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Condolences to the Nation of Georgia

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 11:21 am - February 13, 2010.
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It was heartbreaking to watch the Georgian athletes walk into the Olympic Stadium.  Every other nation was cheering, jumping up and down and soaking in the excitement.  But the Georgians were in mourning for the loss of their comrade-in-sports, Nodar Kumaritashvili, who died yesterday morning in a training run on the luge course.

I just wanted to take a moment to express my sorrow to all those who knew Nodar and his family.  And condolences to all those Olympians who were struck by the tragedy yesterday.

It is sad that the World had to come together last night under a cloud of darkness, but I was cheered by how brave the Georgian delegation was as they strode into the stadium with 60,000 people encouraging them to continue on with their dreams.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Beijing Smog Scandal:
Pollution Clouding NBC Coverage

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 3:14 pm - August 14, 2008.
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Is it just me, or have other people noticed the completely dense smog during NBC’s primetime coverage the last two nights? Keep in mind that evening Eastern time is morning Beijing time. So it is daylight in China when NBC comes on at 7pm Eastern.

Bob Costas has been anchoring NBC’s primetime coverage from the International Broadcast Center and there is a window behind him that overlooks the Olympic Green area.

The smog was so thick last night (Thursday morning in Beijing), that Bob moved from his first location on the NBC set (with window behind) to another spot which had murals of China’s scenery, not a window to the smoggy world behind him.

In addition, NBC is obviously no longer using LIVE pictures (so-called B-roll) when they show Beijing Olympic venues.

I’m not the only one who has noticed that Beijing’s blue skies of last Friday have turned to grey and choking smog.

I am shocked – SHOCKED – that the media is falling for China’s claim that air quality in Beijing is “good.” I am also shocked at how little we hear about air quality since the games opened last Friday.

Before the games there were countless photos and stories about Beijing’s pollution. Now we’re being told it’s “fog” not “smog.” And those network trailers that show clear blue skies over The Great Wall and Tiananmen Square – what’s up with that?

When you watch the Olympics tonight, know that the blue skies that NBC shows was NOT filmed today or is NOT live from Beijing today.

NBC is as guilty as the Chinese of “lip-synching” — in this case, NBC is showing blue skies in Beijing while in reality, you can barely see the buildings behind Bob Costas.

Finally, have you ever seen a US city as dirty as Beijing has looked over Costas’ shoulder? Remember — China would have been exempt from Kyoto despite their air being completely disgusting.

Once again, high definition TV is showing the lies coming out of Beijing.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

US Swimming Team Kicks France’s Arse,
Will Michelle Cheer or Brood?

Gold medal winners: Cullen Jones, Jason Lezak, Michael Phelps and Garrett Weber-Gale. (AP Photo/Thomas Kienzle / August 10, 2008)

That was an awesome race last night. Special congrats go to Charlotte-based Cullen Jones!

One of my first thoughts after savoring the win over the trash-talking French team…. I wonder if Michelle Obama is proud of America today. I wonder if she was proud, like I was, after the 1980 Olympic Hockey team’s win over the Soviet Union. Or the many other stellar moments of American sports pride in MY adult lifetime.

I wonder…

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

NBC: Nothing But Communism

Wow.  Not only does our big-screen HDTV (sure to be outlawed by the Obama Regime) show the awesome color and detail of the Bejing Olympics — it also clearly highlights the collaborative language being used constantly NBC commentators toward the Communist Chinese regime.

Have they forgotten Tianamen Square Massacre?  This the same regime, remember.  The biggest violator?  NBC’s “China Expert” from Friday night’s Opening Ceremonies coverage:  Joshua Ramo.

The most jarring moment for NBC?  When the athletes from USA and Iraq got nearly as much applause as China’s team.  Wait!  I thought the world hated us?   Matt Lauer stuttered at the rousing USA welcome Friday night — obviously not knowing what to say.

Still, the praising of today’s China by NBC since Friday night is becoming embarrassing.  They are openly rooting for Chinese athletes against all others — including our USA Olympians.

Quite disgusting, but more and more typical and expected for the Peacock Channel.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Our Last Olympic Gold Hottie?

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 11:35 pm - February 25, 2006.
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I have been waiting for two weeks to do this post on our great USA speed skater champ, Apolo Anton Ohno. He finally struck Olympic Gold in Turin/Torino on Saturday!

