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Gay Iranian Poet Seeks Asylum in the Zionist Entity

The bizarre Queers for Palestine and their deranged sisters at Code Pink will not be able to make sense of this: A gay Iranian poet is leaving the Islamic Republic of Iran (a country governed entirely by clerics of the Religion of Peace) and is seeking to live in the Zionist Entity (the source of all evil and oppression).

Three months ago Israel granted a temporary visa to Iranian poet Payam Feilli. It was then that Feilli’s personal hell came to an end. After decades of persecution, the poet finally made it to only place he could ever imagine living outside of his native Iran.

Feilli, who is openly gay, fled to Turkey in 2014 after getting blacklisted and detained by Iran’s morality militia. Today Feilli is safely ensconced in the Israeli metropolis of Tel Aviv where he can publish his writings without the threat of censorship or intimidation.

In 2011, he was arrested the first of three times. The first two he was detained by plainclothes agents for nearly a month, and the third lasted for 44 days. That last began in February 2014: He was at home alone when three bearded men forced their way into his house, wrapped him in tape, blindfolded him, and brought him to a garden where he was kept in a shipping container.

In fairness, the oppression he faced in Iran pales next to the trauma faced by gay special snowflakes when Milo Yiannopoulos criticizes feminism.

While You Were Busy High-Fiving Each Other

While American gays were wallowing in self-centered narcissism and spite

On Friday my phone was blowing up with messages, asking if I’d seen the news. Some expressed disbelief at the headlines. Many said they were crying.

None of them were talking about the dozens of people gunned down in Sousse, Tunisia, by a man who, dressed as a tourist, had hidden his Kalashnikov inside a beach umbrella. Not one was crying over the beheading in a terrorist attack at a chemical factory near Lyon, France. The victim’s head was found on a pike near the factory, his body covered with Arabic inscriptions. And no Facebook friends mentioned the first suicide bombing in Kuwait in more than two decades, in which 27 people were murdered in one of the oldest Shiite mosques in the country.

They were talking about the only news that mattered: gay marriage.

Not all the gay lefties were high-fiving each other; some were being bitter and hateful. So, I guess, it was just another day to them.

The Anti-Gay Hate Crimes the Media Don’t Want You to Know About

Posted by V the K at 6:38 pm - August 22, 2014.
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In Seattle, a Mohammedan has been murdering gay men in the Name of Allah, but the MFM have no interest in the story. [Hat Tip: AoSHQ]

Ali Muhammad Brown was already a suspect in the murder of three Seattle men when he shot 19-year-old Brendan Tevlin eight times at a West Orange traffic light in his home state of New Jersey in June.

Brown is described as a devout Muslim man who killed as part of what prosecutors allege was a “bloody crusade” against the United States. He sought revenge against America for what he said was the wonton killing of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan. Tevlin was allegedly Brown’s fourth victim.

Brown’s victims, with the exception of Tevlin, had a similar background: they were young, gay men.

Brown met two of his victims at a gay-themed Seattle nightclub. Court documents indicate that Brown used a mobile application to set up meetings with his two victims before committing a double homicide. Brown is also implicated in the murder of a third man whose body was found on a highway outside Seattle in April, KIRO-TV Seattle reported.

A radical Islamist killing gay men? Just not newsworthy. But according to the MFM and the gay left, the real evil comes from Christians who don’t want to be forced to back cakes for gay weddings.

San Francisco Leftists and German Neo-Nazis Find Common Ground

What could bring San Francisco Progressive Leftists and German Neo-Nazi skinheads together in harmonious unity? Why, Jew-hatred, of course. (And also authoritarian fascist socialism, but mostly Jew-hatred.)

In San Francisco (CIty Motto: “More exposed wangs than a whole season of Game of Thrones”), that bastion of progressive leftism, protesters turned out to oppose the only state in the Middle East that recognizes gay rights and support a regime where the only debate about gay rights  is whether they have the right to be thrown off high buildings or crushed under rocks.

And in Berlin, a combined anti-Jew protest organized by Mohammedans and German Neo-Nazis erupted in periodic chants of “Gas the Jews! Gas the Jews!

I guess these groups have to unite in order to destroy Jews and Christians; because Jews and Christians are so intolerant.


