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A Political Party Hijacked by an Extremist Fringe

Posted by V the K at 10:40 am - April 16, 2015.
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One of the two major political parties in the United States has become hijacked by its lunatic, extremist fringe. They are so in the grip of a small minority of extremists that they have left the mainstream of America behind, and force many observers to ask why the party is so beholden to small, but vocal groups of fringe extremists.

I am talking, of course, about the Democrat Party.

Exhibit A is the Democrat Party official position, explained by DNC Chairhead Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, that the party fully supports the infanticide of babies up to the moment of exit from the birth canal. Fully 80% of the American public opposes the Democrats’ position, but the Democrat Party is controlled by the lunatic fringe whackjobs at Planned Parenthood and NARAL who demand “abortion anywhere, anytime, for any reason, paid for by others.” In fact, Democrats are so beholden to the pro-abortion extremist fringe that they are blocking a bill to protect women and girls from being sold into prostitution because NARAL told them to.

Exhibit B is the Democrat Party’s environmental policy, which is dictated by extreme environmentalists whose goal is to dismantle the global free market system (while keeping their private jets) and systematically reduce human population to pre-industrial levels. Hence, we can’t have the Keystone XL Pipeline not because there is any real environmental impact, but because it would offend Gaia the Earth Goddess, and She would punish us. Meanwhile, the mainstream belief in the United States is that Global Warming Alarmism is overblown.

Exhibit C is that in a world where the terror threat is growing, where ISIS is on the march, where Russia and China are threatening American allies, and where relations with those allies have been frayed to the breaking point… the number one priority of our State Department is LGBT Diversity. Because that is the demand of a part of the Democrat coalition that represents no more than 2% of the American population.

And then there’s gun control, which is a Democrat priority, but opposed by solid mainstream majorities.

So, how does a party manage to win elections when their positions are so far out of the mainstream. It’s very helpful to the Democrats that the country’s news, media, academic, and entertainment complexes are run by people who are also fringe extremist whackjobs, or, in many cases, cynical exploiters of whackjob sentiment. They do an excellent job of hiding the extremism from the voters, or presenting it in a favorable light.  It also helps that Democrat base voters are, on the whole, incredibly ignorant.


“Reagan criminalized poverty”

Posted by Jeff (ILoveCapitalism) at 11:16 am - April 13, 2015.
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That’s a quote from “Jessica”, a longtime friend-of-a-friend whom I enjoy, and whom I treated to brunch yesterday. She’s a progressive Democrat, a fan of the communist-leaning KPFA news station, and so forth.

Her comment is wrong. Of course President Reagan never signed, nor proposed, nor even encouraged the tiniest regulation or law to make poverty into something criminal. So, I was curious how Jessica could justify such a comment (she leans toward honesty and goodwill in her personal dealings). I drew her out a little.

To keep this post short, I must spare you further details of her responses. Suffice to say that, after a few gentle questions, her general meaning emerged as follows:

  1. Jessica feels that, in the 1980s, “making money” became more socially respected while “being poor” became less respected, like something might even be wrong with poor people.
  2. Since Jessica doesn’t view personal responsibility, success or self-support as socially valuable (even though she practices them in her small business), she thinks society was wrong to go that way in the 80s.
  3. Since Jessica hates Reagan, she prefers NOT to say it as “In the 1980s, our society stigmatized poverty a little more”. Instead, she prefers the more-dramatic “Reagan criminalized poverty” although she knows it’s technically wrong.

We also got into the banking system a little. Jessica emphasized the 1980s “Savings and Loan” crisis as the beginning of our financial system’s problems – as if our much-worse problems of today had nothing to do with Presidents Clinton or Obama (or the Federal Reserve, etc.).

All I can say is, I found Jessica’s thinking typical of what I’ve run into it many times here in GP comments from liberals, or out in the media, or with left-wing friends and colleagues. And it’s retarded. It’s a level (or quality) of cognition that can only be called “impaired”.