Leading from start to finish, Ohno upset favored South Korean Ahn Hyun-Soo to win gold in the 500m Saturday. And before the final night was done, he skated to his third medal of these Winter Games.

With a burst at the end, Ohno passed an Italian skater to grab bronze for the Americans in the 5000m relay.

So much for being a bust. For the second Olympics in a row, Ohno is a star.

Congrats to Apolo and to all of our awesome US athletes who give up so much to train and compete in their respective sports.

Three cheers for Team USA!

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Sunday’s Olympic Gold Hotties

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 7:18 am - February 19, 2006.
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I have some catching up to do, as pointed out in an earlier post.

First, big time props to Shani Davis, the Gold Medal Champ of the 1000m Speed Skating race. He became the first African-American man to claim an individual gold medal in Winter Olympic history yesterday. Despite the controversy between Davis and Hedrick earlier in the week, this was a great race for the Americans and for Davis yesterday. Congrats! Oh, and Davis now exceeds the Gold Medal demographic expectations of an African-American on an USA team. If you consider that blacks make up about 11% of the population, Davis is ahead of that target making him represent 14% of the Golds acheived by the USA. Take that, Bryant Gumbel!

And I missed skiing hottie and Gold medalist in the men’s combined downhill contest last week, Ted Ligety (a PatriotPartner favorite.)

By the way, watching bobsledding in HiDef was really cool. And skijumping last night…. very cool. I love the Winter Games!

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Another Olympic Gold Hottie

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 8:32 pm - February 13, 2006.
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Congrats to fellow North Carolinian Joey Cheek for a gold-winning 500m speed skate run today in Turin.

What I’m sure the mainstream media will NOT report is that Cheek announced he’s donating his gold-winning cash bonus of $25,000 to a fund to help those being killed in Darfur region of Sudan….another United Nations success story. *sarcasm off*

As you know, there’s been some media but not a ton [about] the Darfur region of Sudan [where] there has been tens and tens of thousands of people killed. My government has labeled it a genocide, and so I will be donating money specifically to refugees in Chad where there are over 60,000 children who have been displaced from their homes.

He just got a whole lot sexier, huh?

GO TEAM USA!!!! More Olympic blogging coverage here at Pajamas Media’s Gold Rush.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)


Posted by Bruce Carroll at 6:09 am - February 13, 2006.
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First let me say that NBC having Brian Williams do “political color commentary” to Bob Costas’ play-by-play of the Olympic Opening Ceremonies was the worst mistake since the network gave the green light to “ALF.” If I heard Williams spouting MSM/Democrat talking points one more time when any nation walked by the cameras, I think my head would explode.

I really expected to hear….“And here comes the folks from Japan. You know, Bob, the United States turned oppressor to the poor Japanese by invading that nation following the slaughter of hundreds of thousands with the American atomic bomb.”

He did actually say: “It is interesting to note that Stephen Speilberg’s movie ‘Munich’ is playing around the world at this very moment.” Big deal. What is the relevance except to drag in the Isreali-Palestinian conflict? Munich wasn’t even a WINTER Olympics, Brian.

But here’s my real beef. Why is NBC using the Italian “Torino” instead of the English-version “Turin.” Did you all know that Torino is the city where the Shroud of Turin is housed in a Catholic cathedral? I had no idea with the Olympics being held in this city of “Torino” I had never heard of before. Is it possible that NBC doesn’t want you to know it is Turin either? Even other networks are befuddled. (h/t: Mediabistro)

‘Turin is the city’s English name,’ anchor Elizabeth Vargas told viewers Friday on ABC’s ‘World News Tonight. ‘Just as we would say ‘Rome,’ not ‘Roma,’ ‘Florence,’ not ‘Firenze.’ ‘” So ABC is sticking with Turin.

With Muslims outraged over a cartoon burning flags of Denmark all over the globe, God help NBC if they even hint to remind people of the Christian faith during the Olympic coverage. After all, they are also complicit in removing more and more references to “Christmas” each year as well.

GO TEAM USA, nonetheless!

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Olympic Gold Hottie

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 10:23 pm - February 11, 2006.
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Chad Hedrick — Olympic Gold Winner in 5000m Speed Skating

Check out Pajamas Media Olympic coverage at Gold Rush…. our PJ Network Olympic blog!

Chad should get a few more medals before his cute self leaves Torino. Hopefully I’ll be home so I can watch his next race in HDTV!!

-Bruce (GayPatriot)