Lesbian Feminist Wears Hijab to Show Solidarity with Militant Islamism

She’s the Minneapolis police chief who “married” one of her female sergeants. (Try doing that in Teheran or Riyadh.) Now, she’s one of several city officials in Minneapolis who wore Islamic Hijabs to show their Solidarity with the people who perform clitorectomies and stone gay people to death.

According to a Facebook post, Somali staffers that work at Minneapolis City Hall declared February 28 “Hijab Day” at City Hall and convinced the police chief and female city council reps to wear hijabs on the job.

Pictures include: Minneapolis police chief Janee Harteau (who recently married her favorite female sergeant – not very hijab like), city council members Elizabeth Glidden and Lisa Bender as well as other staffers.

The ACLU, American Atheists, and Americans United for the Separation of Church and State have been silent on the issue of public officials endorsing one religion over others (as best a brief Google search could determine.) The self-loathing nuts at Tikkun are completely on-board.

Texas Muslim Honor Kills Lesbian Daughter

A Texas man who murdered his daughter and her lover may have been motivated by Islamic intolerance.

In his bedroom, which Cook described as a converted garage, the murder suspect had a copy of the Koran open to a page which talks about homosexuality as a sin, family advocate Quanell X told KHOU. The find may give some insight into Cosby’s disturbed mindset, the advocate said.

Man, it sure is a good thing he didn’t refuse to bake a cake for her wedding; then he would really be introuble with the gay activist left.

Arson, Attempted Murder, and the Privileged Status of Islam

So, a Mohammedan walks into a gay bar… and instead of doing something hilarious, he pours a can of gasoline down the stairs and sets the place on fire with hundreds of people inside. If there’s a punchline to this joke, it’s that the arsonist/would be mass-murderer was appointed by Hillary Clinton’s State Department as an “Arab Cultural Ambassador.”

The arson thing happened on New Year’s Day, but this is the first I heard about it. I feel like, if it had been a devout Christian, I would have heard about this before now. In fact, I probably would have heard of little else. But Islam commands a unique position of privilege on the progressive left.

Korans are distributed to Mohammedan prisoners at taxpayer expense, and treated with the utmost reverence by representatives of the national government, and the ACLU does not raise a peep. Mohammedan students in public schools are allowed to pray with the ACLU nodding in approval.

The American Media, which delights in attacking Christianity and mocking Christians treats the Mohammedan religion with the utmost deference. The director of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration proclaimed that the top priority of his agency was outreach to Mohammedans.

A Christian who kills an abortionist is a blight on his whole faith, but every Mohammedan who commits an atrocity acts only for himself, thanks to the unique cultural privilege Islam enjoys on the progressive left.

Obama’s Partners


So, over the weekend, the Obama Regime came to an agreement with the gay-killing, terrorist-supporting Iranian regime. The agreement is that sanctions will be lifted, and Iran will be allowed to continue to enrich uranium. And in return, the Obama Regime gets a distraction from the Obamacare debacle and the predictable adulation of their sycophants in the press.

The agreement is strikingly similar to the deal Jimmy Carter negotiated with the Norks in 1994. And we all know what a brilliant success that was.

Obama is happily willing not only to negotiate with the gay-killing, terrrorist supporting regime in Iran, but eagerly grants them major concessions. But he will not negotiate with Congressional Republicans.

Gays not safe…in Dearborn, MI

From New American Media (via Creeping Sharia in Bruce’s Twitter stream):

Arab Americans comprise more than 40 percent of Dearborn’s population, which according to a 2010 U.S. Census report was 98,153.

Two Arabs from Dearborn said in parts of Beirut, Lebanon it can be less difficult for an Arab to be openly gay than it’s here. Lebanon is one of the few Arab countries on the forefront of organizing for LBGT rights…

Ryan ["a 23-year-old gay Arab from Dearborn"] says people who support gay Arabs often fear speaking in support of them publicly because conservative Arabs and Muslims will commit hate crimes, or incite riots against them…

Ramozotti ["the executive director of Al-Gamea"] has been threatened because of his sexual orientation…

The article is mainly about gay Arabs in Dearborn – but Arab or white, I don’t care (plus, I doubt that white gays have extra safety there). By the way, guess what Middle Eastern country is even more gay-progressive than Lebanon? Israel.