Again, I respect my longtime-acquaintance Jessica in some other areas, outside of politics; but we must “call a spade a spade”. When it comes to politics, and at least on that morning, her thoughts were as disconnected, un-integrated, simplistic and badly-informed as they would have been from an IQ 75 person.

We must also confess that lefties don’t have a monopoly on cognitive impairment. At times, I have had the misfortune to encounter certain conservatives and libertarians whose thinking was as poor-quality. But, not quite as often.

I think there is something to the theory that, with the “mainstream” media so one-sided and fawning on left-liberals these last few decades, their thinking skills have gone soft. They are simply not up to the standard that I remember from when I was a kid. I remember arguing with liberals who read the Christian Science Monitor (a worthwhile paper – at least at that time). They had moments of weakness, but they were more often into facts, accuracy and logic.

Left-liberals have gone downhill. It’s a pity.

The Very Deep Thoughts of Sally Kohn

Posted by V the K at 10:07 pm - April 6, 2015.
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Would it be uncivil to suggest that lesbianese CNN pundit Sally Kohn is the dumber, blonder version of Rachel Maddow? I know I’m not supposed to be uncivil, but what else can you say about someone who … almost daily… spews idiocy like this: (Hat Tip: Ace)


More Progressive Infantilism

Posted by V the K at 9:32 am - March 23, 2015.
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In Hipster Central (Brooklyn NYC), there is a place where alleged grown-ups can pay hundreds of dollars to behave like pre-school children (or Brown University feminists).

You can see why the left fetishizes childhood; a responsibility-free existence at other people’s expense. It is basically the Democrat platform and sales pitch.

The Left Severs All Relations with Reality

Posted by V the K at 11:02 pm - March 13, 2015.
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Apparently, there is some upset on the left for failing to acknowledge that men who believe themselves to be women also have the right to abortion.

Who has abortions? For most of human history, the answer was obvious: women have abortions. Girls have abortions. Not any more. People have abortions. Patients have abortions. Men have abortions. “We must acknowledge and come to terms with the implicit cissexism in assuming that only women have abortions,” wrote feminist activist Lauren Rankin in July 2013 in She went on to criticize as exclusionary slogans like “the War on Women” and “Stand with Texas Women.”

This reminds me of something.

YouTube Preview Image

Seems a Bit Unstable

The Coalition of the Left was thrilled when New Hampshire voters elected “the first openly transgendered legislator” to the statehouse because … unless one is conservative… victim-group status trumps qualifications every time.  So how did this triumph of identity politics work out?

Not so well.

Stacie Laughton, the state’s first openly transgender legislator who was elected to the House of Representatives and then withdrew her candidacy days later, said Thursday that she is the person responsible for calling in a hoax bomb threat at a local hospital.

After spending two weeks receiving treatment at a Vermont hospital for bipolar disorder, Laughton walked into the Nashua Police Department at noon on Thursday and turned herself in on a warrant for the Feb. 27 incident.

Gee, who would have thought being estranged from the biological reality of one’s existence might be connected to mental illness?

Reading on — and noting that the press accounts avoid any mention of party affiliation, I had to go to wikipedia to confirm he’s a Democrat — it seems this individual had a few felonious contacts with the criminal justice system relating to credit fraud.

A mentally ill leftist with a history of fraud? Surely there’s a place for him in some blue state’s congressional delegation.

Cue the music…


The Left and Its Conspiracy Theories

Posted by V the K at 8:10 am - March 13, 2015.
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There is a mental disorder on the left that requires that… no matter how many acts of violence are committed by Mohammedans, violent socialists, or other members of the radical left coalition… the real ‘danger’ comes from Conservatives and Christians.

In Ferguson Missouri, two cops were shot during a “#BlackLivesMatter” protest earlier this week. And just as Mohammedans after the Charlie Hebdo massacre blamed the attack on shapeshifting Jews (or the way they claimed the 9-11-2001 attacks were a false flag operation carried out by Israeli intelligence agents), #BlackLivesMatter activists have been spreading conspiracy theories that the shootings were carried out by the KKK, by the Bundy Ranch militia (a favorite boogeyman of the fascist left), or even the cops themselves.

