Michael Brown and fueled the rise of the violent hate group ‘Black Lives Matter.’ It also allows racial con artists like Shaun King, Ta-Nehisi Coates and DeRay McKesson to become rich.

In pursuit of the leftist agenda to prohibit the private ownership of firearms, the Democrat Media Complex (DMC) has promulgated a mythology worthy of the Church of Scientology. The anti-gun left falsely claimed that mass shootings were a daily occurrence in the USA. Democrat politicians at the highest level repeat the discredited myths such as that gun manufacturers are uniquely immune from liability laws or that 40% of gun sales occur without a background check. The policies intended to be advanced by this mythology have nothing to do with stopping the criminal use of firearms, and everything to do with inhibiting the lawful ownership of firearms by law-abiding citizens. The Democrat Party has rallied to the cause of suspending Due Process and using a secret Government List to deny citizens the Right to Self-Defense, along with other laws that have repeatedly been shown to have no effect on the criminal abuse of firearms.

And, of course, there is the Mother of All Big Lies: Global Warming Caused by Capitalism Is Going to Burn Up the Whole World Unless Liberty and Free Markets Are Subjugated Under Global Totalitarian Socialism.

To me, those were the Big Lies of 2015, but I guess you could also throw in Bernie Sanders’s entire socialist economic scheme as well. The Big Lie that socialism in the USA would be Sweden and not Venezuela may be the Big Lie of 2016. It depends on what politically useful narrative the DMC needs to advance.


Why Progressive Leftists and Islamists Are Cuddle-Buddies

Posted by V the K at 8:21 am - November 25, 2015.
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Have you ever noticed that

  • Progressives hate Conservatives who want to defend and protect the US Constitution, but support Islamists who want to impose Sharia law.
  • Progressives hate Christian Conservatives for maintaining that real marriage is between a man and a woman; but they acquiesce in the face of Islamists who throw gays from rooftops.
  • Progressives support a candidate who insists that Islam has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with terorrism, but who is proud to name Republicans as her enemies.
  • Progressives claim that to oppose Government subsidies for birth control amounts to a literal “War on Women” and “Rape Culture,” but they support Islamists who punish women who’ve been raped by stoning them to death.


It’s not a coincidence that Progressives and Islamists are an awful lot alike. The fundamentals of both ideologies are the same:

Neither believes in free speech, as progressives put clamps on expression wherever they can, especially in higher education, by forbidding outside speakers to lecture and by doubling down on trigger warnings, microaggressions, miniscule free speech zones, and “safe places” for suffering souls overcome with a case of the vapors after being exposed to a dissident thought.  Meanwhile, Islamist punishments for blasphemy are unforgiving, brutal, and nefarious.

I remind you that Progressives have suggested that people should be sent to prison for questioning Global Warming, and that those who have opposed gay marriage have lost their jobs and livelihoods.

Further, secular progressives and radical Islamists hold America in contempt, and they favor rule by an unaccountable elite – an administrative-bureaucratic class of experts, in the progressive case, a vision that has lurked in the progressive imagination since Teddy Roosevelt’s days, while Muslims insist on obeisance to sharia enforced by religious overseers.  Both aspire to totalitarian rule under dictatorships of those who are self-selected by political or religious criteria.  These presiding masters are radically anti-modern and yearn to establish or recreate primeval societies based on apocalyptic rants of environmental cultists on the one hand and atavistic seventh-century radicals on the other.  Both movements lie habitually, with the assurance that deception is justified by the needs of their religious-political movements, and with the assurance of never having to face the consequences of their words and actions.  Finally, both are supported by very large segments of their societies.


Tyranny of the Mentally Ill; How it Works

Posted by V the K at 10:53 pm - November 18, 2015.
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I can’t say if this is legit, or just internet-pseudo-psychology, but it seems to explain everything from Obama’s constant hostility toward those who disagree with him, to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, to #BlackLivesMatter #YesAllWomen and #SpoiledCollegeBrats, down to the behavior of comment-trolls.


The Left’s playbook explained

It’s well-understood that the Left in America (indeed, the West in general) prefers to silence rather than to engage their political or intellectual counterparts. From speech codes to shutting down pizza shops that don’t hew to their ideology to barring campus speakers who don’t Think Properly (let alone the things they say!).

So it’s no surprise to anybody that, rather than challenging Donald Trump’s position on immigration, groups like Deport Racism are calling on audience members at this week’s upcoming NBC broadcast of SNL to disrupt the production and shout things at the Republican candidate. And no less a group than the Congressional Hispanic Caucus has asked NBC to simply not even have him on the show.

It’s a meme about the Left that they will have no truck with any sort of dissent to the end that any other opinions are verboten from conception; a meme as ubiquitous as its examples, and as exasperating to have to point out as the question, “Can you imagine if a Republican had said that?!”

But it’s not often that you can see on display the next stinky layer of the onion right in the same place. This is the video that the same group, Deport Racism has produced as there, um, rejoinder?

YouTube Preview Image

Indoctrinated foul-mouthed children yelling dirty words at a grown man, while surely ‘cute’ to many members of the Left’s base, also go a long way to explaining why shutting down opposing thoughts is the weapon of choice for Progressives:

They’re not very good at making arguments.

-Nick (ColoradoPatriot, from HQ)

On Underestimating the Power of Dumb People in Large Numbers

Posted by V the K at 10:02 am - September 17, 2015.
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Scott Adams addresses the Trump Phenomenon in terms of Smart People (who are actually dumb) and Dumb People (who are actually) smart.

