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Men Need to Touch Boys More, says Out-of-Touch Lefty

Posted by V the K at 7:18 pm - March 25, 2015.
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I don’t Mark Greene is, and the website where this story appears does not offer any biographical information. All I know about him is 1. He doesn’t think men touch boys or other men enough and 2. He blames No. 1 on “homophobic fanatics who police lesbians and gays in our society” (emphasis in original). So, I’m gonna venture a guess on where he comes from, socio-politically speaking.

In America in particular, if a young man attempts gentle platonic contact with another young man, he faces a very real risk of homophobic backlash either by that person or by those who witness the contact. This is, in part, because we frame all contact by men as being intentionally sexual until proven otherwise. Couple this with the homophobia that runs rampant in our culture, and you get a recipe for increased touch isolation that damages the lives of the vast majority of men.

Here’s where Mr. Green is out-of-touch: I actually see quite a lot of familiar, non-sexual touching going on between men; hugs, back slaps, hand shakes, arms-around-the-shoulder. I see it quite often, and in two venues in particular. 1. Sports, at all levels. 2. Church. I am guessing Mr. Greene would rank both sports and church among the worst places in America for the “rampant homophobia” he claims prevents dudes from engaging in “platonic touching.” Has it occurred to him that it’s people in his own Ivory Tower of Academia who are averse physical contact?

Also, I can’t help but notice that he uses antique photographs of men in physical contact with each other to illustrate his point that such things used to be okay before our culture became “rampantly homophobic.” Is he really claiming society was less homophobic a hundred years ago?

The Left and its Science Fetish

Posted by V the K at 7:14 am - February 12, 2015.
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The adolescent mean girls of the Secular Left were squeeing yesterday because Republican Governor Scott Walker was asked a question about the theory of evolution and gave an answer, the short version of which is, “who cares?” which, in their eyes, marked him as a rube. In fairness, his answer could have been better. Any Republican asked this ‘gotcha’ question should simply respond, “That question is irrelevant. I am running to help the middle class who are being pounded by this president and his party, not to engage in Scientific or Theological debate.”

Science is a fetish to the left, and I use that term in the context of “an object regarded with awe as being the embodiment or habitation of a potent spirit or as having magical potency,” although, frankly, the other two definitions would also fit.

The Left does not revere actual scientists, they revere people like Bill Nye, Neil Degrasse Tyson, and Jim Parsons who play scientists on TV. Ask a typical secular leftist who won the Nobel Prize for Physics last year and they will have to make a dash for the Google Machine.

A typical leftist only really cares about evolution as a tribal marker, a way of determining whether someone is “of the body.” When a leftist asks someone their view on evolution, it is not to elicit a discussion of scientific theory, it’s the precise equivalent of a bitchy thirteen year old girl checking out another girl’s clothes to determine if she’s ‘cool’ or not.

Explaining the Left’s Priorities

Posted by V the K at 8:06 am - February 11, 2015.
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The reason the left refuses to take Islamic Terrorism seriously is because the solution to it would require the use of robust military force; which the anti-military left cannot support. *

The reason the left is obsessed with Global Warming is because every “solution” to it would require a massive expansion of Government power and the destruction of the Global Free Enterprise System; which are the two things the Left absolutely supports above all other things.



Quote of the Day

Posted by V the K at 11:48 am - February 3, 2015.
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Well, there’s this one:

The modern left’s ideology is one big Nationwide ad. Submit to our practices or your kids will die. Only our mandated health insurance will treat your Brain cancer or protect you from global warming.

And/or this one:

“What the Leftist does in debate is utter his idiot word fetishes and slogans with the sneering hauteur of a card player displaying his trump card, or a chessmaster a checkmate. And when his nonsense does not win the debate, or even address the debate, he realized you are the OTHER, and he blames you, and insults your character, your intelligence, your education, your moral stature, your maturity, et cetera”:

Take your pick.

BTW, a left-wing SJW has figured out why Seattle lost the Superbowl; it’s because of racism. I am not making this up.

Hipster Progressives and Their Loathing of Literacy and Ideas

Posted by V the K at 6:52 pm - January 25, 2015.
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A hipster doofus millennial offers a screed that denounces books as “classist” and “luxury items” and “decadent affectations of the running dog bourgeoisie.” (I may have made up that last part.)