UMM, RELATED? Newtown, CT (Sandy Hook) residents have been applying for gun permits in record numbers. How could that be related? Simply this: An armed populace is a polite populace. To let law-abiding people have guns (which wrong-doers are going to have anyway) is to let law-abiding people defend themselves from violence. Newtown or Dearborn doesn’t matter. Neither does straight or gay or lesbian.

Christian Radio Show Host Wants Gays Tortured

Aw crap…. I incorrectly spelled “Muslim” in the headline.

Ofcom upheld two complaints from listeners about Leeds based Radio Asian Fever after presenter Rubina Nasir hit out at homosexuality and mixed faith marriages.

She said that homosexuals should be ‘beaten up’ and that a Muslim marrying a non-Mulslim was on ‘the straight path to hellfire’.

The presenter, known as ‘Sister Ruby’, said: “What should be done if they do it? [practise homosexuality].

“If there are two such persons among you, that do this evil, the shameful act, what do you have to do? Torture them; punish them; beat them and give them mental torture.””Allah states, ‘If they do such a deed [i.e. homosexuality], punish them, both physically and mentally.

It’s unfortunate that Advocate Magazine is too busy printing hatred of fellow Americans instead of focusing on systematic anti-gay actions by Islamic regimes in Egypt and Iran that prefer their gays on the end of ropes.

-Bruce (@GayPatriot)

12 Men Accused Of Being Gay Face Execution In Libya

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 12:37 pm - November 26, 2012.
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According to Gay Star News (GSN), the militia captured the men during a private party in Ain Zara, a suburb of Tripoli, on Thursday, November 22. Since then, the “special deterrence unit” has posted pictures to its Facebook page referring to the men as the “third sex,” an Arabic term to describe homosexuals, and they are threatening to harm (and kill) the men. The pictures have been filled with comments, such as “flog them hard!”

Human Rights Watch Libya posted a comment to the militia’s Facebook page asking that the group not harm the men and “to hand [them] to the civil authorities.”

The militia group, which claims to be a legal part of the Libyan Ministry of Interior, has not responded. The human rights group has since identified them as the Al-Nawasi militia — a group of extreme Salafists.

Aw, it’s okay… they will only murder the gays in Libya if they find out they watched that nasty anti-Islam video that Barack Obama and Susan Rice spoke about.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Since when do conservative Republicans want to hang gay people?

In his review of Wanted Women, “a new joint biography of two Muslim women [which] refuses to distinguish between an al-Qaida terrorist and a feminist intellectual“, historian Andrew Roberts provides one example of the author’s twisted sense of moral equivalence:

Writing of a speech that [Somali-born campaigner for Muslim women’s rights, Ayaan] Hirsi Ali was set to give, [author Deborah] Scroggins alleges that “some of the anti-gay Islamic attitudes she planned to criticize weren’t very different from those of some conservative Republicans.” Really? Show me a bill in which conservative Republicans have attempted to change the law so that homosexuals are hanged, as happened to three gay men in Iran this past September. Those innocents were only the most recent victims of that country’s blood lust against homosexuals.

Via Instapundit.  Sometimes it seems that some on the left harbor more animus against conservative Republicans than they do against radical Islamicists.

UK Muslims Convicted for Distributing Pamphlets Advocating Murder of Gays

Religion of Peace Alert! (via @BillyHallowell)

A disturbing trial came to a close this week in London, England, after three men were convicted of distributing pamphlets that called for gays and lesbians to be murdered. The hateful fliers were disturbing at best. One of them, titled, “Death Penalty?,” showed a mannequin that was hanging from a noose and said that gays should be sent to hell.

“The death sentence is the only way this immoral crime can be erased from corrupting society and act as a deterrent for any other ill person who is remotely inclined in this bent way.”

The leaflet continues: “The only dispute amongst the classical authorities was the method employed in carrying out the penal code.”

It goes on to offer burning, being flung from a high point such as a mountain or building, or being stoned to death as suitable methods.

It’s okay, the real threat to gays (according to American gay leftist/progressive types) is Rick Santorum. 

Move along, nothing to see here.  Except the truth.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Are some liberals indifferent to plight of gays in Islamic lands?

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 12:54 am - April 4, 2011.
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Liberals, Susan Fleetwood writes,

. . .  seem to have an overwhelming tendency to downplay Islamic abuses towards women (as well as towards gays) under the guise of multiculturalism. Don’t believe me? Well, then I suggest that you read the column by liberal Boston Globecolumnist Susan Jacoby where she asks the question, “Why are liberals excusing religious abuses on grounds of cultural relativism?”