The popular media is staffed mostly by writers and art majors and other people who tend to believe in magic. It is no surprise that they don’t see how absurd it is to expect citizens to have useful opinions based on the misinformation that that same media provides around the clock.

Seasoned investors, on the other hand, have learned to be more humble. They know there is no amount of research that can convert unreliable data into reliable decisions. My guess is that this group of professionals support Donald Trump in large numbers because they are smart enough to know the limits of their own reason when applied to inaccurate baseline assumptions and sketchy data.

My point is that if you find yourself mocking Trump supporters (or Republicans in general) because they have some distance from the issues, you are probably the dumb one in that conversation no matter how your education and IQ compares with your intended targets.

And if you believe you can make intelligent decisions on politics based on inaccurate information and lies, why aren’t you already rich from doing the same thing with stocks?

Read more:

Read the whole thing, but let me boil it down for you.

1. Smart people think you can make rational choices based on researching information.

2. Smart people are actually dumb for believing this since most information provided by politicians and the news media is false and misleading.

3. Someone who supports Trump because Trump’s rhetoric resonates is no more stupid (necessarily) than someone who researches candidate positions and aligns with one on that basis.

Living in the Future

Posted by V the K at 9:25 am - September 16, 2015.
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This Headline sums up the wonders of the current era: “Why Do Feminists Hate Sex Robots.”

Fortunately, the article provides an answer.

In the zero-sum-game worldview of feminism, anything that makes men happy is bad. Kathleen Richardson, a professor at De Montfort University in England, is afraid that having sex with robots will make men happy:

Maybe if the sex robots could be programmed to lie about being raped, then the feminists would accept them.

Sex Robots. President in league with evil forces. It’s like we’re living on Babylon 5.

And what would you use on your sex robot? Why, a bionic penis, of course. Because we have those, too.

Maybe it’s Futurama we’re actually living in.

YouTube Preview Image

A Couple of Meme-Type Things

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Media Running Interference for Planned Parenthood

Posted by V the K at 7:52 pm - July 30, 2015.
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Another Planned Parenthood video came out today; this one actually showing Planned Parenthood ghouls dissecting unborn babies while discussing prices for the parts; cracking jokes while they crack open tiny skulls to get at the brains. Pretty sickening unless you’re a soulless, amoral shell of flesh that walks like a man.

The media doesn’t want to talk about Planned Parenthood, so they cranked up the rage machine about a guy who shot a lion in Africa. Granted, this was a dick move and the guy seems pretty despicable. It’s just interesting how white liberals who don’t give a rat’s ass about the lives of human people in Africa get outraged over the death of a lion.

I guess that’s just life when you live under the tyranny of sociopaths.

Another Theory on Donald Trump

Some of us morons were talking Trump this morning. Trump isn’t really a Republican, he’s more like an old-school New York Democrat. Way back before our time, before the Democrat Party became completely taken over by socialists, trial lawyers, radical environment extremists, radical feminists, race grievance mongers, celebrities, and the rest of the far left coalition… it was a party that spoke to the working class and was just as unashamedly patriotic as the GOP.

There was a time when Democrats and their union allies opposed illegal immigration because cheap labor was bad for workers. The Democrat Party has abandoned that position because illegal immigrants are a more reliable voting bloc than working class white folks. But Donald Trump has embraced that position.

The Washington Free Beacon talks about Trump’s appeal to “the radical middle,” the substantial portion of the electorate left behind as the Democrat Party has become radicalized and the GOP have become puppets of the Chamber of Commerce. They have a point; the elites who run both parties are radically out of touch with the mainstream.

Personally, I see Donald Trump as an egomaniacal blowhard who lies about his real positions in order to trick voters into voting for him. Just like Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, and all the rest of them.

Random Thought: No Link

Posted by V the K at 11:27 am - July 8, 2015.
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Here’s a thought, what if a Republican Mayor or Governor declared his city or state a “Sanctuary for Life” and banned all abortions. Or what if such a politician declared his jurisdiction a “Tax Sanctuary” and exempted it from Federal Tax Collection.

Would the same politicians who support “Sanctuary Cities” for illegal immigrants be content to tolerate this defiance of the law?

Update:  Have you also noticed that the Proggies defending illegal immigrants and Sanctuary Cities by saying that Francisco Sanchez doesn’t represent all illegals; but just a couple weeks ago they were saying that Dylann Storm Roof was a symbol of all Southern racism and therefore the Confederate Battle Flag must be banned?

Mother of Darwin Award Winner Demands More Government Regulation

Posted by V the K at 8:13 am - July 7, 2015.
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With the left, it’s always, “Someone else did something stupid, and as a result, Government must grow and curtail the rights of sensible people.”

Case in point

The mother of a 22-year-old Maine man who tried to launch a firework off the top of his head for July Fourth and was killed instantly says she’s advocating for stricter controls about who can use the explosives.

Police say Calais resident Devon Staples and his friends had been drinking and setting off fireworks Saturday night in a backyard when the accident happened.

Kathleen Staples says she is going to reach out to lawmakers about the possibility of tighter controls over fireworks. She says the state should consider requiring safety training courses before allowing someone to use them. She compared fireworks with other regulated items such as cars and guns.

It is sad, but dim people with no understanding of cause and effect who think the solution to everything is Moar Government are a voting majority in our country right now.