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Democrat Buyer’s Remorse

This doesn’t bode well for the O’Phony-Joe Liar 2008 ticket going into their convention in Denver this week.  This was the poll on US News & World Report’s website yesterday.











But, but, but…. I thought Obama was the One We Were Waiting For?!?

As Velma from Scooby Doo might say – “JINKIES” !  Or in the words of Robin, the Boy Wonder — “Holy shit, Batman!”

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Obama, The Metrosexual?

How interesting.

Obama, McCain: By their offices ye shall know them – Associated Press (h/t – Don Surber & Instapundit)

The personalities and personal histories of John McCain and Barack Obama are as evident in the artwork, books and mementoes in their Senate offices as in any words they may utter.

McCain’s office oozes comfy clutter and informality: random piles of books, a fortune-cookie message taped to the desk, an abundance of tchotchkes and bric-a-brac.

Obama’s office feels more like a gallery of modern art:
precisely placed objects, sparsely adorned surfaces, clean lines, choreographed displays.

The decor is carefully choreographed. When an assistant shifted the location of one painting while Obama was away, the senator had it moved back.

“He’s tidy. It stays tidy,” Tate-Gilmore said.

It sounds like he’s either a metrosexual or has obsessive compulsive disorder. I like one of Don Surber’s commenters’ observations:

If you were never IN your office but were always running for a DIFFERENT office, wouldn’t it be barren of any evidence of habitation? Real work is so untidy. Perhaps I’m being unfair, but, in a word, Obama’s office seems intended for show, to reveal precious little about the person, only the little he wanted you to see, instead to disguise and wrap in ambiguity, just like his campaign speeches: at the end you know what he said, but did you know what he meant?

Continuing from the AP story….

Obama has a “wall of heroes” containing historic photos of those the senator admires. Abe Lincoln is there, as well as Gandhi with his spinning wheel, Martin Luther King Jr., and John F. Kennedy.

GayPatriot wants to know: Where’s the photo of Obama with his long-time mentor and pastor the Rev. Jeremiah Wright?

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Operation GAOS Begins:
Man Your Battle Stations!

Good morning.   I am addressing the gay troops of America from the command center of the not-so-vast gay right wing conspiracy.   As of this hour, I am taking command of a political and strategeric operation to be known as “Operation GAOS (Gay Americans Obstructing Socialism)”.

OpGay is of course is an offshoot (and unaffiliated effort) of the widely successful “Operation Chaos” launched earlier this year by Rush Limbaugh.  OpChaos helped lengthen the duration of the Democrat Presidential primary and allowed significant issues to surface surrounding the questionable associations and lack of experience of the Democrat nominee, Barack Obama.

OpGay’s primary mission is as follows:  To splinter away from Senator Obama one of the most loyal, trusted and repeatedly duped constituency of the Democrat Party:   THE GAYS.  After all, there is bound to be a “gay political story of 2008” — there always is.  I’d rather be pro-active this time!

So this morning, I am pleased to announce our first mission from the OpGay CentCom:   To assist in the selection of former US Senator Sam Nunn as the 2008 Democratic Vice Presidential nominee.   Why, you may ask? 

In my preparation for this first OpGay command order — I did some research beginning with a well-known gay activist — Wayne Besen.   Wayne’s email reply to me was all I needed to know. 

If Obama picks Nunn as his running mate, it will cause widespread disillusionment with gay Democrats and Independents.  It is crucial to remember that supporters are more pro-Obama than anti-McCain.  Choosing Nunn diminishes this palpable excitement and looks like politics as usual – opening a door for McCain to increase his share of the GLBT vote.  If Obama picks Nunn, while at the same time McCain picks a moderate VP candidate, I estimate that the gay vote for McCain will hover between 35-40%. It is key that Obama avoid falling into this trap.  If McCain picks a Huckabee/Romney type, however, it would neutralize this advantage.”

Thank you, Wayne!   But wait, there’s more!   From our little friend over at Blogactive, I note his perspective on Nunn a couple weeks ago:  (Sorry, no links to Blogactive, I don’t want any of my traffic going over there to bump up his numbers).

I’m going to stay as positive as I can and just assume that there is no way Sen. Obama will pick a man with this record [Nunn]. Our community has some of the most talented and best working at the DNC and on the Obama campaign (even though I do drive them a little crazy now and then) and I am confident they are representing our concerns directly to Senator Obama.

We shall see, won’t we!

Anyway, just as I presumed — Obama-Nunn 2008 is a non-starter with the gays.  There is even a website from the gays terrified of the prospect.

So let’s make it happen given that Obama is making this election all about Identity Politics anyway.  How better to demoralize a key Democrat voting bloc then nominate THE ONE person they all despise because he pressured President Clinton to put the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” regulations into statute!   Obama-Nunn ’08!

OpGay Commandos — your first mission is to get the word out to friends and family to help support Sam Nunn’s nomination prospects.  THIS WEEK, everyone should call the Obama For President HQ and express their STRONG SUPPORT for Senator Sam Nunn for Vice President.    CALL NOW:  (866) 675-2008.

In the coming weeks, OpGay will have more missions and your CIC at OpGay CentCom is open to more creative suggestions.

-GayPatriot, Commander In Chief – Operation GAOS