The commenters at AoS HQ note that the same doofus denouncing books as bourgeois luxury items probably owns a $600 iPhone and pays $8 for an artisanal latter. Another recalls when Progressive Social Justice Warriors (then calling themselves “Communists”) took over Cambodia under Pol Pot and systematically butchered anyone deemed “intellectual.”

The left is definitely better off when voters are illiterate, disengaged, and only pay attention to social media. That way, they are much more likely to believe crap like Mitt Romney wants to outlaw tampons or Republicans want to kill gay people.

Yeah, This Is Pretty Much How It Is

Posted by V the K at 11:52 am - January 21, 2015.
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And spending a Trillion dollars a year on EBT cards, Obamaphones, and corporate welfare for connected cronies doesn’t help much either. (AOSHQONT)


Dancing About Architecture

Posted by V the K at 9:18 am - January 9, 2015.
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As a dumb hick from flyover country, I really don’t get why rich people want to live stacked on top of each other in geometric ant-farm cubicles, but, as long as no one is forcing me to live like that, I have no objection. (And the environmentalist nutjobs who think that’s how everybody should be forced to live to save the polar bears can GDIAF.)

An Unusual, Yet Provocative, Perspective

Posted by V the K at 12:53 am - January 2, 2015.
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A goofy-lookin’ British guy thinks trying to cure cancer is a waste of time, because as causes of deaths go, cancer is one of the better ones.

Death from cancer is the best … You can say goodbye, reflect on your life, leave last messages, perhaps visit special places for a last time, listen to favourite pieces of music, read loved poems, and prepare, according to your beliefs, to meet your maker or enjoy eternal oblivion.

This is, I recognise, a romantic view of dying, but it is achievable with love, morphine, and whisky.

Just putting this out there in hopes it will provoke lively debate and maybe some childish name-calling (because… internet).

A Parable in Red and Blue

Posted by V the K at 3:31 pm - December 16, 2014.
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Inspired by the recent talk of Secession from the left, Kurt Schilcter at ‘The Federalist’ ponders the repercussions of a formal dissolution of the USA, with the Red States of the South and mountain west forming “The Republic of America” and the Blue States of the Northeast, the Pacific Coast, and the Rust Belt forming the “Democratic States of North America.”

Blue America … immediately set to drafting a new constitution. It featured 216 new affirmative rights, including “the right to a living wage,” “the right to abortion upon demand at government expense,” and “the right to define one’s own life experience in terms of race and gender.” Embarrassingly, the rights to free speech and the free exercise of religion did not make the leaked initial draft; they were hastily added, but there was no right to keep and bear arms. In fact, the first law the new People’s Assembly passed was to confiscate all privately-owned weapons. The second was to legalize all illegal aliens, and the third to triple welfare payments.

Red America reaffirmed the United States Constitution. Then the Congress began a review of all existing laws, statutes and regulations, repealing thousands of them. It also limited social spending dramatically, making known the expectation that able-bodied adults would support themselves and their families. The resulting non-military federal government in Red America was about one quarter the size of Blue America’s.

And, as Buzzfeed would put it, “You won’t believe what happens next.”

Some form of dissolution is inevitable; the end state of every empire in human history has been dissolution. Our current fiscal trajectory is unsustainable and there is no political will to correct it. I don’t think the end result will be what Schlicter suggests; but I am okay with the idea of dissolution. Let’s be honest, talk of “unity” and “all people united together” is dictator-talk. I have no affection for any particular landmass or jurisdiction; I care about liberty. Would I rather live in a “united” America, geographically intact, but under a repressive totalitarian regime? Or would I rather see the USA split into 2-5 countries, where liberty might survive in 1 or 2 of them. Easy choice.

Of Reason and Emotion

Posted by V the K at 1:59 pm - December 12, 2014.
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 YouTube Preview Image


  • “Hands Up! Don’t Shoot!”
  • “Stop Global Warming!”
  • “Smash the Patriarchy!”
  • “Behead those who insult Islam!”


Hell Yes There’s a War on Men, So Why Aren’t We Fighting Back?


This article at Breitbart is spot on about how America and Europe are essentially countries under Amazonian occupation; feminists dominate the institutions of law, academia, and Government and are using their positions of power to degrade and ultimately destroy masculinity.

Marriage is dead. Divorce means you’re screwed for life. Women have given up on monogamy, which makes them uninteresting to us for any serious relationship or raising a family. That’s just the way it is. Even if we take the risk, chances are the kids won’t be ours. In France, we even have to pay for the kids a wife has through adulterous affairs.