Other activists are content to simply claim that the cops had it coming to them.

On Thursday, rapper Method Man spoke to MSNBC’s Tamron Hall about the shooting of two Ferguson police officers, and argued that the DOJ report “kind of played into this and these things shouldn’t be happening, but you reap what you sow in a sense.”

The Progessive Left Victim Culture Pathology is based on 1. Never taking personal responsibility for your own actions or circumstances and 2. Always blaming white people, Christians, Conservatives for whatever is wrong in your own life. So, of course conspiracy theories are going to take root that absolve leftists of responsibility and blame people associated  with the opposite side.

Gun-Hating Leftist Film-Maker Assaults and Robs 2nd Amendment Supporter

Posted by V the K at 10:20 pm - March 12, 2015.
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A left-wing documentary film-maker with a stupid haircut assaulted and robbed a 2nd Amendment supporter following an argument over bias in the film-maker’s documentary. Details here:

Skye (Fitzgerald, the leftist nutbag) reaches over the table to grab the camera from William. William grabs the camera back away from him. Skye lunges over the table and grabs both of Williams’s cameras. They get in a small brawl inside the Shari’s The manager tells them that they need to leave. So, Skye walks out and William follows him while on the phone with 911, telling them what happened, and that Skye stole his equipment.

William follows Skye to the parking lot, where Skye tackles William to the ground, which is what ended up breaking his arm and shoulder. Skye takes William’s cameras and throws them into the front seat of the car and gets in. William stands behind the car to try to stop him from leaving, then Skye starts his car and backs up, almost running over William. Skye then sped away down the street, and has not been seen since.

After a warrant was issued for his arrest, Mr. Fitzgerald turned himself into police and is facing felony charges.

Lunacy on the Left; an Endless Source of Content

Posted by V the K at 10:36 pm - March 6, 2015.
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A couple of reminders that progressive leftists are, by and large, not normal people.

1. Lefties demand city of Buffalo, NY change its name because it is “offensive and racist.” (*A commenter supplies reasonable suggestion that this may be a satire.)

2. Leftist students at UC-Irvine ban the American Flag from student areas because it constructs “paradigms of conformity and sets homogenized standards.”

And they say Tea Partiers are crazy for wanting the Government to spend less money and stay out of people’s grills.

SJW’s: All Hispanics Are Queers, or Something

Posted by V the K at 12:59 pm - March 2, 2015.
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SJW’s have decided the way to best facilitate the Mexicanization of the United States is to teach illegal immigrants to act as obnoxiously as gay fascists.

A recent talk at UCLA’s political science department, “Undocumented and Acting Up: Queering Sovereignty in the Immigrant Rights Movement,” drew on “the insights of queer theory” to propose that both illegal aliens and HIV-positive homosexuals are victims of “simplistic accounts of individual action.” Their “death and suffering,” according to visiting lecturer Cristina Beltrán, are unjustly attributed to their own actions—presumably, crossing the border illegally, in the one case, and engaging in high-risk promiscuous sex, in the other. Queer theory, however, understands these problems to be the result not of voluntary behavior but of “global capitalism, human desire, and government failure.”

Because anyone with a grievance is a victim, even if their grievance is the consequence of their own bad choices. And capitalism… the thing that made America an attractive place for illegals to flock to and created the wealth that permits parasites to engage in full-time social activism… is always the oppressor.

Race-Baiting MSDNC Host Admits the Trayvon Martin Narrative Was a Lie

The Progressive Democrat Left continues to promote the myth that Trayvon Martin was an innocent black schoolboy brutally gunned down by a trigger-happy white racist. The only true part of that narrative is that Trayvon Martin was black; but that was the only part that mattered. The rest of it was all “Narrative,” which is far more important on the left than truth. A Narrative of a racist white America where young black men are gunned down with impunity helps advance the socialist, big Government, agenda of the Progressive Democrat Left. The truth, does not.