Fleetwood goes on to compare how one conservative blogger and another left-of-center blogger bold certain passages in a section from Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s writings in her New York Times column about the Egyptian revolution.  The liberal “found Ms. Ali’s supposed ‘intolerance’ to be the most bothersome part of that passage, whereas the rest of us find the whole stoning of women and beating of gays to the most troublesome part.”

Read the whole thing.

Once again, we see that conservatives seem more aware of and concerned about the abuses gay people suffer in oppressive, Islamacist regimes.

Via Instapundit.

What To Do With An American Traitor?

Uber progressive blogger and Islamic terror apologist Glenn Greenwald is whining about how PFC Bradley Manning (alleged Wikileaks source, and anti-DADT activist) is being treated.  It is cute how in the beginning of his piece, Greenwald goes to great lengths to distance Manning from the Wikileaks story; but by the end is lauding Manning’s treasonous behavior and labeling him a “hero” (cue Berkeley City Council).

Bradley Manning, the 22-year-old U.S. Army Private accused of leaking classified documents to WikiLeaks, has never been convicted of that crime, nor of any other crime.  Despite that, he has been detained at the U.S. Marine brig in Quantico, Virginia for five months — and for two months before that in a military jail in Kuwait — under conditions that constitute cruel and inhumane treatment and, by the standards of many nations, even torture.  Interviews with several people directly familiar with the conditions of Manning’s detention, ultimately including a Quantico brig official (Lt. Brian Villiard) who confirmed much of what they conveyed, establishes that the accused leaker is subjected to detention conditions likely to create long-term psychological injuries.

Since his arrest in May, Manning has been a model detainee, without any episodes of violence or disciplinary problems.  He nonetheless was declared from the start to be a “Maximum Custody Detainee,” the highest and most repressive level of military detention, which then became the basis for the series of inhumane measures imposed on him.

Oh boo freaking hoo.  Glenn and I had a minor dustup on the topic via Twitter yesterday:

ME:  GayPatriot: RT @GregMitch: Glenn Greenwald on Bradley Manning held under “inhumane condiitons” possibly constituting “torture.” // Aww, cry me a river.

GG response:   @ggreenwald: You’d be crying a river – and doing much more – if you were held under inhumane conditions without being convicted of anything

My response: GayPatriot: I wouldn’t have committed treason against my country while wearing the uniform cuz my boyfriend dumped me. He’s a pissy bitch.

“Lexington Concord” at RedState has the right idea as to what to do with Manning (and any other Wikileaks sources, I might add).  It is priceless…

Glenn Greenwald is constantly telling us that the reason the terrorists want to kill us is not because they are regressive degenerates who hate Western values like freedom and tolerance, but rather because they just don’t like our military policies and how we’re all meddling in their business.

Well, I am not a man without a heart, so I am willing to propose a solution to Greenwald’s problem which I am confident the Army would be amenable to. As an added bonus, it will serve as an opportunity to validate Glenn Greenwald’s views on the causes of Islamic terrorism. We will give Bradley Manning his pillow and blankie back, and remove him from solitary confinement. In fact, we’ll let him be around lots of people. We’ll call an emissary with the Taliban or Al Qaeda, and tell them that we have a political prisoner to release to them, no strings attached. We will tell them that we are going to release to them an American who thoroughly rejects our interventionist policies and our military meddling – he rejects them so strongly, in fact, that he did everything in his power to see that American soldiers were killed and that Islamic terrorists were given access to our operational details. Therefore, we have decided to let him go to be with the Taliban so that he can self-actualize and join the fight against America with them.

I’m sure that like John Walker Lindh, the Taliban will be happy to have an American like this on board. So we’ll drive Manning out there to meet them at some safe remote location in Afghanistan somewhere, and we’ll release Manning and let him rush to join his new Taliban brethren.

Then we’ll tell them he’s gay.

Sign me up to help complete this diplomatic arrangement!  I think Manning would prefer my solution anyway:  firing squad.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)


Palestinian Gay Man Seeks Refuge in Israel

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 5:36 pm - September 29, 2010.
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Wondering which gay media will pick up on this story: Gay Palestinian seeks residency in Israel on humanitarian grounds:

Media attention has recently focused on the effort to obtain residency rights for children of foreign workers. But Majed Koka is not a foreign worker. He is a gay Palestinian man from the West Bank who came to Israel at age 14 because in his hometown of Nablus, he never could have lived openly as a gay man.