Social commentators, journalists, academics, scientists and young men themselves have all spotted the trend: among men of about 15 to 30 years old, ever-increasing numbers are checking out of society altogether, giving up on women, sex and relationships and retreating into pornography, sexual fetishes, chemical addictions, video games and, in some cases, boorish lad culture, all of which insulate them from a hostile, debilitating social environment created, some argue, by the modern feminist movement.

In schools today across Britain and America, boys are relentlessly pathologised, as academics were warning as long ago as 2001. Boyishness and boisterousness have come to be seen as “problematic,” with girls’ behaviour a gold standard against which these defective boys are measured. … Boys are falling behind girls academically, perhaps because relentless and well-funded focus has been placed on girls’ achievement in the past few decades and little to none on the boys who are now achieving lower grades, fewer honors, fewer degrees and less marketable information economy skills. Boys’ literacy, in particular, is in crisis throughout the West. We’ve been obsessing so much over girls, we haven’t noticed that boys have slipped into serious academic trouble.

But why are we, as men, letting this happen? Why is there a phenomenon of men withdrawing into videogames and pornography instead of fighting back?

I have nothing in common with people on the left, Part II

Posted by V the K at 1:22 pm - November 26, 2014.
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Something else left-wingers do that I have no desire to do… browbeat my family with political opinions during holiday celebrations.

Think Progress has a guide on “how to argue with your Evangelical uncle” about marriage equality. Vox is advising you on Bill Cosby, Ferguson, and immigration (you’re for it as much as possible, of course).

Last year, some of Michael Bloomberg’s dollars trickled down to someone who gave you talking points on gun control. Chris Hayes is once again dedicating an hour of his MSNBC show to the cause.

SRSLY WTF is wrong with these people? Ace has a possible answer: Politics is their religion, and being around heretics makes them feel “unsafe.”

They’re anxious because they’re going to a Thanksgiving dinner where they won’t have an Automatic Affirmation Clap Circle applauding their poses and posturings, but instead might be asked things like “Where are you getting that claim from?”

And this produces in them a terrible anxiety — an anxiety disclosed by all these articles in their first paragraphs, which note the anxiety and fear before proposing a way to combat it.

It’s incredible, when you think about it — they go through the whole year believing in their progressive catechisms zealously but only bother to ask Why do we believe this progressive religious nonsense again? one single day of the year, the one single day of the year where they fear they might be questioned about their religious beliefs.

On Trading Liberty for a Marriage License

Posted by V the K at 10:18 am - November 22, 2014.
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Some of us have been intellectually honest and consistent in our opposition to the usurpation of power by the president and the loss of individual  liberty.  But as [Weird Dave] at AoS HQ points out. if you were okay with gay marriage being imposed by judicial fiat, you have forfeited your right to complain about Amnesty imposed by Executive fiat.

When you bitched and ranted about presidential usurpation of legislative prerogatives, however, I find it hard to take you seriously. It’s not that you’re wrong, gods no, it’s just that I remember you crowing about judicial usurpation of legislative authority on the issue of gay marriage. “We’ve got 35 states now!” you said triumphantly a few weeks back when the latest ruling was issued.

It’s all about the loss of liberty; which a lot of people are okay with so long as the Oligarchy is imposing those things that they want to see imposed. The bad news is, once you have summoned this demon, you won’t be able to control it.

If blind pursuit of short term goals achieves them at the cost of destroying the larger societal structure, and we fall into totalitarianism, what then? Can you name one totalitarian regime in history that has been kind to minorities or homosexuals? I can’t think of any. Can you?

Metaphor Alert

Posted by V the K at 9:02 am - November 15, 2014.
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And the internet gifts us with a metaphor for pretty much everything that has happened in America since about January of 2009.

YouTube Preview Image

Hat Tip: Sondra K

UPDATE (from Jeff): America is Number One? Uhh…no…number *ten*, these days.

Why the Obamacrats Are Losing Millennials

Posted by V the K at 7:17 pm - October 29, 2014.
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The Left used to crow that they would own Millennials — the post Generation X wave that came of age in the Era of Hope and Change — because if you vote Democrat in your twenties, you will vote Democrat forever. And a lot of people in their twenties got swept up in the wave of Hope and Change and voted for Bammy.