However, MSDNC host Melissa Harris-Perry accidentally let the truth slip out during a speech at Cornell University.

Harris-Perry’s address, which was captured and uploaded to YouTube by the university’s conservative group, the Cornell Review, continued: “And I hope he whooped the s–t out of George Zimmerman. And it’s not disreputable because he encountered a stranger who was prepared to kill him, and you know how I know? Because he killed him.”

So, Tray-Tray wasn’t just gunned down while innocently walking home with Skittles and Arizona Ice Tea. (cough… purple drank… cough). He was in the process of pounding a man into unconsciousness on a concrete pavement. Isn’t that interesting.

Ms Harris Perry also ranted against ‘Stand Your Ground Laws,’ which had no bearing on the Trayvon Martin case, but which the Progressive Democrat Left despise because ‘Stand Your Ground’ means if you are obeying the law and a criminal thug threatens you, you are allowed to defend yourself. The Progressive Democrat Left prefer the doctrine of “Duty to Retreat,” which means if a criminal thug threatens you, you are obligated to defer to him and let him have his way.

The Progressive Democrat Left consistently sides with criminal thugs over law abiding people, from “Duty to Retreat,” to disarming law abiding citizens through gun control, to making heroes out of thugs like Che Guevara and Mumia Abu Jamal, to granting amnesty and welfare to criminals who break immigration laws, to demanding that violent felons be allowed to vote.

This woman is a professor at Wake Forest University

This woman is a professor at Wake Forest University

Roommates from Hell

Posted by V the K at 12:57 pm - February 25, 2015.
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From Ace


It’s funny when progressives claim that they’re actually normal people.


Greek drama update

Posted by Jeff (ILoveCapitalism) at 2:21 pm - February 23, 2015.
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Greece’s Syriza-led government has basically folded, for now, in its debt negotiations with the rest of Europe.

A “complete political surrender to the world of reality” was how [one European bank analyst] put it. [Other analysts] labeled it a “u-turn” by Tsipras, who won election Jan. 25 promising an end to budget cutting.
At last week’s meeting, Greece signed up to all the conditions of its current package and to continued international oversight, ditching plans to win back control of its purse strings so it could raise wages and pensions.

You can find GayPatriot’s backgrounder here. And some details on the new agreement, here.

Needless to say, many Syriza supporters are outraged. For example, one Syriza veteran of WW2 said, “…[Syriza's] promises have not turned into practice…On my part, I APOLOGIZE to the Greek people because I have contributed to this illusion.”

My feelings are mixed. Pleasure at seeing a gang of socialists having to learn math, combined with dismay/sympathy for the Greek people – who probably shouldn’t cave in; they probably would be better off, in the long run, if they defaulted on their debt and left the Eurozone.

I don’t think this drama is over. I think it ends with either Greece or Germany leaving the Euro currency (later this year or perhaps in 2016), as the Eurozone simply isn’t big enough for both of them. But, as the saying goes, “we’ll see.”

Strange doings in Argentina

Posted by Jeff (ILoveCapitalism) at 2:50 pm - February 16, 2015.
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This will take some explaining.