“If I returned to Nablus, it would be like throwing paper into a fire,” said Koka, 26, who has been living in Tel Aviv for the last 12 years. “If I returned I’d be in big trouble, one long nightmare.”

While the United Nations Human Rights Council can’t let up in its criticisms of the Jewish State, that very state becomes the refuge of choice for gay Palestinians.

Do wonder why said council doesn’t spend much time criticizing the Palestinian Authority for making it a nightmare for gays to live openly.  Guess they’re just not concerned with the rights of our fellows.

Three Things About Islam (That You Should Know)

It is pretty self-explanatory.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

GayPatriot’s America — Listen to the Podcast!

Another one in the can!  Hopefully someday I’ll completely master uploading songs.  It was a great two hours and I’m so excited to have had two awesome guests.

Libertarian blogger and Tea Party activist Andrew Ian Dodge was my guest for Hour #1.  Check out Andrew’s work HERE.

And GOProud Executive Director Jimmy LaSalvia was my guest in Hour #2.  Please support Jimmy’s work & GOProud HERE.

Finally, I promised I would post this great video with music from the song “Crying Freedom” written by Andrew.  A great way to celebrate the awakening America — Cry Freedom!

Greg Gutfeld’s Gay Bar Next To 9/11 Mosque

I cannot go any longer without posting on Greg Gutfeld’s inspired idea.  This has been a HOT topic on Twitter this week among the conservative set.  Liberals are cricketly-silent (*chirp, chirp*) about this idea of full tolerance.  Greg was on Glenn Beck last night to fully discuss his business proposal.

“If New York is to accept the mosque, the mosque has to accept the gay bar.” – Greg Gutfeld

For what it’s worth… here were some of my ideas on Twitter Monday night for names of the gay bar next to the 9/11 Mosque:

  • Charlie Crist’s Chocolate Factory
  • Ali’s Aqua Queer Bar (say it fast!)
  • The Noose and Stone
  • Af-MAN-istan’s
  • Fatwa Follies (a piano bar)
  • Shock & Raw
  • Mecca-lecka Hi Mecca Heiney Hoes

NorthDallasThirty had one I enjoyed: Crotch Bomber

And my favorite that I cannot take credit for thinking of:  Sodom Hussein

My great Twitter comrade-in-arms, Kurt Schlichter, has some more great names!

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Spanish Gay Group Strives for International Leftist Solidarity

While my friend Jamie Kirchick may have won the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association Journalist of the Year Award in 2007, he has not yet gained the fame of his contemporary Ezra Klein.  (Klein was born in 1984, Kirchick in ’83)  Perhaps it has something to do with sexuality (Ezra is straight, Jamie is gay) or maybe it’s politics (Ezra is a leftie loyalist, Jamie leans right, but, unlike his contemporary, does not toe the party line).

And this notion of the younger man’s celebrity came to mind this morning as I was continuing the process of cleaning out my e-mail boxes.  I read a Wall Street Journal piece Jamie had sent his friends earlier this month on the decision of a Spanish gay organization to exclude a float from the municipality of Tel Aviv in Madrid’s gay pride parade:

By joining the international campaign to delegitimize Israel, Spain’s leading gay organization undermined its purported mission: the furtherance of gay rights. Israel is the only Middle Eastern country that even has gay pride parades, never mind respects the dignity of homosexuals. Saudi Arabia beheads gays. Syria arrests them in sting operations. Iran hangs them from cranes in public squares. (Speaking at Columbia University in 2007, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claimed that there are no homosexuals in his country, an absurd assertion nonetheless portentous for its murderous aspirations). As for Gaza, one of Hamas’s leaders has referred to gays as “a minority of perverts and the mentally and morally sick.”

Like so many other democratic values, when it comes to gay rights Israel is an oasis in a sea of state-sanctioned repression, a “little patch,” to use Mr. Poveda’s words, that he and his comrades ought to defend. Gays serve openly in the Israeli military. While gay marriages can’t be legally performed in Israel, the government grants gay couples many of the same rights as heterosexual ones and recognizes same-sex unions performed abroad. Many Palestinian gays seek asylum in Israel. (more…)