It never occurred to these left-wing triumphalists that if “Hope and Change” failed, their constituencies might abandon them. But that’s what’s happening (and granted, it never occurred to the Democrats that Hope and Change would fail … because Paul Krugman, Rachel Maddow, and Jon Stewart were all telling them Obama was perfect and awesome and the Best President Forevers and could never fail.)

… slightly more than half (51%) of young Americans who say they will “definitely be voting” in November prefer a Republican-run Congress with 47 percent favoring Democrat control – a significant departure from IOP polling findings before the last midterm elections (Sept. 2010 – 55%: prefer Democrat control; 43%: prefer Republican control). The cohort – 26% of whom report they will “definitely” vote in the midterms – appear up-for-grabs to both political parties and could be a critical swing vote in many races in November….

As the father of three Millennials, let me tell why the Obamacrats are losing them. The ones in my house and their friends all look out and see a world of limited economic prospects and — in some cases — massive college debt that has failed to produce for them the jobs and wealth they felt entitled to. Whether liberal, conservative, or indifferent Millennials have become aware that the earlier generations who run the Government are screwing them; running up debt that they will stick to the Millennials while destroying or limiting the upcoming generations prospects for economic advancement. My older two boys are happy to be employed and debt-free, but they see friends who have five or six figures of college debt and have to work retail jobs. They are also frustrated at how hard it is to move up within their fields of employment and feel blocked by older workers of less ability; they feel like the system is skewed against their entire generation. The promises of ‘Hope and Change’ ring pretty hollow now; they figured out it was just a meaningless advertising slogan and feel duped (not my sons, but others)

Another millennial of close acquaintance was thrilled that Obamacare meant he could stay on his parent’s insurance until he turned 26. That’s when he was 21. Now that he’s 25, Obamacare is starting to not look like such a great deal.

A civilization in decline

It seems as though more and more news items lately have a common element: After decades of steadily attacking, hollowing out or abandoning its own culture, the Western world is showing major signs of social, political and moral decay.

Personally, I am no traditionalist. I think all traditions should be examined in the light of logic and justice – and revised or replaced, where they’re found lacking. This is one reason why I have never called myself a conservative (and have tried not to become GP’s “main blogger”).

But my intention, as a non-traditionalist, is to ‘keep things real’ and build on what’s best in the Western tradition: which is what Jonah Goldberg has called the Lockean Revolution, the idea that the individual owns herself – and is not owned by the Massa, feudal Lord, Village, Community, Tribe, Race, Party, State or Ummah. The leftists who have attacked the West from within, for decades now, have been after the exact opposite idea.

A civilization/culture doesn’t survive unless its young women and men will mostly (regardless of particular individuals’ sexual orientation or practices) do the following together: (a) get along; (b) find a genuine sense of purpose and meaning in that culture/civilization; and therefore (c) actually create and raise new generations for it. We are seeing more and more signs that the West is decrepit, on all three counts.

I could talk about the West’s declining birthrates, or its anti-child and self-terminating “environmentalism”, or its ever-growing political insanity. But, just to restrict it to current events, GayPatriot’s main page presently notices such news items as:

And we can add more items:

I recommend that last link, Lee Smith’s opinion piece titled “Why the Teenage Girls of Europe are Joining ISIS”, for your attention. When a given civilization can no longer persuade its own teenage girls to sign on with it: it’s cooked.

The BF Evolves

Posted by V the K at 9:21 am - October 23, 2014.
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So, last night, the BF says to me, “I don’t think I’m a liberal any more.”

What brought this on? Well, since graduating from college, he has been working in university administration, and has grown increasingly contemptuous of the PC-bullsheet he has to put up with on a daily basis. Because in the university environment, “micro-aggressions” “Safe Space” and disputes over whether a transgendered she-man can be a diversity coordinator are super-serious issues. I think the last straw was when a co-worker called him a “racist” for being skeptical of the leftist dogma of “White privilege.”

Then, over dinner with his roommate and her boyfriend, the topic of Trayvon Martin came up. And the BF said, “I know it’s wrong, but I never got outraged over it the way everybody else did. It’s sad for his family that he died, but how was his death more newsworthy than anyone else who gets shot?” The roommate’s boyfriend would have none of it, and blammered something about young black men not being safe and white people being able to shoot black people and get away with it. (Kind of funny that a straight white guy was the most liberal person in the room, isn’t it? {Granted, he’s a grad student majoring in Philosophy.})

The dawning of awareness comes when a thinking man realizes that a lot of the things the left believes as Dogma are bullsheet; aided by ILC’s observation that a lot of leftists are straight up d-bags.