  • Cristina Fernández de Kirchner has been Argentina’s President since the end of 2007. She is Peronist (Argentina’s version of national-socialist). Needless to say, her controversial policies have harmed Argentina’s economy.
  • Alberto Nisman was an Argentine federal prosecutor. He was long investigating an infamous 1994 car bombing of a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires.
  • In 2006, Nisman accused Hezbollah operatives of the 1994 bombing, and Iranian officials of having directed it (possibly over a nuclear deal that Argentina had suspended).
  • On 1/19/2015, Nisman was found dead in his home, just hours before he was to explain his allegations to Argentina’s Congress.
  • Government officials suggested it was suicide. Needless to say, Nisman hadn’t been suicidal, and had been living under constant death threats.
  • The journalist Damian Prachter helped to blow apart the suicide story. Within a few more hours, Prachter found himself tracked by Argentine security services and felt compelled to flee Argentina.
  • Wiki: “On Tuesday, 3 February 2015, Viviana Fein, the lead investigator into his death, announced that Nisman had drafted warrants for the arrest of President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and Héctor Timerman, Argentina’s foreign minister, before his death. The 26 page document was found in the garbage in Nisman’s apartment.”
  • The New York Times says that Nisman’s draft complaint against Mrs. Kirchner was about her efforts to protect Iran (or Iranian officials) from prosecution for the 1994 bombing. One analyst said that, had Nisman done his presentation to Congress, “It would have provoked a crisis without precedent in Argentina.”
  • It seems that Mrs. Kirchner and some key supporters will be investigated anyway, now.

All I can say is: WTF? Why does Argentina’s President care so much about protecting Iranian officials? Were they funding her career? Or going to bail out her country?

BONUS: In Venezuela, condoms are now $755 a pack. Unrelated, except to show what happens when socialists run wild.

Separated at Birth?

“Courageous” Gender-dysphoric Bruce Jenner.


And lunatic leftist blogger Charles Johnson


It’s Friday, lighten up.

Hat Tip: Diary of Daedalus

Hey Liz: Here’s why you are a socialist

Posted by Jeff (ILoveCapitalism) at 9:45 pm - February 11, 2015.
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Picking this up from V’s post of a week or two ago, Elizabeth Warren does not understand why people think she’s a socialist.

(Please, I need a moment to stop giggling. It’s as if President Obama were to say he does not understand why people think he’s a liar. Air gasp. OK, I think I can go on.) – Warren said:

I just don’t know where [people] get that [idea of her being a socialist]. You know, look at the issues. I mean really, let’s take a look at minimum wage — I just believe nobody should work full time and live in poverty…Student loans: I don’t think the U.S. government should be making tens of billions of dollars in profits off the backs of our students, which is what the current student loan system is doing…

Never mind that Warren proposes the U.S. government to *lose* tens of billions of dollars on student loans. Let’s go straight to Kevin Williamson, defining socialism:

The current Random House Dictionary definition of “socialism” is serviceable but dated: “a theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.”…

[Dated, because] It should read “ownership -or- control” rather than “ownership -and- control.” As we have seen in the cases of enterprises such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, it is entirely possible for government economic planners to intervene deeply (and, in this familiar case, catastrophically) in the economy while maintaining private economic forms…

A more complete definition of socialism incorporates two criteria: The first is that socialism entails the public provision of non-public goods. The second is the use of central planning to implement that policy.

And that, Liz, is why you are a socialist.

  1. You want the public purse to pay for *private* goods (goods that benefit the individual primarily, if not exclusively). For just one example, you want government to fund special young people on a costly, but often low-benefit, multi-year jaunt that we politely call “college”.
  2. And you believe in a planned economy. For just one example, you want government to dictate the minimum wage at which a worker may offer her work (or else you will not permit any employer to give her work).

For the record: I don’t and I don’t. So, I’m not.

When Did Feminism Become So Insane and Depraved?

Posted by V the K at 9:06 pm - February 9, 2015.
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Remember when feminism was just women wanting an equal shot at access to the economic, cultural, and political life of our society? I actually don’t, but I have watched a lot of sitcoms from the Early-to-Mid 1970s and I think that was the gist of the 1970s feminist movement.

Now, feminism has gotten all crazy and whatall.

Two years ago, self-proclaimed “Queer Feminist” Sara Alcid complained about the heteronormativity of Valentine’s Day:

“Heteronormativity and gender roles also rear their ugly heads on Valentine’s Day. Gifts for ‘him’ or ‘her’ are clearly divided and marked and it’s almost impossible to find cards that represent queer couples. . . .
“It’s not hard to see why Valentine’s Day is problematic for many feminists. Celebrated traditionally, Valentine’s Day magnifies many of the very systems of domination that we work to critique and dismantle.”