If you live long enough, you’ll see everything

Apple, Facebook will pay for female employees to freeze their eggs:

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Apple Inc and Facebook Inc will help pay for female employees to freeze their eggs…

From January, Apple will pay both full- and part-time employees up to $20,000 for procedure and storage costs for female employees to freeze their eggs.

“We continue to expand our benefits for women, with a new extended maternity leave policy, along with cryopreservation and egg storage as part of our extensive support for infertility treatments,” Apple said in a statement.

I’m pretty sure that Apple already covered its employees’ *medical fertility problems*. (If that’s mistaken, please correct me in the comments.) Something else must be new here. What is it?

Could it be, a benefit for egg-freezing as a pure career move? Let’s see:

“We want to empower women at Apple to do the best work of their lives as they care for loved ones and raise their families.”

NBC News reported on Tuesday that Facebook recently began covering egg-freezing for non-medical reasons…

Egg freezing is a pricey but increasingly popular option for women. It enables women to delay child bearing…

A sign of the times. Now that Facebook/Apple woman can freeze her eggs at 30, work years of 80 hour weeks, and then at 50 when she’s pulling 300K a year (and naturally infertile), pay a surrogate to do that other part of her life for her – you know, having kids from her eggs.

Honestly, I see nothing wrong with it – if she’s doing it all with her own money. The issue I see here is, Apple and Facebook are choosing to engage in a form of discrimination against their employees who don’t make (or shall we say, don’t need to make) that particular, optional choice.

Remember, the money comes from somewhere: the overall “employee comp” budget. Rather than pay tens of thousands of dollars for a hugely *optional* procedure for a special category of employee, why would Facebook/Apple not raise all employees’ bonuses by (say) a thousand dollars? That would empower far more women (and men, and transgenders) and be much more fair.

The free market will (or should) ultimately decide if Apple and Facebook have done the right thing here. In the meantime, some people appear not to grasp that freezing your eggs – purely as a career move – is optional:

“Egg freezing gives women more control,” said Jennifer Tye, marketing lead for Glow, a mobile application aimed at helping women avoid pregnancy or conceive.

“When I turned 30, I had this notion that my biological clock was ticking, but I didn’t know what my options were,” said Tye.

Really? At 30, she didn’t know what her options were? I hope she was misquoted; if not, it’s mind-boggling stupidity.

Suicide: Not Actually as Painless as the Theme Song from M*A*S*H Claimed

Posted by V the K at 7:57 am - October 9, 2014.
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A woman with brain cancer is moving to Oregon so she can off herself. She doesn’t actually have to move to Oregon to commit suicide, but she wanted to make a statement because Oregon is a state that encourages people to commit suicide rather than become a burden on society. With the backing of a pro-suicide group, she has made a video.

Do people who are terminally ill have a right to off themselves? Sure, they do. That’s their choice. It’s not a choice I would support in all circumstances, but it is a choice they have the right to make. What I object to is making a big public spectacle of something that should be deeply personal and private. But, as is their wont, an activist group is using her example to push for a public policy saying that the state approves of self-termination. This is not an area where there should be any public policy at all, it should be something that goes on in the shadows, privately. At most, it should involve on the person, their family, and a willing physician.

Putting an official state imprimatur on self-termination devalues all life; and there has been far too much eagerness to devalue human life lately.


When Liberals Daydream

Posted by V the K at 4:44 pm - September 19, 2014.
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David Brooks — you remember him, the guy who voted for Obama because of the fabulous crease in his pants — wishes someone would spend half a billion dollars building summer camps for middle-aged men… so he could make some friends.

I envision a string of adult camps or retreat centers (my oldest friendships were formed at summer camp, so I think in those terms). Groups of 20 or 30 would be brought together from all social and demographic groups, and secluded for two weeks. They’d prepare and clean up all their meals together, and eating the meals would go on for a while. In the morning, they would read about and discuss big topics. In the afternoons, they’d play sports, take hikes and build something complicated together. At night, there’d be a bar and music.

Something tells me that progressives spend a lot of time fantasizing about building camps to send people to.