These women are not about equal access to society, they want to tear society down and replace it with some kind of Matriarchal Collectivist … thing. Some openly call for Genocide of all (or most) of the penis-bearers.

And one of the sisterhood is putting that ideology into practive; the feminist who claims she had an abortion because she found out her baby was male (and killing it, by the way, was a very “empowering” experience.

I stand by my decision to abort my baby because it was a male.

I don’t hate men, I hate the patriarchy, what men, and even some women, turn into, I wasn’t going to let that happen with my offspring. The chances were greater that it would with a male, it was unacceptable.

If the curse returns, I would do the exact same thing all over again.

First, “I don’t hate men.” Right, and Brian Williams singlehandedly liberated Auschwitz. What she did is the very definition of evil; she destroyed another life for purposes of pure gratification. She justified killing her baby because “It would have grown up to be a man, and men are the problem.” But is her justification that much different than those who favor abortion because “Most of the women who get abortions are poor black women, and their babies would just consume welfare and end up incarcerated.” (As one pro-abortion Progressive Leftist put it, “Populations we don’t want too many of.”)

I think Robert Stacy McCain’s conclusion is correct. All radical feminists are nuts, and some are pure evil.


Posted by V the K at 12:38 pm - February 4, 2015.
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This may explain why Western Progressive Leftists remain so untroubled by the daily acts of savagery by ISIS Mohammedans.

In January 2015, a Greenpeace activist called for the beheading of a member of the House of Lords on the website of the Guardian. When challenged, he repeated the call, and again. People who questioned the wisdom of these remarks were attacked or banned. The Guardian actively moderates its comments, but even though Gary Evans’ calls to behead Matt Ridley caused a bit of a stir, it took the editors 32 hours to realize that death threats against political opponents is not really how we like to do things in Britain nowadays. As if on cue, Natalie Bennett, Green Party leader, called for the decriminalisation of belonging to a violent terror group. The Guardian simultaneously carried stories about the beheading of a Japanese hostage by Islamic State.

But remember, kids, the only really crazy extremists are the Tea Party types who want to balance the Federal budget.

The Worst Sort of People

Posted by V the K at 7:20 am - February 4, 2015.
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ISIS released a video yesterday showing a captured Jordanian pilot being burned alive. They also have continued their brutal campaign of murdering gay people through stoning and defenestration. Allahu-frackin’-Akhbar.

The Jordanian Government responded quickly and decisively, announcing the immediate execution of ISIS prisoners in its custody. It is difficult, if not impossible, to imagine Emperor Golfpants responding with such decisive action. Indeed, I expect the State Department will soon be denouncing Jordan for ‘escalating tensions’ or some such nonsense.

It is important to remember that the ISIS savages who are burning people alive, beheading infidels, selling women into sex slavery, and brutally murdering gays are the ideological brethren of the terrorists our Emperor is hellbent on releasing from GITMO.

It is a puzzlement that the civilized world continues to allow ISIS to exist at all.

But instead, the progressive left is pretty much by deed, if not necessarily in word, in ISIS’s corner. Leftist website Gawker is openly sympathetic to the terrorists on this one. Human Rights Watch is, likewise, is discouraging Jordan (and other nations) from being too tough on ISIS because that might make them even meaner. (Leftist logic at its finest.)  The shrill, aging, leather-faced attention whores of Code Pink are also siding with the terrorists (as usual). And the libertarian whackjobs at Reason have shown that, on this one, they have no disagreement with the far left whackjobs.

To Obama and the American Left, the only Dangerous Extremists are people who want to balance the budget and restrain the President to the Constitutional limits of his authority.

So Hard to Tell These Days

Posted by V the K at 9:17 am - February 3, 2015.
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Fortunately, this was a hoax.

Unfortunately, this was not.

Because Feminism.

Because Feminism.